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Local school practices tornado drill in wake of OK tragedy

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Local school practices tornado drill in wake of OK tragedy
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WOC AWT (3 days ago)
Who knows 10 days later, the widest tornado recorded would hit
Ciara Lyons (1 month ago)
Where I live,we don't really get tornados 🌪
Crystal Ha (1 month ago)
That's bad but I don't have tornados in my country
Gisela PelaeZ (1 month ago)
The girl who said what is we have to go the bathroom that was a really good question
Nyashia Vickers (3 months ago)
Idn wye my school doesn't have a tornado drill like if u agree
Welcome to Joeys world (3 months ago)
In my school we go to the lunchroom cause it’s our basement
At my school when tornado drills go off we go in the bathroom and sit on the dirty floor 😣😣😣
Asdruval Deleon (4 months ago)
Yesterday i had a lockdown drill
Kira dance Boyte studio (5 months ago)
I think I’m lucky that I live in an area that doesn’t have earth quakes or tornados
fluffy azzyland (7 months ago)
you do not tell kids it is a drill you need to see how they would react if they were going to die
Lynn Wilson (9 months ago)
school should be in a certain area that's because we don't like her hi Chris it's October 21st but it's ok when you see porpoises ok ok no funny Business ok I don't know why I said no funny dad is going through my head Business so saw a million dreams Alice Kettle and the brightest colours fill my head
cnjaba03 (1 year ago)
I think i saw Abby Ritter
Lisa Zagorski (1 year ago)
I was crying when I saw this but my favorite part of this whole video is 1:44
Is it me or did I hear this his a drill drill drill.
Oh no ☠☠☠
Natalie Cosio (1 year ago)
Vasile (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure if wind goes through a confined space, say under a bridge or between buildings (and potentially through a long hall) it is actually faster.
Abandoned Channel (1 year ago)
I live in England so my school doesn’t have to worry about tornado drills. Also “this is a drill drill drill” just made me LOL so hard
Natalia Hernandez (1 year ago)
I never had a tornado
Natalia Hernandez (1 year ago)
Never play around during a tornado drill
Mr NoBody GD (1 year ago)
This tornado drill is soo dumb the tornado will still kill u or damage ur body in a certain way it can still destroy the building anyways and I think the hall way is the dangerous place ever to be when there is a tornado going on. Cause like what if a locker hit a kid or something big that flys out of a room and I just idk why it would be a tornado drill just tell the kids to get to there houses safely or even have a basement in a school. It's just so dumb and I did the same when I was kid I'm still in school but high school so ya just saying it's really dumb.
Erica Hartman (1 year ago)
I always wonder what would happen if there was a lockdown, fire, and tornado drill at the same time....If that were to happen. bye bye life.
• Hilobolo • (1 year ago)
In the tornado drill in my school we go to the cafeteria we hide under the tables,bleachers and on the stage without covering our heads...😡
Zarina Richardson (2 years ago)
I hope thier okay😭😭😭😭
Kemoria Clark (2 years ago)
we do that too but we put hard books 📚 on top of our head
Sar (2 years ago)
What's the point of going into a hallway when there's a tornado? There's doors that can hit you and glass that can break. It's pretty sad actually. At my school, we have drills like this once a year. The "safe spot" is basically in the hallways, by display cases and doors, MADE OF GLASS. That's just gonna kill us. Put us in classrooms or for heavens sake the bathrooms.
Silent Song (2 years ago)
I've had the same problem with this for years. Hallways aren't going to protect anybody. They're basically wind tunnels, and extremely dangerous during a tornado.
PAYTEN Gosselin (2 years ago)
p pa yte
Duszek Smsaczek (2 years ago)
Just don't go to school and be safe.
Xgamergirl X (2 years ago)
Angela Cagle (2 years ago)
2 weeks ago there was a REAL tornado at my school
yoongo’s doggo (2 years ago)
This is a drill drill drill! X3
Chibi Internet Girl (2 years ago)
at my school they make us go in the hallway with no books or anything to put over our heads and theres windows and doors....everywhere! Im hoping there never will be a real one but if there is im dead
Barb Roush (2 years ago)
Guys you guys know its not safe to let your kids to go outside during
Harry’s Life (2 years ago)
They say line up at the door so calmly I bet in a real one they go gogogogogogo Lin up get to safety gogogogogogo
BldgWha7 (2 years ago)
First priority should be changing the abysmal building codes in the Midwest. Why the fuck do you build your homes out of wood? And if it gets demolished build it once again out of wood? It's not even that much more expensive to build the house out of steel and concrete maybe 20% more in cost.
James Smith (1 year ago)
BldgWha7 Schools are mainly built from brick and concrete.
blue monster girl101 (2 years ago)
at are old school when we do drills the boys act silly 😐
Misspms (2 years ago)
I used to go tto that school but im 13 now
leah (2 years ago)
thank God I don't have tornadoes in mu country
Codey Cassell (2 years ago)
Meadow Rose (2 years ago)
at my school i don't have hurricane drills are tornado drills
quietly line up No thank you I'm breaking the door down and running
Manuel Velez (2 years ago)
You have to go and trn off the lits
Totes Jesus (2 years ago)
Billly Bob (2 years ago)
Hey, fellow adults, right now squat down so your knees are in your chest and tuck your head down tight with your arms up covering your neck and head! Comfortable? Can you breath? Now imagine the wall &/or ceiling caves in and TRAPS you in that position for HOURS until someone comes by and digs you out! Ever seen those oriental sleep rooms that look like bee hives? If not, ever seen the movie "The Fifth Element, where they go to sleep on the spaceship? Build an underground concrete, waterproofed, but vented reinforced hallway with matted honeycombs. Add an underground bathroom on one end. Even if the rest of the building blocks the entrance and you're trapped you can still sleep, get a drink and use the restroom! It could be built under a sidewalk so the building would only need a hole punched for the stairway to the shelter! Just a thought!
OkayLeslie (2 years ago)
Schools always say "Okay go line up at the door" when an alarm goes off. Like nah bihh Ima be runing not waste my time "Walking to a safe location"
Welcome to Joeys world (3 months ago)
Mine don’t we just walk out the door to save time
Juliana Araujo (5 months ago)
OkayLeslie same
Leah Grace Lily (2 years ago)
OkayLeslie ikr
Angela Cagle (2 years ago)
+Okay Leslie same
Barbara Torres (2 years ago)
OkayLeslie 一
Welcome to Joeys world (2 years ago)
I practice already the tornado drill lockdown and fire drills
Welcome to Joeys world (3 months ago)
ROBLOXMaster229 a lockdown is when a person enters the building and all students need to act like no ones there
noot noot (2 years ago)
+ROBLOXMaster229 A lockdown is when you're at school and a bad person comes into the school with a weapon. The teachers make you go to a corner in your classroom where no one can see you (Cant be split up!) from the door.
noot noot (2 years ago)
Cherry Blossom we have only had Fire drills so far this year. We never had A lockdown drill or tornado drill last year in 4th grade. WHAAAAATT?!?!
Love Bae XD (2 years ago)
+ROBLOXMaster229 it like you have to lock your home room door if anyone have a gun, and you have to be quiet
ROBLOXMaster229 (2 years ago)
Im from the UK and it might sound a little stupid but what is lockdown?
Edyn Penelope-Rose (2 years ago)
the same day the tornado happened I went on lock down
FanFictionGaming (2 years ago)
we put our heads between our knees
Lucky The Cat (2 years ago)
Jeff Rahmon (2 years ago)
"this is a drilldrilldrill" tf I only need to hear the word drill 1 time to know i need to take cover
TheCrazy243 (3 years ago)
this is dril drill drill.. lmao
schools should be stronger due to tornadoes. not a piece of trash. have a good day.
Strandysmommy (3 years ago)
It's a drill drill drill? Sheesh we've been doing drill drill drills here in MN since the 80's!
shanice Thomas (3 years ago)
my future kids then to go there and get that practice
peachyrat (3 years ago)
This is a drill drill drill
Lucky The Cat (2 years ago)
Amie Louis (3 years ago)
Haha " drill drill drill"
Rachel Fernandez (3 years ago)
Drill drill drill
ItzBunni (3 years ago)
no fair we have to lay down on our knees and hand over our neck
Content Shizuoka (7 months ago)
In my school they don’t even teach a freaking tornado drill…or a tsunami drill (note our school is right next to the Atlantic Ocean) But they teach Earth quake drills. Which are okay.. But The Lockdown drills… We need to be trained to defend ourselves…Yet my school says hide is the best option… In every situation of a lockdown drill… My school is flawed as hell… Better Education is worth your life? Yeah no.. That is what my private school says..
Karen Volk (1 year ago)
ItzEmily same not fair at all
Strxwberry_acai (1 year ago)
Well yo protect you if you didn't you would die -.-
Shank Weiler (3 years ago)
We have to link arms and keep are heads down.
Vortex Films (3 years ago)
Stay in the class room and get under your desk
Vortex Films (3 years ago)
+Gavinater I live in Wi
Vortex Films (3 years ago)
+Koala Bear Cub my school is made out of bricks
Vortex Films (3 years ago)
+Gavinater my school does it but my school is made out of bricks
Vortex Films (3 years ago)
+Koala Bear Cub no! My school does it!
Luna the Therian (3 years ago)
That's for earthquakes!
Jay Taylor (3 years ago)
I prayed for them
Luna the Therian (3 years ago)
Good job
Michael Johnson (3 years ago)
it isn't fair is it
Joan Gonzalez (3 years ago)
I never had a tornado drill ever
Rebekah Stancil (4 months ago)
me to
KamikazeAttack99 (3 years ago)
Me too
ItsJustKaylee (3 years ago)
That's not fair, they are allowed to sit and cover they're heads! Where as my school has to put our knees up to our chest, cover our neck and put our head between our knees all while putting our forehead on the ground pushed up against the lockers and our shoulders are touching the people on the right and left of us!?
Mr NoBody GD (1 year ago)
ItsJustKaylee it's stupid it's still gonna destroy the school when it hits. idk y they have a drill or even put u in the hall way that is " safe " not really
Erica Hartman (1 year ago)
we sit our backs to the wall and lean over and cover our necks and head
Justin Bieber is bae (3 years ago)
me too
ItsJustKaylee (3 years ago)
+Kaylee Klimek I'm so glad somebody understood what I was saying, cool!
Kaylee K (3 years ago)
I get you, and my name is Kaylee, too.
Ovaton 101 (3 years ago)
The second grade class lines up within seconds The 8th grade class I'm in lines up within minutes, and is still not perfect
Teresa Freeman (3 years ago)
Dow nota real
Julie's Channel (3 years ago)
My school has a basement with windows but we also have an underground tunnel so I'm safe 😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂
Luna the Therian (3 years ago)
+Kaylee Victoria Idk where she lives in but I live in Washington
ItsJustKaylee (3 years ago)
+Julie's Channel What state do you live in? (asking because you're state might get more severe tornado's then others?)
ItsJustKaylee (3 years ago)
+Julie's Channel What state do you live in? (asking because you're state might get more severe tornado's then others?)
Margie Burse (3 years ago)
good gob
Softball Girl (3 years ago)
this is a drill drill drill
Ehh (2 years ago)
Our principle says when we have a drill she says keep calm this is just a drill it's not real we just need to practice. Then she tells us what to do
Mj Z (3 years ago)
+Softball Girl Haha lol!!!
Joseantonio Perez (3 years ago)
we was safe at School but its tornado dril 😂
Caycie Russell (3 years ago)
No!! I live just an hour from oakafome
Tri State Railfan (3 years ago)
+Lps and gaming girl Dolls and more O K L A H O M A
Caycie Russell (3 years ago)
Or how do you spel it
Hussain Hemani (3 years ago)
Gardarr (3 years ago)
LOL!  "This is a drill drill drill!" Someone needs to make that into a rap xD
Tri State Railfan (3 years ago)
Rap: this this uh huh this is a drill oh ya uh huh lemme say to you it's a drill it's a drill yeah mhm woahhh
Mj Z (3 years ago)
+SuperDeath90000 Yea thats indeed funny!!!
ChrisTV32 (3 years ago)
I only need to hear te word "drill" once to prepare for a drill.  I don't mean this seriously, but when he says "drill drill drill" does he mean a drill of a drill of a drill?
x Collier (5 months ago)
American ft
x Collier (5 months ago)
NOBODY (4 years ago)
Now we have a moment of silent for the students that loss their lives.
raymond9987654321 (4 years ago)
"this is a drill drill drill"
Danny Jimenez (5 years ago)
Yea Canada we do it better than is and we don't say its a drill drill drill we say tornado drill but I think they say drill drill drill for the kids know what drill it is for it easier
anpa Pala (5 years ago)
anpa Pala (5 years ago)
Yenawa (5 years ago)
1st comment!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
Bizarre Katie (5 years ago)
Hey I thought it was a DRILL not real
Alexis Heflin (5 years ago)
Yay tenth comment
ItsCoreyLynxxYall (5 years ago)
Why are the principals of our schools becoming more and more college football oriented? Damn American is in a state when that happens. No wonder so many children are committing suicide because of bullying lately. I was in high school during the Bush years in a small Georgia town, even here I survived because not many men with authority went out on a limb to dehumanize every male who didn't conform. It's not Obama fault though, its white America. Know this!!!
Duncan Rutherford (5 years ago)
thhis is a drill drill drill wtf
Bryan Valearius (5 years ago)
eh just wondering
Tiffmidon (5 years ago)
No, we don't.
Bryan Valearius (5 years ago)
does your school have different colors like green yellow and red? Green is like our computer lab flodding only need to lock our doors Yellow is someone blacks out or needs to be taken to the hospital and we need to stay in our classrooms while they get taken to the ER and Red is Colorado shootin buisness
Tiffmidon (5 years ago)
A lockdown occurs when someone is in the school that shouldn't be and is potentially dangerous. They lock all the doors and shut all the windows and all the kids and teachers hide in their classrooms, away from the doors and windows.
Swap susie UwU (5 years ago)

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