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Flosstube Country Stitchers ... Broadcast 30, DOUBLE THE FUN! Part 1

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Double the trouble, double the fun! Today you get two for the price of one...two of us, two finishing/retreat caddies, twice the chat in ‘Did You Know’ and a COUNTRY STITCHERS’ TRIBUTE TO OUR...3000 SUBSCRIBERS! (in Part 2) Country Stitchers Thank you for spending time with us and if you enjoyed the video please click Like and Subscribe (don’t miss the fun)! Links from Part 1: Magni-clips.... Make certain they are this brand...other versions have a larger lense that covers the entire glasses lense and you cannot look through your normal script while wearing them. (Magnifiers-clips come in many powers (strengths) and have a soft case with their name...packaging is green and white and black). Here are several vendors; if looking at Joann’s or AC Moore or Micheals...get a 40 or 50%discount off reg. Price) Joann’s https://www.joann.com/magni-clips-magnifiers/prd2662.html Fire Mountain Gems and Beads https://www.firemountaingems.com/shop/magniclips And surprisingly...Staples (good deal) https://www.staples.com/Magni-Clips-Magnifiers/product_SS2397761 For Fine Finishing... Carolina Stitcher, Needleworker/Seamstress - Faye Riggsbee http://carolinastitcher.blogspot.com/ Email: [email protected] Lap frames by R&R Craft Frames Amazon R&R Large Lap Frame - Amazon.comAmazon.com › Large-Frame-Sizes-Great... Gitta’s (Canada) -remember there is a conversion of currency...(use a credit card) http://www.gittas.com/Products/Accessories/Floor_Frames/Floor_Frames.htm Deb’s latest pattern... Plum Street Sampler. (PSS) Olga’s stocking Check with your LNS (Local Needlework Store) or online Salty Yarns Olga's Autumn Stocking - Salty YarnsSalty Yarns › catalog 123 Stitch https://www.123stitch.com/item/Plum-Street-Samplers-Olgas-Autumn-Stocking-Cross-Stitch-Pattern/16-2337 Keeping tabs: Round Robin Instagram to look in on our stitchers’ progress search with this hashtag... #countrystitchersrr Contact us: Email : [email protected] Instagram: Deb is at countrycabin.farms the link is: https://www.instagram.com/countrycabin.farms Liz is at at_home_with_home https://www.instagram.com/at_home_with_home
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Text Comments (40)
Valerie Monaghan (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for answering my question about sewing companion sets. I think I need to go shopping. - again !! Love watching you both.
Nannett McDougal-Dykes (4 months ago)
Great video....so much fun....love that Zoo, what a fun meet up.....
That little witch in the pumpkin too cute! I know there’s tons of floss tube but I only watch a few and you guys are one of my favorite. Thx for sharing each week.
Patchy Pony Stitcher (4 months ago)
Hi ladies can I ask why Deb did you rip the letters out over 2? Does over one give a better result, and are you using 1 or 2 threads, I’m about to do some lettering in a hawk run hollow chart so just interested to know. Thanks, Mel.
Patchy Pony Stitcher Hi Mel, I changed my lettering to over one because I not only love the look but, I need my finished piece to be a certain size to finish it the way I think I want to. I always use one thread while stitching over one. Hope you have a great week Mel! ❤️Deb
Rain Jude (4 months ago)
Hank. Love the stories! Please post closeup pics of Hank's curly whiskers!
BETH TOURTELLOTTE (4 months ago)
Thank you Liz and Deb concerning the info on the lap stand. You said my last name right :)
Patricia Ferry (4 months ago)
I don't know where to begin. The fabric section was awesome. It helped me understand all the names that stitchers use for their fabric. Then the gadget section was great. I enjoyed so many new-to-me items. I am going to buy the small caddy because I only stitch at home. Don't go oit due to disability. Then I just can't forget the fun with your laughter and finesse around projects. Glad to see you and share time with you.
Country Stitchers (4 months ago)
Patricia, check the description box, there is a sale on the caddies😉. I certainly can understand your incapacity. In 2001 I went from a full life to one where I was unable to walk without a brace or assistance due to multiple spinal surgeries when one failed. Perhaps you can meet up with some ladies who might join you at your home to stitch. The one thing I am grateful to God for is the love I have of needlework , it makes spending long periods of alone time purposeful and fulfilling. Meeting Deb was an answer to prayer, my husband and I had to move from IL (where we had moved to in 2003) back to PA because of my medical condition and needs. We had been gone for 6 years and it was as if we were beginning in a completely new location. Deb and I have been friends since 6 mo after we returned. Thanks for joining us and I am so glad we can spend time with you! Be sure you are subscribed and thanks for watching! LIZ💕
Bits of Stitching (4 months ago)
Congrats to Deb & family on keeping Hank and all the ribbons! The “Stitch Every Day” is looking lovely! Liz’s finished “Relax” piece on the project bag, so beautiful! 😍 Love both of your homework, so pretty!
1856 Brick House (4 months ago)
Hank is a steer not a cow
1856 Brick House Hank is a red Holstein steer and he is adorable!!!!
Love your "homework" stitching! Can't wait to see them finished.
Lois Hoag (4 months ago)
I want that double sided plastic box that you gave away for needles.
Country Stitchers (4 months ago)
Amazon has them, the info was in the description box of the video when we first shared it on Gadget Corner...first video in July.(you would like it...check it out if you haven’t seen it!). In the mean time...https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_5?k=folca+pill+box&sprefix=folca&crid=2F2V86W1JZ0E5 That will get you there! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe! LIZ💕
To Dye House (4 months ago)
Yay for Hank!!!! Lovely stitching and well done on your homework! Another great video! Kathy
Elaine Warren (4 months ago)
Great to have you back. You were missed! Great videos again ladies thanks for sharing.
The Stitching Lane (4 months ago)
When you are highlighting what you have completed, are you marking on your original pattern?
Patricia Hunt Yes I usually do mark on my original patterns 😊 Thanks for watching! ❤️Deb
Lynda Szymoniak (4 months ago)
Amazon has mag eyes any strength
Country Stitchers (4 months ago)
Yes, please check the description box as the various strengths are available other places at GOOD prices like at Staples!🤓💕LIZ
The Imperfect Scrapper (4 months ago)
Your videos are wonderful 😁
judithapoulos (4 months ago)
Can you share what Deb’s travel lamp is?
Country Stitchers (4 months ago)
Hi, the lamp we use is linked in the description box to the video! We put a great deal of info there for reference if you are ever searching for something. The light is by EDMUNDS and called an led magnifier battery powered portable light. (Use some of all of those descriptors) Try searching with google if you don’t want to check out the links in the box. Thanks for watching !☺️LIZ
Julie Waterbury (4 months ago)
Thanks, should have realized the delay...sorry to be so impatient
Teri L (4 months ago)
I'm so glad Hank got to come home from the fair with your family. You gotta love a happy ending!
Peggy Hainy (4 months ago)
Just loved the story about Hank. Brought back memories of when I was in 4-H and showed animals.One year I showed a steer and he was the most gentle animal. Great experience for your son.
Carol Daugherty (4 months ago)
Great, informative video, as usual! Liz was talking about starting your stitching to the left of the vertical thread and below the horizontal thread. I always start there because it's a good way to catch your mistakes. If you are stitching along and notice you aren't bringing your needle up through your fabric to the left of a vertical thread, you've made a counting mistake -- most likely going over 3 threads instead of two. I also have a question I've never heard anyone talk about on Flosstube. I learned to always have my selvege on the left (or right) of my fabric and not on the top or bottom. It has something to do with the weft, I believe. I notice my X's don't look as even on some fabrics if I don't have the selvege on the side. What do you know about the proper way to hold your fabric when stitching? And lastly, I'm really glad Hank is back home!
Country Stitchers (4 months ago)
I will look into that ?. I haven’t heard that asked Or answered...I have an idea but watch next video when we continue on the broad topic of fabric! Thanks for watching!💕LIZ
Cindy Moonlight Designs (4 months ago)
Hi Ladies! Liz, I am the same way. I need my long magnet and move down the chart. I think I will take your idea of checking off the row that I have stitch. Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing ladies. :)
Leslie Hurley (4 months ago)
Love the story about Hank.
Betty Ulan (4 months ago)
Happy for Hank. Is Hank a steer or a bull? I was raised on a farm/ranch in Oklahoma. A bull can become aggressive. Liz, I’m with you. I use a magnetic board with a magnetic ruler. Even if I’m Stitching a small piece. That pumpkin from Barbara Ana is too cute. Antique Almond is gorgeous. That will be beautiful, Deb. Rather than a corner gauge I use my index finger to measure. I inch to each knuckle. It’s always at hand. My mom was a wonderful seamstress and quilter and she always did that. I saw Aida performed in Cleveland and I never knew that.
McKenna Eshelman (4 months ago)
Hi Betty! Hank is a steer! ❤️
LouisaSharp (4 months ago)
Love the Pumpkin with the had made me smile... Thanks for sharing...
Julie Waterbury (4 months ago)
For some reason there are no links listed that you keep saying would be here..
Country Stitchers (4 months ago)
If you are able to click the down arrow in the description box using the device you view with then you should see it.   Our process is to load the video and then over the next day I review it and note everything we think we can provide additional info to support the video. Then I research it online and gather the links and compile the information. It is all there by the end of Friday following the post. There is a great deal of info there on these two. Last month I started putting a note into the description box that says that it will be posted by Friday night. Then when it is completed, I delete the note. Thanks for your patience Julie. AND...Thanks for watching.😉🤓LIZ
Julie Waterbury Hi Julie, it does take us a little time to get all the links and info listed in the description box. Everything’s usually there by Friday evening. Thanks for watching! ❤️Deb
Keepsake Stitches (4 months ago)
Welcome back. It is always so fun to see what the two of you are stitching. Most interested in seeing how Deb is going to finish "Stitch Every Day" as I want to do this piece. Also, Liz, you showed the little pocket watch (Holtz?) and I would be most interested in seeing how that back attaches to the pocket watch once you get the linen inside. Would it be possible to have some instructions on that once you work on it. I have the same watch and thought putting the back on might be a little tricky. There are no instructions with the packaging for the watch either. Great job on the video as usual. You two are the best. Norma Flake
Keepsake Stitches (4 months ago)
I will be watching and appreciate your help with the clock back. I don't want to scratch it in the process, so will be most interested to watch your technique. Look forward to seeing your upcoming videos filled with so much information. Enjoy it all so much. Norma
Country Stitchers (4 months ago)
Sure Norma...watch over the next video or two and I will do just that and yes it is a Holtz. Thanks for watching!☺️🤓LIZ

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