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PLEASE SHARE TO HELP US FIND THEM! $2000 REWARD IF YOU HELP FIND AND ARREST THEM! If you're in Winnipeg and need quality home security, see our friends at Smart-n-App! https://www.facebook.com/smartnapp1/ Hello everybody, on Monday March 11 @ 1:00am, our store on 3562 Pembina Hwy was robbed. This is exclusive footage of the break in, please message us for any details pertaining to this crime. Follow us on Social media for updates: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flamingovapeshop/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flamingovape Snapchat: flamingo_vape Below we have listed notable items stolen as well as their physical descriptions. Please keep a look out for these items and people, if you have ANY leads on who they are or find the items being sold, please contact us or Winnipeg Police Department directly. You can message our page, If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can contact us through email ([email protected]) or by phone (204-219-8787) Descriptions Man: Approx 5'10"-6' tall Approx 230pounds Yellow high vis jacket Sweat pants Black running Shoes Cannot determine ethnicity Woman: Knock-knees Approx 5'6"-5'8" Approx 300pounds Black Ugg boots Black Jacket Cannot determine ethnicity Items stolen: -Acer R11 Chromebook with Okami Wolf stickers (No charger) -Safe, Cash register -Apple iPad Space Grey 32GB Purge mods WITHOUT cases -Suicide queen (Brass+Red bands) Serial number: 471 -Back to Basic brass -Knurled Truck brass -Pandora blue (Brass+Blue bands) Serial number: 277 -SMOK G-priv 2 kits, red-x2 gold-x1 -SMOK X-priv kit silver -x1 They attempted to steal more display case items, however they only stole empty boxes. Jokes on them I guess. Shop online: https://www.flamingovape.com/ G-Priv 2 kit: https://www.flamingovape.com/smok-g-priv-2-kit.html Pandora blue mech: https://www.flamingovape.com/pandora-blue-by-purge.html Suicide queen: https://www.flamingovape.com/suicide-queen-by-purge.html Back 2 Basics v3: https://www.flamingovape.com/back-2-basics-v3.html Knurled Truck: https://www.flamingovape.com/knurled-truck.html Xpriv Kit: https://www.flamingovape.com/x-priv-kit-by-smok.html
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Text Comments (3408)
Diego Velazquez (1 day ago)
They really did her dirty with 300 lbs
Serg Vika (4 days ago)
Instagram for vapers --- Vaffle ---. Beginners invite code when registering for 100 points,20,50$ - 956998747 !
Bedlam (7 days ago)
Judging by their fat asses, and lack of brains, I`d guess it was 2 off duty Winnipeg Police officers.
Game ruler 101 (8 days ago)
😂 😂
Tony Sa (9 days ago)
Did these to get arrested?
Troy Bourassa (11 days ago)
Ship me the strongest shit u got and I'll tell ya
mr. hedrosexualis (11 days ago)
Rule number 1 Don't bring women on robberys
Jovan Wilson (12 days ago)
damn... smdh!!!
Mr. Jank (12 days ago)
Nicotine withdrawals
Claudio Andrei (13 days ago)
Wtf i would have taken all of the juice and left
Claudio Andrei (13 days ago)
Hahahahah im so dead How are they so dumb
nathan morin (13 days ago)
I know exactly who those people are
Flamingo Vape (13 days ago)
Send us a message on our facebook page! Flamingo Vape Shop
fortniteogpd L (14 days ago)
I know ho it is it's my freind friends and they told me all about this after they dont be my friends so I can get revenge
Flamingo Vape (13 days ago)
You can send us a message through our facebook if you have info.
Steven Fontaine (15 days ago)
Two idiots, stealing idiotic things
Jan Mickiewicz (15 days ago)
It was me and my uncle
Titanium Printing (16 days ago)
Luis Camargo (17 days ago)
What makes it more hilarious is the guy trying to play it off like all that damage more than anything and a few stolen things still is a hard hit to their budget not like anyone who's an owner is just like yeah I wouldn't mind getting robbed because I have enough to cover it lol you took a L my guy just let it be
Flamingo Vape (15 days ago)
We actually don't want to be cleaning glass and getting expensive products at 3AM, believe it or not! The stress behind the situation is not what any business wants to deal with.
Jefferson Jeybee (17 days ago)
wow he get raid your base dude
Craig Miller (17 days ago)
They didnt take a singke bottle of juice lol i would have stole the juuls and pods systems(imma nic head) and every single bottle of 50/60 mg salt nic and all the juul pods of course
bbblllaaaj (17 days ago)
Steals smok products... 😂 smok makes garbage why not steal something good? Lol
M0NKEYMAJIK - (18 days ago)
Bitch is fat and has 3 guts
deadkiddo (18 days ago)
Lol yeah they’re so dumb they finessed ur shit and got away
Conner Allen (18 days ago)
Should probably put some of that energy into a diet rather than petty robberies haha.
rodgazinya (18 days ago)
It was burglarized not robbed. Robbery's require a person present. Just saying.
Aidan Acquaviva (18 days ago)
Killamandec (19 days ago)
i feel bad for you but at the same time these idiots are funny af
FLY Jus (19 days ago)
Soo stupid u easly can get allot of juice but noo empy box is better xd :)
Aaron. (19 days ago)
How do they know how tall they are and how much do they weigh 💀💀💀
David C. (19 days ago)
that woman need some exercise. Did u find the couple?
Harry Mensch (20 days ago)
adam kamarudin (21 days ago)
I see,the person wearingblack sweater is a woman and the yellow one is a man
butt (21 days ago)
wow what fucking morons
Some DuD (21 days ago)
This Mansis Robbed a V A P E S T O R E
Lewis (21 days ago)
why wear a reflective vest?
littlePows (22 days ago)
painedinks (22 days ago)
Wow considering how much vape juice they could of stocked up on alone is just one minute reason why theyre just completely stupid! The damage alone has to cost way more then what they actually stole!
M1S†eR FREE D (23 days ago)
Haha its a comedy show
james smith (23 days ago)
Its just a couple of fat asses with no jobs
Mic G (23 days ago)
They so stupid
koal H (24 days ago)
Bob Vila (24 days ago)
These 2 idiots have never played PAY DAY 2 obviously...
John Islander (24 days ago)
When you dont have more e-liquid
I have never seen people as stupid as these two. I was almost in tears when the guy walked in wearing a fucking hi vis jacket to a robbery. And that bitch was so dumb she couldn't even use the hammer properly. And to top it off they stole display boxes, I mean how fucking brain dead can you get.
Gage Hall (24 days ago)
Lmao funny shit your the one who needs to update your locks, retards are able to rob you
yannick boiii (24 days ago)
I think that the woman isn't 300 pounds heavy because there is lik an fake belly under Tha jacket(I guess that's why she looked like a fat woman)
THUNDER TIME (24 days ago)
Vapers... asemble
cdansean cho (24 days ago)
Omg those 2 are so dumb, they took mods and a kit BUT NO JUICE, COTTON, OR EVEN COILS THESE 2 DESERVE JAIL FOR BEING TOTAL IDIOTS
Felix Sanchez (24 days ago)
I think it’s the duo Ali a and ninja 🤭🤔
Precedentbug (24 days ago)
丂尺片 (25 days ago)
If i was robbing a place the first thing id think of is, "how am i gonna get the stuff i steal out" and make plan *BEFORE* not during lmao
Maxwell Pidg (25 days ago)
Is it just me or did anyone else laugh when he said the lady weighed 300 POUNDS
Poon Slaayer (25 days ago)
That's meth'd up
Butimar Seabird (25 days ago)
2 no brains......
5 Year old (25 days ago)
They are probably underage
Steven Lee (25 days ago)
It doesn't matter
Knuckles Uganda (25 days ago)
What's wrong with people these days, BUY FUCKING ALARMS! and LOUD ONES!
Yaseen Holt (25 days ago)
Life of Boris
joejoebigs - (26 days ago)
lol wtf
tempest wun (26 days ago)
Her gut was literally hanging
Ryoku (26 days ago)
They were nervous, give them a break 😂😂🤦‍♀️
Killa Freddy (26 days ago)
Crack is hell of a drug
Another Grower (26 days ago)
Could be a fat man 😂
Jay Morgan (26 days ago)
Idiots .. aye they didn’t take much .. but idiots? Not quite .. they still ain’t been caught no?
CerberuS. (26 days ago)
You would think of bringing big ass bags and just haul everything out of the shelves if you were really going to rob that place. those 2 don't have a clue what they're doing XD
6IX (26 days ago)
PC Gamer Prekomorace (26 days ago)
HAHAH cant belive this
Madfive93 (26 days ago)
Fat woman, whats new
Rosh Yamamoto (27 days ago)
Theyre both in the Philippines. You need to go here and i will point their safe house.
Johnny (27 days ago)
Your security is atrocious if these idiots can break in and get away so easily
Johnny (27 days ago)
You can easily buy a new charger LMAO
Max Ford (27 days ago)
Women probably did it to get some exercise fat bitch
Oliver Pressello (27 days ago)
Idiots they wore high vis vests
Smuggler The Snuggler (27 days ago)
fucking hell!!!! did u catch em lmfaooo
diablo 69 (27 days ago)
Noob af 🤣
Dumb fucks! 👌🏼
Anthony Candelaria (27 days ago)
Lol is this a episode of world dumbest criminals ?
ProNum (27 days ago)
Omfg they are so fucking stupiiiid
CRUCIAL LEGEND (28 days ago)
They was on somethin no 2 people that dumb lol
unreleased Music (28 days ago)
Hope y’all find them 💪🏻💪🏻
xd mariuslandbo (28 days ago)
hahha two fucking idiots
_Mtthew_ (28 days ago)
Jesus fucking Christ at least do it properly 😫
SANOK SKATE CREW (28 days ago)
omg hahaha fucking dumb people
Daniel OCB (29 days ago)
noah clark (29 days ago)
Those people are actually stupid
Jake Welsh (29 days ago)
Chris Mcgarry (29 days ago)
Dirty scum bags hope you find out who they are #keepvaping
David K (29 days ago)
they obviously dont vape LOL if they stole all the brand new juice they would've made a good profit instead they go for display mods which half are not in working condition
Johnny (27 days ago)
Yeah no shit some fag who Vapes would have the balls to even attempt a break in
swekz (29 days ago)
That lock was just as smart as these two people. You have a grid all over the windows, but a inside unlocking system behind a glass window.
Brandon Parker (29 days ago)
Wow how stupid lol
Vibrant Cat (1 month ago)
She stole 2 dollars of cardboard
Sevin Buck (1 month ago)
Just use find my iPad
D J (1 month ago)
What kind of douche breaks into a cape shop? Bet his name was kyle
JELLY super (1 month ago)
What the fuck they are bitches s ho robes a nice place you should upgrade your security by the way but I feel bad for you
mantošas HD (1 month ago)
If į were those people į would take big backpack and į would whop evrething from shals to backpack
mantošas HD (1 month ago)
Its me mario
Peter Parker (1 month ago)
When stupid in work
I categorise them as depressed suffering from anxiety while living out of government support.
Oblivon (1 month ago)
Yo that bitch fat as fuck! LIKE DAMN! Surprised that glass door didnt revolve around her orbit xD
thomas orona (1 month ago)
Worst robbery ever
uff ya (1 month ago)
Did you find them?

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