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Chased by a Deadly SEA SNAKE (Ocean Kayak Fishing)

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The final two days of my solo ocean kayak fishing trip in Panama! Big shout to Robert Field for the assistance with fishing and filming! Make sure you're subscribed to his channel for more. https://www.youtube.com/user/yaknaggie Find me on Instagram @nattieupnorth Location: Combutal, Panama Style: Ocean Kayak Fishing Species: Jack Crevalle, Sierra Mackerel, Sailfish, Shark Lodge: https://www.losbuzos.com/ Kayak: Hobie Mirage Outback Baits: Flat Fall Jigs, Live Bonita Cameras: Sony a6300, GoPro Hero 6
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Ben Ahrens (16 hours ago)
If you ever come back to Connecticut to go Striper fishing it’s a blast in a kayak. Especially when you hook a good one. I fish mainly out of my Hobie Outback in the salt water and we have swells that size. It’s a lot of fun.
Sherryl Joos (2 days ago)
What a cool series! You are so courageous!
Matt A (2 days ago)
My 7 year old daughter Berklee and I love watching your fishing shows before bed. Thank you!
The Mitten Outdoors (3 days ago)
This series has been a blast to watch! Keep up the great work and good luck on your new venture!
Ray Henderson (3 days ago)
Well done! Amazing!
Olive King (3 days ago)
Did you have your bracelet on?
Dan Candelaria (4 days ago)
Good times, good people bad snake. 🐍 Thanks for sharing your adventures Nattie!
Awesome as always
BigBearFishing (4 days ago)
New sub here Nattie! Good vid for sure! That looked like so much fun and yes, you could call it a catch and cook vid!!
Last Stand (4 days ago)
wow great videos good to see women enjoying what they do you dont see alot of girls fishing good job nattie im new to your channel so i love to sub and watch what you have!
spooky spooky cakes (4 days ago)
Be careful! Something can tip u over!
Chiefmake 1 (4 days ago)
Nice!!! Really enjoyed that series, glad u back safe & can't wait for the next 1 yo
_Incredible _*_Fishing_*_ Congratulations Fisherman!_ _Have a great week and good Fishing!_ 👍🎣🐠🐟😎
Bite Me Yak Fishing (4 days ago)
I’m sure time flew by to quickly but I hope you had a great time. Thanks for the experience through your experience Natalie. 👌🏻
Denver Deschenes (5 days ago)
2020 I’m there. Curious if the Jackson yaks would of handled the wind n surf better? Hooking into an Ono would of been a drag melting rush. Well done.
Bill Cotton (5 days ago)
Fantastic series Nattie! Now I'm craving Mahi Mahi fish tacos.
Nauti Fish (5 days ago)
Man that rod looks so weird. Awesome vid!!!! 🤙
Jason Gollner (5 days ago)
I'd need to load up on a truck load of Dramamine to handle what you have gone through on your trip.
carlos colindres (5 days ago)
excellent series of videos.. enjoyed them all..safe travels!
Benjamin Johnson (5 days ago)
Man, that'd be pretty scary especially since it's pretty well known that sea snakes have some of the most toxic venom on earth. However, they are relatively passive and typically only bite in self-defense. I have also heard that their fangs/teeth aren't capable of breaking human skin.... though I wouldn't want to test that out either way! Glad you made it out okay and this was an awesome series!
Croomrider97 (5 days ago)
Great video! Growing up and living in Florida I have corn used to kayak fishing and dealing with alligators that follow you since they know you will get fish, and they try to take the fish😂
Snake ew
John (5 days ago)
Yep.. still awesome!
Elyasib38 (5 days ago)
Nice fishing and kayaking in the chop... Your kayaking skills seem to be steadily increasing---kool
How does anyone downvote your videos? I just don't get it. Great video as usual, those jacks are a BLAST to catch!!
Curtis Blair (5 days ago)
Great stuff Nattie, love how you just go for it. Maybe scared, but your courage wins out.
Great series can't wait to see what is next . You looked like a pro towards the end ,just chucking fish in the boat lol ,Get some rest im sure you need it !
Fish OnLine (5 days ago)
Great job producing this video. You are right, the travel is not only about the scenery and the fish, but the amazing people you meet. It was a good idea to create the closing after you had time to reflect on the trip. Cheers from Canada.
fishbrat (5 days ago)
Are you planning on going back at some point?
Lincoln Roberts (6 days ago)
Another great video. The bend in the rod on that first fish was a beautiful thing.
Sandra Gillingham (6 days ago)
Great series!
Stanley Orchard (6 days ago)
Los Buzos! You beat me to it, i was just talking to them last week about planning a trip ti film a series at the resort. Kudis ma'am... on the great videos and for making us work! Looking forward to what you have in store for us next!
Buck Tales Outdoors (6 days ago)
So sad this series is over , but can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead.
barry handahl (6 days ago)
That's the thing about fishing new places …..memories forever!
WÔkÈ SLíMÉ (6 days ago)
Mark Grice (6 days ago)
Great Great videos, really enjoyed watching them, gave me a good insight as to what I should expect when I go in April
james silich (6 days ago)
Nice Nattie I just had a huge dayfeeding shit ton of peeps now home to watch you
Gayle McGee (6 days ago)
I really enjoyed your Panama videos Nattie. You're very brave to fish in the open seas from a kayak. I'm not that brave. The fish can be huge like the one you caught and way bigger. Maybe I'll muster up the nerve one day. Love the shoes by the way. I appreciate your enthusiasm for fishing. I'm becoming obsessed with it myself. Thx again for your videos.
ringatoi (6 days ago)
Loved the series. thanks for the effort, trying to film and fish those conditions! Also just watched a bunch of the MLF BPT, congrats, professional and personable commentating. Get the feeling this is going to be an exciting year?
Doug Hassell (6 days ago)
I very much enjoyed this series!!!
Matt Holt (6 days ago)
I think traveling and fishing alone, you find not only confidence but an inner peace that only an experience like yours can help express. I fly fish in the boonies of northern PA once a year and have no cell service. Only fish and nature. Enjoy your videos and how much passion you have for fishing. Tight lines
Mr. Markus (6 days ago)
Well done on the series! Looks like you had a great time. Although, I think its pretty difficult to have a bad time down there! Haha. I was there in August of 2017 and it was one of the coolest trips of my life. And for me personally, the coolest place I've ever been to. Hopefully returning this year for round 2.
John George (6 days ago)
I loved this series, thank you!
Kenny Mcc Fishing (6 days ago)
Welcome home❤and safe 😀thank you for taking us along also and I can't wait to see you on the MLF Fishing ❤❤👊👊👍
André Montgomery (6 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your trips Nattie! Good luck in the future!
Carl Hidalgo (6 days ago)
Didn't see the lettuce!
Chaos Paddlers (6 days ago)
Sam Pistachio (6 days ago)
Hey Nat, GREAT series. Loved it. Takes some nerve to kayak offshore in that kind of chop too, even with assist boats. Trip of a lifetime for most people. Can't wait for the next adventure! ps - snakes are VENOMOUS, not poisonous. :) Not sure it mattered to you at the time though. If it makes you feel better, most of those sea snakes have mild temperaments and only bite if you are a jerk to them. Be nice to snakes!
Mark Arrivi (6 days ago)
You Are So Beautiful You Fine Sweet😘 Baby😘 Darling No tattoos Honey😘❤😘👠👅👠😘🌹🌷🌻🍀🌴
Ricardo Garza (6 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your fishing adventures 🤙 JackinTheBox fish tacos not a bad idea !
NWWisconsinAngler 90 (6 days ago)
Nattie Up North loved the video if you ever wanna try the Big Lake Superior fishing let me know. Depending on the time of year I can get you into a chinook or a big lake trout or both.
Backroad Freedom (6 days ago)
Great job girl!!!!!!!!! I really love watching your videos and seeing you do what you love. I'm really glad to see you being able to do this my friend. I'm here and will never leave ya. Have a wonderful day my friend.
azkayakfisherman (6 days ago)
Epic trip
Bravo Bassin (6 days ago)
great video and ya it can be rough out there in the ocean sometimes!
TheFerdifikri (6 days ago)
Thats very delicious sierra mackerel, epic fishing journey Nattie...keep making good vids
TheFerdifikri (6 days ago)
Cero Mackarel, thanks for the update Sam...here in Indonesia only two species mackarel; Spanish Mackarel and Wahoo (here usually called male Mackarel)
Sam Pistachio (6 days ago)
Cero... https://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/profiles/saltwater/mackerel/cero-mackerel/
Chuck Driver (6 days ago)
Love it. Another great video. Loved the Panama fishing.
Kevin Kresowaty (6 days ago)
Asps. Very dangerous. You go first.
Joshua Bloomquist (6 days ago)
Thank for making excellent videos. Worth every minute. You're welcome for watching and enjoying. Your videos make my day
John Cleery (6 days ago)
Definitely a catch n eat but i didn't see any cooking. Great vid tho 👍🏻
Adam Smith (6 days ago)
Panamania !!!
vagabond88817 (6 days ago)
Nate Petersen (6 days ago)
Super fun to watch! Next trip should be lake Powell!
Robert Ingram (6 days ago)
Great experience! This trip will be tough to beat. Can you do another video and tell us how you did this trip. Did you take your own rods and reels, cameras, life vest, etc?
Ken Sharp (6 days ago)
Nattie, you are the best. Pro fishermen with their own show do not hold my attention like you do. You are a super pro in my eyes. Stay safe and keep the videos coming.
chetyoder (6 days ago)
Your outtro was gettin Jon Bish , dont do that
madtownangler (6 days ago)
Good series of videos. I sure wouldn't want to be in all those waves with sharks but you stuck it out and caught some nice fish.
john george (6 days ago)
Glad to see you made it home safe & sound & that you had such an awesome adventure. Thank you for taking us along with you. Keep smiling & no I am not a Dentist. lol
Ruck66 (6 days ago)
Sea snakes are not aggressive if you are not.
SlikRik (6 days ago)
Thank you , for taking us along, enjoyed these series very much.
Derek Pearson (6 days ago)
Watching you fish never gets old!!!!!!!
Newenglandphotos (6 days ago)
I'm sad that this series is over. Now waiting with bated breath for the next video. Maybe more "Jacks in the kayak".
MsPrincesspaulina (6 days ago)
Much respect to you Nattie for this trip. I'm sure I couldn't do it. I just don't have that kind of energy anymore. So!! That was a great experience for you. Keep the great content coming.
Patrick Cieslak (6 days ago)
I have got a fish on I think - that was so cute
49pasadena (6 days ago)
Very nice, thank you for sharing your trip👍🏻
Bobby G (6 days ago)
next time you see a deadly snake you need to boop that thing in the nose...EVERYONE knows the snakes like being booped. Thanks for taking us along on this adventure.
Jerrad Jankowski (6 days ago)
The sea snake was definitely looking for a place to rest while taking a breather. Lol. Though they are highly toxic, the odds are with you for not being bitten. They are non aggressive and a wonderful species to see. Love your videos.
jimmie mccormack (6 days ago)
It only deadly if it bites lol
Travis Grider (6 days ago)
Start of video sounds like a porn movie
That damn fog in the lens lol
Evie Soto (6 days ago)
Nat.....you caught awesome fish during ur time in Panama. Thank you for sharing ur adventure with us. Keep living ur dream. Ciao
YNOT? (6 days ago)
You're a badass fisherman with those muskies but this Panama trip puts you WAY up there! Great vids! Thanks for the consistent uploads to keep us in North Cali entertain during the stormy weather! 😁👍
Steve Tucker (6 days ago)
Great series. I went to thailand last July and traveled alone. It was amazing how many people wanted to help me around and make sure I had a great time. My 1st overseas vacation and it was the best,
fishing doe (6 days ago)
Nice ocean kayak fishing👍👍👍👍🙏
Leonardo Ojeda (6 days ago)
Just a weird thought: have you tried putting rainx or waxing the lens of the camera so it can bead water droplets instead of clinging to the lens?
Sam Pistachio (6 days ago)
That's a pretty strong idea. Bet that would work great. And a common issue for lots of yt fishing type folks.
A.J. Mockaitis II (6 days ago)
Wow! That makes me want to checkout Panama and that resort! Looked like great fun! Are you planning to go to Icast2019 in Orlando?
Los Buzos Panama (6 days ago)
A.J. Mockaitis II send an email to [email protected] for all info on our weeklong all-inclusive kayak fishing packages ☺️
Martin Ebbatson (6 days ago)
Been great watching these videos looks a stunning place to fish :)
TomGripp (6 days ago)
Epic trip, you caught some bucket-list fish🔥🔥
Keith Dougherty (6 days ago)
That looks like the perfect trip for me. I love kayak fishing and with me having my own Landscaping business, I can head down there during my Winter down time. 😃👍
Los Buzos Panama (6 days ago)
Keith Dougherty we offer weeklong all-inclusive kayak fishing packages. Send us an email at [email protected] for all info!
Maria fishnfooo Rivas (6 days ago)
Your Panama series was fantastic. Keep up all your hard work it is paying off!! Great work!!
Danny D-Rock Mahaffey (6 days ago)
Thanks for taking us along...hated to see all that wind, kinda unusual this time of year down there...You definitely made the best of it! Anyways, keep up the great work Nat......
Hoosierback Outdoors (6 days ago)
BEST SERIES EVER!!! You Crushed it Nattie!!!!
PaulyOutdoors (6 days ago)
I have to hand it to you Tia, you really have come into your own with these fishing videos. Such a natural talent🎣. I've learned a lot from you. Welcome home to the tundra!
Patrick Cline (6 days ago)
You really shouldn't promote unwarranted criticism towards snakes, please change your title
Dusty Spooner (4 days ago)
How's this. You don't like the video? Exercise your freedom to leave.
Sonder Selvig (5 days ago)
Ray Dunsworth Indeed, and this why I dislike the title. Titles like these are why people get the wrong impression and kill snakes. Her actions were respectable, in fact I commend them (many would have tried to hit it with the paddle), but the title suggests snakes are out to get you which just isn’t true. This same argument can be made for certain species of sharks or tigers. Their image is tarnished by media and it is part of the reason we see decline in populations.
Ray Dunsworth (5 days ago)
+Sonder Selvig , but why does the snake care? Perhaps he would rather have everyone think he is a badass and leave him alone?
Sonder Selvig (5 days ago)
Ray Dunsworth Well, because it brings a false connotation to snakes. It’s as simple as that.
Ray Dunsworth (5 days ago)
+Sonder Selvig , you clearly do not understand what phenomenological language is. And honestly, if the author wants to have a more dramatic title to get more views, by what standard do you dare to criticize her?
WÔkÈ SLíMÉ (6 days ago)
Be careful Nattie!
Randall Ground (6 days ago)
Awesome trip, lots of things going on to get good video, like manuvering GoPro with your foot while reeling in a giant fish, always great video and dialogue.
Buddha Belly (6 days ago)
walid zohair (6 days ago)
petite fille pourtant mortelle pêcheuse efficace. Thumbs up baby, guess total sizes are more than your own 😁. 👍👍👍
Remod NC (6 days ago)
I have to admit during the intro I laughed as you leaned away hollering "Snake"you! And speaking of the intro,,,,the intros for this Panama series have been absolutely excellent, very professional. And the videos themselves have set new benchmarks for your series, Nattalie.
The_ToxicBadger 2 (6 days ago)
Catch and eat
Oscar Capon (6 days ago)
Deseando volver otra vez, a que si?

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