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Asking Girls to Take My Picture | Disguised as a Nerd

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Text Comments (6335)
abhishek malik (6 days ago)
fuck girls
Tommy Berger (7 days ago)
He’s a little too much, but he is an attractive guy
pakistani Reactions (8 days ago)
Impressive ✔️✔️
Alex Froelich (8 days ago)
whata fucking douche bucket
Dergio Gonzalez (8 days ago)
The shirt was nice
BadMoonRising92 (9 days ago)
*Wears Marvel shirt and glasses. Yep what a huge nerd
サイちゃん (10 days ago)
00:49 the white tshirt guy
D P (14 days ago)
can you take a picture of me while my camera man takes a picture of me?
Wes Spider (18 days ago)
Do any mind the camera recording them??
Mr.X 97 (21 days ago)
1:47 photoshop???🤔🤔
CasuallyBad (23 days ago)
A lot of betas in here jealous of another mans life LMAO
Rob M (23 days ago)
Egocentric douchebag.
John Bocacao (24 days ago)
Jay Wilson (24 days ago)
I'm sorry but ur Don't seems like the type to have muscles
Lorenzo L. (26 days ago)
How tall are you????
Sachin Sm (27 days ago)
Twardy Stolec (29 days ago)
wahadlo bym ci zajebal
Twardy Stolec (29 days ago)
huj ci na pizde
Snap City (1 month ago)
he looks better with that outfit on more than he would with his normal clothing
Vladutz Romania (1 month ago)
That is cringe
shammi fitness fitness (1 month ago)
Which country is going well
Stefon Diggs (1 month ago)
0:43 those Asian girls are perverts
Fandi Chen (1 month ago)
It was me on 3:10, but the one with bag :(
Alvaro Escalante (1 month ago)
Wait you were at the domain!!! Here In ATX!!
Elena Garcia (1 month ago)
Am I the only girl who isn’t into guys with muscles?
Bhushan Boraste (1 month ago)
Enjoy brother Enjoy it's you time 👍👍💪💪💪🙏
Cheekykillers (1 month ago)
wow 2:23 those women were in whiteboi entertainments videos. Awesome vid thou
atkins I (1 month ago)
Is he reasonably self absorbed? Or
Alex Trand (1 month ago)
yea, its totally completely normal when he asks girls to take a picture and some guy is following him and filming him...
Hub HackerzTM (1 month ago)
Asks other's to take pictures even after having a Camera crew behind...
zakaria muniz (1 month ago)
This guy he is a smart guy
Oscar Castillo (1 month ago)
Your so tone.
Niharika Rana (1 month ago)
Love from India 👑❤
Dtomper (1 month ago)
0:48 that guy with the white shirt looks jealous 😂😂😂
Dalanda Barry (1 month ago)
Lol 3:14 the girl was like oh sh let me zoom into his abs *zooms*
tim knowles (1 month ago)
guy..pretty sure you know when you're disguised as a nerd, your disguise isn't working
Omkar Patil (1 month ago)
saale shakal dekhi hai 100k bol raha hai wo ?
Sheldon Barnes (1 month ago)
Fire Henry Cavill. We found our new Superman
Shubham Srivastava (1 month ago)
0:31 that lady couldn't resist herself from saying wowwww then immediately controlled herself 😂
Salman Khan1199 (1 month ago)
Part 2 ???
francuaci hernandez (1 month ago)
Don’t be intimidated by his big muscles guys. All you need is a big d*ck and you’ll be better off
paintur68 (1 month ago)
Approval vampire. But I admit that I wish I was in great shape like him. Ah....youth. Enjoy it. :-D
David Halatyn (1 month ago)
I’ve seen your video. Literally your only bit is taking off your shirt to show off to every chick you see. Try a new challenge. Having muscles without being a muscle douche.
krish official page (1 month ago)
Haters gonna hate but, you're cool mate.. Keep doing your thang and get money... 😎
Fikri Fikru (1 month ago)
Fuck u.
HACKER TUBE (1 month ago)
The face of jealous😔😂 0:49
Roscoe Patterson (2 months ago)
He strikes me as a guy who loves it up the ass
adam traperi (2 months ago)
egoist trash
INAMUL TALUKDAR (2 months ago)
Plz give your what's up number
Engr Bilal Ahmed Awan (2 months ago)
Mashallah..handsome bro....
Djek Vitebsk (2 months ago)
Тёлочки прям текут по нему
Matt Newcombe (2 months ago)
You arnt one of us
Verhoeven1980 (2 months ago)
We need a female version of this.
INAMUL TALUKDAR (2 months ago)
Give your what's up number plz
Technical Waseem (2 months ago)
Lucky bro😜😙😜
Joe Leung (2 months ago)
Maybe he goes to gym for girls
Cursed Magic (2 months ago)
you looks better with glasses on
The Mohit Sharma (2 months ago)
The girl took selfie with you I saw her in a video of cassedy.
The Mohit Sharma (2 months ago)
The girl took selfie with you I saw her in a video of cassedy.
The Mohit Sharma (2 months ago)
The girl took selfie with you I saw her in a video of cassedy.
Donovan Lee (2 months ago)
Im a straight dude. If there is a guy that i aspire to be ( dreaming) it would be Pietro Boselli. Not only he has a great physique but with brains too!! A professor who walks on the runway for Armani and lots of top brands......He is damn good looking too.!
Donovan Lee (2 months ago)
Body quite nice but face so so looking only.
Arjun Rajput (2 months ago)
Your videos are osm bro coool keep it up love ur body
RedNeck Hero01! (2 months ago)
I needa 24 pack....of beer.
Romanian Mix (2 months ago)
In Dubai nobody cares if da guy hav gd body
saleh2904 (2 months ago)
Wow wee wee wow I like you muscle very much. You very handsome man like Sean Connery. I like to bum...I mean meet you.
snooker pool (2 months ago)
0:50 look at that jealous guy. Right hand side. And embarrassed also. He cant even left his head😂
Ninja Friends (2 months ago)
MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE videos like that !!!! really loved
Shini NiggerLord (3 months ago)
Lol 0:32 The chicc behind couldn't countain it xD
Rana Ahmed (3 months ago)
Connor Murphy : Sir, How can I increase my height like you Give me some suggestions I'm 1.70 cm and I want to become 1.90 cm tall (Some exercises and tips).
Jonas Porter (1 month ago)
Be taller
ZackenBerry (2 months ago)
you need to grow a lot dude.
Gonzalo Fernández (3 months ago)
Do you guys think he's natural?
Ch4rl3magn3 (3 months ago)
dude this is like having cheat codes for Madden to max all stats but for aesthetics for pickup. lol
frauh king (3 months ago)
Why girls smouthing at him
Dilip Nayak (3 months ago)
alcazar123456 (3 months ago)
It's amazing how much smaller Connor is now! Guess you can't stay on the gear forever.
That white t-shirt guy getting jealous.
I am a big fan of you . I am from India, I have also 6pack and large muscle body .
Our Leader Krishna (3 months ago)
Fantastic videos Good Job I love you brother
Michael Paget (3 months ago)
Everyone is giving this guy crap for showing off his body, but i think he deserves to do that. Because it woulda took him hours and hours of work to gain that shape, and it shows a lot of hard work on connors part, which is an admirable quality. Its understandable why many people are jealous.
Felicia Hippler (3 months ago)
lol girls arent stupid we can tell he's in good shape with his clothes on. They already knew he was cute lol
AH Gaming (3 months ago)
Pride is against the word of God. Turn to God!
MrBossAsian8888 (3 months ago)
A lot of haters here hahaha you go Connor I bet you if everyone had your physique they’d do the same too
vanson33 (3 months ago)
cuantas formas hay de ser maricon y bobo que fuerte
Angel S (3 months ago)
Why do so many people hate how he shows off his muscles?
Slurp (3 months ago)
So many jealous niggas in the comments smh
Korean Becton (3 months ago)
Im a nerd but HV a superhero body and girls love.it
EDGAR ARRIOLA (3 months ago)
Seeing this video makes me want to work out so baaaad 😅😁
FlashGaming (3 months ago)
He would jerk off to himself anyone watching still???
RickyRIshReyeZZ 9 (3 months ago)
Better than porn
Carlos Sandoval (3 months ago)
Travis Dinunzio (3 months ago)
Cool videos
Ægent bizzare (3 months ago)
Does he in this video look like zod or is it just me??
xxxiii xxxiii (3 months ago)
Xxx iii 💋💋💋✔✔✔🔞
Melissa (3 months ago)
I like skinny guy
Med Cris (3 months ago)
You look stupid Jeff seid is better than you
Pat Catacutan (3 months ago)
you doing part 2 bro hahah
Mr Lechero (3 months ago)
This must be a millennial thing. So vain.
Steve Mass (3 months ago)
now i see its worth to take some anavar :D
Vardhan Reddy (3 months ago)
0:52 that guy is annoyed af😂

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