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On the day I shot my 1 yr review, I said I haven't had one issue, and so of course Murphey's Law in all it's glory shows up and kills my VTS. I promised to do an update on that issue, and here it is! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to SK LIFESTYLE!!! Appreciate the support!
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Javier Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Gonna take a guess this wasn't happening while In fresh water. As soon As you touch salt water boom something is stuck... did you do a really well rinse immediately after salt trip? Ocean is fun but it's why my ski has a salty smirk.. lol
SK LIFEstyle (9 months ago)
Javier Gonzalez Oh I rinsed and flushed her like 3X longer than normal..used twice as much soap in the wash...i wasnt playing any games! Lol
Carl Dea (9 months ago)
I think it’s fine. You should try it with it turned off, but the key on. Actually I don’t know if that would work. I’ve seen other models allow you to adjust without having to run it.
Carl Dea (9 months ago)
SK LIFEstyle it’s a wax. Apply it wet or dry and then wipe it off. It provides UV protection. Walmart sells it.
SK LIFEstyle (9 months ago)
Carl Dea yea good call, I'll have to check it out...is that a special kind of wash, or wax?
Carl Dea (9 months ago)
SK LIFEstyle I took my family out on the sea-doo, I thought I had a similar issue. I think it has to be in the ‘F’ position or ‘N’. Didn’t know if you knew about Lucas Pro Slick. It’s amazing on cars so I tried it on the Sea-Doo and it looked awesome.
SK LIFEstyle (9 months ago)
Carl Dea Yea has to be on for the jet to move around. I think it was just a fluke, Murphey's law for saying 20 min earlier I havent had 1 issue to date...But be sure I will keep up the updates on any issues or if I have to use the warranty and how that goes with the dealer..
Reggae Llama (9 months ago)
Why I'm scared to get a see doo with all its random maintenance, compared to yamaha.
dustoff499 (8 months ago)
I don't think there is widespread random maintenance issues with Sea-Doo's - I hope not I just bought one. I think Yamaha's have their own issues found on other sites or channels, same as Honda's and Kawasaki's. Operator error, maintenance care and misuse could attribute to what you see or read. If you think Yamaha is better than get a Yamaha.
Louis Baes (9 months ago)
I’ve got the same ski as you but the 130se model, you can only adjust you vts when your in forward. You can’t adjust it when you in neutral.
SK LIFEstyle (9 months ago)
Louis Baes Yea agreed, I know I showed myself in Neutral on the review video but I was moving when I first saw it not registering on the screen. Tried again right after the video cruising around too. But since then I've been Ok. Thanks for the tip though. That I wasn't aware of.
Ayrton Deandrade (9 months ago)
SE you need to take it to the dealer the maintenance problem is something called a relay and only the dealers mechanics have them so take it there and they’ll change the relay might cost ya a bit. However i dont know what to do for the vts
SK LIFEstyle (9 months ago)
Ayrton Deandrade Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to give them a call and see if I can get her checked out. I think its like $50 deductible for warranty, maybe I'll getlucky and it will be so simple they dont charge! Lol, We shall see...

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