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Korean Girls Try American BBQ

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Korean girls try pulled pork, brisket and American style pork ribs for the first time. Help others learn about American BBQ by sharing this video. Let us know what else you'd like to see them taste (food wise). BBQ sauce in this video was Texas style. ***************************************** Check out our other videos! North Korean videos: -Eating American bbq with North Koreans: https://youtu.be/T0TYCEXmi90 -Eating Wings with North Koreans: https://youtu.be/3TQ8H5TgRzA -North Korean Military Stories: Being a Female Soldier: https://youtu.be/gbcxTJKJOVI Korean Girls Try: -Korean Girls Try Real Mexican food: https://youtu.be/mruUpBdGUQA -Korean Girls Try NY, Chicago and Detroit style pizzas: https://youtu.be/ooizM4P27lA -Korean Girls Try American and Mexican sodas: https://youtu.be/7kgv1B_79OM -Korean Girls Try Authentic Italian Food: https://youtu.be/OfeCbjy20UI -Korean Girls Try TV Dinners: https://youtu.be/5mIx3L3dIxc ****************************** Please consider donating to Digitalsoju via Patreon. We only do these videos part time as a hobby and we all work full time to pay the bills. As a result, we can only make videos when we have the free time to do so. By donating, it will allow us to work less and spend more time on videos as well as allowing us to buy better equipment to make our videos more professional: http://www.patreon.com/digitalsoju ****************************** Check is out on social media: -facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitalsojutv/ -Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/digitalsoju_tv Follow the girls on instagram! -Jiun: http://tiny.cc/jieun_kim -Hyeyoung: https://www.instagram.com/hyeyoungeyo -Yeseul's cover song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEQTvQatcWw -Ari: https://www.instagram.com/_arikitchen_/ --Check out Ari's youtube channel "Ari Kitchen": http://tiny.cc/arikitchen ****************************** Disclaimer: the food in this video was provided by Manimal Smokehouse, but this video was in no other way paid work] 2nd Floor, 455-33 Itaewon-dong Seoul, South Korea 455-33 용산구 이태원동 http://www.manimalkorea.com/ https://www.facebook.com/manimalkorea/ ****************************** Music in this video: *Bama Country *Whiskey on the Mississippi by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/ *Swamp Shuffle by Silent Partner *The Hunt by Comfort Fit #digitalsoju #bbq #korea
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Text Comments (21899)
Arthur Gonzales (1 hour ago)
This was really entertaining to watch!
AndyQ (2 hours ago)
As an impartial Australian, I'd rather eat Korean food than American, not to say I don't like both. Back to my kimchi.....
Michael Carruth (2 hours ago)
That vid was awesome. Had me smiling the whole time. Such cutie-pies. Speaking of which...where was the pecan pie?
MrJojo8675309 (4 hours ago)
Korean BBQ is the bench mark.
Mr.Bailey (4 hours ago)
Memphis style will always be the best
Jab5460 (5 hours ago)
Had they cooked it all Texas stile,all would have scored a 10...who the hell puts raspberry sauce on BBQ
Zaplee Yt (5 hours ago)
3:55 she got excited thinking they were bringing them cat lmfaaaoo
Erika Johnson (8 hours ago)
Yawn. They're boring
Ben Doverton (9 hours ago)
Curley Jo (16 hours ago)
Love the look of a little asian girl with a big piece of meat in her mouth
RMC Carrillo (23 hours ago)
If I go and visit that restaurant, can I meet the girl in the tan/light brown blouse in 7:59. Just saying.
Stevenshae Stanley (23 hours ago)
Shit now I'm hungry 😜😛😜😛😜😛😜😛😜😛😜😛😜
LunarCatan (1 day ago)
im not sure why you said you're serving them american-style bbq, and then start off by serving them something "cuban" style. That's not american bbq. It just isn't.
Daniel Cavender (1 day ago)
이것을 번역하십시오. Any American Barbecue in Korea isn’t the best stuff. There are certain places in America, known for barbecue, that nowhere else replicates. I invite you to visit Lexington, NC, for Lexington Style Barbecue (pulled pork only). Comes with our red slaw, and can be served on its own, or as a sandwich.
Thaddeus Beadle (2 days ago)
Ribs should be boiled first.
grnman86 (2 days ago)
"A 9.2"
Bennie Leip (2 days ago)
7:52 thats a keeper 😜😆😆😆
An Agent of Chaos (2 days ago)
those poor girls have probably never held that much meat in their hands before...
excelerater (2 days ago)
Ribs are always #1 !
Bux Bunny (3 days ago)
Put it over rice.
M C A (3 days ago)
Let the plastic surgery FLOW through you Also, beef ribs > pork ribs
Sparkcp (2 days ago)
M C A tf
teddyt1964 (3 days ago)
All of these ladies are 100/10! So so so cute their reactions! So sweet! ❤️
Micah lindenmuth (3 days ago)
Merica > all
Jess Hansen (3 days ago)
Nothing hotter than a young Korean hottie eating BBQ.
Ma-_-Yumi (3 days ago)
Nothing like seeing some asian girls with a mouth full of meat
lk7496 (4 days ago)
They love American meat.
irish rover (4 days ago)
brisket is like eating foreskin..get the reference?
irish rover (4 days ago)
I had a korean girl friend once, she kept licking her lips at my dog..she broke up with me and my dog has now gone missing
Sparkcp (2 days ago)
irish rover hahahahhahahahaah racist jokes are sooooooooooooooo funny
Alaskan Dude (4 days ago)
Love the hillbilly music lol
Sean Gilliam (4 days ago)
I think i need to go to Korea. and pulled pork is meh, the rest are awesome.
Andrew Ensley (4 days ago)
What's going going on at the Korean peninsula.... stop fucking with Chuck! #callingrudy
Andrew Ensley (4 days ago)
Note to self, cheap american brisket in Korea. Worth the work camps... not if its from Dallas bbqs
Heatalatur (4 days ago)
Could you find some uglier girls? He obviously didn't his actors very much. If I want to see a bunch of pigs practicing cannibalism I will take LSD and go to your mothers house.
DoctorGeniusPHD (5 days ago)
I'm usually kind of bored by these videos but this made me super hungry
Ebvardh Boss (5 days ago)
1:43 That is the face of someone who doesn't trust you but is just saying "yes" to be polite.
Anthony Vigil (5 days ago)
The taste of freedom... MURICA
Benis Cake (5 days ago)
Korean bbq is definitely better, I’ve never had it but Asian people are better at everything
nemesisslr (5 days ago)
American BBQ is the best, especially in Texas. They know how to cook meat
ZA C (5 days ago)
they gonna need some fiber later on after eating all that meat
hazza s (5 days ago)
Questionable Context (5 days ago)
Damn this reminded me of my visit to Kansas City and how nothing in California comes even close. It's actually ruined my taste for BBQ by setting the benchmark so high.
panthro001 (5 days ago)
2.9k thumbs down?? Why?
Gaming_The Swag (5 days ago)
In Soviet food eats you
Aaron Soto (6 days ago)
Hell yea MERICA!!!
19thHour (6 days ago)
6:33 Yup, America has a lot of diversity in food :)
Andy Nelson (6 days ago)
It’s good to know they act exactly the same outside of porn 👍🏻
Blorgus Blart (7 days ago)
Used to dog on stick
charonda Rice (7 days ago)
The Korean lady at 2:00 reminds me of Tamar Braxton 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂
Average Alien (7 days ago)
They can try my American Barbecue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Spanky McSpankenstein (8 days ago)
Now you know why we're so fucking fat over here.
Michael Whittman (8 days ago)
tombstone5860 (8 days ago)
I like how at 0:55, they were both in awe and saying oooooh in unison.
Bethesda Boy (8 days ago)
I'm vegan. I watch this for the same reason preachers watch porn. Masterbation.
Bethesda Boy (8 days ago)
I wrote this before the girl sucked the bone and pulled it out of her mouth. I think we can all watch this for unscrupulous purposes now. Did you hear that pop? She's got some power in those lips.
Bethesda Boy (8 days ago)
Instant racism. Opens with stereotypical, "ohhhhhhh." I almost died.
Kate B (8 days ago)
AHHH THEY'RE SO CUTE Also girl taking off her rings before digging into the ribs, YES GIRL that is how it's done
Pardon ? (8 days ago)
Boston has the best meats fight me if you think otherwise
Alexander Howell (8 days ago)
I live in North Carolina, home of Lexington style BBQ. The pulled pork looked good but that sauce for it is not what we have here in the USA. There are really two kinds served here in NC. One is a thin vinegar base and the other is a thicker sweeter tomato base. And there are two kinds of slaw too, Cole and BBQ.
Random Citizen (8 days ago)
4:13 That is indeed, what she said.
xxx (8 days ago)
It’s not American if it’s named Cuban style
Ice Boxxer (9 days ago)
You don’t get these really good videos anymore do you
Ice Boxxer (9 days ago)
They would hate sausage really
Life Vibes (9 days ago)
7:50 lmao
GoukenslayWAO (9 days ago)
4:15 lmfao she knows that piece of meat thicker than any dick she gotten in korea
John - (9 days ago)
Korean barbecue is good, but American takes the cake. It's hard to beat a good pulled pork or brisket.
z z (9 days ago)
If it catches on so will Jenny Craig.
therasheck (9 days ago)
The joy on their faces! This is awesome!
James Fleischmann (10 days ago)
Is it me or are Korean girls fucking hott?
Planet Watcher (10 days ago)
Oh yeah, why is there is Southeast Asian DNA in Koreans? Well... remember the hybridization I told you of what is Chinese. It wasn't on the genetic level between Northern and Southern Chinese. I believe a good number of Southern Chinese relocated or were settled in Korea. You have some of that Thai blood from Southern Chinese (because they actually are Thai people who happen to speak Chinese and identify as Chinese, similar to how Turks identify as Turkic people even though by blood, they are closer related to the Greeks and Armenians nearby) when Modern Korean developed due to the creole mixture of Old Korean with Chinese and some aspects of Paleo-Siberian that some how got there, probably from that one Korean Kingdom that existed far out into modern Manchuria.
Planet Watcher (10 days ago)
Korean sounds like a creole of Mongolian and Chinese with a slight bit of Inuit. By the way, Chinese is a creole of Mongolian, Thai, and Tibetan.
Amaria Tarver (10 days ago)
How is it sour tho?
CtrlAltPhreak (10 days ago)
Awe man.. they shoulda put some coleslaw on those pulled pork sliders. Gotta have the slaw.
Kaan Karabulut (10 days ago)
I don't understand why you eat pork.Digestive systems are completed in just 4 hours.He's eating his dead baby
Dave currie (10 days ago)
They eat fuckin dogs and she says she's worried about eating the meat ! Fuck me ignorance is global !
Dave currie (2 days ago)
Sparkcp (2 days ago)
Dave currie alright continue to live your life in lies
Dave currie (2 days ago)
F U and NO!
Sparkcp (2 days ago)
Dave currie wtf only like 1% of the older generations eat dogs. Like 99% of Korea hasn’t, and the older people who are had to resort to def meat during the US and Soviet insinuated war that the Koreans were dragged into to. Educate yourself please.
kroonu (10 days ago)
I'd let these girls try my american meat any time
Darkiplier O. (10 days ago)
Nothing can go wrong with some good bbq
jyung woo (10 days ago)
I like Sieah, she was ready for the pork ribs, she just took off that ring and went at it XD
Shane Von Harten (10 days ago)
If you don't love BBQ you are not human. That made me soooooooo hungry.
Orojugen (11 days ago)
That's not AMERICAN BBQ......
Hector Romero (11 days ago)
This got me hungry,hehe,I wanna try pulled pork!,and BBQ ribs right now,😊
Thera Pist (11 days ago)
I'll watch those girls try anything... .....on me.
Joe shmo (11 days ago)
7:52 bro! I love it
Prince T (12 days ago)
Edwin Paz (12 days ago)
Even though I'm strictly vegan there's something magical about seeing people get to experience new things that brings the biggest smile to my face :)
Blood for Face (13 days ago)
I dare anyone in the world to sit down at a table and say that they hate the taste of good brisket. That person would have had to been bribed in order to say that. Ladies, if you read this comment by chance, come on down to the great state of Texas, in the United States; where you can find the best barbecue in the world, I guarantee you will agree ;)
Michael Waterman (13 days ago)
I give it a... 6. Can I have some more? Love the reactions.
Sara Heart (14 days ago)
Raspberry glaze?
Thanos (16 days ago)
Well if this was North Korean Girls this would titled "Korean Girls try Food for the First Time"
Qiy (16 days ago)
Many American Barbecues are only served hotdogs and burgers. No juicy ribs or steak. Only a small portion does, and none can deny this fact
Jim sworthow (16 days ago)
These girls would freak if they get to experience an American penis too!
Justin Hackstadt (17 days ago)
You can actually see that one girl orgasm when she dropped it. Lol
KPOPFANBOYUK (17 days ago)
dont corrupt them too much plz America
Steve (18 days ago)
I don't care where you're from in the world. No one can resist BBQ ribs!
SCARFACE (18 days ago)
In the back of their heads they are all probably like damn this shit tastes wayyy better than dog and cat wow.... DFKMM!
Sparkcp (2 days ago)
SCARFACE wow ur soo funny
Jay Privacy (18 days ago)
I'm in Memphis. We have sooooo much great bbq here.
K Fallon (18 days ago)
Quit is with these fruity bbq sauces! Rasberry glaze on ribs? NO! Citrus on pulled pork? No, not American bbq.
Sparkcp (2 days ago)
K Fallon I’ve had fruit glazes as an option in plenty of reputable bbq restaurants in America
Ronal Nunez (18 days ago)
Idiots try food should be the name of this video
Greg mayonnaise (18 days ago)
Plenty of good Korean BBQ out there, and it's really good. But for pure awesomeness, American is the winner
R Evans (19 days ago)
This is full of shit. I was in Korea in the 90's. There's plenty of Bbq there,
Digitalsoju TV (19 days ago)
Korean bbq sure, but not AMERICAN bbq. Not even close to the same thing. The legit first American restaurant opened up in 2013.
MariahBTSCarey (19 days ago)
why am i watching this at 1:00 am, while i’m hungry? i can’t buy food, and i’m just here starving while watching them eat😢
Jeff Diamond (20 days ago)
I love this, I never would have thought these girls would tear into the food like that, and then they love it... 24k.

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