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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Saving Face" (Feat. Ashly Perez, Michelle Krusiec & Lynn Chen)

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This week on DLW, Ashly and Amanda get lost in the rom com Saving Face and needed some special guests to help them find their way. Check out Lynn Chen's directorial debut and help fund it! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mslynnchen/i-will-make-you-mine-surrogate-valentine-3 To find Michelle Krusiec: www.MichelleKrusiec.com To find Lynn Chen: www.LynnChen.com Check out Girlship on Twitter: @GirlShipTV Check out Ashly on Social: @ItsAshlyPerez Check out Queer As Fiction on Twitter: @QueerAsFic Check out Amanda on Social: @AwkwardHolland WE HAVE MERCH! shop.spreadshirt.com/GirlShipTV SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO: Britney King For running sound and camera on this episode! PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!
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Girl Ship TV (9 months ago)
ATTN: DLW Fans! We are switching to a biweekly schedule, but on our off weeks, check out our podcast Queer As Fiction! In 2 weeks, DISOBEDIENCE!
Teh Leci (2 months ago)
7:02 what does Ashley say?
masco (6 months ago)
please watch better than chocolate! it's fun and no one dies :)
gothness155 (7 months ago)
Fave ep ever!
ThePingine (8 months ago)
I know there a already a lot of film suggestions. But please try to watch "Aimée & Jaguar". It's an amazing German movie.
shineedays• mmmfx (8 months ago)
Kathleen-May Colón (3 days ago)
"all Asians are doctors, it's the law" lmaooo
i like bananas and (6 days ago)
11:18 "Turn it up, the gay stuff is happening" I died😂
Nicole Graphix (7 days ago)
I like how they mentioned a sequel, and I realised that when they started arguing about Vivianne wanting Will to ask her to stay: THIS IS THE SEQUEL! It's like the couple themselves doing a "How we got together Vlog". Love this, one of my favourite lesbian movies (of the few Asian lesbians movies out there ps. we need more!!!)
duelbuster123 (10 days ago)
agree with will. good lover dont ask your partner to give up on his/her own dream. I never asked one of my ex too but prayed she will had chance to come back soon.
Shay W (16 days ago)
I'm sooo late to watching this!!! One of the first lesbian movies I have ever watched. So cute uuuugh
Fendrix (19 days ago)
Love this movie <3
connie rahim (21 days ago)
it'd be cute if krusiec and chen kissed as themselves, not as characters.
Gracie Lee (21 days ago)
Bluesmiless (21 days ago)
BESTT EPISODE EVEEERRR !!! SAVING FACE IS MY FAV MOVIE !!!!! Thanks for that happy moment guys !
PietraSaskia (22 days ago)
This video was so nice 😭😭😭😭 aaaaaa
PietraSaskia (22 days ago)
"i'm gaying alone now" "that's so relatable to me" haahahahhahahah
My favorite movie!!
beckham48 (25 days ago)
beckham48 Saving face is so underrated and so much in depth and much better than crazy rich Asian , both straight actresses portray so well and they nail it, it remind people of the feeling of falling in love and fighting bespite of their gay relationship. I only know about this movie in 2019 and it never came across as some 15 years ago movie, is so relatedable to straight, gays as is a love story
KeeblerElf (25 days ago)
Amanda: “The Will Smith?” Ashly: “As in the youtuber?”
Skyler Das (28 days ago)
Omg I just clicked on the vid thinking they were just gonna watch the movie like always but then 😱 Wow that was such an amazing surprise and such a fun vid lol 😂❤
adriana fregoso (30 days ago)
I have a question, what ls Ashly drinking??
Nyibol Kuach (1 month ago)
saving face seems more like a romantic drama. idk. maybe its lofi feeling?
bogi (1 month ago)
im in love with lynn chen thank u for coming to my ted talk
Lacey Young (1 month ago)
Well you got your wish, The Half of It is coming <3
connie rahim (21 days ago)
thks for the tip, it's a different cast though -- i hope at least chen and krusiec have cameos. https://deadline.com/2019/04/netflix-alice-wu-half-of-it-production-sequel-saving-face-1202599586/#comments
Aydan Stewart (1 month ago)
danah nick (1 month ago)
saving face is really good i watched it 3 times.. well its my first time also to watch a movies in 3 times.. really love this movie i hope there is saving face 2
multivac (1 month ago)
OMG, I'm watching this video for the first time ever (the series actually, it's so freaking funny) and I'm literally sitting here with an open mouth because you have Michelle AND Lynn with you. I LOVE both of them so much. I follow Lynn on Facebook since forever, I love her. Omg that made me just so happy. How!!
Alana Cortes (1 month ago)
Wow this was an experience. Thank you!
Adrian Mora (1 month ago)
i love seeing lynn & michelle flirt
connie rahim (21 days ago)
where, "the cute lesbian outfit" part? that's the only part i noticed.
Jane The Vegan (2 months ago)
Thank you for reuniting Lynn and Michelle. This will do while we forever wait for Saving Face 2.
Mờ Mike (2 months ago)
“oh no did she hurt her leg in paris” lmao
Lea Keubekian (2 months ago)
Lol yess
Aitza Escobedo (2 months ago)
Ashley Perez is sexy as fuck!
sun (2 months ago)
"What's in there a wedding ring?" I'm deeadddd
Jinsouls headbang 52 (2 months ago)
“hi i’m here to pull ur knob”
Naomi Yokoi (2 months ago)
This movie actually had a huge impact on my life. Being a gay Asian it was really empowering to see 2 lovely women loving each other and showing what a relationship should be. They also really showed us the difficulties that Asian women had to face so thank you so much ❤️❤️
daduckess (2 months ago)
So cool you got the stars of the show to watch!
Krizzia Udtohan (2 months ago)
I never knew about this movie. As an Asian, it's refreshing to see a happy ending in lesbian movies with Asians in it.
kitty claus (2 months ago)
I never get tired watching this. O don't know how many times I've watched this but every year, I always rent this movie!!!
Gao Jane (2 months ago)
My fav movie. Always gives me hope.
Teh Leci (3 months ago)
7:02 what does Ashley say?
TrixM (2 months ago)
What is it, a wedding ring? That's what lesbians do. [sarcasm]
SortaMaliciousVagabond (3 months ago)
I feel like I would be so uncomfortable watching a movie with the actresses/actors. But these people were super chill and funny. I've gotta watch this movie now.
Valerie Garcia (3 months ago)
y'all gotta watch park chan wook's the handmaiden
TrixM (2 months ago)
Why? This is a mostly-funny movie and the Handmaiden is not funny at all. There is very little in common between the two movies, although at least the Handmaiden has a kind of happy ending too.
dpasserby (3 months ago)
Omg! What a treat!
pardon siu (3 months ago)
love this movie sooooo much! 5 yrs ago i saw this movie and i felt i am real lesbian!
beatrixx on the beat (3 months ago)
this iconic movie really helped me with my sexuality growing up.
Blurr ble (3 months ago)
How does this now have more views?!?!
TrixM (3 months ago)
7:26 - HI I'M HERE TO PULL YOUR KNOB. 11:39 - [sexy scene] I'M JUST GOING TO KEEP DRINKING. 13:20 - WE COULD BE TALKING ABOUT POETIC VAGINAS? Oh wow, Michelle Krusiec, you rock.
giefren delos reyes (3 months ago)
screaming for saving face 2!!!!
giefren delos reyes (3 months ago)
watching this agaim here... soo much fun!!! i love this movie
stina M. G. (3 months ago)
Please tell me Lynn Chen is gay. Or at the very least, bi.
Solina Ngam (3 months ago)
I LOVE this movie!
awesome nerd (3 months ago)
why am i just discovered this reaction omg saving face is literally the best lesbian movie lmao
It's Ryann Beck (4 months ago)
i absolutely love the fact you watched this film with the leading ladies in the same room. pure magic.
AAVV (4 months ago)
holmes martin (4 months ago)
U hv to burn some fat my love
Christina Stroup (4 months ago)
Literally one of my favorite Queer movies ever!
Vin. cy (4 months ago)
*turn it up, the gay stuff is happening*
Chilly Ly (4 months ago)
wait what?????? my mouth was literally wide open for a hot minute when I saw the main casts are here omg
conceptsosecurr luong (4 months ago)
lynn chen is so cheeky
trishena (4 months ago)
This was EPIC!! I was shocked and excited to see the main characters! I love this movie! So happy y'all did it. Have you seen the movie It's In The Water ? That would be interesting to see you watch it.
Julz Amidala (5 months ago)
Even better the second time after rewatching Saving Grace 💖💖
Jaida Blizard (5 months ago)
I love them❤ great video
Jasmin (5 months ago)
Do Orange is the New Black's Vauseman please!
hannah (5 months ago)
hi I'm here to pull your knob
Carolyn Butler (5 months ago)
"Hi I'm here to pull your knob."
MaryFrances Gao (5 months ago)
WOW I was lookkibg for thses tow but never found there we go Just adding u
Rae Menace (5 months ago)
I can't believe y'all forgot to watch "The Truth About Jane"
Jess Li (5 months ago)
Seeing a lesbian film with Asian women is so incredibly empowering; I’m so overcome with emotion **Tear** This was such an amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
AesTaetic 0805 (5 months ago)
*i'm gay and alone* me irl ;((
Jazzy Nixon (5 months ago)
That was awesome that you guys got the 2 stars.
Seren SJ (5 months ago)
Haven't watched this movie but i sure will lol. These two ladies are awesome. And yes we need a sequel, 'saving more face'!!!
MaxXx SH (6 months ago)
I don't know if you know, but there was a Preager U ad before your video. Thought you might want to know
reiko ishizuka (6 months ago)
This movie made me realized that I'm gay. 🌈🌈🌈
Erin Pauley (6 months ago)
When are drunk lesbians gonna watch better than chocolate?
Lu S.N (6 months ago)
I love this movie, is one of my favorites, awwwwww I'm dying with this two there, they are really cute people and cute couple in the movie. OMG, I can't believe. I readed the title with their names and I liked before start the video and now, after, I am not regret it. What a good experience, awesome video. I'm In ecstasy!!!!
Shannon Azares (6 months ago)
Hello Bye (6 months ago)
I watch it on my dad’s car and I accidentally connected my phone to the car Bluetooth... I hope my dad can’t listen to what the 3 sec of the video said (a sentence included a word, lesbian) also I haven’t come out yet
Vivian Wong (6 months ago)
Its so weird hearing my name mentioned so many times...
It's Victoria (6 months ago)
"Hi I'm here to pull your knob" BEST LINE
Tomato Mcnuggets (6 months ago)
"Fuck em" clicks like button*
T R U V O N N E (6 months ago)
Watch signature move! And the incredibly true story of two girls that fell in love!
Wheeimple (6 months ago)
Watch the Korean movie "our love story"
FashionAndCoffee (6 months ago)
The gay vibes between them makes my heart melt!!!
Shawna AboutLife? (6 months ago)
Damn finally!!!
Tagiuma (6 months ago)
This is my favorite one 😂😻
Matilda Eklund (6 months ago)
Are either of these actresses gay irl? (They’re both so perfect for this either way)
Lex W. (6 months ago)
phililen3 (6 months ago)
Need another rewatch of this movie. Love it so much.
M309 V (7 months ago)
Love it!
clara (7 months ago)
How did EVERYONE MISS THE: "hi im here to pull your knob" at 7:28
jo (7 months ago)
“Turn it up the gay stuff is happening” is honestly the biggest mood
Ethel Ping (7 months ago)
This commentary is gold! Saving Face is my top 3 favourite gay movies, I'm so happy you got michelle and lynn on this video too!!
Lystanson (7 months ago)
Lynn Chen’s voice reminds me of Kate McKinnon
jaazielbuko (7 months ago)
I cant stop smiling
Aron Don (7 months ago)
This is amazing!
Val Lee (7 months ago)
Lynn is so beautiful and charming 🤗
laura chang (7 months ago)
That’s true. There aren’t a lot of Asian that are lesbians
bpeaw (7 months ago)
Watch yes or no thai movie
Carine N. (7 months ago)
Naomi Yokoi (7 months ago)
Asian gays raise your hand!!!!!!!!
Taagol (7 months ago)
omg I love seeing a happy sappy gay story! It's one of my biggest guilty pleasures lol. This was so much fun, too!
samruddhi raut (7 months ago)
Every Asian is a doctor 😂😂😂😅😅
Cindy S. (7 months ago)
I love this movie SO MUCH.

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