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White Macbook 2009 Problems

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if someone can help me with this i would appreciate it greatly
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Barbara Balaban (3 years ago)
screensavers not loading and they say section of macintosh hd is corrupt
Allen Kyle (5 years ago)
Allen Kyle (5 years ago)
Hi... im having the same problem,did u get it fix?
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
Sadly no I didn't.. I say it was humidity or liquid that got into the machine.. or it overheated.
tim rezgalla (6 years ago)
My batts fine n like yours my lights gone tho u can see it takes a charge via MagSafe gutted I am lost without did u get it fixed?
tim rezgalla (6 years ago)
Same craps happened to mine n they're saying it'll cost too much
slash3901 (7 years ago)
your keyboard/unibody enclosure is broken, maybe humidity or some liquid fell on it, and because the power button is in the same plastic circuit as the keyboard your computer do that, your logic board is ok u can check it if you take the botton cover apart disconect the keyboard belt and turn on the computer with the jumper on the board. just use a usb keyboard and your computer most work fine, that's how you can know if the problem is the enclosure or the board trustme i fix mac's for living
Todd Boniface (7 years ago)
@bobbyz23 thanks ill try that
bobbyz lee (7 years ago)
Check your memory take out one stick @ a time and see will it work after taking out one stick putting it back in then taking out the other stick.

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