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Spice Girls - Wannabe (Official Music Video)

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Vote for your favourite girl group here: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/best-girl-groups/ Listen to more from The Spice Girls: http://spicegirls.lnk.to/Essentials Listen to some of the Spice Girls' biggest hits here: http://playlists.udiscovermusic.com/playlist/spice-girls-best-of Follow the Spice Girls https://twitter.com/OfficialMelB/ https://twitter.com/MelanieCmusic https://twitter.com/EmmaBunton https://twitter.com/victoriabeckham https://twitter.com/gerihalliwell https://www.thespicegirls.com/ Music video by Spice Girls performing Wannabe. #SpiceGirls #Wannabe #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (94275)
TheMindstorm (39 minutes ago)
emmanuel mutuc (1 hour ago)
Lodovico Vaglio Iori (2 hours ago)
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Bring Me Home😌
ゆしゃ (5 hours ago)
carlos s (6 hours ago)
2030 ??∆
carlos s (6 hours ago)
Coach 8766 (6 hours ago)
This is a giant *JoJo Reference*
The Theatre Otaku (8 hours ago)
who here is hoping that Spice Girls have a cinder in the US?
XxEly SweetxX (10 hours ago)
João carlos Ambrosio (10 hours ago)
p지민 (11 hours ago)
como llegue acá?v:
Dewey Biggs 6069 (11 hours ago)
I want to Stop being Ugly
Andrew James Cairns (12 hours ago)
What is the best thing about this song?
Mackenzie Lewis (13 hours ago)
I love this song
Yani L (13 hours ago)
Nipple sing...
Teux Poposki (14 hours ago)
Temilola Iwayemi (15 hours ago)
So I was watching got talent videos and just figured out Mel B was one of the spice girls, so I was like ok let me look up the song wannabe and say Mel B and was like o shit. But really 2018-2019 tho anyone?
Adolf Eichmann (15 hours ago)
My brain: Stop you like punk rock more! Me: *SO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT*
Leslie Abreu (16 hours ago)
*Wannabe or I want it that way (Backstreet boys)?*
JUSt Dance (17 hours ago)
JUSt Dance (17 hours ago)
I like
Paulo pires (17 hours ago)
Quem veio pelo Dylan o'brien deixa o like
Resident Evil (18 hours ago)
オクラホマ弁財天 (19 hours ago)
the dz danger Algérie (20 hours ago)
Beautiful girls 💖💖💖💖💖
Lila {Simon} (20 hours ago)
I love when the afro girl sing its beautiful and when they sing all!
Divine Jomomoh (21 hours ago)
White Kitty (21 hours ago)
December 2018?
Erinalva Santos (14 hours ago)
Lifewith Mariam (21 hours ago)
Judy Morales (22 hours ago)
Sther Silva (1 day ago)
Gabriel Alves (1 day ago)
Melhor música de todas
Monica Galvao (1 day ago)
Sabrina Rodrigues (1 day ago)
Algum br?
Carimeshia Thompson (1 day ago)
Love you
02 dusz (1 day ago)
Explain why Mel c is always slagged off? She's definitely the most talented= best dancer voice and nice looking
Steph Mac (1 day ago)
Awesome song
15.diciembre.2018-17:01pm cdmx.mexico
Yunni Kuun (1 day ago)
2018? Br?T3ddy
Albania Pratt (1 day ago)
Las amo !!!
Saludos 🤑🤑
December 2018?
Mateus Amorim (1 day ago)
Who is listening December 2018 ?
Adla Thalia (1 day ago)
Ahlem Djili (1 day ago)
Je teme
Jackson Mk (1 day ago)
Ronewa Maduwa (1 day ago)
Yay! They're back I'm looking forward to their tours
you tube (1 day ago)
That's in ireland
Ray Is My Name (1 day ago)
noBODY cares in what year you are watching this
Ray Is My Name (1 day ago)
+[Utopia - 378] and it's obvious.
Ray Is My Name (1 day ago)
+[Utopia - 378] does it matter?
[Utopia - 378] (1 day ago)
What year are you watching this?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!❤ And may the angels warm your hearts!❤💖✨
Jander 472 (2 days ago)
Nansi (2 days ago)
Quintin Tsinijinnie (2 days ago)
Quintin Tsinijinnie (2 days ago)
Henrique Alonso (2 days ago)
só eu que vim por causa do Dylan o Brien?
Emilie Olszewski (2 days ago)
Sorry but..... PUT ON A BRA!!!!
tatiana levy (2 days ago)
she dont want to. she can do what she wants
Magic Mike (2 days ago)
english people look like they picked their clothes out of a thrift shop.
Magic Mike (2 days ago)
2:50 Posh's breakfast lunch and dinner.
Sahian Camacho (2 days ago)
¿Diciembre 2018? ¿Alguien?
Fogão Forever (2 days ago)
A musica e muito boa,mas o clipe nao tem muito sentido
Aaron Schwartz (2 days ago)
Christmas '18?
burakgtr (2 days ago)
1:13 Justin is there :))
Khadija Nadifi (2 days ago)
14 décembre 2018 ❤❤
Victtória de Paula (2 days ago)
December 2018
Denise 7w7 (2 days ago)
Ghaith Syr (2 days ago)
Shashank Vaidya (2 days ago)
Still love this song in 2018
que buen video, estan re buenas las chavas jajaja
sörn s (2 days ago)
What there names?( i'm from germany)
Francis Cyprus (2 days ago)
man! in the 90's every year was better than the one before it. Amazing times!! It's pretty opposite nowadays :D Since 2000 every year is worse till we get to 2020 and then we start from the beginning again. Everything will be better after 2020 but we got 1 more year to go! Almost there friends, just got to get through 2019 but things are starting to change...everything is gonna change, wait and see.
ravik nevipoor (2 days ago)
הבנות שולטות
Emre Coşkun (3 days ago)
Amanda Crocker (3 days ago)
💃💃💃💃🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🤗🤗🤗🤗 music at its best 💃💃💃🤗🤗🤗🇦🇺🇦🇺
Red pill Normies (3 days ago)
O no the spice girls stand is to strong
Tako Pako (3 days ago)
Tel mi wach Yu won era bilibili won
Guillermina Leone (3 days ago)
Diciembre 2018???
matias etchevarria (3 days ago)
MARTINAAAAAAAA, like si viniste por el roast your self de MARTINAAAAA.
Someone in 2019?
rax sioux (3 days ago)
Mira esos pezones
Ellischris Viana (3 days ago)
Cally Budden (3 days ago)
I love the Spice Girls my favourite singers xoxo
Abisha Sivakumar (3 days ago)
anyone still listening to this now? 2019s nearly here so hyped!!!!!
Elisabetta Rosati (3 days ago)
Evvai! In cinque è meglio.
Opiate Operator (3 days ago)
This is my Stand, Spice Girl!
UB씨유튜브의 (5 hours ago)
asgagc Van (3 days ago)
The one who wear a shirt orange she is so beautiful.
Uğur Böceğim (3 days ago)
kız victoria niye gruptan ayrıldın ee tabi buldu zengin kocayı tabi bırakır ohh yaşasın paralar
youcæ ameizi (3 days ago)
2018 ?.....
Imanuel Yonatan (3 days ago)
Girl band 😬 2018 😘 December 😍
BoxFun (3 days ago)
2018 December
Dreuz (4 days ago)
2018? Someone?👀
Shirin Abdelhamid (4 days ago)
2019 ؟
Mr. Anivia (4 days ago)
Igor Carbex (4 days ago)
I just typed "awanaha" on search bar
Blue and Green Cat (4 days ago)
Every Christmas we become a spice girl...
Creator Stando (4 days ago)
Juuh ツ (4 days ago)
Maira Medeiros???

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