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Babies Say Their First Words! | Funny Baby Compilation 2018

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Text Comments (3396)
Madison Fleck (5 hours ago)
1:07 OOF
UmmitsJaz Xx (7 hours ago)
2:56 me getting hurt by that one person but continuing to let them hurt me
xSparklingIce (7 hours ago)
my first word was mama
Animewolves •3• (8 hours ago)
Parents: say teapot! Kid: *peatot*
Harlie Jensen (8 hours ago)
Most of these weren’t even first words
moony.lupin x (15 hours ago)
omg this kid dad: can you say duck? baby: ducka! dad: can you say book? baby: booka! dad: can you say ball? baby: ba-ball. dad: can you say dada? baby: mama i want him xD
Yaritzel Gless (15 hours ago)
My first word was papi it is daddy in Spanish
Kraziie Koala! (20 hours ago)
Where can I get myself some pink broccoli?
RAB Studios (20 hours ago)
2:08 The girl telling her to say mama sounds like Jaiden animations
Emily mottram (1 day ago)
My brothers faveriote word was N9OOOO
Harley Harli (1 day ago)
My first word was coco. Wow.
YEET Official (1 day ago)
1:17 KS FAKE
Emma Pace (1 day ago)
My first word was "bubba"
Blue Ninja4 (1 day ago)
My first word was... What's the WiFi pas?
Emily Marrazzo (1 day ago)
This so funny
ClubbedOak (1 day ago)
First words : alexa play despacito xD
My first words was actually a sentence... *what’s that noise?*
Beeflight OwO (1 day ago)
My first word was ladder. Don't ask.
Snowy Wulf (1 day ago)
My first word was *fire*
IDerp (1 day ago)
my first sentence was “In the middle school of a good guy at school I just didn’t get it and it wasn’t a bad time but I was gonna I was like I was gonna I was like a baby and I was gonna I was like a baby and I was gonna I was like a baby and I was gonna I was like a baby and I was gonna I was like a baby and I was gonna I was like a baby and I was gonna I was like a baby and I was like a baby and I was like”
IDerp (1 day ago)
Edra’s Videos (1 day ago)
My first was mama 😂
Dazzy _Playz (2 days ago)
My first word was ThaTha(that means grandpa in Khmer/Cambodian) My second word was teeth(I have no idea why) My third word was Yayay(grandma in Khmer/Cambodian
Dark Studios (2 days ago)
My first word was Biper (Daiper)
KlaHiKa Kurkela (3 days ago)
0:50 *Emily Kittys memeee!!!*
Cynthrey (3 days ago)
2:35 *The power of god compels you*
Lily Carden (3 days ago)
6:55 my favorite
Lily Carden (3 days ago)
2:59 My last brain cell during a test
Lily Carden (3 days ago)
Baby: bites cats ear Cat: *wacks at baby* Baby: no no no no no no no
• eclipse • (3 days ago)
My first word was shit. I’m being completely serious. I stubbed my toe..
Lightningseed YT (4 days ago)
Baby: Apple Me: Say that again! Baby: Get out of my life Moral: Never mess with a baby :)
0:22 (So cute!!) *PeAtOt*
Marianne Wade (5 days ago)
And satanic "Mama" wins the day.
deppresed bananas (6 days ago)
In th begginging That boy learns *mama* He's gonna be a mama's boy I sent he? He's gonna be a mama's boy that's so *whinny* ughhhh
TrustingBowl (7 days ago)
Now remember kids after school *pea tot
Adaora Nweafuna (7 days ago)
My first word was .......... CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!
Christi Solsberry (7 days ago)
Arri Potato (7 days ago)
I dont know what my first word was...
Aracelis Torres (7 days ago)
Commodore TV (8 days ago)
My first words were... *Pixar is a leader in image computers that allow people to understand data and technology and visulization. Our hardware and software products for Image Computing...* you may know the rest.
Demon (8 days ago)
0:38 thats ACTUALLY funny😅
AndImJustFerocious (8 days ago)
Oh look, tomorrows drug dealers, terrorists and murderers.
klaas muller (8 days ago)
1.11 is beetlejuice
Atabey1877 (8 days ago)
My first word was *DWA DWA*
firefly shy (9 days ago)
8:19 my mood
mikenna 34 (9 days ago)
0:42 me when my teacher gives us a math test
s¡ns CθRRUPT (10 days ago)
3:03 **boink**
Spill the tae Sister (10 days ago)
Baby: o o mom: OMG HIS FIRST WORDS Baby: O M A E W A M O U S H I N D E R U.. Mom: nani..?
Beanie Boo Lover Mew (10 days ago)
My First Word Was LJS3JKj78wixhj3dyKo aieyUhwkxijes,7zKKJUHWISHKSKOWKAHDKEYj7wjdhxkJJuJUAUisuJiIaisukKIkIIJIJjjysksosjwkzjx Im Done
Awesome _ Aliyah (10 days ago)
My first word was..... *hot....* leterally.
kissy. boy (10 days ago)
my parents havent told me mine im sad now-
Gacha_ Noodles4Life (10 days ago)
My first word was light
Moonlight Grande (10 days ago)
My first word was dada
Life as Nono (10 days ago)
8:45 he looks a little too old for that to he his first 😂
Mermaidplays roblox (10 days ago)
2:57 me when I forgot to clean my room
Allisanana banananaaa (10 days ago)
I lost it at 2:56 I had to laugh
Allisanana banananaaa (10 days ago)
My first word was kiki (for kitty kitty)
Selma Betül (10 days ago)
She said baba
TheGamingPea (10 days ago)
WizardYT (11 days ago)
0:07 when its monday
u235u235u235 (11 days ago)
7:44 looks like an old man ?
u235u235u235 (11 days ago)
mama/dada doesn't really count as first words imo. my kid said mama/dada at 6 months.
andrea.banting (11 days ago)
My first word was... Bdiyiigdgidudijdbdbijjdbjsbdhjdvhdvvgdjsjhvbhkqosk 👏👏👏
Tanner Herzog (12 days ago)
My first word was potato
Heidi Scott (12 days ago)
Mine was football
Josefine Karmisholt (13 days ago)
I’m pretty sure my first word was tractor😂
Zero The Short Potato (13 days ago)
“Say book.” “Baka.”
VeatyYeat _ (13 days ago)
my first word was Amara, my older sisters name
Helly Leber (13 days ago)
My first word was couscous
•Aliza• •Numb• (13 days ago)
Me when there is a test and I didn’t study 0:06 - 0:08
my first word was "peekaboo"
dingus (14 days ago)
1:25 wow he’s a little old to be saying his first words
Moon Child (14 days ago)
4:58 what the heck
Moon Child (14 days ago)
My first word was MEMA 😂😂
Plush Mems (14 days ago)
1:02 dada got rejected
Vince Hoang (14 days ago)
xxAlice Bxx (15 days ago)
My first word was dirty
Sarah :/ (15 days ago)
"say "mama"" *SAYS IN POSSESED WAY*
rinnie (15 days ago)
My first word was blood.
ZIggyIZ Nation (15 days ago)
7:56 that's my whole mood 24/7
ZIggyIZ Nation (15 days ago)
my first word was hot because my mom failed to keep me from crawling to the heater and just made me under stand what the word hot felt like
cielo yt (15 days ago)
Dvshdcd MacBook xv as gzvndvdsggsgdvzgsfzgzgdg i just put random word and ill continue hdhsgdgdvsvzvdgsh see vhhdhdgdbfgdhdbdbdbdhdbfhhzrhhdrhdgdhbdg Che. 👗😓😞😏😞😏☺😱😂😏😂😱😓😒😓🔪😞😩😏📒📒😏😂📝😭😓😂😱📒😂😮😭📝😂😂😱😱😂👗😱😂😱😂
Savannah Merckling (15 days ago)
Oh my goodness!! 8:14 😍
stepon aj (16 days ago)
My frist word was mama and dada
stepon aj (16 days ago)
Dad : can u say dada Baby : mama *Edit* the dad just got roasted
Ivana Tinkle (16 days ago)
My brothers first word was beans.
THE AMAZING LEMON (16 days ago)
My first word was tata cuz I couldn’t say pasta
Ingvild Kvakestad (16 days ago)
Ys was my first lys or light
its TOUSHA (16 days ago)
3:16 she want blokii😂 4:48 cute 5:59 omg😭😭💔
Fun Amigos (17 days ago)
My first word was Barbie cause I wanted one :(
Diamond Spivey (17 days ago)
My first word was "Ugly"
Bear bear (17 days ago)
First it was say dada, mama. Now it’s say mama, dada XD
Random oc (17 days ago)
0:00 is cute and sad at the same rime
Wassup_ V (17 days ago)
My mom said that my first word is dada but my dad is died I didn’t see him anymore
lolmonde youpi (17 days ago)
My first Word was stupid to my brother
Iam Angela (17 days ago)
I swear to like this comment ... HA now drop a like 👍
MISCHA OLIVER (18 days ago)
4:58........... OMG my engine won't start lmaooo xD

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