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Trubute to Lauren Hartnett & Chris Carrillo Victims Of Drunk Driving

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New Years 2015 is only a couple hours old. Somewhere there are two different families and friends all over that feel the sting of Lauren and Chris not being with them to celebrate. Somewhere in Rhode Island is the woman who did it. She has hid this secret for 14 years, which is long enough. Too long. She said she would spend her lift committed to keeping their memory alive. Didn't happen. Instead she opens a bar and grill. Brags about Bloody Mary's and "Living The Dream". "Life is good" she posted to a picture on a trip to the beach to collect sand. Life hasn't been good for the families who's daughters, sisters, granddaughters, friends she took away.
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cat warrior (5 months ago)
Im sorry for your loss and god bless your soul . May god treat her and him good with love respect and worthiness. She now lives in the stars. He now lives in the stars

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