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We Bare Bears | Ice Bear Becomes A Chef | Cartoon Network

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When Ice Bear becomes a chef at a restaurant, Grizz and Panda are left to find his replacement. Episode: Losing Ice CN GAMES: http://bit.ly/CNGames SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/109Y6wq WATCH MORE: http://bit.ly/1TTwg6s About We Bare Bears: Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears is a new animated comedy about three brothers trying to fit in and make friends...which can be kinda hard to do when you’re a bear. Grizzly is the oldest bear, and leads his brothers with bounds of optimism...that will only turn out disastrous some of the time. Panda is a classic middle child – shy, sensitive, a little finicky – and a lovable, hopeless romantic. Ice Bear is the youngest brother, an oddball personality and general wild card who enjoys flying under everyone’s radar. Connect with We Bare Bears online: Visit We Bare Bears WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1CQkVfC Like We Bare Bears on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1fE6ctr About Cartoon Network: Welcome to the Cartoon Network YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Clarence, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, The Amazing World of Gumball and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/90omi9 Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/SULxhQ Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/XqeBXf Follow Cartoon network on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/1B3nUQF http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Text Comments (402)
Dayi Wang (1 day ago)
Panda is my least favorite character in this cartoon although I'm a Chinese
Hiếu Nguyển (5 days ago)
Why panda and grizz are so mean :( I feel bad for ice bear
why is he irresponsible? well why do you whine like A BIT-
jun casilang (9 days ago)
I want to really know why panda said that ice bear is irresponsible. 😤😡
renante evangelista (16 days ago)
panda panda grizly grizly Ilove icey
renante evangelista (16 days ago)
panda panda grizly grizly Ilove icey
Waner Guo (16 days ago)
Not "I love you because I need you, but "I need you because I love you."
The Pwnage Times! (17 days ago)
Ms Linda Luu (17 days ago)
Ice Bear is so underappreciated. :(
KenCombat Gaming (17 days ago)
2:10 so much madness when grizz says this and panda freak you
Jahz for Fun (17 days ago)
I'm moody too
Boonsong Thipsonthea (18 days ago)
Ugly grizz
Tomato Zhoe (18 days ago)
I hate how they treat Ice bear like a slave in this episode he's been treated poorly and they call him irresponsible and a jerk Ha! The Irony just because he's the youngest.
Sanjuana Gonzalez (21 days ago)
I love Cartoon Network😍😻💖💜💛💚💙💟🍙🍣🍢🍲
cesar play (25 days ago)
Soy el unico que habla español XD
Stephen Loo (26 days ago)
Wait.... at 1.38 either time went bavkward or they waited 11 hours...
melovepandas (26 days ago)
ice bear is my spirit animal
Phoebe Gradert (26 days ago)
Ice bear is my favorite
Post_ Andrezinho (27 days ago)
Ice bear is legit the ultimate immigrant status look... that look and wear ..... mmmmm
Shahin Rafati (27 days ago)
Actually grizzly and panda betrayed ice bear🐼
KLANCH tube (27 days ago)
There both acting like ice bear has committed a crime and than they just replace him 10 seconds after they saw that ice bear is working some place else
Anahi Castañeda (27 days ago)
This episode made me really hate Grizz and Panda and how did he lie to them
김재영 (27 days ago)
Sorry mother...tt
Paulyn Jackson (27 days ago)
Ice bear is understanding and kind even though sometimes its just like his 2 bros are forgetting his efforts but still,he's humble to everyone.I love you Ice Bear!😗
Kim Isha (29 days ago)
How many language does ice bear know?????
Dislike 🤢😫😖😔
Challenger gaming (30 days ago)
I find that ice bear should be a chef and still be with his brothers
Challenger gaming (30 days ago)
I watched the Vid
Bayasgalan Anar (30 days ago)
It’s that stupid lazy grizz and he’s stupid brother fat pandas fault
junk정연승 (1 month ago)
Panda! And griess your jurk!
Zi Yuan (1 month ago)
Grizz and panda is so stupid
Withered Freddy (1 month ago)
This is why parents tell you to eat before you do something else
WSc Scholar (1 month ago)
That’s some delicious nasi goreng .....
CandyCatCoco (1 month ago)
“Why’s is he cooking for strangers?” Because he is a adult with a job
Knitted Cthulu (1 month ago)
Ice bear has left the server
Lei Api (1 month ago)
In the end Panda turn into virus panda.
Lei Api (1 month ago)
In the end Panda turn into virus panda.
meow rage (1 month ago)
Wait a minute he sharpen his knife but didn’t clean it he left the metal dust on it
Greta Anne (1 month ago)
My ideal hubby, Ice Bear❤️
Onion Corgi (1 month ago)
If ice-bear cooked for me I will never regret i made that decision
forever immortal142 (1 month ago)
If you don’t appreciate the person who cooks your food then your dead
Preston Curran (1 month ago)
Your both irresponsible ya self senter wonabe grizz you just treat everyone as a servant and that you want to be first
Samuel Pak (1 month ago)
This episode really shows more of the hard worker's view and learning how to appreciate them instead of belittling those who aren't as hard workers.
Samuel Pak (1 month ago)
This episode really shows more of the hard worker's view and learning how to appreciate them
Asian Mouse (1 month ago)
WTH is fun about watching cops chase criminals instead of hanging with your brother?
Felix The Mercenary (1 month ago)
Czygamer 7188 because unlike them ice bear does productive stuff like cleaning and cooking while they sit around using there electronics like panda’s phone,and grizz computer
Hector Hernandez (1 month ago)
Love Ice Bear. And Teppenyaki!
E Dmundo (2 months ago)
I hear you, one time I cooked a delicious meal for my family and they were just like grizz and panda
Isaiah Catano (1 month ago)
Ice Bear going for a walk
rachel W (2 months ago)
This just shows how the quiet ones come out on top
Jaevin Hasuike (2 months ago)
Ice bear becomes a chef? You are Cartoon Network YOU WOULD KNOW THAT ICEBEAR HAS BEEN A CHEF SINCE HE WAS A BABY
Ericka Barrera (2 months ago)
Panda.its called getting a job
instrumental raps raptap (2 months ago)
2:18 that s rude replace him
The Helghan Empire (2 months ago)
You don't seem to be able to appreciate what you have until you've lost it.
Kiefer Narwandi (2 months ago)
This part always *triggers* me
Pucci (2 months ago)
i am ice bear in every way including physical
nirorit (2 months ago)
Seriously? Nobody is going to talk about ice bear throwing food down the trash??
Yuyu D. (2 months ago)
ice bear nice bear.. grizz and panda are jerks
geoffrey salado (2 months ago)
Ice bear Sad🙁
A Lonley Ramen Noodle (2 months ago)
Ice bear has found where he belongs
Candrad 09 (2 months ago)
What a jerk???? Dude they dont understand anything
Chloe Gamer (2 months ago)
Wait...do you know you are throwing food and thats not allawed....
Angelina Nguyen (2 months ago)
99% comments : ICE BEAR ISNT A SLAVE 1% comments : ...he has nice cooking skills...
JOSE PERALTA (2 months ago)
He is my favorite bear
Jolo7t (2 months ago)
Maeko (2 months ago)
Oh my God you guys, this is just a show if you don't like it don't continue watching then. At least Panda and Grizz apologized because they realized they acted like jerks. There selfish you say? Well what about the time where ice bear didn't share a toilet! I'm sure if your family/friends called you for something you would say 1min! And they would eventually get angry.
Hiyono Luck (2 months ago)
remember the moment they got ice bear addicted to coffee and forced him to make lattes because they wanted to be famous? yeah.
Camille Rivera (2 months ago)
Ah, annoying Panpan and Grizz!!
Brøken Škūł (3 months ago)
i feel bad for ice bear.. he is treated like a slave..
Jed Sulangi (3 months ago)
ice bear the most talented bear and best bear grizz is kind of trashy and panda is clamsy worst bear grizz next panda ice bear so cute talented
nahom zemedkun (3 months ago)
I wanna go to a shop like that hands down that would be awsome
Qhyle Esguerra (3 months ago)
why she leaving
MusicalSkier (3 months ago)
You guys, the POINT of this episode is to make you feel bad for ice bear and mad at grizz and pan pan.
Squishy Lianne (3 months ago)
These bears are sooo cute!!!
Iligan KC (3 months ago)
1:34 Is that meme?
Pink and Proud (3 months ago)
The way they spelled Jeppan XD
Peridot Crystal Temps (3 months ago)
Without ice bear the show is just like dumb and dumber
ham vs the world (3 months ago)
I love how this show likes to pretend that panda and frizz are good characters but Ice is the only good one
So yummy
woodsy chip80 (3 months ago)
Grizz and panda:how could he be so erisponsible?? Me:I know it's wrong don't judge, flash back Food getting cold K be there in a bit Ice bear going for walk
Ali Rivera (3 months ago)
Grizzlies the one that should be the responsible list one cuz IceBear is almost a little and grizzly should be the one that does the stuff
Eternal Lost Souls (3 months ago)
Griz and pan pan do not appreciate ice
Ethan Seah (3 months ago)
Sorry guys but this is the first time I watched we bare bears So is it this short for every episode
C E L E R Y (3 months ago)
you people are critiquing this show as if it’s some major hit drama or something
C E L E R Y (3 months ago)
Ice bear is my spirit animal
Todd Ong (3 months ago)
You know.. EXPREMLY impressive!!!! I would totally eat there :0
Ice bear de best
obvies (4 months ago)
All this over food they didn't eat
Trang Lam (4 months ago)
They’re so unappreciative of ice bear, I hate them
Neonlaser (4 months ago)
1:18 I've been to a restaurant that does that. And make that volcano thing.
Nerds as One (4 months ago)
I have two brothers and we think that I am ice bear
Mari the wolf Puppet (4 months ago)
Ghosty Wolf (4 months ago)
This should be shown at schools for idk like emotion things or something.... lol
theonenani ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (4 months ago)
Now i hate grizz and panda
DRW (4 months ago)
Tbh Ice shld be abit more patient
AdventureTime FanChannel (4 months ago)
Bright star (4 months ago)
Ice bear care for you (panda and I forget the other bear name) but you don't care about his feelings and .....you treat him like a slave....
bendy 1000 (4 months ago)
He did not abandon you he just mad for not listening
Jason Leaf (4 months ago)
A hibachi restaurant, awesome
Keii Tokura (4 months ago)
Without ice bear they both would be eating each other.
Michael Jordan (4 months ago)
I don't understand. I watch episodes of this show and ice is not irresponsible maybe for the roomba but he's the most responsible bear out of the three

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