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Two Drunk Gays and a Straight Guy (Shep689)

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Reminiscing on some moments from VidCon 2013 with Will & RJ (Shep689 / TheNotAdam) Follow Will: http://www.youtube.com/shep689 http://www.twitter.com/shep689 Follow RJ: http://www.youtube.com/thenotadam http://www.twitter.com/rj4gui4r SUBSCRIBE---------------------------------------------------------- ∆ MAIN CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/joesdailytalks CONNECT WITH ME------------------------------------------------ ∆ Blog: http://joesdaily.com / http://mens-lifestyle.com ∆ Follow: http://twitter.com/joesdaily ∆ Instagram: http://instagram.com/joesdaily ∆ Like: http://facebook.com/joesdaily ∆ Tumblr: http://joesdaily.tumblr.com ∆ Shirts: http://districtlines.com/joesdaily MY EQUIPMENT--------------------------------- ∆ Camera: http://amzn.to/1kxZww4 ∆ Lens: http://amzn.to/1rJf8ly ∆ Microphone: http://amzn.to/1kCR1QW ∆ Computer: http://amzn.to/1kt0ZoW
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Text Comments (95)
Victoria Ashlyn (1 year ago)
I really like that you mentioned so many youtubers, especially the wing girls, i fucking love them
Amata (3 years ago)
Who is straight??? :D
Lana. T (4 years ago)
bloody marry is a salat in a cup , people should know that , cause people will order it thinking it's a cool drink and end up with a tomato juice+ alcohol+ some greens, eghh
RJ is bisexual. x)
Victoria Ashlyn (1 year ago)
i was gonna comment that
Ana Borchardt (3 years ago)
That's what I was thinking
Cory B. (5 years ago)
Adorable :3
Chazz Chann (5 years ago)
Wise men.
rororiri1234 (5 years ago)
hopefully someday i'll get to go to vidcon and meet you amazing peeps! love all 3 of you so much!<3
aircruz06 (5 years ago)
Aww I love you Joe and I appreciate what you do so much! I wanna give you a hug!
Jane Michelle (5 years ago)
I know u from Dailybooth! Actually....that's how I met a lot of people online...:). Skipped Vidcon...glad u enjoyed tho!
Eddward (5 years ago)
Vidcon make one of my favorites Youtubers leave Youtube :( musicismylove92 <3
ken306809 (5 years ago)
great video . it went by soo fast .
richardb2837 (5 years ago)
Awesome vid
BellasLife (5 years ago)
The only thing i have to say is that even though I aven't met any of you and probably never will, I really do enjoy your videos and it's amazing to see the impact you have on us. I love you Joe, and I love Will & RJ
TheDivaliciousD (5 years ago)
New subscriber. Will & RJ haven't steered me wrong yet!
empire-of-paul (5 years ago)
new subber thank god 4 will and rj or else i would have never found you
Llilio Goe (5 years ago)
I went to high school with kingsley.. he IS one of the nicest people!
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
YOU are.
schmittastic (5 years ago)
You three are totes adorbs!
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
I'm such a disappointment. **jumps off roof** weeeeeeeeeeeee
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
or 6 or 1000?
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
:/ hahah
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Don't let the young kids get you down! There are plenty of 20-somethings to hang with.
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
It was great meeting you! Thanks for finding me.
RaylenX (5 years ago)
This was my first VidCon, so meeting everyone was cool, especially Will & RJ (I wore Will's hoodie :D). And I was one of the people who found Joe at the escalator meet-up, lol. It was a great experience.
hollabooiers (5 years ago)
Yeaaah I can only imagine what a hard time Hank and the whole vidcon team must be having trying to find that balance between being too exclusive and keeping the bigger names from being mobbed... I mean it's a good thing that Youtube's getting so popular, but I kind of miss the days when not having a hard line between creators and viewers didn't cause so many problems.
Small Steps Health (5 years ago)
Inspiring me to do vlogs for a long time. Goal is to still be doing daily vlogs when I/we go to vidcon in two years
Travis Atkins (5 years ago)
Awesome video! Three of my favorite Youtubers. Planning on going to VidCon next year maybe we can grab a drink together (or 4 or 5)!
theOCSAblog (5 years ago)
VidCon 2013 was my first time at a convention, and I had the time of my LIFE. I had the pleasure of meeting RJ and Will behind me at the LGBT panel, and they were very nice. Since then I've been burning through their videos and absolutely love all their collective channels! And now I've been introduced to you, which excites me. My favorite part (besides meeting the people who inspire me), would definitely be discovering all these new content creators!
Chassidie Liu (5 years ago)
I met you, and you're not as tall as I expected
Saul Bernal (5 years ago)
Joe if I would have gone to vidcon, I'd had fangirl with you haha. I've been following you for two years and the videos just keep getting better. Good job dude.
Flames288 (5 years ago)
"Oh!" -silence-
Nick & Jeremy's Vlogs (5 years ago)
Meeting you guys at the meetup was one of my favorite moments of Vidcon. Having so many LGBT vloggers in one place was surreal
Nayvette ruiz (5 years ago)
You guys r awsm.
Dan Whyte (5 years ago)
I met The Leffew family(Depfox) in Niagara falls I Glad that I met them, it was on the same date as VidCon.
palacpac09 (5 years ago)
Quality internet video, guys! :)
Itsyoboi Sheboygen (5 years ago)
for u yes ill go lol
Ray C (5 years ago)
Cool video, Joe.
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
No true at all! Yes it is quite big, but the whole point of VidCon is to meet new people. Half the time I would sit in the lobby and just let people come up and talk to me, or I would just spark conversation with someone sitting next to me. It isn't about feeling like this person is someone, just start chit-chatting :)
HAULholic (5 years ago)
I wish I went to vidcon but I am debating going again as well. I only went to the first one and it was a fraction as big as this year, I barely got to meet anyone or see anything. now that its even bigger I doubt I would meet anyone :/
charli moto (5 years ago)
Vidcon is so cool just by the simple fact that you see all these familiar faces in one frame, loves it
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Yes Yes Yes! So happy to hear more people will be coming to VidCon next year.
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
I'm glad :)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
I wish that were true. Thanks for watching, Timmy!
Itsyoboi Sheboygen (5 years ago)
Yes that smile ...and I'm going for sure next year for vidcon to meet u all
William m (5 years ago)
my favorite was the party's in the rooms. you guys get along so well with everyone. good job and thanks
Smorgasboredom (5 years ago)
Great video, i really enjoy these little insights into YouTuber life.
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
<3 <3 <3 love train
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
That's rad! Look forward to getting a photo sesh with the bros.
JONvincible (5 years ago)
Your words make me feel feelings of happiness.
Gabe M (5 years ago)
Planing on going to Vidcon next year with my lil brother hope to meet all you guys it will be EPIC I will probably DIE....
iletthetrollout (5 years ago)
3 favourite people mushed into one vid <3
Zachary Thompson (5 years ago)
RJ's shirt is perfection. Legends of the Hidden Temple is my favorite childhood memory
Reese Williams (5 years ago)
I went to LA earlier this year & spent time with some mates and had a ball so I'd definitely be down to head back. I just worry I'll end up being the loner fangirl who thinks he's a cool Youtuber like you guys.... more so than I do now. Hahaha.
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
I hear ya! The one plus about VidCon in particular is how you're able to chill in LA after. Not to say anything bad about Florida, but I feel more people are willing to stay around in LA for a bit and party it up / collab / etc.
Reese Williams (5 years ago)
I'd say based on what I heard here that Playlist is more suited for me than Vidcon is for many reasons. As someone who's so bloody new to youtubing and am still trying to learn shit etc, I feel like starting up at a convention thats tailored more for fans and less exclusive like you guys mentioned Vidcon was is the way to go. Plus I don't know literally any youtubers what with living in Australia. It's a big country... If I go to Florida I need friends. P.S great vid Joe. Love Will & RJ too. :)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
SadieTeachesThings (5 years ago)
Thanks for playing host :) (I think my favorite moment was when everyone had to be dead silent and then silent upside-down wall-twerking happened.)
Becoming a Daisy (5 years ago)
I actually wanted to make a video about the different experiences people can have at vidcon. It's one thing to experience vidcon as a fan and it's a totally other to experience vidcon for you all, and it's a TOTALLY different experience for (let's say) Daily Grace, etc. It's funny how you talk about the parties, but that's really only for other creators. Fans aren't allowed (understandably so) but still. Just some thoughts I had. :)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
I have to agree with you on that one. The whole weekend was amazing, but Friday was just so much fun :)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Awesome! I'm happy this casual talk has enlighten so many already. Really wanted to express both the ups and downs, mostly the ups, for those who weren't able to go.
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Trust me I'm feeling quite guilty missing so many great panels, but this year was a lot different for me. Last year I had a lot of wandering around time by myself to really get the hang of the new convention in Anaheim. This year I had more people wanting to hang and just chat. Next year I'll probably plan my panel attack a little better :D
SadieTeachesThings (5 years ago)
Friday night was the BEST
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
I honestly couldn't agree more, Matt. It sucks to think there has to be exclusivity but I guess that sorta comes with fame, loads of fans, or however you see it. I guess for me the words VIP or Exclusive just means a place for the "talent" / "youtubers" to let loose and have fun. You can't have that with loads of fans running around :)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
We'll have to make that a reality.
JONvincible (5 years ago)
Getting to buy beers for people I watch on YouTube, yourself included, was one of my favorite memories. It's funny though, because Will and RJ hope they can get into a VidCon party next year, and here I am hoping I can drink in someone's hotel room next year, lol.
TheSUPERHAPPY1 (5 years ago)
Really liked the casual talking/interview of this video :)
Becoming a Daisy (5 years ago)
It's funny because a lot of the "educational" panels aren't really highlighted in these types of videos. I went to a few informative panels and discussions about techniques and tips and loved it! but i guess it's more for us tiny-tubers (start ups). :) anyways....thanks for a great video!!
TheLaughingPayaso (5 years ago)
this was informative for me didn't get to go this year but i hope that i get to go next year lol i am ready to meet you and so many more yay :D
Peter O'Sullivan (5 years ago)
OK, thanks. I'll try =)
Cookiechip1o1 (5 years ago)
i love will and rj so much!!
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Awwww!! Well I'll be sure to sign whatever you may have next year :)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Hopefully next year?
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
I'm glad you liked it. I think I want to have more casual table chats with other YouTubers.
SilverAerialist (5 years ago)
Getting to meet Joe (however awkward I might have been because I totally forgot to get you to sign my shirt and was just all around awkward...) was definitely one of my top moments from VidCon...
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
He walked in and I almost died. One of my all-time fav shows.
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Better than any other sandwich that ever existed.
Olivia Vine (5 years ago)
I didn't go but im sure if I did the best part would be meeting you lot fo sho! ;)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
me 2
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Just keep it up and be consistent. My main issue was not being consistent last year. Since I've changed that I've grown quite a bit :)
Emma (5 years ago)
Such a great, natural video. Friends chit chatting loved. Gave a better idea what VidCon is all about. Thanks
Peter O'Sullivan (5 years ago)
Love it! My aim is to be at Vid Con next year. Only have 190 subscribers so quite a way off! Never stop making videos, cos they're great!
rottendisturbed GAMING (5 years ago)
RJ! Legends of the hidden temple shirt! :S
Ken Fong (5 years ago)
A Will and RJ sandwich, THE perfect type of sandwich!
Laura J (5 years ago)
Oh my god, you just know how to cheer a girl day. ;) xoxo
clayericksonpro (5 years ago)
Please go check out my channel!
Lavander Monkey (5 years ago)
Love will and rj!!
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
TY Andrew :)
Joe's Daily (5 years ago)
Andrew Patti (5 years ago)
I look forward to ur vids every week aha
clayericksonpro (5 years ago)
I just posted a rant on my channel! Please go check it out!
G cool (5 years ago)

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