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"Lose You" - Sad & Emotional Piano Song Instrumental

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Sad & Emotional Piano Song Instrumental Composed by Jurrivh. ▶ Subscribe for more Music: http://bit.ly/SubToJurrivh 🌐 Free Mp3 Download: https://bsta.rs/yqe981 💰 Purchase (License): https://bsta.rs/yqe981 📝 Purchase Sheet Music: https://sellfy.com/p/xWXc/ Follow me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jurrivh/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/jurrivh Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jurrivh/ Thanks for Watching and Subscribe for New Music every 2 Weeks! #SadPiano #Jurrivh #Emotional
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Jurrivh (2 years ago)
Hey guys, I am back with an emotional song. This time I couldn't keep it dry.. It's not that I am an unhappy person or dealing with depression but sometimes I tear up as well. I only never showed you before
Yhannie Gonzaga (1 month ago)
Jurrivh thank you for this. Right time for me to hear this music play while reminiscing the memories left by my father :( i can’t help but to cry and cry. This saturday will be the last time I can see his physical body 😭💔 it’s really heartbreaking seeing him there, lying with his eyes close and will never wake up 😞☹️. I wish I had the chance to say I LOVE YOU and I’M SORRY to him when he’s still alive :(. I’m a worthless child to him. I didn’t take good care of him :( We left him thinking if we still care for him, love or even miss him but the truth is, we were and will always 😭. When I hear about the news, I just cried secretly. I don’t want my brother and my mother see me crying. I want to endure it by myself and I hope father’s gonna forgive me for what I had done. I miss him already 😞💔💔 it’s been 5 days now since he left us shocked, hurt, and sad 🥺
Jurrivh I have bought the licence to use this music in my video but I still have copyright strike on my video its been 10 days we are sending mails after mails but neither you or team are responding . I feel cheated by you guys for $28. I mean really is this the way you earn money.
Dorean Lewis (1 month ago)
Just listen to the keys talk and sing, it's deep. Brings the emotions out of you right?😓
Kirby Star warrior (1 month ago)
I’m believe you are a amazing person we all do 😌😥
I made a purchase to license it but it did not show the download link
Lattecat (30 minutes ago)
You play the piano so beautifully and your music is so good yet sad 😊
Hannah Michaelis (13 hours ago)
I have no words for this beautiful music.. It just makes me lost to another universe.. 😢
aml0752 حياتى (21 hours ago)
Wow you are amazing I'm love so much play piano .can l learn like you ?!
Jeremiah Smith (23 hours ago)
Jeremiah Smith (23 hours ago)
I used this beat so I just wanted to show where I got it
Nathalie Hape (1 day ago)
Amazing ☺ 👏 👏 👏 💖 💕 👌 👌 👍 😍
Judit Bellmunt (1 day ago)
I feel alone, though I do have friends... I want a true friend. 😣😭
SAJA (2 hours ago)
Judit Bellmunt ❤️ find a friend in you
Kelli H (1 day ago)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us 🌹
Macedonia MKD (1 day ago)
Macedonia died 300-2019 he was a big empire in 1913 was crashed on 3 parts Vardar Egean Pirin, vardar goes to Yugoslavia,egej to Greece and pirin to Bulgaria... Vardar part of Macedonia independ in 1991 and was called Macedonia and today macedonia died
Strawberry Taehyung (1 day ago)
Wow. This is great... thanks for making my day one million times better. 💜
Jeremiah Smith (23 hours ago)
I used the beat in my newest song
Jeremiah Smith (23 hours ago)
Perdido (1 day ago)
you have a only talent keep doing this, help many people write things as cool as what you do
Perdido (21 hours ago)
@Jeremiah Smith Where you use it is fine, it is clear that this sound can fit perfectly in many aspects, either in music or a poem ...
Jeremiah Smith (23 hours ago)
Perdido I used this beat in a song let me know what you think
alexa ramirez avila (2 days ago)
Smile now, cry later. Your music is so beautiful💖💕
Jeremiah Smith (23 hours ago)
I used the beat in my newest song please check it out it would mean the world to me
Jeremiah Smith (23 hours ago)
Otaku Girl (2 days ago)
Love you from Baghdad Iraq 🖤
Otaku Girl (2 days ago)
يارب يرزقني بحور عين يشبهك بالجنه 😔
T-VENS My DRËÄM (2 days ago)
I siging visite me please
Это отлично....
Mohamed Essam (3 days ago)
You are amazing
Shadoe Spence (4 days ago)
This cracked me like a walnut. And walnuts are tough.
Jalene Dabon (4 days ago)
Shadoe Spence 😪
Shadoe Spence (4 days ago)
Oh don’t worry nothings wrong. I’m fine it’s good this made me let it out. Not many songs do, this guy has talent. He’s got another subscriber!
Jalene Dabon (4 days ago)
Jalene Dabon (4 days ago)
Shadoe Spence 😔
x0.75 even sadder
Woonz (5 days ago)
So beautiful . You do not need words to convey your emotions . Music can be just as powerful to express all sorts of emotions .
Maria1 Regina1 (6 days ago)
When you love someone more than they deserve, surely they will hurt you more than you deserve💔🖤💫🎶✨
Louka Smekens (5 days ago)
You're right..
Life is like a PIANO. There is black and white keys. Black key is sad and White key is happiness. A good song is created only by pressing both keys. A good life is created only through sad and happiness.
احمد العنزي (7 days ago)
Son to mum Why many good people die ? Mum : if you go to garden, which flower will you pick? Son : the most beautiful one
The Cat (5 days ago)
You're WRONG
AT65 (7 days ago)
I listen to this when it was 1m views now it's 6m glad people like it
OtakuTime (7 days ago)
when i listen to this song i remember my mom & grandmother :"(
FaZe Angela (9 days ago)
I noticed of the end cause he is cryin..
Aakash Gupta (9 days ago)
This is so sick that I fell sick listening to this
eman al-ashoor (10 days ago)
I really like it 💕🌸.
Ohhh. Seriously I'm cold and feels empty.
Madz_Life 23 (10 days ago)
Goodbye family. You have always been there for me, even if you weren't meaning to. Goodbye friends. You always gave me a smile everyday, and you'll always be in my heart. Goodbye world and all of it's beauty. There is nothing that can take away the purpose of Earth. And that is to live. Recomment this and spread the word.
Hazim Talib (11 days ago)
Can you make a tutorial of this pls 🙏😢😢
Hazim Talib (11 days ago)
I want this to play on behalf my girlfriend that I broke 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔
Aldi (12 days ago)
please upload this song in spotify, NOW !!!
Kevtastic is here (15 days ago)
6.4million views Wow I still remember when it was 2million Damn masterpiece Jurrivh ❤️ will all love and support.
Jaylybeanbae (15 days ago)
I’ve cried so much that I can’t cry at all anymore. I haven’t felt emotion in a long time.
Rawan Ahmed (16 days ago)
Khairul Akbar (18 days ago)
Amazing ,😭😭😭😭
Ronald Lalanne (18 days ago)
Every time I get lost I always listen to this music I guess it was made for me.I love it.
Dom Woods (20 days ago)
This is nice piano music and it is also good for writing books :)
Bảo Đặng (21 days ago)
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It's been awhile since i felt affection, like a hug or a kiss. All I can do is really just....cry and this song, this song IS absolute PERFECTION
sun flower (22 days ago)
always love 💕
kompa sanchez music (22 days ago)
Me gusta tu musica por eso estoy suscrito a tu canal te espero en el mio aunq sea un genero diferente pero apoyame con suscribirte
Tan Helen (22 days ago)
sometimes.. you just gotta blast the music that represents your inner emotions
JOMLO TERHORMAT (22 days ago)
Remember me? Iam your lost of love... Youjust go, leave me alone... Ever you thinking my heart ? What my fault ??
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En (23 days ago)
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Abi Gail (23 days ago)
😮😍... 👏
You are an amazing person and I know you can to be happy. You can say much with you music!
I've noticed in recent years that piano music has such a profound effect on me and I can't explain why. To me I can almost feel the joy or pain in those key strokes and I've just started to see it. Is that stupid or am I just truly finally appreciating the music and the power it can have over a persons emotions?.
Boby Music (30 days ago)
This is so...heartbreak beat... someone cut onion here... OKAY I ADMIN IT, I CRY😢💔💔
ThatAnnoyingWhiteDog (30 days ago)
Hey... may i use this in a game please? its going to go with my OC why died on her 16th bday. and i'll be sure to credit you
IIDarkLight_DII (1 month ago)
DKorekkek Couple (1 month ago)
One thing I truly regret is not learning how to play the piano. I remember as a 11-year-old I went to my friend's friends house and I heard another 11-year-old playing beautiful music on a piano. This kid would practice the minimum 3-5 hours per day!!! Some of us didn't know where he was at when we were playing football, baseball, climbing on trees, jumping on cars, playing video games, he was mastering his craft. I wonder whatever happened to that guy? ☺
Andrew Wolf (1 month ago)
The end pretty much sums up losing everything. Friends, lovers, bffs, family - it all ends..which is why i started picturing myself at an old age sitting alone with a pet infront a fireplace, just listening to this type of music.
Isaac Fiedler (1 month ago)
My friend (who is senior) just left today for college. I will always miss you Tanner! 😣😩😭
Angi Smile (1 month ago)
Soooo schön❤️❤️❤️
Brooks Wilson (1 month ago)
“ and I find myself, falling, in your eyes”
Safir Group (1 month ago)
this man make me cry
Solaiman Hossain (1 month ago)
My subscribe? You are truly deserve❤
Masha Rybka (1 month ago)
Я не унижусь перед тобою; Ни твой привет, ни твой укор Не императивны над моей душою. Знай: мы чужие с этих пор. Ты позабыла: я свободы Для зблужденья не отдам; И этак пожертвовал я годы Твоей ухмылке и очам, И этак я очень длительно лицезрел В для тебя надежду молодых дней И цельный мир возненавидел,  Чтобы тебя обожать сильней. Как знать, быть может, те мгновенья,  Что протекли у ног твоих, Я отымал у вдохновенья! А чем ты заменила их? Быть может, мыслею небесной И силою духа убежден, Я отдал бы миру дарование расчудесный, А мне за то бессмертье он? Зачем этак лаского обещала Ты поменять его венец, Зачем ты не была поначалу,  Какою стала в конце концов! Я горд!- простите! обожай другого, Мечтай влюбленность отыскать в другом; Чего б то ни было земного Я не соделаюсь рабом. К чужим горам, под небосвод юга Я удалюся, может быть; Но очень знаем мы товарищ друга, Чтобы товарищ друга позабыть. Отныне стану услаждаться И в страсти стану присягать всем; Со всеми буду я хохотать, А рыдать не желаю ни с кем; Начну накалывать безбожно, Чтоб не обожать, будто я обожал,- Иль дам почитать может быть, Когда мне ангел изменил? Я был готов на погибель и муку И цельный мир на битву призывать, Чтобы твою младую руку - Безумец!- излишний один пожать! Не знав каверзную измену, Тебе я душу отдавал; Такой души ты знала ль стоимость? Ты знала - я тебя не знал!
Candice DENIS (1 month ago)
This song is so sad Remember you of twilight🦇 It's like if I I go back in history
Elizabeth Martin (1 month ago)
Любовь. Два ангела целуют Реснички милых сонных глаз. Люблю тебя. Пусть ангелы пляшут И от невзгод берегут нас. Меня ты любишь. Свет в очах играет Суетной жизни освещая линия. Ты будешь рядышком. Сердце замирает, Покой и удовлетворенность заполняют бюст. Я не предам. Я слова не нарушу — Ты атмосфера мой, тобою только дышу. Я раны заживлю, согрею душу. И ты меня не предавай — прошу. Я рядышком буду. От тоски и бед В объятиях собственных тебя укрою, Во мраке ночи для тебя зажгу я свет, Ты лишь будь вечно рядышком со мною. Ты не околпачивай меня. Любовь Коварной ложью убивая. Ложь для любви — страшней ножика. Глупцов промах роковая. Во мне не сомневайся. Я люблю, Ты лишь у любви требуй совета. Лишь для тебя её я заботливо храню, В сомненье только влюбленность даст все ответы. Убей гордыню. Враг она любви, Туманит рассудок, сердечко ослепляет. Гордыня стенки строит — не мосты, Влюбленных товарищ от друга отдаляя. Любовь с тобою нас благословила, И ангелов-хранителей отдала, И две души в одну соединила А для души единой — два крыла. И, если внемлешь ты моей мольбе, И, если веришь, что влюбленность всесильна, Я существование свою дарю навек для тебя. Перед любовью даже погибель бессильна.
Evans Chuma (1 month ago)
Aerieys Aldirin (1 month ago)
You makes me cry!😭😢
Yaquelin Acosta (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh After hearing this I totally teared up 😢
Hello World (1 month ago)
Can I use this beat to a song I made?
Rado Purba (1 month ago)
2019 like it
KLG GAMING (1 month ago)
RIP Vichai 🦊🥺💙
D-WAW (1 month ago)
Hi. If i make some vidio from this. Can i?
Elyana M. (1 month ago)
This is beautiful, it breaks me more than I am broken..
zeze tv (1 month ago)
Şu oğlanı ağlatanı bulup eşşek sudan gelinceye kadar dövecem haa Ağlama sen de gayri yeter
Angel Harris (1 month ago)
Hi you don’t no me but at the end you fake a smile and I just won’t to no way and your story is heartbreaking and I see why you were crying I cried to a little but sometimes crying is ok and I just want to say just no somewhere out there you’re gonna find someone that’s gonna love you no matter how bad your story ears or your past someone will love you you just have to believe and give it time it’ll come in sometimes it will go but you just have to hope and keep it in if you let it go I don’t want to tell you but I know this you are who you are and right now you’re doing something for people who can’t speak for their sales 🙂
Pak Triyono (1 month ago)
Apa kabar mba mas? Sehat? Kulo saking Indonesia!!!! Pulau Jawa. Luwih tepate neng Yogyakarta
わたしは育っていたの間にピアノ弾き方し始めていたけど、君ほど上手く出来なかったけど。見事やで 弾いてやめるなよ お願いします
Nathan Hughes (1 month ago)
i think you forgot to put "Laugh you" at the beginning
menslady125 (1 month ago)
Why, Peter Mayhew....why did it have to be YOU?
Youssef Jedd (1 month ago)
I lost my brother..!! 💔 This music sounds perfect when I bring back our memories 💜 when we were young... when we share the same bed ... when we get the same dream 🌈💛💛 ... When he was the only raison that keeps me alive after losing my dad and mom 💔 I can’t hold my tears it’s so hard 💔😔
Edgy Girl (1 month ago)
Lil happy lil sad
Sorry, anybody could tell me what is the tittle?
Kinky Potato (1 month ago)
I could feel the emotion and soul, you put in your music. Every single time you hit the note, bringing and telling a story. Sometimes words can't describe our story and feeling but sometimes in music language, we could tell the world about our story. Not to be a negative vibe for the listener but by tellin our story sometimes can give some strength to other people. We want people to know that you never walk alone. No matter how far and where we lived or born. We still share same feeling and we walk on the same path, different story. Reminder to People Out There Dont take sad music as a thing that make you shattered in pieces. Take it in a positive way to get back on our feet and walk toward the next day. Dont be afraid to turn to the next pages. Now its the time to go to the next step and next stage.
Rey Warspear (1 month ago)
UaaaaaaaAaaaaaa aa aaaAaa😢😭
Angel Of the night (1 month ago)
will you post more beautiful pieces... you don't seem to post often... I love this.. the piano playing is so good..
It's real so sad.
Вся сила огня, нечуткого к стонам, полный белоснежный свет, одетый сероватой тенью, уныние по небу, миру и мгновенью и новоиспеченный вал ударом многотонным. Кровавый рыдание срывающимся тоном, длань на струнах белоснежного каленья и одержимость, однако без ослепленья, и сердечко в дарование — на гнезда скорпионам. Таков венец любви в жилье смуты, где снишься наяву бессонной ранью и сочтены последние минутки, и невзирая на все мои старанья ты опять меня ведешь в поля цикуты крутой дорогостоящий горьковатого познанья.
J.Robert Azarcon (1 month ago)
It make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢
Jasmine Agbay (1 month ago)
When sad musics isn't sad enough !!!
victor okang'a (1 month ago)
She was beautiful, lovely, understanding and curious. Every quality you ever needed in a woman. # wife material. That was Saturday around 3pm, When she called me and said that she had moved on. And that she had found someone special than me. That she only needed a relationship that was fun and someone that was financially stable. The energy in me got lost. I couldn't even hold the phone. My hands were full of water coz she was the only lady that I couldn't live without.. She was my sunshine and I was the moon. R. I. P to that relationship. Now I can't even trust any lady coz she was female and not male. And I don't want to get hurt again.....
LikeAbbasProductions (1 month ago)
I’m worried about the future, I’m only a young teen and I have already seen so many things. Not only am I worried but I’m also scared. I’m scared that the people in our society are being filled with hatred everywhere and every day! I’m afraid of people disrespecting others because of what we are shown on television, of people creating more issues throughout the globe. All of the recent shootings and bombings are tearing our human race apart! I don’t care if you’re a Christian, Muslim, Jew, atheist, or anything other than that. I don’t care if you’re American, Mexican, Syrian, or any other culture! We are all humans, we are all people, and in some way or another we are all family! I don’t understand why millions of people whom are older than my generation can’t and won’t try to understand that! Please treat each other with respect and equality, thank you and have a great week.
dreaming sky's (1 month ago)
You can feel the pain
ZeTa Tamara (1 month ago)
My good! 😢
Zara Youyou (1 month ago)
I feel so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Lidiya Kirillova (1 month ago)
hope is too much in music just believe the tears of the soul
Emilia Moreno (1 month ago)
رؤى العبادي (1 month ago)
OB Official (1 month ago)
Someone's follow me and I follow you
Justice Hussein (1 month ago)
I don't like the facial expressions displayed by the pianist. It was just phoney.
bailey Samuelson (1 month ago)
Justice Hussein it was an emotional piece played beautifully, of course there’s going to be expression, that’s how you can see he’s feeling the piece and not just playing it, he’s enjoying the emotion and he feels it too, no one wants to listen to a piece with no soul.
Justice Hussein (1 month ago)
*"Lose you"?? "sad piano"?* This is a great relaxing music. It's not sad.
Justice Hussein (1 month ago)
What sad?? This was just relaxing.😁
Mati (1 month ago)
Nunca me canso de escuchar esto pues Jajajaj

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