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Hot Chicks in Shiny & Glossy Pantyhose Tights #4

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mud flap (1 month ago)
Pantyhose are the most feminist thing a woman can wear and yet hollywood has them thunking bear legs a sexy..Bear legged is aweful no class..You have every chick in the world thinking they have 1million dollar legs notttttt..And by the way ladies they hide the flaws in your legs that some are just to ignorant to see..ladies they were made for a reason woman in the 50,60,70,80,90,wore them like classy woman..the 2000 they dropped off the map...I had a date with a lady and i told her to were them on the 2nd date..And not to wear costume looking shiny dancer professional dancer stuff and she did and i see her all the time in them she was blown away. She was a millennium brat so noone taught her class she attracts richer classier type of guys she a beliver..Her friends wear them much more...Little secret ladies when u wear no socks in shoes all day feet stank your are no different then men its unsanitary...

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