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FART PRANK in KASHMIR PAKISTAN Part 2 | LahoriFied | Pranks in Pakistan

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Farting in Lahore on Different Boys and Girls, LahoriFied Presenting Pakistan's 1st ever Farting Prank in Lahore on faces of girls and boys in racecourse garden, watch the video till the END. now this fart prank is in Kashmir, you guys will enjoy the Fart prank video... Follow LahoriFied Team on All Social Networks: - Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/LahoriLarkay/ - Support Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LahoriFied - Instagram Link: http://www.instagram.com/LahoriFied - Twitter Link: Twitter.com/LahoriFied Leave a comment if you want more. Share this video with your friends. They need this. Keep Supporting....:)
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LahoriFied (11 months ago)
You can Email or Whatsapp us Videos of your Reactions and Questions after watching this video, as we would love to see the response of all our fans & we will compile all your Reactions in one video and will try to give answers accordingly. email us: [email protected] whatsapp: +923066763056
Huma Shabbir (11 months ago)
Syed Waquid kya mtlb ha apka, kshmir me kese log rhty hn
Muhammad KhalidZaini (11 months ago)
baki bhut mza aya hahaha
Muhammad KhalidZaini (11 months ago)
please yar allah ka wasta ladies k samne ye hrkt na kro please
Random vines (11 months ago)
LahoriFied bhai me apkay hi ilaqay me rehta ho apko huqa pani k bahir bht deakha ha app ne mil kr kuch advise Lena chahta ho
Muhammad Schiraz Ali (11 months ago)
LahoriFied ... Camera handling per bhi kaam kar lo yaar... Stabilization hi nahi ho paa rahi ap say
Zaki Boss (29 days ago)
Masood Alam Sheikh (1 month ago)
Jalaalabad Garden Muzafarabad ❤️
NaKasH_ RaJ (2 months ago)
(Yes part 3)+
Muhammad Musa (3 months ago)
Muhammad Musa (3 months ago)
bri bat itny shreef log
Sky Star (3 months ago)
bhai part 2 bhi bna lo plzzz
Jasmin Ghazala (4 months ago)
lahorified please make a part 3 of fart prank.....😂😂😂😂😂
Iftikhar Nazir (4 months ago)
mohd fayyaz (5 months ago)
Overall nice prank but the voice was mute in between
syed hassan (6 months ago)
no on pat 3
Faraz Alam (6 months ago)
Hammad Raza (6 months ago)
Yar camera itna kio hilate ho
Kaiful Khan (6 months ago)
Fantastic owsome i like it
Zaib Ali (7 months ago)
Faizan G (7 months ago)
Yar itnay baad kesay maar letay ho😆😆😆 is kaa aur b part banao part 3 and so on
Abdul Jabar (7 months ago)
hahahahah ye awaz kes ki hay awr dont mind but bahut bay shami ki hay app nay . awr ek prank peshawar may b karo but simple sa..........................................
Warda Khalid (8 months ago)
Did they really fart??? 😯😯😯
Imran Siddiqui (8 months ago)
*I farted while watching this*
Dj Snake (8 months ago)
yar bhai ap ki audio ma bohat masala ata ha
Rehan Adil (8 months ago)
Yes yes Yes
northeastern guy (8 months ago)
Please do something about your audio. Its an issue in every video of yours. It ruins the fun guys
Abhishek Mehta (8 months ago)
Video achhi h par bich me audio gayab ho gya h
Log paad Marne walai Pai itna hanstai kiu hai Paad marna koi ghalat baat thori hai
Tarkan's VLOG (8 months ago)
Bc Adhe se jyada Sound hi nai ha Video mai ? Kuch bhi dal dete ho ?
sareyah sadiq (9 months ago)
Lol ur camera moves alot sayi expression miss hojaty hy logo k n I don’t know ye sound beech me bund hojati hy is it a fault at my end or urs?
Rana Haseeb (9 months ago)
Yr AP ka sound ni thek hota. Half video ki to awaz e Ni ati
Jeff Gaming (9 months ago)
Rehan Shah (9 months ago)
Yes plzzz make part 3 but make part 3 in Peshawar. so it will be very funny..
Faisal Sheikh (9 months ago)
USAMA KHAN FREE GAMES (9 months ago)
Arsam Bukhari (9 months ago)
Videos mixture (9 months ago)
Yrr apka camera boht hilta ha ....
Saira Ali (9 months ago)
Kashmir bi pohnch gaee ...Gujranwala ma kr k dikhao to many
Aiza Ashraf (9 months ago)
yes for part 3
ehsan mughal (9 months ago)
Rana Insharah (9 months ago)
Waleed Khurram (10 months ago)
how do u mAke this sound? or is it a real one? 😂
Waqar Ul Hassan (10 months ago)
Was that real fart?
BulletHit Vines (10 months ago)
Malik Waleed (10 months ago)
FOODY MOODY (10 months ago)
FOODY MOODY (10 months ago)
Khadeeja javed (10 months ago)
Rock Star (10 months ago)
No mat banana accha nhi tha
PK TV (10 months ago)
camera tu sahi pakar
Rahul Raj (10 months ago)
Sajid Ali (10 months ago)
Yussra Imran (10 months ago)
akhter mithani (10 months ago)
rakesh lucky (10 months ago)
Shahzad Samuel (10 months ago)
yra arslan tahir Teri to bund b bht moti ha, bht bra pad niklta hogs😂😂😂😂
Best4 you (10 months ago)
Muhammad Usman (10 months ago)
I want to join your team Tell me what I do
tahir siddique (10 months ago)
bhai part 3 b
Saleh Khan khawajikzai (10 months ago)
Vicky Malik (10 months ago)
Muhammad Ibrahim (10 months ago)
I think that the description is wrong lol. It is in kashmir where as written lahore in description
Sami Music Zone (10 months ago)
Bk records (10 months ago)
a jao ek br wapic kashmir lekn bata ky
sadam hussain (10 months ago)
Afcourse part 3 ✌️😂😁
sadam hussain (10 months ago)
Sooooo funny yr
paramjeet singh barar (10 months ago)
Cheep vid
Payman Qadery (10 months ago)
asma akram lovers (10 months ago)
Awesome...yaar you are too good 😂😂😂
Village TV (10 months ago)
The Great Inzamam (10 months ago)
Hahahahaha nice bro
Every Thing (10 months ago)
Camera man camera bohat hala raha ha
Aman Khan (10 months ago)
aoviusly ys becs this video is not so good
Ahtisham Malik (10 months ago)
bro awsom yar ek prank deaf and dumb wala b kro gonga behra ban kr kisi sy rasta pocho bad m thanks bol do
Faizan Shah (10 months ago)
Part 3 banao
Mohsin Bhai (10 months ago)
Yar awsome ek prank shadi karlo Wala banao
Azam Rajput (10 months ago)
Yes for part 3..!!!
Yr ya Kasy krty ho m shocked Itna Confidence toba 😂😂😂
mano Malik (10 months ago)
Abdul Qadeer (10 months ago)
Maza agya yrrr
Abdul Qadeer (10 months ago)
zain -ul-abideen (10 months ago)
Haji Ashraf (10 months ago)
Tayyab Zaman (10 months ago)
Sanaullah 4mevo (10 months ago)
Haseeb Bahadur (10 months ago)
abdullah shah (10 months ago)
Yes more part pls
Liaqat Bhutta (10 months ago)
Sidra Nawaz (10 months ago)
Part 3
Nidi Abrasha (10 months ago)
Faraz Boss (10 months ago)
shadi ker lei wala bhi prank banai
Zaheer Baloch (10 months ago)
Plz make part 3😂😂
Zaheer Baloch (10 months ago)
Bhai har bar ye fart latay kaha say ho??😂😂
GAMER LIFE (10 months ago)
yes for part 3
saima maqsood (10 months ago)
Hahahahahaha OMG plz part 3🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
technical Nabi (10 months ago)
Bakvas prank banate ho aap maza nhi ata nadir p4 pakao se kuch sikho pehle kyu pakistan ka nàm dubote ho
Naeem Muhammad (11 months ago)
How do you do it?????
Raafay Awan (11 months ago)
Mona Iqbal (11 months ago)
Yessss 😂
Ammar Imtiaz (11 months ago)
ahsan tube hd (11 months ago)
yes pls make part 3 pls
Ahsaan Mughal (11 months ago)
Liza Hussain (11 months ago)

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