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Migos- Versace (live) Reign-Atlanta

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The performance was sponsered by Lrg. Video Direction by: Neu Era Media Group
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Susan Locklear (6 months ago)
Migos migos my bag I am so sorry Mister Spider-Man I did not know mr. Spider-Man okay baby forgive me baby
Susan Locklear (6 months ago)
Migos migos. I'll bet you can't sing about candy cane huh how you don't like candy cane you must don't like my damn nickname then will you can sing about another b**** I don't like that s*** husky singing about candy cane candy cane candy cane candy cane candy cane candy cane candy cane candy cane
Susan Locklear (6 months ago)
Migos migos Vanessa is one of your b****** huh are you like Vanessa huh who the f*** is Vanessa tell me who that b**** is you singing about her
Nick DeLaGarza (1 year ago)
Kap g chillin by quavo? Lmao
Marc John (2 years ago)
Vic Ross (4 years ago)
1:06 zaytoven thought he was getting dap...
Quintana Champion (5 years ago)
I keep mistakin migos for GUCCIMANE not Drake
Quintana Champion (5 years ago)
migos was messing up drake verse n I keep mistaking dem for Drake
IamSeezy (5 years ago)
Drake verse are too fast for takeoff at the beginning hahaha
sharyah brown (5 years ago)
kap G
nae Campbell (5 years ago)
They whole mixtapee .. A1 !
eightysixphp (5 years ago)
What the fuck are they saying ?
fuck drake dat migos song drake made it better bt still they song
Steve Henderson (5 years ago)
Tupac nuff said
powerlegs7 (5 years ago)
handshake oh no? at 1:06 hahahahaha
br3wskee (5 years ago)
Why they playin drake remix at they own show? Is that kap g standing next to 'em?
TyWMayer (5 years ago)
The camera work almost gave me a stroke

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