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How To Learn Python Programming Fast With Examples - Day 1 of 100

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100 Days of python programming to become a master! We are starting another playlist in programming where we will take a bar bone beginner starting from SCRATCH and getting them to python master in 100 days! Watch the entire playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSi5uvXqT4s&list=PLQh6rb1mrE_Ywz-LGD9DQb1_ofqn8X05U
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Text Comments (66)
Anton Smid (1 month ago)
Great start of a series! Just right for me. Thank you.
Mike fisvii (3 months ago)
I'm watching all your videos I think you have an excellent ability to teach programming, I noticed you haven't posted new videos in over a year, I hope #1 your not dead, #2 your not in jail for hacking LOL #3 you will find the drive to finish these tutorials and more so start again or continue to post great contented python programming videos. Really appreciate your efforts hope to see all 3 hopes = true ;)
Mike fisvii (1 month ago)
+Spooky Noodles im in and out of hobbies currently not programming but im sure i will cycle back. I can tell you this guy is s good programmer and i like his methods the things he teachers are practical apolication and scenarios one would need to program. I highly recommend doing as much as you can comprehend. I think i made it to hos pandas library videos
Spooky Noodles (1 month ago)
I'm just starting this course and I was wondering how much progress you would say you've made so far?
Adegoke Adekeye (3 months ago)
Thanks so much.
Vanilla How (3 months ago)
3:00 is where he starts actually teaching
Eric Milfont (5 months ago)
What app do use to write code and debug?
westiti (5 months ago)
That's PyCharm from JetBrains
johnlouisville (5 months ago)
This is a very good series...thanks for the effort. As another person stated, this series is not for absolute beginners...if this is where you're starting you'll quickly get overwhelmed
Michael Francois (5 months ago)
Yea I'm soo lost sigh
Jay Thomas (6 months ago)
I was wondering what the "F8" that he keeps talking about it? When I use the debugger, I just get output I am using PyCharm 2018.2.4 community edition...
ManofSteele25 (1 month ago)
i just figured it out https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/stepping-through-the-program.html when you hit the debug function you wanna use the 'force step over command' which you can find in the link, and it will run through the program just like the video
ManofSteele25 (1 month ago)
4 months no reply?
ManofSteele25 (1 month ago)
ya me too
Preetam Mishra (6 months ago)
I appreciate people like you who take time out and come up with this awesome videos for people who want to learn!! Please keep posting!! Thank you 🙏
Venkat Devireddy (6 months ago)
please explain why did you uesd str(i) in the statement empty_list.append(str(i))
Preetam Mishra (6 months ago)
It converts or present i as string!! E.g. a = 3 type (a) is integer, but a = str(3) is string, now if you run type(a) it's a string
CS Study Dev (8 months ago)
I'm lazy and would like to know if anyone has gone through the 100 days successfully and mastered python?
Natey (8 months ago)
arr = list(range(2000, 3201)) def seven_but_not_five(number): for num in range(number): if not num % 7 and num % 5: yield num print(list(seven_but_not_five(arr)))
TDKPyrostasis (8 months ago)
Quick question CupofCode. I'm trying your series but when I run the program with debug it doesnt step through the program just runs it straight through. How do I change that? Using Pycharm and Anaconda.
CupofCode 01 (8 months ago)
+TDKPyrostasis 30? There is 1. A breakpoint is where you click on the sidebar placing the red dot. Check pycharm documentation for debugging
TDKPyrostasis (8 months ago)
What break point stops like yours is setup? Im looking at the breakpoints now and theres like 30 and for a newbie doesnt make much sense.
CupofCode 01 (8 months ago)
You want to set a breakpoint for the debugger to stop...and then you can f8 through your code line by line
Tiger Tiger (8 months ago)
We want 100 days
CupofCode 01 (8 months ago)
Tiger Tiger it's in the works...
anish kumar (8 months ago)
to learn this course, if i m using IDLE,would it be ok.?
CupofCode 01 (8 months ago)
anish kumar it can be a napkin to learn...never let anything stop you
innocent sahir (9 months ago)
had some queries over python
Pawan Kumar Pal (9 months ago)
I subscribed 😊
Pawan Kumar Pal (9 months ago)
I am new for programming language and for Python also. Will contact you when I face any challenge.
CupofCode 01 (9 months ago)
Pawan Kumar Pal welcome....keep coding
Elena Korshunova (10 months ago)
Hello, could you please tell me how you get PyCharm to output the result in the code line 4 before running the code? Thanx
Mudassir Mustafa (7 months ago)
Hey, what I think of your question is that why you run it in the PyCharm, we get the output at the bottom and not in front of the line of code. So, actually he is not running the code, he is debugging it. I guess that will help ya out.
CupofCode 01 (10 months ago)
Elena Korshunova not quite sure what you mean by running code with out running code. But if you want a part of code ru first you simply need to place it in the beginning. Code is run sequentially. But if your trying to run code that's calling something that has not yet been declared you will get errors
Sam Dave Pollard (10 months ago)
L = [str(x) for x in range(2000,3201) if x%7==0 and x%5>0] print(",".join(L)) 2002,2009,2016,2023,2037,2044,2051,2058,2072,2079,2086,2093,2107,2114,2121,2128,2142,2149,2156,2163,2177,2184,2191,2198,2212,2219,2226,2233,2247,2254,2261,2268,2282,2289,2296,2303,2317,2324,2331,2338,2352,2359,2366,2373,2387,2394,2401,2408,2422,2429,2436,2443,2457,2464,2471,2478,2492,2499,2506,2513,2527,2534,2541,2548,2562,2569,2576,2583,2597,2604,2611,2618,2632,2639,2646,2653,2667,2674,2681,2688,2702,2709,2716,2723,2737,2744,2751,2758,2772,2779,2786,2793,2807,2814,2821,2828,2842,2849,2856,2863,2877,2884,2891,2898,2912,2919,2926,2933,2947,2954,2961,2968,2982,2989,2996,3003,3017,3024,3031,3038,3052,3059,3066,3073,3087,3094,3101,3108,3122,3129,3136,3143,3157,3164,3171,3178,3192,3199
Roozbeh Manouchehri (10 months ago)
I am a very beginner. Can I use these codes to generate scripts for 3ds max?
Simply Awesome
meir fishman (11 months ago)
EXERCISE 1 TEXT. #Find all numbers divisible by 7 but NOT a multiple of 5 between 2000 and 3200? (Solution should be comma separated on a single line.)
nitish awasthi (1 year ago)
Randle Boyd (1 year ago)
Good stuff, but you need a larger font.
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
i agreed, was changed down the road
Sunny H. (1 year ago)
thank you for creating this! Looking forward to journey with you all to day 100!
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
Sunny H. Welcome Sunny ...you will be in for a fun ride.
Isaac Starcher (1 year ago)
Also, my interpreter doesn't seem to like the append command
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
Isaac Starcher what do you mean
Isaac Starcher (1 year ago)
whenever you said "f8 through that" or something to that effect when you were running through the numbers, how did you get the pink text to pop up? I'm new to this
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
Isaac Starcher it's the output to the debugger...you can find color settings under file..settings... The rest of the path is found under a comment on this thread
Alecnotalex (1 year ago)
youre awesome duuuuuuuuude! this is perfect
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
Alecnotalex Thanks...but hold tight, it only gets better.
red serpent (1 year ago)
Nice presentation. I imagine that how the IDE(PyCharm) presents the contents of i as it iterates through, is a feature of the Professional Edition of PyCharm. Nevertheless It encouraged me to become more intimate with this IDE. I have been using Spyder(Anaconda version). Although Ilike Spyder's simpicty and quickability to present variables and their contents, Am liking PyCharm more and more. Thanks.
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
red serpent Awesome...you can variable explore in pycharm just like in spyder. Both have their places... Keep coding!
Stefan Jovanovic (1 year ago)
This is not for the absolute beginners and from scratch as you write it above. I don't even install python. Got to find some different tutorials from yours. Any suggestions? I'll be back on this as i learn some basics.
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
Just made this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VddFrvL5CNw I had this as one of the first videos in this series... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gvtKO6dSMQ BUT... I just made an updated video this minute to show you my preferred way for newcomers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VddFrvL5CNw
EyeInTheSky (1 year ago)
Hey Grant, thank you for your content. You are one of my "Go to" python tutorials. Can't wait to get into the AI stuff but I want the understand the fundamentals first. I just wanted to ask the reason why we used the 'str' piece was it just to show we can output it to a string using the (','.join(empty_list)) ? When I was playing around with the code I noticed I could do : empty_list.append(i) print(empty_list) and it would show the output in [x, y, z] with commas already in place. Is the reason we are using the string part to demonstrate how to convert it for other use like output to CSV? One thing I struggle with is the real world use and practical application of allot of functions and its hard to relate to it and remember it when it seems diconnected and absctract. Thanks for your efforts!
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
You are correct, it is very hard to learn without real world applications.... In coding you will learn that there are 100 different ways to do 10 things...all add to your creative potential as a coder. One thing you should always keep in mind - try to avoid loops or extra steps if possible - makes your code faster.
Elyse Lam (1 year ago)
Hi Grant, how did you set up Pycharm to show the output in pink? Is that something only available in the Pro version? Thanks!
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
File - settings - editor - color scheme - debugger I believe (if that fails email them as ask where to change the color for the debugger output.
Emmanuel Sekyi (1 year ago)
numbers = [x for x in range(2000,3200) if x%5 != 0 and x%7 == 0] print(numbers)
list of comprehension that do it in on line
EyeInTheSky (1 year ago)
Your other videos (your first series) did not come with the code. Your website has not got that url link anymore. WIll you upload these ones or will we be able to code as we go?
EyeInTheSky (1 year ago)
Don't worry, I am starting this 100 days playlist now.
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
which file specifically - ill get you a link to download it.
LBiggy (1 year ago)
Awesome video! Can't wait for the new ones. I'll definitely be watching all of them.
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
Welcome LBiggy - code away!
David (1 year ago)
Great video
CupofCode 01 (1 year ago)
This is day 1 of 100 days of learning PYTHON.

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