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Etiquette expert teaches how to have good table manners while dining at a restaurant

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First impressions matter: How proper etiquette is neither pretentious nor stuffy!
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Isabelle Laval (3 days ago)
Sorry, I meant to warn you about Applebee's coffee.
Supun Kandambige (19 days ago)
2:45 This is how I make money. Hahahaha
Linda Thrall (2 months ago)
I have my fork on my right because I eat with my right hand my knife is on my left because I cut my food with my left hand.
Isabelle Laval (2 months ago)
I've lived in France for over 50 years and not once have I ever seen a single person put their napkin on the back of the chair for any reason. I certainly hope I misunderstood you.
trident3b (4 months ago)
I love those plates! Where can I get them, or who makes them??
C T (5 months ago)
Americans way not the British and its yet great to learn! Thanks.
nelson (5 months ago)
A classy restaurant should pay decent living wages to the staff. Tiping should never be mandatory
tinylilmatt (5 months ago)
William Hanson is a good one to watch on this kind of stuff because he's so English and sarcastically funny
Beau Bae (5 months ago)
“Swallow the gum that you’ve been chewing beforehand” , excuse you, can you not impose and rather inform, great , thanks !
Rather B Fishing (3 months ago)
Don't have gum in the first olace. Who chews gum? Gross
Babeena_Gt _ (7 months ago)
I wonder why she doesn't show the appetizer Fork salad fork and soup spoon
Rather B Fishing (3 months ago)
The host is uninformed :(
Abdul Qadeer (7 months ago)
McDonalds is so much peaceful
Noah Wood (7 months ago)
Lol she (the anchor) is super excited about this
j Man (7 months ago)
The American habit of putting the knife down and switching hands is so graceless and unrefined. When I see Americans eating like that it disgusts me.
David White (8 months ago)
Never, ever have a bill brought to the table when you are hosting a dinner party. Also I always have custom menus printed for my guests with no prices, only descriptions.
Bombi YT (3 days ago)
David White I would date you fr fr
Isabelle Laval (2 months ago)
Not so long ago in nice restaurants in France menus given to women had no prices on them. Now, if that's what you want you must make those arrangements beforehand.
Tyboxjr (10 months ago)
I do a 180 degree flip with my spoon and thats how I eat.
S K (11 months ago)
My first impression of the white female is that she is a stuffy old broad.
Morgane Oghmanann (1 year ago)
I would be very interested in watching this woman eat peas or rice with tines facing down. Just saying....that meal would be an hour and a half long just trying to eat those two foods.
jojo ginie (1 year ago)
... Im always a foodie.. when my parents were invited to these "high-class" parties. I was always told to: 1.) LEAVE FOOD ON THE PLATE 2.) Don't shovel food in 3.) Take 30 seconds in between every bite. 4.) Wear tidy and professional clothing ~aand I could never do it. My parents and family always tells me I am the shame of the family. "lol" But it ain't my fault that I love food so much. However I do manage to keep my mouth closed while I eat, as it is much healthier. ( p.s. my family don't ) I honestly think that all of these table etiquette aren't that important. The most important and useful table manner for me is: probably to NOT MAKE ANY noises. No slurping No sipping and I am an expert at these stuff . I honestly don't get wearing clothes to impress. Buying clothes that are expensive and getting no money nothing in return. So when I go out, I put on a sweater, wear comfortable clothing.
ZigeuneraufstrichTV (1 year ago)
rungratree1 (1 year ago)
Of course she will be white
Pepe The God (1 year ago)
Time to go to that seafood restuarant!
cheungkongyoutub1000 (1 year ago)
this lady always looks at the host like she is despising her, manner being a human being is that you dun see ppl like this! If I were to sit down and have a meal with this lady at a nice and elegant restaurant, I'd prefer stepping on the chair with one feet and eat a Mcdonald's burger home.
Shevette Jackson (1 year ago)
Hold Up Wait I can't take pictures at a table no more
Deborah Graves (1 year ago)
Changing hands makes eating a longer, slower process, allowing you to eat less. In the system where one keeps the fork in the left hand and turns the tines up, the person sitting next to them is at risk of being slammed in the face with their elbow. It's horrible when someone else is taking up your space as well as theirs.
Lasse Manninen (1 year ago)
Sorry biatzh. That fork is not fishfork. Fishfork has 4 prongs, and middlehole is deeper than on both side. That fork is for cakes and sweet pastries.
Randy Watson (1 year ago)
I am a waiter, today a guest asked me how the green tomato juice was. I explained it had a cucumber note to it being that we use cucumber in the mix. He says "when people say cucumber flavors I think of semen" People are just disgusting these days. This is in a nice place in NYC. Bunch of lowlifes.
siraksleepmaster (6 months ago)
ughhh... how disgusting
Bee Smart (1 year ago)
Americans don’t have to eat in the continental style. It’s perfectly fine to cut your food, place the knife down, and eat with the fork in the right hand. She’s right about placing the napkin on the chair. The napkin should not be greasy, because you only dab your lips on the corners. All this etiquette is for nice table manners in a nice restaurant or sit down dinner. Americans are more casual now. We can eat certain foods with our hands, use paper towels, etc. Good manners also take into account where you are eating, what you are eating and with whom. If I’m out at a barbecue with friends I’ll do as the hostess does. I’m not going to sit there and eat my barbecue like that old guest. She looks a bit stuffy and old fashioned. We can overdo certain things and come across as pretentious. Be conscious of your surroundings. Know your good manners, but be more concerned about being gracious, polite and kind.
LuV2SPDup (1 year ago)
This is a tutorial for Tarzan living in United States.
Sherlock Maniac (1 year ago)
First I thought that she was the old lady from INSIDIOUS i know it's off the topic😂😉
tinylilmatt (5 months ago)
Sherlock Maniac haha me too! It's not the house that's haunted, it's your napkin
Roon (1 year ago)
This was not that helping!☹️
Tropical Magic (1 year ago)
so no M16s allowed at the table?
Lasse Manninen (1 year ago)
Tropical Magic No. Butt Uzi and smaller are.
TheWindyCity (1 year ago)
Who said we have to eat this way ? Sure I'm all for manners as such, but what if I don't eat this way,, then what ? When I was growing up,, as long as you're not burping or reaching over the table, and your hands are clean and polite enough to pass the dishes around, you are okay. I have no desire to eat under such regulations.
Rather B Fishing (3 months ago)
It shows that your from a good background. Many of my friends take out future employees out to dinner, so they know if they are highly evoved. I went to a manners class when I was five and The Catillion when I was 14. I can be casual to fit in if need be...
crankylifter (1 year ago)
You go to your average Applebee's, and you'd think people were raised by wolves.
Isabelle Laval (3 days ago)
Not even thirsty wolves would drink their coffee!
Ms. Saturday Knight (19 days ago)
I've never been there. Have you seen those freaks at Wendy's?
Kyd (1 year ago)
Why, oh why do these "news" programs always cover up a third of the screen with their snappy graphics?
newtoninspired (1 year ago)
Thanks. Was always confused on the turning utensils thing.
julie Wallis (1 year ago)
Argh! No...... when you finish eating your cutlery goes 12/6 not at 5 like the 'expert' recommend.
Chanel Coco (1 year ago)
The Etiquette Expert looked like she really didn't like the host ;D
Rather B Fishing (3 months ago)
She talking with her hands :( Also, she's wearing a sleeveless dress :(
Hailey Williams (1 year ago)
Chanel Coco because she didn’t.
A.G (1 year ago)
Jesus i wonder how she sucks dick😂
Simple Mind (1 year ago)
10/4 o'clock and 5:20 o'clock as well.
ss32504 soldier (2 years ago)
I just act like a wolf eating dinner. help.
SSJR Dude (1 year ago)
ss32504 soldier same. any meat on my plate is the first thing to go within 5 minutes
Luce Cervantes (2 years ago)
CJLAKE (2 years ago)
No,hat was pretty easy to remember. A good refresher from what they taught us in our frat house in college.
Kira GIn (2 years ago)
what about things like pasta..........
detroit ghetto (2 years ago)
There is no etiquette in amerika
LPG 1 (2 years ago)
put your cells phones away- first and foremost!
Luna Cogan (2 years ago)
My boyfriend sent me here
Paul Wanders (2 years ago)
WOW! I Remember Thoes days!
Phillip Simpson (2 years ago)
This reporter is a TOTAL IDIOT!! Another reason reporters are THE LEAST TRUSTED (Aside from lawyers) of any profession!
OC Memes (2 years ago)
this is what happened when your political enemy (donald trump) wins!
tinylilmatt (5 months ago)
OC Memes I don't like him either but the constant bashing on here does get unoriginal, unfunny & boring. Although you probably won't stop doing it Milk gone sour? Blame Trump Lost your car keys? Trump stole them Etc 🙄
Mr Mikie (2 years ago)
guys give me the link i need to learn this
Notice Me Genki (2 years ago)
Talking about etiquette, how about you shut your mouth and let the guest talk. Nothing I hate more than interrupting people and being interrupted.
TVwriter23 (1 year ago)
It's called interviewing. You only have so much time and have to keep it going
Katelyn Murphy (2 years ago)
This is part false. Everyone used the "American" way of eating until around the 1850's when a french table manners book came out with the term "Continental" which adapted the unnecessary change of fork being changed from one hand to another in Europe, mostly accepted by the aristocratic community... Look it up...
La Ing (2 years ago)
I like this...its informative
Joan In Florida (2 years ago)
She's dead wrong about flipping the fork. Americans do not eat "Continental" style with their tines down.  It is considered an affectation by many.  It shouts either I'm a hick or "Look at me, I've been to Europe."  At a certain class level, it is assumed that everybody has been to Europe.
Momma Bear (1 year ago)
Real Name yes, tines down and not putting the knife down is considered European. Switching utensils is American. Neither is wrong or rude. Also, elbows on the table is perfectly acceptable in certain parts of Europe (such as France). Unless it's overt and a person is slumped over their plate, I see nothing wrong with it. I want my guests to be comfortable.
Niraj Maru (2 years ago)
fish fish fish....!! I am demn vegetation :)
Speaking from an American perspective. Does not apply to a majority of viewers from other countries. Americans are the masters at observing bad manners.
Caille Turcotte (2 years ago)
You wild beasts out there pointing with your fork need to chill!
Sebastian Lambert (2 years ago)
who invented this table set up? that's what I want to know, i assume the French but not quite too sure I like it is very neat
Dane L (2 years ago)
This is getting popular in China. And they pay a ridiculous amount too.
Christian Melendez (2 years ago)
Now I know that if I am invited she better damn well pay for the damn bill.
Hank Don (2 years ago)
Putting the knife down then switching the fork is European style as far as I know. Americans are more practical. As a righty knife in powerhand fork in left. Cut it, tine it, eat it.
Hank Don nope switching the knife is American style ,
Danielle Greschner (2 years ago)
This woman should go to China. I would love to see the look on her face, lol
Wendy Liu (1 year ago)
Different culture has different etiquettes. Unless you are talking about the restaurants which serve 'western' food.
Dane L (2 years ago)
Etiquette is getting popular in China. Which I think is good.
LeckMichImArsch (2 years ago)
Lol, true. The peasantry is strong over there.
Sia Sia (2 years ago)
i am a girl and i invite no man/s ass
Khalil Petrey (1 year ago)
Sia Sia u say no man's ass like as if he doesn't have the same value as you do do feel your more valuable as a man that's almost like saying one race of people is surpioer to anyother I bet u go about your relationships like that must be entertaining to watch u be little men like children
Sia Sia (2 years ago)
pick up the check????!!!!!!! WTF!!!!
RJ (1 year ago)
Sia Sia I'm with you lmao
MunnA TV (2 years ago)
Very talkative host....disgusting women
Persha Azhak (2 years ago)
i only agree with the idea of not having other stuf other than the plate and the utensils on the table, and also the idea of the picking up the check without the guest noticing
My Life Blogs (3 years ago)
ztown (3 years ago)
Disgusting black woman. Look at how she waves her arms when she speak and how she holds her knife....
Khalil Petrey (1 year ago)
konfettiman what are we on the Titanic come on don't be like that your better than that that comment was jus as nasty as how u described the way she went about waving that nife
Khalil Petrey (1 year ago)
konfettiman lol damn that's so fucked up u don't like black people
_IsabellaSue_ (3 years ago)
I just take out my gum with a napkin rap it up and throw it away.
_IsabellaSue_ (3 years ago)
GreenFlashAtSunset (3 years ago)
Some functions require (force!) me to learn fine dining, that's why I'm researching this, but I honestly think it's all tosh-- I'd rather not attach 300 rules to the simple business of eating food; sit, stand, and talk in the most expedient, unpretentious way; have hearty, uninhibited conversations; and treat waiters as persons, not furniture. Yes, manners are universal, but etiquette is for the elite.
GreenFlashAtSunset (2 years ago)
+snow ice Oooooohh sarcasm? Scroll back up and stare long and hard at that word I typed: *nuances* . Say, if a lad talked back to his mom, would you call that bad etiquette as well as bad manners? Duh? 😱😱😱
Iam Alice (2 years ago)
GreenFlash Sunset and thank you for teaching me that in all my years as a etiquette instructor I would have never know that manners and etiquette is all about treating other people with respect.!😱😱😱
GreenFlashAtSunset (2 years ago)
+snow ice You could say that. Or perhaps you could say the word manner was invented for people who don't know how to spell etiquette (ha ha). But I'm sure you wouldn't deny there are nuances. Here, let nancymueller.com do the explanation for you: *Etiquette* is a code of polite conduct based on social acceptance and efficiency, while *manners* are polite behaviors that reflect an attitude of consideration, kindness and respect for others. See, I may be no dainty lady but I'm a clumsy, well-mannered slob :-)
Iam Alice (2 years ago)
manners and etiquette are one and the same.
Jimjim (2 years ago)
By elite you mean the top of our social class? I'm no billionaire but I'd rather carry myself as an elite and get noticed than a regular old joe who nobody cares about.
Tee (3 years ago)
the host lady really annoys me with her continuous interference and cut-in lines while the other hasn't finished her sentence. Talking about table manners...
Isabella Bornberg (1 year ago)
Thao Nguyen agreed😂
Momma Bear (1 year ago)
Thao Nguyen same here but in television these segments are only allotted a short amount of time.
Hugo Brömme (3 years ago)
I'm drinking milk directly from the packet while watching this. Oh, and I actually ripped a loud fart while typing this comment.
shijin Egnatious (1 year ago)
Laura Sprouse (1 year ago)
Hugo Brömme I'm actually your 100 like
Christine Smets (1 year ago)
Hahahahaha omg
Chanel Coco (1 year ago)
Bahahahahaha oh the humanity
Princess Rila (2 years ago)
Hahaha 😂
Alan Yates (3 years ago)
Why use a presenter who is a complete ignoramus? By the way, I do not agree with leaving the napkin on the seat of the chair. A greasy napkin on an upholstered chair is patently wrong. Leave it neatly (but not folded) on the bread plate or that spot if no bread plate.
Deborah Graves (1 year ago)
One etiquette book said it was ok to out a greasy roll on the tablecloth, if there was no bread plate. To get the grease out, moisten the tablecloth a little bit, and put undiluted dishwashing liquid directly on the grease spot for not less than 24 hours. Or: don't use a tablecloth.
Yong Bang Yang (3 years ago)
At 3:40 isn't the fork suppose to be facing down? There are a few videos about table manners that contradicted each other. Can someone please explain it to me? Thanks!
Joanny Moronta (3 years ago)
I've heard napkin on table... now this one lady is saying on the chair. I am confused! What is considered the proper way????
Rather B Fishing (3 months ago)
Ask Emily Post or Miss Manners
Sarah Elizabeth (3 years ago)
+SIMPLY JOYFUL When in doubt, keep things off the table. No one will consider the chair impolite, but were you dining with someone who knows etiquette, they may consider the table impolite. Go with the chair.
Moment (3 years ago)
Man, do people really don't know these rules anymore? I was thought this when I was 7 years old.
Pancho Hernandez (9 months ago)
BaronOfLulz me too
Jannatul bakia jasy (2 years ago)
ELITE&ExclusiveGaming (3 years ago)
I'm watching this to be prepared so when I have a date I know what to do.
Shawn D (1 year ago)
aww dont worry... im sure your date wont mind....afterall hes a guy too.
Christian Melendez (2 years ago)
Do not worry if she invites you she damn well better pay for the bill.
ELITE&ExclusiveGaming (3 years ago)
+Tanmay Agrawal Save your breath-----you will need it to blow up your date
Tanmay Agrawal (3 years ago)
Error 404: Date not found!
Ko3li (3 years ago)
+ELITE&ExclusiveGaming same here xD
Stefan Mitrovic (4 years ago)
I hope, i would find one day a young lady, with good manners, like this old lady. 
xscenify (1 year ago)
Whoever I wish you'd make a video on that. I'd like to learn that too!
Whoever (1 year ago)
"Raises hand"....but I m NOT young. LOL. My table manners are flawless, and they helped me a LOT in the corporate world for business lunches n dinners with clients n bosses, especially when I started as a youngling after university... :-) And yes, I grew up in a rural area on a farm, very poor, and didn t learn them from my parents or peers, but I started watching the (old generationally) rich and successful, how they talked, dressed, walked, behaved and ate...when working at my students job at a luxury hotel during my university years... :-)
maria catague (3 years ago)
F-lou1.h (3 years ago)
+maria catague lol same here
maria catague (3 years ago)
Im practicing...
MrNotebookguy (4 years ago)
2:20 I died here :)))
David Jenkins (4 years ago)
Well done

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