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Blue Face Get Panties Thrown In His Face Girls Touching His Privates Parts..DA PRODUCT DVD

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OG PRODUCT 100 (6 months ago)
Jeezy mule show paper works after accused of snitching & diss a boogie high bridge projects......like comment share n subscribe right right neeow boom boom boom.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apvxZaAWhLM&fbclid=IwAR0O1I8okGbfkGpKk4jv04Wk0AGrseR6uv7tOpbX_M8DvyxkQPZaJuWDLuE
Peter Kim (8 days ago)
But if it was a guy doing it to a girl
HOLLY MEGA GAMES (16 days ago)
Mah nigga mixed Jamaican?
Where is it
Isis Smith (1 month ago)
These garbage ass rappers these days
Semaj Freeney (2 months ago)
Who is you and just to late you now am a boy an my last name is demarion
Semaj Freeney (2 months ago)
And good
Semaj Freeney (2 months ago)
Blue face you are so cute
Ee Aa (8 days ago)
@Maje’ Beats wym
Maje’ Beats (10 days ago)
Ee Aa wut
Ee Aa (12 days ago)
Stop cappin
Maje’ Beats (1 month ago)
McLovin v7 ?
Maje’ Beats (2 months ago)
Semaj Freeney who r u talking too
GameCubeWeekly (2 months ago)
Blue was low key molested
angela davis (2 months ago)
I would have went off if I was blue face is somebody through panties in my face
KendallVisuals (2 months ago)
No creds on my pic used in this 🤦‍♂️
Martise Nanny (3 months ago)
Blueface baby
Candice Johnson (4 months ago)
ii_thicyywafflez (5 months ago)
He kinda copying x
Unknown Watch (1 month ago)
Yall stay dick riding x dick
Unknown Watch (1 month ago)
@Chriswantguccixl bitch shut the fuck up x is lame asf and just like the person that said x suck its a opinion calm yo turtle water smelling ass down
Lamax (2 months ago)
Just get the fuck out of a video not related to your waifu x.
slayer. Ny (2 months ago)
Chriswantguccixl (3 months ago)
Thomas' Music VEVO yet you still saying rip x fake ass nigga so u don’t get fucked up
Shawn Steed (6 months ago)
If a bitch gonna give me her panties at least let me see your face, don't just throw your nasty ass panties in my face smfh🤔
iSiP Toronto (6 months ago)
they rubbing him like he has abs... nigga is a toothpick... my small toe is bigger than than this fake crippled... #Free69... we need better entertainment
shane bammer (6 months ago)
island man (6 months ago)
That shit probably was smelling like sweaty stink fish😂
Tato Cuba (6 months ago)
Some big granny panties at that.BAHAHAHAA!!!!!
Wizz Badawi (6 months ago)

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