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Drunk Cats Can't Walk Straight

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Two wasted cats trying to eat lunch, after they each drink a full bottle of tequila! Don't worry about the cats, they are perfectly fine, they have Cerebellar Hypoplasia which makes them like this. (they're not drunk)
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DucklishGaming (1 month ago)
These cats are perfectly fine. They have a condition called Cereballer Hypoplasia which can mess with there sense of direction and balance. They are not drunk but just not able to see or walk straight. I have a cat with this, it can not naturaly kill them. They are in no pain, we should still treat them like they are family or friends. So it is okay if you want to laugh. I'm sure they would if they saw themselfs!
Faisal Faisal (6 months ago)
I eat those
ASMR AMEN (6 months ago)
Please do not take this as a joke so many cat struggle to walk straight because of their condition😟
SaltyFlan (3 months ago)
This condition is cerebellar hypoplasia, these cats feel no pain so to be honest these cats are pretty funny, these cats can do the same thing every other cat can so laughing at them in a joking way is fine.
I succ at fortnite (5 months ago)
Aidan Swiggum (6 months ago)
ha lol
Carol Mahoney (6 months ago)
There are a lot of sick fucks on this planet, and this is just further proof of that.
Mia Mentows (1 year ago)
This is like me and my friends when we come home from a party 😂😂😂😂
Spaghetti Pupper (3 years ago)
Why are these cats unfortunate for not being able to walk correctly? Cats normally just sit around anyway, not being able to walk normally isn't preventing them from pursuing their dream jobs or meeting girls and having children it just makes them get places around the house slower... It's all they have ever known.
DucklishGaming (1 month ago)
@MarvelousBanana You are a cruel person to say that! Like everyone has said. THEY HAVE A CONDITION CALLED CEREBALLER HYPOPLASIA WHICH THROWS OFF THEIR SENSE OF BALANCE AND DIRECTION. Shut you fcking mouth and learn the facts.
MarvelousBanana (2 years ago)
it's u fortunate bc the owner of these cats most likely cut off their whiskers just for a "funny " video and if u think that's funny then that's sad
Bradley Rogers (3 years ago)
You really find this funny? Your fckn' sick.
SaltyFlan (3 months ago)
Bradley Rogers Laura Austen these cats feel no pain because of this condition and it’s pretty funny, sure they have a condition but they are treated the same as any other cat
Brian O'Neill (4 years ago)
Drunk or Cerebellar Hypoplasia whatever. The type of people who find this funny are the same type of people who are bullies in school. Unsympathetic assholes verging on sociopaths. How is misfortune funny? Poor fucking cats. 
I Moved (4 years ago)
It looks so funny
munted Margaret (4 years ago)
the one on the right reminds me of david hasselhoff eating the cheeseburger
munted Margaret (4 years ago)
having a grand old time
Thingamabob Lapetus (5 years ago)
Guys read the description
Eddie Arken (5 years ago)
That is Not fucken funny. Why do u idiots do that to cat ? Shame
Kage Tamashi (4 years ago)
read the fucking description dumabss
Laura Austen (5 years ago)
This is being posted as a funny video but they actually have a serious condition which can't be nice for them. So we laugh at their misfortune? Give me strength.
SaltyFlan (3 months ago)
Laura Austen these cats feel no pain because of this condition and it’s pretty funny, sure they have a condition but they are treated the same as any other cat
Ash S. Dumouchel (5 years ago)
ASMR AMEN (6 months ago)
It's not funny you may think cats just sit around sleeping all day but the truth is cats struggle when they have conditions like this because cats play and they deserve to be loved so doesn't give anyone a reason to make it a joke when they see cats in these conditions
NuclearMuse (5 years ago)
First I thought it was from anesthesia, and I laughed a LOT. Then I read the description and felt super bad for laughing and almost cried... but I still laughed when I watched it again because it's just so funny looking. I FEEL LIKE SUCH A BAD PERSON. But yet it's still so funny looking. ;_;
Mr Nappy (5 years ago)
Idiot people. these cats are not drunk, they were sedated (probably at a vets office), and the twitchy wobbles are a side effect of the anesthesia. This is because depression of the nerves causes motor abnormalities which wear off the same day they are brought back home.
SaltyFlan (3 months ago)
U stoopid it’s called cerebellar hypoplasia it affects the brain and makes it difficult for them to walk straight, loook it up.
AwesomeElements2001 (6 years ago)
Guys, They're Not Drunk, They Just Went To The Vet And They Had To Drink A Full Bottle Of Tequila READ THE DESCRIPTION PEOPLE!!!
Christopher Davis (6 years ago)
:-( so sad
Davey Jones (6 years ago)
this is fucking sad
Aidan Swiggum (6 months ago)
lmao owo
Antonius Maximus (6 years ago)
lol awesome
edleedavis (6 years ago)
Please tell me you didnt actually believe these cats were drunk
Koursaros93 (6 years ago)
sometimes you need to read the description..
Veetina (6 years ago)
Who is the criminal who did this to the cats?
DucklishGaming (1 month ago)
No one did anything to the cats. They have a condition called Cereballer Hypoplasia. It does not hurt them and they feel no pain, they just can't see straight and have a lack of balance and direction. Calm you tits kid. P.S. READ THE DESCRIPTION!
kremer87 (6 years ago)
The one is standing in its food while the other is like screw it I'm laying down to eat.
Lapis Sevva (6 years ago)
That isn't funny u really think that the ccat's are feeling good ?!
Tyler Natywary (6 years ago)
they're not drunk. if you put a piece of tape on the end of their tail they can't walk. it throws them off balance. definitely worth a try. xD
dragonnety2005 (7 years ago)
Well it would be horrible except they aren't in pain from it and most cats with it hardly realize anything is "wrong" with them. So thankfully they aren't suffering :)
Megan Thrift (7 years ago)
it makes me sad. D: i dont want to look at this anymore. Dx i want to hug the poor kitties. TT__TT
PhantomBabel (7 years ago)
Welp...looks like I found something to occupy the next several hours.
isellleaves123 (7 years ago)
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