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Man breaks down during murder sentence

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Man breaks down during murder sentence
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Max Deview (1 day ago)
I wonder how the guy who got murdered felt?
nunya bidness (6 days ago)
Life for life
Godisgood Allthetime (7 months ago)
Self-serving tears.
Jennie Hughes (7 months ago)
The tears obviously worked . 15 years for murder is a slap on the wrist.
Jeff Hess (8 months ago)
"I Say A Life For A Life"!!!!
mulugeta kebede (9 months ago)
Just 15?!?
Kamikaze Yamamoto (10 months ago)
Harvest his organs and give them to people more deserving of life. Then run the remains through a wood chipper and feed what is left to hogs. Next!
BruinPhD2009 (7 months ago)
Kamikaze Yamamoto I wouldn’t want any of those spare parts. Every part of him needs to be recalled to the factory and destroyed.
Julius Brown (1 year ago)
only 15 years for murder and he had another murder before, when they gave a black lady with a job and a house 20 years for shooting in the air to warn her abusive husband to stop beating her, and she had no record at all......but there's no racist......
eviltreemonster (1 year ago)
I hope he gets bummed in the showers.
Jimi L (1 year ago)
he's just acting
Hilde Platz (1 year ago)
Life he should have got or death. Poor lady won't be coming out of her grave in 15 yrs👎👎👎
dante darkstorm (1 year ago)
Just kill this motherfucker
Bighammerfan (1 year ago)
He will be crying with Mr Big hanging out the back of him
Sgt. F.T.O. (1 year ago)
I have volume @10% & this voice is STILL annoying a-f
Ilona Ivaskovic (1 year ago)
She had a cute last name. Also for that man... Rot in Prison, you really deserve it.
GABRIELA DAWSON (1 year ago)
Doug Lynch (2 years ago)
If he wants sympathy he can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis!
Doug Lynch (2 years ago)
If he wants sympathy he can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis!
Andrew Hagstrom (2 years ago)
That crying is fake as hell.
Doing Big thangs (2 years ago)
them other criminals sitting back cool thinking my sentence aint gon be that bad, so im be chill
Jed Hutchins (2 years ago)
Crocodile tears
Keyboard- Troll (2 years ago)
ModernLifeIsWar (2 years ago)
15 years to life sounds pretty sympathetic. He could be out in 15 years for murder. That's nothing compared to the crime.
wes276 (7 months ago)
He looks old. 15 years may be all it takes before he dies of natural causes
HatchetFam Entertainment (7 months ago)
ModernLifeIsWar 15-Life is pretty much life or most of it. They rarely get out at all
SuckaFree215 (9 months ago)
Just because he's up for parole doesn't mean he's going to get it
nacho73 (1 year ago)
He cries out getting 15 years for murder. How crazy is that A convicted rapist and rape is horrible enough gets 50 years without the chance of parole and some simply get like 15 to 20 years for murder.
Saudude (1 year ago)
A life is worth more than 15 years. At least it should be. There should be no universe where a cold blooded murderer like that can be done paying for their crime so quickly. Especially if he's already killed before. He could of gotten more time for drug trafficking. It's outrageous
Mike Green (2 years ago)
should be 15 minutes left of life for him
Reggie Givens (2 years ago)
chris bluecheese you if that been a black guy it will be a lot of racist remarks.
Larry Tippett (2 years ago)
15 yrs to life means he is not elgible for parole until after he serves 15 yrs.
Colin12475 (3 years ago)
He will be doing much more crying when his cellmate is raping him.
Duke Royal (3 years ago)
15 years for muder? Thats all? No wonder their is so much murders in America.
cheesball96 (3 years ago)
I've been on a spree of these types of videos today, no surprise I haven't seen any race related comments in a white guys trial. Racism is very much alive.
Endless Infamita (1 year ago)
^Says hes tough and doesn't get offended, writes paragraph long reply becuase he was offeneded lol
Dush Bag (2 years ago)
painexotic - Great rationalization! Nicely done! I mean, why bother facing truth or attempting to deal with a real problem right? Why not use some dodge like saying everyone who you don't agree with is a "troll", right? That should do the trick. Great idea! That keeps you from having to accept these crazy things called "facts". Well, there you go. Just sweep all problems under the rug and then you don't have them anymore, well, as long as you never lift up the rug that is. Yep, everyone (except you of course) is a "troll". Got it. Now, that being said, we in the "troll world" know a few things that you might not know. One is that in the world of the black person, race is EVERYTHING! Race is the foundation of all things. It's always about the "white man" vs the "black man" etc. It's never actually about us or we as humans first. Nope, it's always about what the white dude did to you. All reasoning begins with a racial component and guess what, the whole world is watching you. So, know this, the rest of us have moved on. We've all moved past the whole race thing. We've bent over backwards for decades to attempt to include you people into society. We've spent trillions of dollars on you "po black folks" and we've even moved you ahead in line to attempt to give you an (unfair) advantage. But guess what, we're also now realizing that none of it has worked. You're still just as pathetic as you always were. Nothing has changed. So the rest of the world, all of us, we're all moving on without you. You see, we only asked a few things from you. One is that you people obey the law. Seems simple doesn't it? Well, for the "thug" it's apparently not so simple. We also asked that you use these countless advantages to elevate yourselves so that you can be self supporting. Again, didn't work. You're still living off society and the government and in many cases for generations! So, we give up. Do what you want. Live how you want. Be as uncivilized as you choose. But know this, if we catch your ass hanging out our windows we're blowing it off. Just that simple. In other words, victimize your own kind but stay out of our neighborhoods. We're done being nice. By the way, if you want proof of what I say, look at these very remarks to these various "black" videos. Look at how many "trolls" there are. Then, ask yourself, "are they really trolls, or are they just sick of our bull shit"?
Dush Bag (2 years ago)
@cheesball - It probably seems that way because you've become accustomed to very weak, thin skinned people like democrats and liberals who wear their feeling on their coat sleeves and get offended at the slightest thing but I assure you, I'm hardly one of them. As I said, nothing offends me. I'm way too tough for that silly stuff.
cheesball96 (2 years ago)
+Dush Bag Just seemed that way dushbag my man
Dush Bag (2 years ago)
@Cheesball96 - Don't worry, nothing offends me. Why would you think I would be offended?
The Old One (3 years ago)
15 years??
Mariamyupperz (3 years ago)
but a 16 yr old black kid who ran from the cops gets 11 years in jail... the judicial system is so fucked
Mensa Reject (2 years ago)
I know the case too, and Yassin is lying. The "kid", who IS a criminal, was ARMED and pointed his gun at a cop.
Devon Hewett (2 years ago)
Raymond Garcia you're an idiot lol
Michael Hope (2 years ago)
Trust me society is better off for those 11 years.
Max Brockie (2 years ago)
Don't commit crimes and don't run from the cops. Problem solved.
because he was a career piece of shit. he had been convicted of multiple crimes. don't lie just to make blacks look better. black males have 6 times higher incarceration rate with a substantially less population. so they really are pieces of shit. just watch worldstar fight vids. they rob and jump people everyday. they are shit. when you can explain all of that then ill take it back. wake the fuck up sheep.
Gregg Powers (3 years ago)
Jordn Burgess is actually 11 years old and this is a case of child labor abuse!
Squid Fuck Yo Ass (3 years ago)
I'm going to find and kill that daughter. nobody can track where I am and arrest me
as a matter of fact they can. you leave an i.p. address with every comment. tracking that i.p. is easy through the internet provider. even if its a library computer the library has cameras and know who was on what computer at any given time. pair that with facial recognition from the cameras in the computer itself and it gets pretty easy to track and find someone. you are not off the grid. it would be impossible to be completely off the grid. even if your mommy is paying your bills. so go ahead and try. it will be your pathetic sorry ass on video next time. baby penis and tits and all.
Appleholic1 (3 years ago)
15 years to life? He should have gotten 15 hours to death.
wes276 (7 months ago)
Anthony Miller (3 years ago)
Omg! 😂😂😂
Jarod76 (3 years ago)
Is it just me or is the guilty man extremely attractive?
Jarod76 (3 years ago)
+Appleholic1 That's just a shame. Guys like him don't come along all that often. A back rub from him would be heaven.
Appleholic1 (3 years ago)
+Jarod76 Uhmmm....just you
Chris (3 years ago)
If it was a black guy there would be so many racist comments about "Black Monsters" and "this is how they all are".
Michael Hope (2 years ago)
Well that is how they are no racism just fact.
Chris (2 years ago)
+Raymond Garcia Do your self a favor and stop copping yourself up in that racist redneck environment and open up your eyes, racist.
+Chris Bluebreeze the incarceration rate of blacks is 6 time higher than white males. its a proven statistic that i wish you would look up. and you all are just as racist. you are just picking a side at this point. thinking like this is only going to bring a race war. and the blacks are sorely outnumbered because close to half the black male population is in prison. keep glorifying gang life and prison life and the black race will never get anywhere. just look up worldstar and you will see what black culture is. you will see what life in the "hood" is.
Chris (3 years ago)
+junkman19571 ur pulling these numbers outta ur racist stereotypical ass.
Bee Breezy (3 years ago)
+ben dover yeah this how white racist vent because they can't do it in person..*"kanye west shoulder shrug"....
Richy (3 years ago)
I'm always baffled at how people say that such tears are crocodile tears when a defendant cries, because he is crying himself not for what they have done, yet then when the defendnat doesnt cry people say that it's because he is a cold-blooder psycopath who feels no remorse. So either way he is between a rock and a hard place. Surely there are those that are genuinely sorry.
M (3 years ago)
Crying game is right! Waaahhhh
Dylan O (3 years ago)
Possibly 15 years for MURDER? wtf
if it was a crime of passion he would serve 6 years tops. even if he tried to dispose of the body. my uncle dave wasted his wife and her lover and spent a little over 6 years and hes a journeyman electrician now.
Andy Cruz (3 years ago)
the judge is a black lady and the inmate is white... their was something racist lol... cuz if it was a white judge he wouldve got 2 weeks in county jail and 6 months on probation lol...
Fiiyah Marshall (3 years ago)
i hope you're trolling
SouthSide Thang (3 years ago)
420th like Time to fuck it up. Likes* 421 ftw
oh (3 years ago)
Your cries are nothing to what you did to that woman, you deserve to die...
Jeff Mast (3 years ago)
He is a winy little coward!
Daniel Gee (3 years ago)
Got off easy!
SR4BlackMan (3 years ago)
Everyone in these comments are more brutal then the guy!
Nadezhada L (3 years ago)
So this disgusting creature has killed twice and he only gets 15 years ?How many people do you have to kill before they lock you up an throw away the key ?!
not rhys (3 years ago)
I agree he should have gotten life without parole
Nadezhada L (3 years ago)
+not rhys I know , that's why I don't  like when a murderer gets 15 to life . He took 2 lives and should serve 2 life sentences , that's justice .
not rhys (3 years ago)
15 to life. Big difference between 15 years and 15-life
cordelia Wisden (3 years ago)
What else was he going to expect if you murder somone you going to jail
Anime Professor (3 years ago)
Nothing pisses me off more than when someone apologies, not because they realize they fucked up, but because the consequences of their actions are too much to handle. My point? There's a difference between being sorry that you ended a life and being sorry that you got caught.
HatchetFam Entertainment (7 months ago)
Anime Professor I bet Roy Oliver super regret it now
Mahmood Choudhury (1 year ago)
Ota Coo well said
Michelle Abbott (1 year ago)
I totally get what you're saying, but I've heard many judges make comments at sentencing that "you've shown no remorse during this entire trial" or "you've never even said you're sorry". I honestly don't think it makes a difference either way. Once you kill someone your sorry's and your tears mean nothing.
Delaney Carpenter (1 year ago)
Gary's tears are 100% worthless because he is beyond selfish he was not sorry for the people that he killed but he was sorry for himself that pisses me off
Delaney Carpenter (1 year ago)
People need to realize that when they fuck up that crying is not an easy way to get sympathy and it's not even gonna get you sympathy you need to do the healing process by serving your consequence and confessing your sins to God and a priest o
Jack Glaser (3 years ago)
Ugh American news, I hate our media! Always show the mugshot of the defendant but the nicest, cutest,wholesome picture of the victim
BruinPhD2009 (7 months ago)
Planet Z-97 Well, it’s the second time he’s killed someone, so he must be very easily provoked.
Planet Z-97 (3 years ago)
+Jack Glaser True. We never know the whole story and what the "victim" did to provoke the killer.
Jan von de boom (3 years ago)
Burn in hell.crocodile tears
Amon Rop (3 years ago)
few inmates go to hell
Nova (3 years ago)
That Judge looks like Webster
iieLiTe2697 (3 years ago)
Aaron Hernandez supposedly murdered one person without legitimate evidence,life in prison. This man murdered two people, 15 years.
Planet Z-97 (3 years ago)
+iieLiTe2697  I was being sarcastic. Of course white people are capable of committing crime. And Puerto Rican and Mexican are pretty much the same.
iieLiTe2697 (3 years ago)
+Kyle Altamirano nigga you stupid, Aaron Hernandez is not even Mexican, his parents are Puerto Rican and Italian
Planet Z-97 (3 years ago)
+iieLiTe2697 Cuz Aaron Hernandez is Mexican and remember, only Mexicans are capable of committing crime.
Depraved Christian (3 years ago)
He's crying, because he got caught and has to pay his dues. He isn't sad for the family he destroyed. He is sad for himself.
Spencer Christie (3 years ago)
+Pentecostal Trinitarian Tongue Talker what a pathetic sack of shit
Katie Denmark (3 years ago)
+720 noscope it all depends on if this guy had remorse AFTER he killed those two people. Did he care about those two people when he killed them? Probably not. But now after he gets sentenced that's when the tears flow? Come on now.
Daniel Lackey (3 years ago)
+Pentecostal Trinitarian Tongue Talker And you live inside his head, knowing his innermost thoughts, omniscient. Amazing.
Feroz Ahmad (3 years ago)
+Pentecostal Trinitarian Tongue Talker You can't be sure of that. For all you know he did it in rage and has felt remorse ever since. Of course that doesn't change the verdict, however.
larryshardon (4 years ago)
omfg you guys are complaining about the judge when this sicko murdered someone.. Wow. I give up on humanity
AnGee Luke (4 years ago)
Ppl make me sick
AnGee Luke (3 years ago)
+mwillblade I did it helped thanks ✅
mwillblade (3 years ago)
+Angela Stines Take a aspirin .
evilcomputer (4 years ago)
wtf is wrong with that judge's head?
Collin (4 years ago)
1:02 - "When she died, a part of me died with her". Does she really have to read that from a piece of paper ?  I know you will say that was not the only thing on that paper. But still for GOD sake it was her mother, can't you speak from your heart ?  Fucking nation we live in. Human kind is lost !
lookduck (4 years ago)
"Tears are like pearls.You never know if they're real." Indonesian proverb
Nini Pie (4 years ago)
Crocodile tears. Scum!
Tom Richards (4 years ago)
15 years?
Samee Malik (4 years ago)
This is why you don't release murderers from jail, they will do it again.
morris uddin (4 years ago)
He is CRYING for fuks sake!!! give the man some sympathy!! The American justice system is so HEARTLESS!!!
Ja Net Robinson (3 years ago)
+Jak Stone
Miles Romo (3 years ago)
Lets see how you would feel if the victim was your mother.
Jak Stone (3 years ago)
+morris uddin Now there's a proper trolling
Aaron Wells (4 years ago)
Shaheed H (4 years ago)
this scumbag Judge is going to scold him either way..... if he stares with a blank face, then judge will say "he's cold and heartless killer incapable of remorse.  If he smiles, Judge will say "he's mocking the court."  If he shouts in anger, Judge revolts "sir you'll be held in contempt!" If I were the judge and victim's family I'd rather the culprit cry and show sadness over what he did.  WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SNOOTY INSOLENT JUDGE COMPLAINING ABOUT??
Jak Stone (3 years ago)
+Shaheed H How does that make her a scumbag, why the fuck shouldn't he get a "scolding" either way. He killed someone, ruined lives. God forbid they find something to scold him about. Really hope you're trolling and don't actually have your head this far up your self righteous ass.
Doctor Freebase (4 years ago)
+Shaheed H Oh that's right, in your country he only has to swear to Allah 4 times that he didn't do it and they let him free
Piatasify (4 years ago)
Think of the pain the family feels. 
Will Wales (4 years ago)
Another scumbag we have to pay to house....
Malinda Smith (4 years ago)
Why did he only get 15 to life. He should have gotten life.
Ryan Blevins (4 years ago)
what was the motive?  they never discuss the motive.
jpalm32 (4 years ago)
Convicted before yet some liberal POS judge let him off!
billy bones (4 years ago)
oh no
Focus Addiction (4 years ago)
It's amazing how the judges in usa are completely impartial.
Amon Rop (3 years ago)
that is sarcastic right?
Luckystrike (4 years ago)
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
Lman Rman (4 years ago)
He's crying for himself, if anything it makes him worse...
Jak Stone (3 years ago)
+Ford Mustang I do.
Sokoyah Ifasola (4 years ago)
too bad
Henry Cummin (4 years ago)
The reason the judge didn't hesitate to disapprove is because an old white man wanted forgiveness and she being with a personality of a typical black person sees him unfit for life.......black people think white people are racist but who plays that card most often??????
BruinPhD2009 (7 months ago)
Henry Cummin One of the dumbest things I’ve read on YouTube, and that’s a pretty low standard.
JeffersonDinedAlone (4 years ago)
May this piece of shit be killed in prison... as soon as possible.
Robert Sanford (4 years ago)
Oh my good HEAVENS!! Don't hand down a Yearly sentence....hand down a BULLET...I think we should start legislation to have the judges armed so that, if some TRAVESTY LIKE THIS takes place, she can put that waste OUT of misery, and spare us all of his food bill for the rest of his pathetic life.
surprisingly1 (4 years ago)
He cried only for himself. He killed twice and would do it again if given the opportunity. The problem here is going to be caged with other killers and human predators and he preyed on physically weaker women. Coward may he suffer in agony.
Snaggle Toothed (4 years ago)
Such cynical and unforgiving people. What has happened to the Americans??? So much wealth and so little time or feeling for others.... You shall take the love you make. Revenge for the sake of revenge will create only recurring pain.
Snaggle Toothed (4 years ago)
+Mdriver1981 Why give money to the Developed World?
Mdriver1981 (4 years ago)
Americans give more charity for the developed world than any other nation. 
najanaja73 (4 years ago)
Don't worry he'll be crying more in prison
Mazius (4 years ago)
cant look at that f... gay on live tv anymore.... just cant
Paul J (4 years ago)
wow. I'm surprised the daughter didn't lunge at the fucking dude that killed her mother like that. I wouldn't be able to handle it.
psx1337 (4 years ago)
You find his tears 'amazing' because it doesn't fit the remorseless killer stereotype you were taught by psychiatry? Because it doesn't appear to be antisocial personality? Someone can kill someone else brutally in a rage, and then later regret it. Of course he's at least partially crying for himself. We're all selfish creatures. I think it bothers me when someone commits a murder and people go 'that animal!'. No, they're a human. And you as a member of this fucked-up society are partially resposible for breeding the mentality which causes people to go off like this. We live in a profoundly sick society, and then people are shocked when someone snaps. Peace.
nacho73 (1 year ago)
psx1337 Well, I think similar as you do.
Pikeman50 (2 years ago)
Sorry you have such low self esteem.
Niko (2 years ago)
psx1337. Incredible insight. Great to read something that deep and powerful.
Fayke Vagabond (3 years ago)
What specific things can we as a society do that will prevent these violent crimes like murder and rape??? What should we stop doing and what should we start doing instead or whatever? I am missing how we support these things...? religions or?
J R (3 years ago)
she was sarcastic
richard skopyk (4 years ago)
He is a serial killer in the making
azboomer1950 (4 years ago)
In addition to being a killer, he's stupid as well. Left the body in an ally? Not very bright.
Marty933 (4 years ago)
This guy has killed 3 people that the courts know about and he's crying and wants mercy?  He needs to be put into a cell and have the door welded shut so that he never gets out to kill again.
Planet Z-97 (3 years ago)
+Marty933 Well, they should let him out of the cell to kill a child molestor. You know what they say, "In prison, the convicted killer kills the convicted child molestor".
armpitfuzz (4 years ago)
Jorden Burgess...... Who talks like that ???
fivos833 (5 years ago)
How is this news??
Paul MacLean (15 days ago)
Create fear . Chaos,people are easier to manipulate through fear...thats why you don't mind your military murdering 150 a day,every day globally.for wall street profits
HexagramMan (1 year ago)
fivos833 i just like watching human animals do what they do while the rest of them freak out about animals acting as such.
HexagramMan (1 year ago)
fivos833 its about violence. News is normally garbage. How does knowing a killer has been sentenced help anyone else in the world? It doesnt.
Wester (5 years ago)
Just do what china does.... Take them out in rows and shoot them dead... A bullet costs alot less than prison!
nat lee (1 year ago)
I so agree,then I would not have to read stupid comments from retarded fucks like you,cuz China would have put a bullet in your head long agoooooooooooooooooo.
Wester (4 years ago)
+DaffydBowie They have
Obaema (4 years ago)
+KamikazeScarecrows Yes because "mass graves" have always been associated with sustainable government.
richard skopyk (4 years ago)
I totally agree
Wester (4 years ago)
Bullets and a mass grave cost very little sir.

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