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Amouage: Interlude Man (Old juice not the new)

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Thoughts on Interlude and the topic of Reformulation.
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Ben Ben (1 month ago)
100% true about amouage, they sold ass.... IFRA it's just a cover.
HaLo (3 months ago)
I really want to see reviews of the other offerings from this house from you! Great video! I'm thinking of buying because the cold weather is about to come. It will probably end up being new juice though.
early greek (3 months ago)
The new bottles are great! Reformulation is to perfume what sunlight is for summer. I miss the old stuff but not enough to pay inflated prices for half worn bottles of the old juice. Thanks for watching!
Aidan Shaw (11 months ago)
and with reformaltion price doesnt budge even doh ur paying for something u aint getting:)
Phrea Spirit (1 year ago)
Wow. You look almost exactly like "860Cologne"! Lol. Thanx for your thoughts. Good thing that the first Interlude i smelled was 2014 reform and mu 2017 bottle smells the same and that's the scent i fell in love with. So i am not dissapointed or something
Gareth Williams (1 year ago)
Such an entertaining video.
early greek (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching!
Alex Martinez (1 year ago)
Myths is my drug of choice when I feen for this vibe. It's a close cousin that once it reaches its full drydown 3 hrs or so into skin is IMO superior to Interlude (gasp!). Honestly though, unbelievably good AND somehow versatile and crowd pleasing in cool/cold weather. This cousin went to college and grad school while Interlude quit HS as It already reached its zenith in life similar to the fanz. Great review
kaiserrs7 (1 year ago)
Is there difference between made in Oman & made in uk
early greek (1 year ago)
To my nose yes. But that does not mean much frankly. Many say there is no difference between the two. My nose thinks there is, but others do not. The biggest difference is longevity and projection. The juice made in Oman was bombastic! Just like I love it to be. The UK juice not as much. Thanks for watching and take care!
MrLexical (1 year ago)
Interlude Man is my drug - haha
Christopher Wilson (1 year ago)
You are absolutely right sir thanks for the great video.
G S (1 year ago)
Great video. Usually the Middle Eastern houses give the proverbial middle finger to the IFRA which is why their frags are so strong, however it looks like Amouage have bent the knee, so to speak.
early greek (1 year ago)
New Fate Man still sticks like glue. Love that stuff. Thanks for watching!
Tom Mac (1 year ago)
Once again enjoyed the review...and again you and I are on the same page as far as where Interlude Man stands in the Frag Food Chain....I will however depart in this one area. I have both old and new formula and yes, the old has more density to it...but in an odd way the new formula (for me) is a tad easier to wear and you get the same great mileage...yes it might take a little more trigger action but not much I'd say. Some reformulations just smell different which always makes me feel a bit bamboozled as if I just got my money taken at a carnival. But for my nose, this reform didn't give me that impression at all and in fact I was a bit relieved as I love the juice so much but found myself not wearing it because she was so beastly. I won't suggest they smell exactly the same as mentioned the new form is less dense but with Interlude Man, for me, it was like comparing a 12 ton boulder to a 9 ton boulder and complain the new bolder was too light....but to be fair....if I had two bottles old and new....I'd snag the old cuz I'm a nut case like you...lol.....but the good news here is even the new formula is some of the best juice (in this realm) to be had. Glad to see you again and hope you are well!
Adam Baskin (1 year ago)
Hey man good to see you again!
early greek (1 year ago)
Thank you sir!
John David (1 year ago)
I can tell from your videos that you're a big, dark, woodsy, incense lover like I am. Have you ever tried "Rien" by Etat Libre D'Orange? If not, you definitely need to. Big, bold aldehydic incense and leather. For. Days.
John David (1 year ago)
I just randomly used the Ebay search engine to find a sample of something by the Spirit of Dubai (that whole curiosity killing the proverbial cat thing...), and the person selling it wanted $115 for a 5 ml decant. LOL. Sorry, but no ma'am. I think, like you've mentioned several times before, the perfume world is SO big and SO saturated, that there are beautiful things out there for a fraction of that price. I really struggle to pay more than $150 for a full bottle. The rare exception would be something I was obsessed with (like you and La Bete Bleu). But, for the sake of our pocketbooks, let's keep those few and far between, n'est pas? So lovely to see you back, and I hope the kitty is getting nicely esconced in her new surroundings!
early greek (1 year ago)
Hey! Thanks for the tip. I shall get on that. Heard this new house Spirit of Dubai also has a collection that is in our wheelhouse. But with sky high prices they have been put on the bucket list to experience. Hope all is well!
Zahinn (1 year ago)
is this what you'd call your "#1" perfume? The king of all kings; the maestro?
early greek (1 year ago)
Pretty close to it. My #1 is M by Puredistance. My holy grail. To much money for a bottle but it checks all my boxes. Interlude is a second place I suppose.
pete james (1 year ago)
Great to see you back!I have the original Interlude man...beastly!!
Effervescent reviews (26 days ago)
Might I ask you where you purchased your bottle from. I have seriously been looking for the older formulation.

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