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Recovery of a droped tablespace with RMAN

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Recovery of a droped tablespace with RMAN I showed with this video, recovery of a droped tablespace with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). I droped my tablepace (APPDATA) and restored, recovered this droped a tablespace from RMAN backups. I think this video shall be interesting for beginner of Oracle Backup and Recovery. Please try this on test database, if you try on production, may be you loss your critical data. Don't try on production database
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deepak sharma (1 year ago)
When you speak..it will be easy to understand
dreamwashed x.x (3 years ago)
Talk please
Nayef Mehdawi (4 years ago)
The SCN has been Returned to a previous SCN , which means all transactions after this SCN has been deleted. 
Namaste India (3 years ago)
Not deleted , will be lost because of the new incarnation . Most of the production box will have multiple copies of database . Logical backup or physical backup. Datafile is the one that contains business data on any account people can't afford to lose it .
kavitha m (6 years ago)
Hi Mahir, I have doubt while recoverying the appdata tablespaceyou have also recovered the other tablespace which was in this backup piece right , you didn't recovered only the APPDATA tablespace , please correct me if i am wrong

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