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BRAND IDENTITY|Mascot Logo Branding Movie

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This is a project of mine.I am representing a Lion Mascot-Logo design. In this project you can see that i show and demonstrate the logo in a different ways. I've used mock-ups to create the presentation of the logo on the jersey and game pad. The header and the Twitch designs are mine.I've also had uploaded Stroke and Plain logo versions. Generally , i decided to use most of my skills in Ai&Ps to create a good project.The first project i upload here. The logo is for sale with a symbolic price in order to justify my work , if you want the logo you just need to contact me via e-mail : [email protected] and make the deal.The price is 75$.Hope you like my Brand Identity project.Thanks for the attention! For any other freelance work: Contact on : [email protected] View on Behance : https://www.behance.net/gallery/47088547/Mascot-Lion-Logo Social Media links: ÞFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/magvisiondes... ÞTwitter: https://twitter.com/MagVisionDesign ÞWeebly(Portfolio):http://magvision.weebly.com ÞSellfy https://sellfy.com/magvision BUY THE LOGO via [email protected](text me) SUPPORT US We have started our bussines soon.The road to succeed is very hard and long.Your support means a lot to us,thinks like (sharing our site,like our facebook page,follow us on twitter,subscribe on youtube). HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED IT ! SHARE & LIKE FOR MORE ! COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.
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iSplash (2 years ago)
Good work bro! I was wondering f u were interested in joining my clan called Vybe. We would love to have u as one of our designers! Plz message me on twitter @VybeElite or reply to this comment if ur interested! Thnx for considering and I hope u join! You will gain subs fast and will prob hit 50 subs real soon🙂👍🏾

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