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Product Marketing by Numbers - Objectives, Goals and KPI frameworks

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Product management should be data driven, consumer-centric, and informed by deep insights derived from tracking and analysing user behaviour at scale. But this can only happen if you use a framework; if you've defined what 'good' looks like before you start implementing tracking and collecting data points. I explore a couple of frameworks - including my own hybrid model - and share processes which overcome analysis paralysis and enable truly data-driven product development.
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aztmln (10 months ago)
One couldn't have said it better. That's a key difference between big, fat banks and other slow moving organizations and newer startups. HIPPO !! lol. Very informative - thank you ! Mind sharing the link to the HEART template you mention at 8:40 please?
Jono Alderson (10 months ago)
Sure thing, I think this is it! https://library.gv.com/how-to-choose-the-right-ux-metrics-for-your-product-5f46359ab5be

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