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Arnold Schwarzenegger 2019 - The speech that broke the internet - Motivational & Inspiring

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Get Your Free Arnold Book with Amazon Audible 30-day Trial: https://amzn.to/2IkQ7LR Arnold Schwarzenegger broke the internet with this motivational & inspirational speech. Arnold talked about the six rules about success and what people need to focus on in order to succeed. If you feel like quitting or giving up, this speech will make you rethink your perspective. Schwarzenegger says you have to work hard in order to get to your goals because there are no shortcuts to success. It is a long and hard road that you need to travel in order to achieve your dreams. Source(Full Interview) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbW088AtTVk Music Credit: Secession Studios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmgS1I5wdT4 All credit goes to respective owners. Only for educational purposes.
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Emmanuel F (8 hours ago)
Hey you all, my name is Emmanuel F and I'm the person behind this channel and the Alpha Leaders brand here on YouTube and on Instagram. I don't have a team behind me, it's just me producing these videos. With that said I wanted to let you guys know that I'm changing the name of the channel to my own because I want to put a face behind the brand. I hope you all can understand and I will keep making motivational videos to inspire you all. Everything is going to be the same as the channel content and other things, just that the channel will be my name. I hope I could inspire some of you with my past videos and future videos I'm going to produce. Almost close to 50k subs! Thanks for all the support!
Steven Bright (4 minutes ago)
What's with the depressing backing track!?
BKSoundzzz (8 hours ago)
Emmanuel F bro I’m literally tripping mushrooms rn. Thank you for putting this out here bro 🙏🏽 much love
basant vimal sharma (50 minutes ago)
Every person has a vision some choose wisely some choose self pleasure illicit drugs alcohol cigarettes stealing then fail .
littl3l0rd (1 hour ago)
Well this was boring. Thank you very much! By the way, there are impossible things that even him cannot accomplish. Like losing that ridiculous accent. I know that is his trademark, but still after decades it should fade at least a little bit.
Mark Wright (1 hour ago)
Big fan of Arnold's But in a joking manner, with his style of thinking. It is impossible for Arnold to become the next president, and it is impossible for you to fix America, to make it a place for call to feel safe, and for all to have an opportunity to progress . At the moment America is broken , I would love to see you fix it . I believe you can Arnold, the question is do you ?
bravo Arnold
UAtubeviewer (2 hours ago)
I like two things in his speech the most. His boots and when he says you perform the best if you are relaxed.
Paul Smith (3 hours ago)
I don’t understand. The internet is working as normal. Try using honest titles for your content instead of clickbait nonsense. Powerful. Maybe. How did this break the internet? Please explain. Blocking this channel for promoting an idiot state.
The Hessmo Show (4 hours ago)
good genetics didn't hurt either.
Martin I (8 hours ago)
The plan A and B is necessary for those without faith in Jesus. Ask Jesus for your purpose: Colossians 3:23-24 New International Version (NIV) 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.
Roko Saraga (8 hours ago)
Arnold , you soo nice guy, I am from Croatia , and Austria and Austrian people are soo nice. Region Karten is my favorte. Klagenfurt whit "see"... what you talking about?? Oportunty?? For who? America is dream for just few guys like you. I wish all luck on this world, and you must to know - again after 35 years - I will to go whit my kids in skyin in most beatifuy Austia - Karten. Be good my friend. I realy whis to see you like policeman in Austria!
Bob Fleming (9 hours ago)
There was natural bodybuilders in Austria..what about them? Did they had a chance in USA?
Roberto Neumann (9 hours ago)
Arnold I wish I knew why I don't like your words, maybe because I don't like to be a slave or succes. It is better to be happy
Bob Fleming (10 hours ago)
I think losers get up also...
Frank Guerra (10 hours ago)
thank you!
Stuart (10 hours ago)
Jusch schleep faschter
Dennis W (12 hours ago)
Some videos would _so_ benefit from the lack of corny music.
FTW (12 hours ago)
Music? - link in bio doesn’t work
Fifty Seven (12 hours ago)
Love this guy every word is so true, have your dream and work for it because no one will do it for you.
Sau Jaiswal (13 hours ago)
The speech always and ever realise me , the facts of real life.
AJmuscleflex (13 hours ago)
I have a vision to be the next Arnold, but without roids
Eyeland Ninja (14 hours ago)
I love Arnie and the heart of his message is on point, but he also has what’s known as ‘survivor’s bias’. It’s when people take advice from the people who succeeded thinking that they too succeed just by virtue of mimicking that success. All this is done while ignoring the thousands who failed. For every 1 Arnie, there are millions of body builders who tried and failed. Same goes for actors and many of the other special rankings reserved for the few talented and lucky. Working your ass off is only one part of a bigger whole, and some have to work harder than others. I do agree with the sentiment of working hard, keep on trying and never giving up. But if Simon kicks you off American idol and says you’re the worst singer he’s ever heard, maybe get a new goal.
Tony Quigley (14 hours ago)
Yeah it sounds inspiring. But it's mostly bullsh*t. the whole, have a goal thing is great, it's true. but maybe 1 in 1,000 of us have the natural god given rock solid drive (meaning they were born with the right type of brain that gives you drive). the other 999 sure would love to be like him, but they can't, as they don't have the drive he does. Why can't people work this out. Like you think Usain Bolt is the best runner in history, because he had a goal? and he trained harder and smarter than every other runner in history... NO. He wanted to be a Cricketer, and he's VERY Lazy, he was basically FORCED into being a runner by someone else. ANd no, he doesn't train NEARLY as hard as some of the other sprinters who REALLY want it, like the runners who come second and 3rd to him. So don't get discouraged by most of what he's saying. The guys in the Gym with him who looked sour, also weren't 6ft 2, incredible handsome and had a RIDICULOUSLY amazing looking body when you added muscle to it most of the guys around him who looked sour, had just as much muscle and lifted just as heavy and worked just as hard as him, but they were 5ft 8, balding at 27, and unattractive. SO it's bullsh*t.
Jirde Mohamed (14 hours ago)
Thanks true live like circle
i harnessed a little kitty in a big cart and then showed the video to it i belive it'll do it....or will dye
ClipartsFree. de (15 hours ago)
Cool! A hero from my childhood! ))
Terry Khamphaphanh (15 hours ago)
Thank you sir, you have always been our inspiration from movie to reality.
Lite Skin410 (15 hours ago)
You see that skill and bones ring on don't you? Come on Arnold you can be honest about the cast couch.
Damien Casoni (17 hours ago)
The music ruins it, I'm rushing to the original.
Yimin Sun (17 hours ago)
6:20 Imagine playing video games for eight hours a day. Imagine how much you will (you already know)
Steve V (10 hours ago)
Twitch.com there are people who make a ton of money doing so.
Daniel Ransom (17 hours ago)
Arnold is the biggest fake fuck there is..........he was on steroids for yearsssssssss talking about hard work go fuck urself Arnold you pos.........u never been through hard times u fuck ..cant even talk ur low intell....like a chick with 45d titis of course youll make it in porn ........america u need ur vagina wiped......
Jan Kroka (17 hours ago)
Xa Santh (18 hours ago)
"an alpha leaders production" my ass... stealing some videos and cutting them together isn't a new production... you didn't produced any of the original videos and I'm sure you didn't even composed the music playing in the background... alpha stealers... the complete video is even better...
OsceolaLongBeard (18 hours ago)
Gotta have a Goal. And Steroids.
madmax7304 (19 hours ago)
What a wonderful liar he is.
Flashbax (21 hours ago)
What do you do with the 6 hours? Change diapers.
SICK INDIVIDUALS (21 hours ago)
Great Words! now kill the music, Inception wants it back ;-)
Ninja (21 hours ago)
benedict kowalik (21 hours ago)
who is leading, gets leaded  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go2i-KFqEjA&t=3s
Timo Kohlemann (22 hours ago)
Gibt es auch einen deutschen Untertitel?
Battery Life (22 hours ago)
Now i will rob a bank! I have a vision!
Prashant Singh (22 hours ago)
how do we form that vision ?
dirtbike mad (23 hours ago)
Listen to this ,go forth into the world and fail miserably.
Izaan Shaikh (1 day ago)
'I don't start counting until it hurts' very inspirational.
Chandra Kumar (1 day ago)
I have a great respect for you Sir.
Iqu Karoli (1 day ago)
Arnold is my power
Yiannis M (1 day ago)
I watched this video 1 year ago and i: - quit smoking already a year - lost 28kg and got muscles - doubled my income thanks to *GetPaidHome .Com* - got one of the highest grades on the university - got my drivers licence - eat healty What a single video can do.. If i can do it then so can YOU! Take a notepad write down your goals make them a reality!
Morten Olsen (20 hours ago)
Good wøørk as the great Arnold would say 💪🏼
Chandra Kumar (1 day ago)
Yiannis M congratulations . Keep up the good work.
Michael Cera (1 day ago)
"DON'T LISTEN TO THE NAY SAYERS", hit hard for me.
Ivan Meza (1 day ago)
god bless all of you
TALOS PROJECT 2 (1 day ago)
at 5.53 you said they're is no Magic pill out there but it is for most of them make life easier and excellent resold and win competitions . but this is another story ..Arni.
Unlucky Oli (1 day ago)
I tought Skynet was producing t-800 ready for combat, didnt knew thew where having a fitness training before special missions. Good to know!
TheNOOBNATION (1 day ago)
go down to your local homeless shelter and ask them and see how many had a plan B. answer is none/very few. it is very smart to have a plan B because like he said we all fail...
M H (1 day ago)
I love this man. He wasn't born in America, would Trump even dare to tell him to go back? :) Such a great story.
TheUnknown (1 day ago)
Broke the internet? This didn't break anything lol
prilep5 (1 day ago)
Slow sleeper
Die Rekt (1 day ago)
no mr terminator, ima do what i wanna do and wouldnt waste my life on what you think is a good life.
Daniel Baker (1 day ago)
There is more to life than increasing its speed. ~Mahatma Ghandi
Der Volksgenosse (1 day ago)
Dennis Fantastique (1 day ago)
🤧 Why can't our parents be this straight about life with us We discovered late Thank you Arnold
basant vimal sharma (49 minutes ago)
Do not blame your parents grown ups should decide for themselves parents are not forever
achillies wahl (1 day ago)
Could be better without background music.
Immanuel (1 day ago)
How can a man full of steroids serve as an good exemple?
Dave Morley (1 day ago)
Wow such a inspiration and a motivational speech, remember even if it's 5 minutes a day or more we do have time to improve if we choose to ,it's all in the mind
hauntedhouse (1 day ago)
Face Explosion
hopper990 Spencer (1 day ago)
soulfulfool (1 day ago)
That men there will always be a legend. People around me all think I can't be in great shape, that I am nothing special. Now I gonna show them how wrong they are, day after day I'm breaking my limits.
yash pandey (1 day ago)
u will not get what u love but u should love what you get.
avinash mathew (1 day ago)
This was one worthy legit video..😍🤘🏼🖖...Truely motivating
starfox300 (1 day ago)
"We eat a little bit, we schmuse a little bit."
le mattzoR (1 day ago)
those stupid titles broke the internet
lee fuller (1 day ago)
That so great for us. How old is he guys?.
kid video (1 day ago)
i heard him give a speech like this almost the same but when he was younger and it was shorter but still very good.
akash body builder (1 day ago)
I love u sir 💌🖤
Liam Fitzpatrick (1 day ago)
Don't get me wrong, I love Arnie. But would so many people find this so inspiring if it didn't have that cheesy soundtrack over the whole thing? Maybe some didn't notice it. But I just can't take it seriously when all I hear is that cliche soundtrack over everything.
Snake Babu (1 day ago)
Internet cannot be broken it can only be disconnected
Jeff Sikes (1 day ago)
Such an amazing man
mohul maheshwari (1 day ago)
why all great personalities have a tough background?
Benas Rukuiza (1 day ago)
sleep double faster and tommotor you can work on night yes?
careystuart (1 day ago)
Arnolds biggest muscle is the one between his ears.
Matthew Lubonski (1 day ago)
I'm drifting
Bianca Hotca (1 day ago)
It's a good speech, but as a European myself, like him, true not from Western Europe : ), I think that you can fulfill your dreams in Europe as well, not only in the U.S., esp. now, maybe not in Russia, spiritually, I'm not Russian, but just saw some footage, but I think too many run to America thinking it's the total package. It can be, but it's not the total package. It's my personal thought.
Jawshan Rabbany (2 days ago)
Aucune leçon de réussite à recevoir de tous ces vendus de merde.
Bisser Georgiev (2 days ago)
Big man, i love you Arni
Darwin Tops (2 days ago)
"Sleep faster" maybe it’s a joke, but if if we really think about it, all it means is "do what needs to be done"
Biba canvas (2 days ago)
Public Figure (2 days ago)
My dream is to have a big dick 🍆
starmkd18 (2 days ago)
Austria still has a better standard of living and a richer middle class. Hmm
Dare Master (2 days ago)
I’m gonna tell u guys the truth......I’m 35 and I still don’t know we’re I’m going 😖😓😕😟😥😥.....your the best Arnold
Unlucky Oli (2 days ago)
There is only the Terminator who can speek like that to humans and play at the same time motivational music!
Andy Michael Madrona (2 days ago)
I needed this talk. Thank you.
Hristo Hristov (2 days ago)
I think you got this wrong Arny. People sleep not 6 but 16 hours a day man...They just don't have time...
Peter Pan (2 days ago)
My purpose and vision is to die. Just end this misery already
Peter Pan wishing you well
futadore (2 days ago)
pffff , right :-)))
Seenu Raju (2 days ago)
Dear Sir.Arnold, Your the Walking and visible God, am always a fan since my childhood day's👌
john thunder (2 days ago)
Sorry...just sounds like more bullshit
top video (2 days ago)
Lisa Capri (2 days ago)
100% Everyday is a day to get closer to make my dreams reality, and even if I never fulfill all my dreams which I course I never will as I have too many and life is not long enough, that at least I will achieve the best I can and work hard for what I believe in but, most important of all, enjoying all the things I strive for which is personal achievement. This is what makes a person a cut above the rest and everyone can do it if they put their mind to it, but it is important to do what you believe in or you will never find contentment.
Excellent.....Thank you Sir......
Nicholas Lowe (2 days ago)
turn the music off please, very distracting.
오승훈 (2 days ago)
To whom it may concern Work your ass off! No excuses!
francisco casanova (2 days ago)
whatever mr EGO.. me me me... yeah he could just sleep 6 hours cause he took tones of steroids , drugs and ilegal stuff to make your body bigger... all rubbish..

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