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a girl in the wild - sweden

40833 ratings | 12464773 views
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Text Comments (6121)
이쁜미니곰 (3 hours ago)
Its beautiful but too dangerous Be careful !!!
ThePParadigm (6 hours ago)
Who is filming you?
十字星南 (19 hours ago)
VAGGOVNO GOVNOVAG (22 hours ago)
Николай (1 day ago)
Хороша женщина
Chris Iman (1 day ago)
Nice! I'd like to go camping with you. I'd even cook breakfast! There's nothing neater than seeing a lady in the outdoors doing what us guy's enjoy doing.
Rorschach (1 day ago)
ich checks net, du kommst aus Hessen aber wo lebst du
David Sanchez (1 day ago)
Simply sweet and innocent....love it....
Стас С. (1 day ago)
Почему шведская валькирия с темными волосами,не блондиночка?)))
bruce mcclendon (2 days ago)
Yes folks - filmed in her parents backyard about 75 feet from the house.
DH_SIN (2 days ago)
i love her
Setya Pratama Putra (2 days ago)
really enjoy and beautifull
Gene S (2 days ago)
Yup you make me feel like a big 👶
vajleexi (2 days ago)
I'd like to join you and be part with nature
Sebastian Pereira (3 days ago)
пиздит.. расскекает там в трусах... будто как будто в швеции дудки комаров..
Janetta Schuch (3 days ago)
My main question is always Why? Why do this, particularly if afraid of the dark with no protection from animals & by an ants nest.
luke bee (3 days ago)
When does the porn start?
Paul E Clemons Jr (3 days ago)
I might like to stick it in your bottom
Fabian Generao (3 days ago)
Not much activity, quite boring!
Zarfeqta 1234 (3 days ago)
Seeing Girls live in the wild quite literally turns my stomach. Imagine the state on their unshaven pussies and the smell, ewwwww!
Robert Smart (3 days ago)
A girl in the wild?, What with her own cameraman? Why do these people try to mislead us, and how do you charge your camera/phone?, If you're cold , cuddle your cameraman/woman, you fraud
Hopefull Sinner (4 days ago)
Its a girl camping.. yawn.
RolandAshcroft (4 days ago)
I watched this video a year ago and I was amazed . I think me and others find this setting very attractive, it has something to do with genes, evolution, primitive ages and primal instincts .
Опухшая такая)) Небось квасили полночи ))
bimo nithael (6 days ago)
good survive..
Muhammad Royyan (7 days ago)
We call it holiday
Kristian Johansson (8 days ago)
You shouldn’t use metall in a Teflon pan...
Kristian Johansson (8 days ago)
Du har alldeles för mycket hjälpmedel för att de ska se svårt ut. Men sjukt fin video och bra jobbat.:) ser helt magiskt ut You got to much stuff for it to count as a hard task to conquer But verry nice vid over all Lookin all magic...
jon goodman (8 days ago)
Nice shelter, Stephanie, and I see that your fire starting skills have improved. Honey, the silence is why we go. Love.
FullMetalJacket (8 days ago)
Love your camp, tools, and cooking gear!! In Finland, they would say you have "sisu" !!
Abcd Efge (8 days ago)
Fuck Zlatan!
Wade Cahill (8 days ago)
hey guys I hope you enjoy it, I love my bed
Привет, ты наган собой в лес взяла?
John Cortex (9 days ago)
Great attitude and general approach to survival. I am a bit worried however re your general security. I hope you have protection backup.
Greg in Arizona (10 days ago)
was that Survival Lilly with you by the campfire?
Gordon Woodroffe (10 days ago)
I am in the dark lol !
Gordon Woodroffe (10 days ago)
your still in the woods !
Why does this girl live like that? She told why she left civilization? It is a pity that I do not understand English well . She is very brave!
elja (10 days ago)
Отдых на природе супер
Pete Peterson (10 days ago)
thank you for putting on the video
ŞEN MAKİNA İMALAT (11 days ago)
Afferim tebrik ederim helal olsun bravo
Hiking Trails (11 days ago)
Very hard working person you are! I like it!!
Fine nature, beautiful girl, great video!
Jagmeet Sidhu (12 days ago)
Thank you from Vancouver, loved your video, definitely going camping
Trovão Treze (12 days ago)
Lara croft tomb raider. 👍 🇧🇷 TAMO junto SELVA. A hug for you
Bill Y (12 days ago)
Nice tits.
Хотел бы для себя такую супругу))))
Igor Voros (12 days ago)
first video that took me 3 sec to raise thumb up. :-)
Юрий Иванов (12 days ago)
вот вам и заграница. 2-ух баб в лес загнали)))) меня бы к ним)))
Rei Kun (13 days ago)
Well that’s the only place the Swedish people can go to after being invaded by muzzies 😂
Привет из России !
Morfo14 Xeno (15 days ago)
u are going to get raped if i find u in the wild XD
Waynish t.f. (15 days ago)
Prost ; )
Красивые места!!
DeathValleyWarthog (16 days ago)
That’s what you do if you have a very cool girlfriend: get her half naked in the woods and make money on YouTube. !!!! 🤡
Steve B (16 days ago)
Omg ur so cute! ❤️👩🏻‍⚖️❤️🤪
robert romany (16 days ago)
merci à vous...donnez moi le titre de cette musique svp merci robert
Maria Cat (16 days ago)
Your cool . I like you
Marlhon Joseph Lim (16 days ago)
Nice video! Thanks for the upload!
LionofSmaland (16 days ago)
If you really want peace and live free in nature, you dont need to show it for the world at youtube. You just do it - no need to tell anyone...or?
Monir Hussain (17 days ago)
She is so beautiful I wish I was there with her.😍
Katoru XIII (17 days ago)
pure beauty, you and nature
谢启华 (17 days ago)
where are you comefrom❓
DabbaYabbaDo (17 days ago)
Thin woman + cleavage + wilderness = 12m+ views
Dick Caimoy (17 days ago)
hello stephanie
BeEmDabbeliu M (17 days ago)
Great scam you got going, where does youtube deliver your checks?
ram ram (18 days ago)
its my dream thank you
truefriend 312 (18 days ago)
Just carrying one of those sharp sticks you'll be okay
Frank Stocker (18 days ago)
Back to the city apartment when the snow comes.
Timur Biljalov (18 days ago)
Its called holidays in Russia.
Al Wenkebach (19 days ago)
Good job. My home for two years was a Native American tipi.
Mohamed Four (19 days ago)
V. V. Good
Ib Erik Söderblom (19 days ago)
Hi' This summer my Sweden-trip burned away in front of my eyes. Literaly ! How far up in Sweden did you do this video? Next summer (2019) I'm gonna do Skåneleden with my son (age 10) just to introduce him to being out like that for several days.
very creepy
Por Fok (20 days ago)
I found another girl at 6:17. Was she survival Lily ?
Bassam Ahmed (20 days ago)
Very nice girl
Thomas Broking (20 days ago)
Be careful not to get cut & scratched up..you don't want infection in the woods
Thomas Broking (20 days ago)
Might want the new copper pan..you don't wash it, just wipe it out. Love mine and use it alot..eggs that just slide out of the pan are Great
Joachim Geiger (20 days ago)
Hi Klasse Frau Jo ☺
kevin auman (21 days ago)
You are so perfect, I love your spirit and your personality... Letsget married buy an RV and just travel till we're old
Actually this is a clear message for men: don't leave her alone in the wild.
sincere data (22 days ago)
she is hottttt
Eddy Lindsey (22 days ago)
I would very much like 2 play in the woods with her
Mark Gray (22 days ago)
Good stuff, I can almost smell the fire. Thanks that English is good for you.
hayyat Hashmi (22 days ago)
Wish to be with you in nature
hayyat Hashmi (22 days ago)
Fabulous ..love to see you..
Aleksandra Joksimovic (23 days ago)
I would love to live like that in the wild but Im afraid of snakes.
Jay Cee (23 days ago)
nice , so peaceful love it !
SKULL TAKER (23 days ago)
Looks like a couple of SLIT SLURPING LESBIANS TO ME
Vídeo muito bom! Parabéns!
Alex Topor (24 days ago)
The girl who realize herself alone in wood, haha...Who did u by night, mosquitos or cameraman?
Jon Lee (24 days ago)
@07:22 Is that Survival Lilly sitting on the right?
annamal pete (24 days ago)
You should see my sister, @ boundary waters canoe area. Google to see.
changqing Sun (24 days ago)
一个人拍照很辛苦吧,让我帮你拍照娜相机吧 亲爱的
changqing Sun (24 days ago)
ME ME (24 days ago)
what kind of knife do you use?
paul wiley (24 days ago)
music ruins it. might be ok to accent a few seconds here and there but the whole time? not good.
Az Baku (24 days ago)
I love you
derrick johnston (24 days ago)
dmitry asswerk (24 days ago)
сиськи класные а телка ебанутая))))

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