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Springbok Nude Girls - Genie

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as requested - all rights to the band ♫♪
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Allan Almeida (1 year ago)
True sa boys cause we now live in gp . You guys made us
i miss this sound . we need more of this, dam it,s good.
Gary Hough (2 years ago)
Springbok Nude Girls!!! Oh I miss South Africa
Omgwtflmaololrotfl (2 years ago)
Philip Brook (2 years ago)
I miss watching this band at oppikoppi..
ROBERT SMITH (2 years ago)
too lekker!! always a comfort
The Angry Economist (3 years ago)
Nine, SNG, Lithium, amazing period for SA music, the moshes I won't forget
Lindsay R (3 years ago)
I had this on a cassette tape LOL back in 1997
CKZA10 (4 years ago)
My own teenager music. Never to be repeated again. 500% SAFA blood boiling in me
Maz Flemz (4 years ago)
This is the best band to ever come out of South Africa. I left 14 years ago and still listen to SNG - on par with anything in the UK. - In fact better!!!!! 
Ruan McKay (4 years ago)
fokken insane werk van theo man dis fokken mal
Ruan McKay (4 years ago)
fokken insane song !!!!!!!
Vesuv2.0 (4 years ago)
Good 'ol South Africa...
Geoff Brown (5 years ago)
so come back douchebag
altiris (5 years ago)
they're indeed difficult to find....
BearlyVocalRadio (5 years ago)
Anyone got the lyrics?
Leanne Shanks (5 years ago)
Makes me lus to go out and dance my ass off!
rotten apple (2 years ago)
same :)))
Gerald Chatterley (6 years ago)
best shit ever cook on
o0Donuts0o (7 years ago)
What a song. I still have this on their "It Became A Weapon" E.P. Even have it signed by all four members. Something I will never get rid of.
WolfgangHolzmann (7 years ago)
Fuck ya, those were the days ekse!!!
Clinton Forrester (7 years ago)
For those Saffas of you who are in the mood for a fix of home, listen to Wonderboom - Africa.
Corneel Vander Plaetse (8 years ago)
wow these guys are quite alternative and experimental to me. but original :) cool song
halfniak (8 years ago)
springbok nude girls. eclipsing fokofpolisiekar, chris chameleon and anything since..
Nodark Technologies (8 years ago)
altiris (9 years ago)
I am monitoring the comments as I received a LOT of spam on this video
elbronto26 (9 years ago)
And another nostalgic: remember seeing them in CT 98, when I was a language student. best of times!
linkes28 (9 years ago)
yes lets not forget sugardrive those guys were good and pretty funny mm the good old days
kittympc (9 years ago)
Oh yes, them and Squeal, remember lots of fun Melville nights! Good old days!
linkes28 (9 years ago)
wow brings back some fond memories at Roxys rhythm bar, still have a drum stick they all signed
kjkarenjane (9 years ago)
man did i rock out at Durbs to these bands LUV EM ALL xxx
Jonathan Passmoor (9 years ago)
I have been away from SA for a few months- sent on training by work! I have missed home so much! My countrymen that post great SA music has kept me sane! So Thank-you!
2000jago (9 years ago)
You seem to post the same comment on all the SA band vids - you REALLY seem to miss SA. Why aren't you still there? Neither am I - message me sometime.
iiYaMa72 (9 years ago)
well I see I'm not the only one who longs for SA sometimes... :)
Rui (9 years ago)
Makes me reminisce of the 90's in SA.... Damn!! it was exciting times as a teenager back then, completely ignorant to what the future held...good times my china, good times!!
Cifus (9 years ago)
Good days in SA :D
Dale Russell (9 years ago)
awesome songs! brings back some good memories
dave bass (9 years ago)
awsome the good old days~!~!
durbanman123 (9 years ago)
Shot for the vid viva nude girls viva lol

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