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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Disobedience" Exclusive Clip (Feat. Ashly Perez)

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"Disobedience" is out now in select theaters and nationwide May 18, go see it! This week on Drunk Lesbians Watch, we got access to an exclusive clip from the upcoming Rachel Weisz & Rachel McAdams movie, "Disobedience"! Shout out to Bleeker Street for sending us these clips! Check out our pilot "Carol's A Demon" and donate to our indiegogo so we can make a whole season: bit.ly/donatetocarol Check out Ash on social media: @itsAshlyPerez Check out Amanda on social media: @AwkwardHolland
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Girl Ship TV (10 months ago)
Drunk Lesbians Watch season finale next week! We watch "Below Her Mouth" with Sarah and Adrianna from the Gay Women Channel. After that we are going dark for the rest of May. Don't forget to donate to our indiegogo to make Carol's A Demon a full season! bit.ly/donatetocarol
raudhatul jannah (8 months ago)
You should watch circumstance 🙏🙏
Amelia Gerstaecker (9 months ago)
You must watch this movie, because this movie looks so good. 🔴 #Disobedience | 2018 FULL HD ☛ en.opizo.com/sBl
SJnight (9 months ago)
I can't wait for more of this videos, they are to funny!! A new season please!!
Kirsty Erasmus (10 months ago)
Anna Casadó López (10 months ago)
Antoinette Farrell (8 hours ago)
Ashley so cool
JuneBaby 2018 (10 days ago)
" ooh she's wearing a wig" 😂 tf
lady4548 (1 month ago)
when i saw this movie, i was on an airplane and omg.. thank god i was traveling solo because.. i did not expect those sex scenes. at least it was a stranger next to me who i will never see again haha
Maya Mariam (1 month ago)
do a full reaction video for the movie😫
Fraan Tumelero (2 months ago)
geez i have such a crush on ashly wtf and her voice idk it kills me
Mónica Pérez (3 months ago)
¿Dónde la puedo ver?
pipa_cool (4 months ago)
They passed this trailer at ClexaCon before the WayHaught panel started and there is a behind the scenes video with the guests reaction; Dominique's reaction is the best xD
Nausica D'Angeli (4 months ago)
Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara woooow🔥🔥
Brenda Lynn Mills (5 months ago)
This movie puts all other lesbian movies to shame!
Aakanksha Aggarwal (5 months ago)
Beautiful movie
M. Luisa M. (5 months ago)
So this movie is really touching for me... my gf broke up with me due to her family and religion as well. We saw this movie together and a similar thing happened. She stayed true to her believes and to her family, so she broke up with me. She couldn’t lie anymore, she couldn’t hide anymore, she was emotionally exhausted. I’m in so much pain. I just hope that she can live a happy life, but I feel like her sexuality and her believes will continue to overwhelm her.
Jaybird2064 (5 months ago)
Please watch entire scenes and repot back!
Anna Guggenberger (5 months ago)
Ok well I just watched 'Disobediance' and I'm highly disappointed. The lesbian denies her homosexuality? Or did I miss something? Also, that's the straightest gay sex scene I've ever seen... Not convincing to me. What's with the mouth spitting? Did you already watch it, @Girlship?
Anna Guggenberger (5 months ago)
Hey, please watch "The feels". It's a sweet little love story and indie movie about (female) orgasms :-P :-) just watched it on Youtube.
every lesbian is a photographer
Hanna Carothers (5 months ago)
Love your channel. Please please watch Lip Service next!
Sandy khanh97 (6 months ago)
What's your disobedience? I feel like I eat too many cinnamon rolls LOL
carib medical (6 months ago)
So what's the deal with the wig? I didn't get it. 😒
safeinmyheart1 (6 months ago)
I enjoyed this movie... but... did anyone else feel turned off by the spitting scene? I’ve read reviews that praised it as deeply emotional... drinking the essence of another... blah blah blah. Anyway, not a turn on for me at all (even if it is Rachel Weisz). lol I’m all for wet, passionate kisses, but I’ll pass on the spit drip, thanks. Any thoughts?
Silent Groyper (6 months ago)
*Very degenerate*
E. Sultana (6 months ago)
Loved this! Ahhh, I would love to watch your reaction to The World Unseen 💕
Kauragous Cat (6 months ago)
Hey, Love your reactions. Can you please react to the Indian web series: "The Other Love Story". Would love to see your reaction
iputtheinternetonmyback (6 months ago)
This movie definitely put me in my feels and i literally felt so sad the whole day after watching it.. but hey at least neither of them died!
JUST Me (6 months ago)
7:41 - 7:46 literally me 😂
Meagan Tanner (6 months ago)
This is now on amazon prime video! 😁
Mayte (6 months ago)
This movie was on my plane and I wanted to watch it but I was sitting right next to my grandma 😂 (I just took note of the name to watch later) 😅
Alex_Dottir (6 months ago)
Ashly Perez - the best video partner :) Jordan Shalhoub and Nadia Mohebban are so funny too!
s pow (6 months ago)
Amanda's laugh is LIFE
Zoe Tweddle (6 months ago)
I googled the sex scene for this movie...holy shit. Brilliant, funny stuff ladies x
Rexxy (6 months ago)
Me: "Huh, this seems interesting, I wonder if there's a book to this movie..." 5 seconds later "Got it on my kindle now!"
Goosebumps allover (6 months ago)
Babe any more shirts ? and how much in aussie(disobedience) dollars. keep grooving girls.
Baby gazelle3190 (6 months ago)
Why am I so attracted to Ashly in this video ?????? Can somebody explain
KatieRuinsEverything (6 months ago)
can you watch the full movie pls ?
N.A. Jean (6 months ago)
You guys should watch its in the water and if these walls could talk.
Kyle Bonte (6 months ago)
Watch the movie now and react to it
superstar guru (6 months ago)
i hope you could watch "The Handmaiden" movie
Ohiostud2612 (6 months ago)
Girl Ship TV The only thing I keep thinking about after seeing this film is Ronit spitting in Esti's mouth. I can't even remember the rest of it mainly, because it was dull, but i will never forget that. And I cant even say that's a good thing.
Ellie Miller (6 months ago)
“I feel like I eat too many cinnamon rolls” literally me. I can’t even describe how relatable that is.
Hester Lablans (7 months ago)
Are you going to react to the entire movie?
CottonCandyClouds95 (7 months ago)
Watch call me by your name!!!!
yuthefL erlim (7 months ago)
The mummy did it for me too. I've done my waiting.
Isabella Ramirezzo (7 months ago)
Sophia Likes Red (7 months ago)
I'm sad that the english accent is bad.
Keaudra Majors (7 months ago)
I just watched this
Animal Eyes (7 months ago)
Compilation of tara scenes from TWD?
ms ce (7 months ago)
You guys should watch the movie!
Art Gozzip Nation (7 months ago)
Bout to see the movie right now
Art Gozzip Nation (7 months ago)
Julie Rutherford (7 months ago)
Saw the movie ITS AMAZING. I enjoyed it more than Carol and that’s saying a lot.
tarheelbabe2290 (7 months ago)
I'm dying for you guys to watch the full movie!!
theforeverlove27 (8 months ago)
Wait till you see the sex ‘love’ scene 😻😻
Sara -_- (8 months ago)
You should watch the whole movie 💔 plz
GamingGen (8 months ago)
Watch the fucking movie!!! It’s out! Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!!!
ilseizi (8 months ago)
i can't wait for you guys to react to this movie :)
Emily Lian (8 months ago)
Pls react to the whole movie
Homura Akemi (8 months ago)
scenes like making out against something a wall or a tree, ..etc, those are the scenes that do it for me... is it a gay thing only?
Raven Reyes PTZ (8 months ago)
What's the difference between drunk lesbians and normal lesbians…….
Femke C (8 months ago)
Am I the only one that didn't understand / hated the ending of the movie? :(
Marice Adraneda (8 months ago)
Emily Leathers (8 months ago)
this is like the lesbain vierson of 50 shades of grey
jka (8 months ago)
When are u guys going to watch the full movie! I can't wait!!!!
Cata R. (8 months ago)
Shout out to the director Sebastian Lelio who also directed Oscar winning foreign film A fantastic woman!💕
Collette yourhighness. (8 months ago)
yooo the mummy return holy fucking shit i watch that movie about a 100 times
Kayla Paul (8 months ago)
They need to watch Alto
lillian bayard (8 months ago)
no lie, i have the HUGEST crush on ashly. ever since i saw her on buzzfeed a few years ago.
Cassandra Carmona (8 months ago)
hilarious right on point gals lol
- A (8 months ago)
Why is there always a guy in wlw movies? They always involve a queer woman who is dating a man and then cheats on him with a woman. 🙄
Løu (7 months ago)
yeah i know, but her husband knows that she's into girls, at least into Ronit (Rachel W)... so he knew something would happen, that it was something dangerous to bring Esti here
zandile Ngumbela (8 months ago)
It really makes me feel uneasy when you make your guest sit screen left.
Ss Sd (9 months ago)
ohmygod i need ashley's outfit
Elise Smith (9 months ago)
Can you please watch Everythingsucks! On Netflix
Color Sounds (9 months ago)
Ashly owns so many cool glasses
Bárbara Rojo (9 months ago)
You guys should watch the whole thing in another videoooooo
Sol Gimenez (9 months ago)
I love you guys :*
Sara Mantilaro (9 months ago)
I cannot WAIT for the episode where you react to the whole movie!
AureasMortem (9 months ago)
omfg, Rachel Weisz (and the dude that played Rick) in the Mummy was also when I realized I was queer (I'm bi/pan, and also I was like...9). I'm really glad that we all could share this experience lmao
Cali BLooP (9 months ago)
I searched throughout the Internet for like an hour searching for this movie online but found it and watched it... You were right about there being a sex scene... The movie was amazing
oniria (9 months ago)
im a wee sad cuz spain will not screen this film in theatres but i will watch it as soon as i can
Andin Leighton (9 months ago)
DISOBEDIENCE FuII Movie: tinyurl.com/yagfqbar
mogo the mecha sheep (9 months ago)
I dont know if you guys had watched Atomic blonde but i want a "Drunk lesbians watch" of that movie is not a lesbian movie but the protagonist is
The life of KD (9 months ago)
I just watched this, I was disappointed. But they both HOOTTTTT 🔥🔥🔥
Lauren Matthews (9 months ago)
"i feel like i eat too many cinnamon-rolls" me: pees pants
Denise Nickeson (9 months ago)
You girls are so cute! Luv your reactions 💃💃
Just A Leaf (9 months ago)
"Give it an Oscar" YES. PLEASE. Let this movie get the Oscar that was stolen from Carol.
cedardryad (9 months ago)
Rachel Weisz was also my bisexual awakening in Mummy 2 as well.
eisleyhead (9 months ago)
Rachel VICE.. I feel this♥️♥️♥️
NeNe __ (9 months ago)
I watched it online. It was such a good movie😩😩😩 the ending tho 🐸
charlize841 (9 months ago)
Ashly. Love your input here. Well done.
Jet (9 months ago)
LOL! Turn the speed down to .25 at the 45 sec mark when the cork pops, I have tears in my eyes laughing so hard watching your reaction.
Corina Iannaggi (9 months ago)
Ok, has anyone seen this movie yet? I'm curious what other lesbians think of the sex scene...
Corina Iannaggi (9 months ago)
Nele Naroma (9 months ago)
I mean what even was that??? I was so uncomfortable the whole time!
4am ers (9 months ago)
Hiral Makhecha (10 months ago)
I want it to be a happy ending...
Emily Lian (10 months ago)
Can you guys do this movie again with the actual movie??
Jessica (10 months ago)
I saw this earlier this year at a film festival in Sweden. After reading the book. So I kind of knew. But omg! Omg! The Rachels... perfection 👌🏻 It is slow, intense, beautiful and gay as f
Michaela Stalnaker (10 months ago)
This movie was fucking phenomenal. I grew up in a community similar to this and you definitely have to make the choice between your entire family and friends and yourself. Side note, my friend and I were the only two in the theater. Lesbian films need more publicity. This one especially. The entire point is to make you think. Some still don’t have equal rights.
gladiiisss (10 months ago)
Disobedience full movie is 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱.
Emily Stewart (10 months ago)
Same just same
SDCAdventures (10 months ago)
Honestly WAY disappointed by this movie. Heavily focuses on sympathizing with the white straight man as he "deals with" his wife being queer. I just rolled my eyes can u tell
bubey c (10 months ago)
This film is amazing. Managed to get copy here in UK. Although I'm not Jewish I'm from a culture where its forbidden. Me and my partner have to hide our relationship. It's not easy but it is what it is. If we were both accepted by our families life would be perfect but its not meant to be. At least we have each other. Keep up the good work girls loving these film reviews :)
Nariyal chan (10 months ago)
Please watch handmaiden movie

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