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Hollywood Undead - Medicine [Lyrics]

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Artist : Hollywood Undead Song : Medicine Album : Notes From The Underground Label : A&M/Octone Support the band by buying their music. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hollywood-undead/id285976572 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/DannyTEU ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join my Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/TheExtremeUndead ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Why don't you subscribe my channel? It's only few seconds, but it means a lot. Click to subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/user/theextremeundead?sub_confirmation=1 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This is made on non-profital basis and should stay that way. It is uploaded for entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (3800)
Electric EelGaming (10 days ago)
When you try to convince your parents that you're sick so they don't send you to school.
William Cook (11 days ago)
I dont need medical treatment
Whiteout Music (11 days ago)
Who hates duece? #WeLoveDanny
Tord Larson (18 days ago)
this makes me think of tom for some reason
C_Tube_Dude (8 days ago)
I never though I would hear a song about drug addiction! Wow.
Ripper whale (20 days ago)
' I ain't got a dollar but still try to buy it' My current financial status
chris price (27 days ago)
oh holy ghost is a lyric j3t uses a lot
Daniel Koch (28 days ago)
dannys voice is just perfect.
N O T H I N G. (28 days ago)
KikoWeebz (29 days ago)
Who's here for Masky or Deadiplier? :) EDIT: 0.75 Speed holy sh!t
Armin (1 month ago)
Pledge allegiance to the mask That I'll carry whiskey in my flask And anyone to diss HU I'll leave a bloody mess of you For we are family, you and I Three tears for you, we all shall cry All day all night, our flags will fly The Undead Army Till The Day We Die
Kitalia the kitsune (1 month ago)
Bitch, give me my medicine! 😂😂😂😂
Marshall The Puppy (1 month ago)
*"another refill ain't gonna fix em"*
Chad Reel (1 month ago)
i love this song
Klara Rosengren (1 month ago)
It feels like the HU fandom is my family.
Luna G. (1 month ago)
This song is just- Timothy Wright from Marble Hornets, anyone?
Luna G. Yes
TC (1 month ago)
Hollywood Undead is literally the only rap that I genuinely enjoy. And I hate rap music.
Chelsey McIntosh (1 month ago)
Same tho
Tentacle Senpai (1 month ago)
this kind of discribes me sometimes so does believe and bullet idk why but these songs help me unvent and feel peaceful and happy.. anyone else up at 4:15 in the morning?... just me?.... ok then well bye see you guys in the comments ;)
Habgooblin (1 month ago)
Flashback to my cringy 12 year old self
Emo Cockatiel (1 month ago)
Hmm I almost have as many admissions as J3T... fuck... given the current trajectory, I’ll get my third in next month... I was in during spring and I’m going down again... at least the insurance can’t make me pay anything bc I spent so much on medical bills... fml
Isaiah Munns (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice Near the end Danny saids bitch better get me my medicine
Who's watching 55335890986432
j chapman (2 months ago)
This is definitely masky's theme song
Leean Thomason (2 months ago)
Danny's voice in this song is MY medicine
Teagan N. (2 months ago)
Its so much better at 1.25× speed
Cari Hayes (2 months ago)
2045 anyone?
ducc (2 months ago)
*- ~The Comment Section in a nutshell~ -* 50% Saying this isn't a creepypasta song 30% Saying they love the singing from whoever is singing/rapping 10% Copypasta 10% Other random shit
Diamond Dog (2 months ago)
Wait... Is this song about drugs? I thought it was about legit medicine... Oh my God I've been listening to this song for years and I have only just now realised that what the fuck.
Michaela Papachristou (2 months ago)
Cool song
Danny sounds gay as fuck, and it might be possible that HU is just ICP with masks, but i still think they're pretty great.
werewolfproxy 214 (3 months ago)
1 thing, Johnny 3 Tears 4 life
Emily Sanchez (3 months ago)
Danny's song: call the Doc i must be sick better get me my medicine my song: i just need pills give me my pills plz
Danny rules
Danny's voice is not good .I rather prefer funny man
CuteJapaneseGirl42 AliceBamBam *reeeeee*
God (3 months ago)
I'm living for Danny
Twitchy Human (3 months ago)
There is a reason this is my favorite HU song Danny's voice is lierly perfect in this song actualy, everyones voice is perfect in this and the lyrics and the music itself its justa badass song and there is no denying that fact.
Yvet :P (3 months ago)
Never Again (3 months ago)
Who else is listening to all these great songs even in 2018. H.U. NATION!!!!!!!!
trashy trash (3 months ago)
Whenever I listen to this song I have to put Hollywood undead otherwise I get some gurl called queen naja
Parched turtle59 (3 months ago)
Hollywood is my favorite band well next to linkin park of course but they are just so amazing
Dead Siocled (3 months ago)
Oh my, haven't heard them since 2014... It's HU time, fuckers!
Hetzer Hasser (3 months ago)
Is Danny's voice Pitch corrected in this song? He sounds very different on most songs, especially live. It sounds pitch corrected.
antisepticeye is mine (3 months ago)
KILLED RON (3 months ago)
The Proxies (3 months ago)
Creepypasta Song. (I'm so happy too 😂) We Are, I don't wanna die, and Medicine are Ticci Toby's songs But why does Danny's voice sound like Ticci Toby singing???? Am I the only one who noticed that???? Edit: Here's some free replay buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00
The Proxies I KNOW RIGHT?!?!
Deb Smith (4 months ago)
Help i am stuck on this song like i drinking for drunks
Komi Vica (4 months ago)
My friend just started learning English and he thought the song was about "Cole the duck"
min kookie (1 month ago)
Jasmine Galloway (4 months ago)
This song I can relate to because I have to take medicine everyday and night and have to get more prescriptions everyday. P.S. I wish I could get better but I can't no matter what.😔😷🤕🤒😵
Maverick Bassham (4 months ago)
Still one of my favorite songs in 2018
Zacrrfraner Frabw (4 months ago)
As a former addict they actually nailed the thoughts and feeling of constantly feeling like you need the substance and believing you're sick. Not having any money to pay for it but you still try anyway to get it. They did a fantastic job
Radek Váverka (4 months ago)
The way Charlie said Oh, no, reminded me of Up in smoke
Zoe Smith (4 months ago)
*is looking through the comments and hasn't seen any mention of masky so far* Who else here is glad to not see any mention of masky?
HOLLA HAILEY (4 months ago)
Pledge allegiance to the mask That I'll carry whiskey in my flask And anyone to diss HU I'll leave a bloody mess of you For we are family, you and I Three tears for you, we all shall cry All day all night, our flags will fly The Undead Army Till The Day We Die./ ALL HU SOLDIERS PASTE THIS ON ALL SONGS/VIDEOS IF YOU DON'T YOUR NOT A TRUE HU SOLDIER /
SkullerWWE (4 months ago)
This song is deep AF, chill, and full of anger AT THE SAME TIME. One of my favorite H.U song of all time
Lightning 78 (4 months ago)
Danny and charlie are the best in this song lol
owl397 (4 months ago)
Gabby Lamere (4 months ago)
This is my favorite song now!!!
missyiscute09 (4 months ago)
i like this song
the corus on 0.75 sounds creepy but cool
Skye Lawman (5 months ago)
Oof , its not a creepypasta song, but its used for many theme songs.
DenofWolves • (5 months ago)
I love da ban but Danny my frekin favorite
Mike Dombrowski (5 months ago)
Go to j3ts part and put it on 0.25 lol
Eleanor Cook (5 months ago)
I use this song for one of my alarms caus its so awesome
darkatana (5 months ago)
what i say when hu release a new album "I ain't got a dollar but I still try to buy it
Luvia Crestia (5 months ago)
I'm addicted to this song
That's what she said (5 months ago)
Listening this at the hospital cause I need my medicine DAMMIT I FORGOT TO TAKE MY OTHER MEDICINE
Hoodie/ Brian (5 months ago)
Well, found my theam song
Peatohs (5 months ago)
Danny is my fav.... voice is to beautiful
Donald Longerbeam (5 months ago)
I need to take a big DAUCE Because deuce was a pecis of carp
Heyitsgalaxycreeper (5 months ago)
Masky? Is that you?
The Space King (4 months ago)
Mae Baby same
Mae Baby (5 months ago)
Heyitsgalaxycreeper oh my god I miss my creepypasta days!! That comment really brought me back!
NerdyVampiress (5 months ago)
Can't help but think about Mrs. Dubose from To kill a mockingbird when I listen to this song
FAITH PAULIN (5 months ago)
I Pledge allegiance to the mask That I'll carry whiskey in my flask And anyone to diss HU I'll leave a bloody mess of you For we are family, you and I Three tears for you, we all shall cry All day all night, our flags will fly The Undead Army Till The Day We Die ALL HU SOLDIERS PASTE THIS ON ALL SONGS/VIDEOS IF YOU DON'T YOUR NOT A TRUE HU SOLDIER
Furbow (5 months ago)
can someone type the song text in the coments pls , I want to see what they sing
Jumpshot (5 months ago)
Why am I listening to this while I have a cold? Eh their music is good so why not. Gotta love em.
Koro Animations (5 months ago)
my mom: you need to get ready soccer game in one hour me: ok spends entire hour laying face down listening to this
Jukalmzk (5 months ago)
hollywood undead have songs for all days. some pop ,some rap ,some metal
Laura Wooten (5 months ago)
This song at 1.25 speed 👌
Krysta Parr (5 months ago)
Fall out boy must be a fan of HU! lol https://youtu.be/JJJpRl2cTJc
septipliergamer 2 (5 months ago)
plz make a Hollywood undead 1 hour
LIL bro (5 months ago)
Oh holy ghost
cheshire croocked cat (6 months ago)
there are so many songs i liked that i never knew they made o-o new favorite band
GRAHAM ELY (6 months ago)
Spewing this isn’t on the regular edition CD. A second copy it is!
xXDubleXx (6 months ago)
0:48 wow
Spiky 1987 (6 months ago)
First Hollywood Undead song ever!!! That I heard
Danny's voice ruins the song
Jade The Cat Gamer (6 months ago)
DeadShark Productions (6 months ago)
Coming here seeing all these profiles makes me miss my grunge days of highschool js
I say medicine and thought charlie scene
I rather prefer Johnny 3tears than Danny
NE KO (6 months ago)
I think, I’m in love with this song XD
Denise Indino (6 months ago)
Omg when I discovered them they had like 10000 views. this feels so old. why am I here hahaha
Renee McGowan (6 months ago)
Honesty, try listening at x 1.25 playback speed. It's dope.
Spiky 1987 (6 months ago)
First HU song I ever heard Thanks to Ticci Toby from the Creepypasta side of things But then I heard Believe and Pour me And looking back I laugh cuz I would get Johnny 3 and Charlie Scene confused
RainbøwPøwerArts (6 months ago)
This is either a Ticci Toby or Masky song (my opinion)
Unknown Outcast (6 months ago)
First time: Catchy Second time: HU 4 lifu Third time: CALL THE DOC I MUST BE SICK, BETTER GET ME MY MEDICINE
Anna Pugh (6 months ago)
Love this song
Draven Thompson (6 months ago)
Need some advil
Silverclaw Ria (7 months ago)
I haven't heard that song in years and I still love it xD
John Lewis (7 months ago)
3:14 I love when Danny hits the high note.
Actually it's 5:43...

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