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1969 Sea-Doo 372 (1st run @ Old Spanish Fort; Pascagoula, MS)

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YES... I know I should have had a life jacket on. In fact, I had none of the needed PWC requirements (fire extinguisher, kill switch, etc...) HOWEVER, this was my first time running this old craft. Just wanted to see what she would do. Thought I'd post the video for folks like myself who are fascinated with these old Sea-Doos. Now, the details... 2013, 10-11 1969 Sea-Doo 372 1st run on water @ Old Spanish Fort boat launch in Pascagoula, MS. This thing was a blast to ride.! Very different! But definately needs a tune-up. Will post more video in the future.
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Robert Hamilton (2 months ago)
Surprised it didn’t catch fire. They all did. Dangerous. Wiring fires, engine fires.
The FPV Life (5 months ago)
I guess at the time 30 miles an hour was considered fast. Such a classic looking original Sea-Doo.
Carolyn Vatcher (1 year ago)
I have a 1968/69. The motor is missing and the pump is siezed. Do you know where to get parts?
James Williams (1 year ago)
Carolyn Vatcher There are no known places that supply these parts. Very few web pages. Most knowledge of these SeaDoos are held but the guys who restore vintage Ski-Doos.
Chaos Zombie999 (1 year ago)
I hate to say this, but sea doo jet ski was made in a time where things really weren’t reliable
TOUCTI (10 months ago)
Not so bad...this thing is still working !
Red Croft (2 years ago)
LOVE to see that original Seadoo in motion. However, you're all wrong. Seadoos did NOT fly off the shelf, they were seen at the time by the dealer network as a frivolous novelty and not saleable. In fact, hundreds, if not thousands of these units were strait up bulldozed into fiberglass shards in the first year at a loss to dealers. Many bombardier dealers banded together to bring a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer for damages, I believe all claims were dismissed. Jacobson's vision was for a sit down machine, while he DID have another vision for a stand-up design. Seadoo did NOT "return" his patent, but did disavow all claims to him after the commercial failure of the units, Further, Kawasaki did NOT buy the patent from Jacobson; they solicited the design work and then, being Japanese, threatened him with some kind of treason, and denied any ties to him, stealing the intellectual property. Jacobson sued, in Japanese court, with predictable results. Asians have no respect for IP. To this day, Jacobson has never received any royalties or compensation for his revolutionary designs from Kawasaki, so far as I know, i could be mistaken.
John Thompson (10 months ago)
Where can I read up on all this?
Quentin Raffensperger (3 years ago)
Niiice!!!  Bombardier Ski Doo snowmobile's were flying off the show room floors, yellow & black, love thae Sea Doo but unfortunately they never brought them to market and let Kawasaki Jet Ski come 1st in 74 I believe, so Kawasaki is considered to be the inventors of PWC.  Where did u find this bad boy way down in Mississippi? 
James Williams (3 years ago)
+Quentin Raffensperger No, I was just a SeaDoo fan and thought the history was cool.
Quentin Raffensperger (3 years ago)
Thx, ever rode one of the those Arctic Cat wet bikes?
James Williams (3 years ago)
Not exactly sure there. If you actually research it, the Amanda Water Scooter is considered by many to be the first. Clayton Jacobson wanted to build a stand up first, but when he took his idea to Bombardier, the motor they have him wouldn't work in a stand-up. After the issues with the '68, & '69 SeaDoos Bombardier gave him the patent back, he teamed with Kawasaki, and the rest is history. I actually have both years (totally different power trains).
Quentin Raffensperger (3 years ago)
ok, thx, I just got some answers on a snowmobile group on FB, ya they said they overheated from poor ventilation and had recalls, lol, ouch.  But why then is the Kawasaki Jet Ski considered the 1st PWC?  and thx for replying.
James Williams (3 years ago)
I shipped this one in from Indiana.

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