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The Secret to Learn any Programming Language - Logic Building [Part 1/2]

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The secret to learn ANY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE easily is here...... By watching this video, you can learn how to build your own logic, and write your own computer program in ANY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. Hey there! This is Teja! In this video, I will be teaching you, how to build a logic and thus write code in any programming language. Please watch the video until the end, for clear understanding. Link to Part 2 : https://youtu.be/IamoK8YPxh8 Written Tutorial on Blog : [Coming Soon] NOTE : The intention of this video , is to teach you the logic, but not any particular Programming language. Once you know the logic, you can learn any language easily in a matter of days. Like my Facebook Page : https://fb.com/techraj156 Visit my Website : https://techraj156.com Follow on Instagram : https://instagram.com/teja.techraj Follow On Twitter : https://twitter.com/techraj156 SUBSCRIBE for more programming tutorials. Thanks for Watching, don't forget the part 2. Cheers! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How the INTERNET actually works? " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0mzA1AD_CY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (73)
Shawn Gollatz (2 days ago)
Best ad a compilation I’ve ever seen! Who is the guy interrupting with all of the programming stuff?
EasyEli (9 days ago)
Amazing, thank you!
Anonymous engg (16 days ago)
Ranjan Kumar (1 month ago)
Bro how can entry fb database
Optic500 (1 month ago)
I don't even know elementary maths to program :( I don't know why you need to say if 2%=0? what????
Mentor Azemi (1 month ago)
Can you make applications?
Mona abbas (1 month ago)
hello i want to hack some one account plz can u help me plz plz plz
Diwanshu Reddy (1 month ago)
Its " remainder " dude not "reminder"
Sammi Akter (2 months ago)
Broo how to hack fb account
Ekansh Saxena (2 months ago)
News Expand (2 months ago)
how to contact you bro
News Expand (2 months ago)
site not work
Sam Gerrans (2 months ago)
Far too many ads.
Bibash Ronaldo (2 months ago)
think simple do complex
Abhishek (3 months ago)
great teaching dude... my programming teacher actually sucks
Z Zuk (3 months ago)
Sir hame programming learning plzz
BASIL THAMPI (3 months ago)
nice 😘😎
Peaches721 (3 months ago)
So True, Great Teacher. Once you learn one and Logic 101 the others are easy. It is so true that you can quickly learn others with very little effort. I learned COBOL / Basic / Basica / C+ C++/ Pearl etc in the 90's before there was anything. You had to define each screen all data files... it is much easier today because there is so much stuff out there that just creates those things without real programming. smile.
subhankar deysarkar (4 months ago)
hunter Maxwell (5 months ago)
f= open('C:\\Users\file.txt','w') for i in range(0,1000): if(i%2==0): f.write(i) Doesnt seem to work
hunter Maxwell (4 months ago)
TypeError: write() argument must be str, not int line 4 it says now
hunter Maxwell (4 months ago)
How? It looks like the one he did expet for the f= but I tried with space and without this one just happens be without
True Hackers (5 months ago)
hunter Maxwell line 1 is incorrect
Oj002 (5 months ago)
The Secret of watching any programming video: x2 Speed
FSBM PUBLIC SCHOOL (5 months ago)
#AskTechRaj Q1.Are you indian Q2. Where is your hometown ? Q3. Studio setup screen recorder explai ?
m siddu (1 month ago)
Yes he is Indian, he is a Telugu guy so he must be living in any either of two Telugu states which are Telangana and Andhra pradesh
lm Khatwani (5 months ago)
Please suggest resources for learning Python coding
just watch for fun (5 months ago)
what is your mother touge
Minu G (6 months ago)
Great Video & Great teaching but whatever is left after division is REMAINDER and not REMINDER and over and over saying reminder by you is not letting me focus on learning.
Ramagiri Tharun (6 months ago)
hello i need your contact number
Winter Eh (6 months ago)
Music was too loud
Christ King (7 months ago)
As I was studying and following video-around 10-15 min in it went crazy. The video accelerated to ridiculous speeds to the end, with some mirroring of certain things . BIZARRE. Regardless, your video is very helpful and Thank You very much.
TheRedcardinal (7 months ago)
Python is where its at, you can do anything with it. You know, you should take this Online couse of Python on Udemy...
Goooraaan (1 month ago)
TheRedcardinal *SKIP*
TheRedcardinal (7 months ago)
If I see another ad for RAMPAGE!? Well I will go on one.
General Videos (7 months ago)
Thank you for your effort in teaching this. Just to point out something minor correction it is not called "reminder" it is called "remainder" pronounced Re Main Der.
Natan Svab (7 months ago)
The Java code is so badly indented lol...
Ruhi Ishu (7 months ago)
shivam kumar (7 months ago)
Madhusudhan (7 months ago)
Make vedios with less duration
wellwhatdoyakno (8 months ago)
jus the sound of this guy is so adorable. so loving and kind man. such a lovely human being. May GOD bless him richly and save him.
Bernard Chu (8 months ago)
wow thank you my first time learning this you explained it well
Arvind Gonaki (8 months ago)
Good one buddy...
James Morrison (9 months ago)
if word = "remainder": speak( /rɪˈmeɪndə/ -> ( re - MAIN - der) ) https://www.google.com/search?q=remainder
ihategoogle (9 months ago)
You're a great teacher! I wish this had been the first video I went to. I hope you get a lot more exposure so you can help more people
Jason Bourne (9 months ago)
Volume level sucks!
Technical Sirji (9 months ago)
Michael babu (9 months ago)
Mr. Tech Raj you explained well the way that anyone can understand. i am a carpenter. but I would like to devolop a small Nesting sofware. can you explain wich are the programming need to learn to devolop a Nesting sofware?
Udit Gera (8 months ago)
Pooja Srivastava (9 months ago)
The logic that you are defining here should also add that what computer should do to complete our tasks will be given by us as ainstructions and in order to give instructions we should know first what computer can do give to give better instructions to it . Isn't it?
Jobin K Jose (9 months ago)
This is really helpful for beginners!
rama vasu (9 months ago)
Soo cute you are
Ads Money (9 months ago)
at 32:10 what if we want to loop even numbers???? help me and clear doubt;-)
Ads Money (9 months ago)
underline those syntex and show what is syntac like system.out.printIn("****");
GTAV (10 months ago)
Hello! Tech Raj make a video on hacking facebook autoliker
Unknown Problems (10 months ago)
your email plzz
sol0matrix (10 months ago)
All the computers in the world can't even simulate a one second brain activity dont ever say a computer is better then a human brain
Alexandra Brodzkaya (6 months ago)
sol0matrix true !!! Nice video too
dolx (8 months ago)
Right now I feel really happy because at 5:06 I translated that Python code into C++ xd, thanks for the tutorial! #include <iostream> #include <fstream> void completeText(); int main() { std::fstream fs; fs.open("test.txt", std::fstream::out); for (int i = 0; i < 1002; i++) // changed for the sake of the program working properly if (i % 2 == 0) { fs << i << "\n"; } completeText(); } void completeText() { std::cout << "Press any key to continue..." << std::endl; std::cin.get(); }
Ania Bunal (3 months ago)
Henok Jackson (5 months ago)
why bro??
dolx (9 months ago)
- To anyone using this source code, don't use conio.h. Very bad practice.
Menceney max (10 months ago)
Whats your instagram?
pubg Boy (11 months ago)
My name z Kunal Singh and I hve entered d giveway contest text
The Dark Knight (1 year ago)
Your Python Code Will Write First 500 Even Numbers To File Not 1000..See 5:01 in video..A better and correct Logic would be-for i in range (0 to 1000):i=i*2
Jignesh S Pandit Veda vyas
Vuud Guxyyd (1 year ago)
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Anwiseru (3 months ago)
i can hack for u free my gmail : [email protected]
TECHBOOK (5 months ago)
Hey it's almost impossible (98%) to hack FB because they never compromise incase Of security.but remaining 2% of chance to a bug identified and exploiting.the brute Force attacks we use fails 95%times unless we have an ultimate word list...
Curtis Rymes (10 months ago)
Would you be interested in creating a program for a Buisness?
Tech Raj (1 year ago)
+Its about Everything Please don't post such comments, I'm not any hacker whom you can hire for hacking a Facebook Account or anything. I've mentioned it in many of videos, that I will not be doing anything like that.
Vuud Guxyyd (1 year ago)
Hi bro can u hack a Facebook account for 5$
Chaitanya Swaroop (1 year ago)
Its about Everything hahaha

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