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Velocity 2011: Jon Jenkins, "Velocity Culture"

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Operations is can play a critical role in driving revenue for the business. This talk will explore some ways in which the ops team at Amazon is thinking outside the box to drive profitability. JJ will also issue a challenge for next year's Velocity Conference Jon Jenkins Amazon.com Jon Jenkins is the Director of Platform Analysis at Amazon.com. He leads a team focused on designing and implementing highly-available architectures capable of operating within tight performance requirements at massive scale with minimal human intervention. Jon still loves getting his hands dirty and can't resist the thrill of solving emergent problems. Prior to joining Amazon Jon spent time at several startups and he has a strong background in personalization technologies.
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V Benincosa (3 years ago)
Great talk! Still important today.
Gene Kim (6 years ago)
Absolutely amazing talk on amazing work being done at Amazon. Developers are doing 1000 deploys every hour!

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