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Home burglars talk about how they choose targets

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Going straight to the experts, burglars tell us how they pick which homes to hit and how they get inside.
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Anthony Zimba (1 month ago)
Put a mannequin in the window staring out the window with cameras on it so when they come up and observe it it sprays a 200 PSI of Grizzly mace. And a speaker system built around the house I'm telling them to leave now or they will be shot.
Cc Abberly (3 months ago)
A gun slows them down every time
Violence Is Fun (3 months ago)
All intruders will be sodomised
money Maker (5 months ago)
These niggas snitching
Tiger Cub (5 months ago)
Did you know standard locking doorknobs and deadbolts have limited key patterns? I forget the exact number, but it's under 10 I believe. So if you buy Kwikset (for example) you can pretty easily find a door your key will work in! None of these security systems will do squat if your power is off. So LOCK YOUR FUSE BOX! Add extra locking gadget's to all windows & dog doors! Plant prickly plant's & tree's along your fences & under your windows & stairways! Buy expensive deadbolts & don't use the standard screws that come with them. Buy longer, heavy duty screws! Wifi is very vulnerable! Try to use wired systems with battery back ups. Post no trespassing signs. Keep all gates locked at all times. I know victim's that were robbed when they were home. They had only 4 foot high driveway dbl gates. Their lowlife Mexican neighbors saw the family was on their open garage on the rear property. So they hopped the gates, went into the unlocked house & stole their money, jewelry, electronics & a basket of makeup the lady had ordered. The Mexican stank left behind let them now it was their shady scumbag neighbor's! They told the daughter's if you don't return our stuff we will give the cops surveillance tape! Next day on their porch was the make up, dvd player & 10.00 with note that said, "sorry." They stole hundreds of dollar's & thousands in jewelry plus other stuff. The morons didn't call the cop's because they couldn't prove what they had. They needed to file a report, get them arrested for the burglary & possibly score the rest of their stuff back. But the victims were afraid of the scumbag Mexicans they knew were thieves & bad news. They moved away a few month's later. So the Bandit's are likely stealing from the new neighbor's. "SHOOT THEM ALL, BUILD THAT WALL!" They were
T C (7 months ago)
These videos always remind me of that commercial where the lady says on social media she’s going on vacation for two weeks and the burglar says “enjoy your trip!” 😂
HopeForNope (10 months ago)
My old dog would be perfect cause he hated everyone.
Jacy Spence (10 months ago)
Lol my dogs won’t act like they know them
Nabil (10 months ago)
My pitbull is the only security I need
Future subie owner (10 months ago)
Good thing my neighbors just remodeled their house and own a Tesla so I’m good for sure they will hit them they are pretty stacked
Anthony Zimba (1 month ago)
Future subie owner will you tell your neighbors from me tell him to put nude pictures of Hillary Clinton on all the windows when they leave that should keep anybody away even the owners
30Shotjock (9 months ago)
Future subie owner 😂
SupremeChow (10 months ago)
I wonder if trailer parks are safe cause no one thinks they have valuables inside
Annastasia (10 months ago)
They hit homes of dummies posting all their valuables on social media.
Hasisys (10 months ago)
Well I leave on block of flats 4th floor.. so their only option is the door
765respect (11 months ago)
I'm a nightowl. One night some guy was prowling around my backyard. I had gone out to hang laundry at about 1 am and came face to face with him. I screamed "Get out bum". He casually strolled out to the driveway, jumped over my car and disappeared into the night. Scared me, I couldn't sleep. I don't know if he ever came back again. Years later my husband got me a pistol grip shotgun.
DGTelevsionNetwork (11 months ago)
As a maintenance guy, I can tell you for a fact that deadbolts can be defeated by a quarter inch drill bit and a low power (15 volt) drill. They just turn to the left after the metal is chipped away enough. The best possible way is to have an alarm on the door, even then, it can't have big glass panes.
NEuX (11 months ago)
My babbbyyy he din do nuffin !!
Rose Mattety (11 months ago)
This does not help give me more info on how they get in.
Korieanaa (11 months ago)
My dog bites back off!!
moises lopez (11 months ago)
Also keep one of those Halloween things that look like a person inside it will look like a person good idea huh
Iggv Iggviilanueva (1 year ago)
Yeah il just go full home alone mode
Timtim110 (1 year ago)
Build around you and place a trap or use a launch pad and use a pump easy lol
The Pokemon Master 365 (10 months ago)
I'll be taking that chug jug. Might give you a scar while doing so.
Jay Jenkins (1 year ago)
2 white boys
Grant Thomas (1 year ago)
Have a loaded 44 magnum. It would work great at stopping a home invasion.
The Pokemon Master 365 (10 months ago)
Don't forget criminals have them as well.
shut yo mouth (1 year ago)
funny how they never said anything about guns lol...they would never go inside a house that is protected by the 2nd!
The Pokemon Master 365 (10 months ago)
They have bulletproof clothes and guns as well.
Jay Patton (1 year ago)
I wear a male romper at night . And always have a bottle of lotion at the ready ! I also have Lazarus - goodbye horses on repeat . If that doesn't stop a bad guy then I'm out of luck !
HCkev (1 year ago)
I have a lamp in the living room that's on a timer. It automatically turns on at 8PM and then turns off at 5AM when sun is rising. It uses a LED bulb so I'm not too concerned about electricity usage.
kdw75 (1 year ago)
These guys must have had nothing to loose. I can't fathom someone risking their life to take stuff, when they could just get a job and live a happy life.
personalsafetykam (1 year ago)
Burglars usually operate during the day when everyone is not home.
Randy Boy (1 year ago)
How he a expert but gets caught
The Loose Moose (1 year ago)
Window and doors ALL with a sensor and a SUPER LOUD alarm that calls the police... more than 1 alarm speaker, 1 in back facing other houses, 1 in front facing other houses...
Walter White (1 year ago)
I have a guard cat
Nabil (10 months ago)
My pit bull is good enough
The Swirl Bunnies (11 months ago)
My bunnies will leave some painful scratches
The Truth (1 year ago)
I have a razor-sharp wit.
I Love You All (1 year ago)
My parents are lucky...I go to sleep when they get up 😂
SB SB (1 year ago)
WHAT A BULLSHIT... he mostly strikes at night -Bullshit.. You learn nothing from that video.. Nothing about your letters, bushes , bathroom windows,
Michael Hastie (1 year ago)
There should be a mandatory death sentence for ALL home invaders. Our homes should be a sanctuary for us. Even these scum don't break into another burglars home, it's like an unwritten law between them. Society needs to teach these scum a serious lesson about invading people's property, it's seems to have become the norm in our society, that we have to just put up with it. I DO NOT believe that, we have to make this crime a hangable offence no matter what is stolen. This burglar said he just didn't give a flying frack who he hurt, just as long as he got what he wanted. If they don't give a frack about us, we should do the same with them. ALL Criminals should have NO human rights!!
pinkfreud62 (1 year ago)
Michael Hastie I agree. If I were a dictator, if you invade, you die. Pretty harsh, but I bet there would be a hell of alot less invasions. Plus, no repeat offenders.
Rum Ham (1 year ago)
Place the heads of attempted burglars on spikes on your front lawn.
Tiger Cub (5 months ago)
Please be my neighbor!😍😘🤝
meg (11 months ago)
Rum Ham When in Rome...
Noah Cameron-Brown (1 year ago)
My dog hates anyone except my fam. All g bro 👌🏼
Paper Sack (1 year ago)
1:10 You're welcome
Papa Aaru (1 year ago)
My favourite safety method would have to be 5.56 or just a slug
Saya X (10 months ago)
Yeah, but you can't be home all the time.
Sushi Neko (1 year ago)
SAYY WWHHAAAAAA my teacher’s last name is Fitzpatrick!
jcthagreat_4 (1 year ago)
You can also leave your TV on or on a timers so criminals think you are awake
ABD Tools (1 year ago)
If you are interested in security, please watch the inprover video on youtube, a useful addition to any alarm system, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsy_p3xVRco&t=3s
kay marley (1 year ago)
how do you have time to grab the wallet go to another room take everything out and go back in the room this is fake
Tiger Cub (5 months ago)
It happens like this a lot!
HCkev (1 year ago)
Helps removing evidences. The person might only figure out there's money missing in his wallet days later, so he has no idea what happened and when.
———_____ (1 year ago)
kay marley you would really be surprised
ThatBoy Marcus (1 year ago)
For those of you who don't believe in the 2nd Amendment right this is what your dumb ass gets
Kr Hm Gosling (1 year ago)
saw thru a lock? - you could just as easily slide thru the gap under the door like a cockroach would - or maybe think glass might break if I apply some force to it
Art and vlog (1 year ago)
Oh my god i thought maybe i should stop leaving my light on when i sleep i thought i was a scary cat but when this one time i turn off the light i heard someone trying to go into my bedroom window i was outside caming *i know your not pose to do that camp outside your house* so i told my brothee to yell HEY in a deep voice he went to the alley and hid then yelled HEY then the buglar ran before he climed though my window i never turn off my light never since. And the scary part..... my bedroom was on the second floor 😱
427SuperSnake1 (1 year ago)
Dead bolt and lights are the first line of defense. But my gun is truly my home security system.. No one can outrun or outwit a bullet.
The Pokemon Master 365 (10 months ago)
Alarms = Hacked. Dogs = dog whistle, poisoned treats. Gun = Bulletproof mask vest and pants. Outsmarted.
Alena Lee (1 year ago)
427SuperSnake1 me too man. Alarm system, dogs and a loaded gun. I feel safe! Lol
427SuperSnake1 (1 year ago)
Jay Santana Doubtfully
Jay Santana (1 year ago)
427SuperSnake1 arrogance will be your down fall lol
Durk Durkgang (1 year ago)
Ever heard of being armed
The Pokemon Master 365 (10 months ago)
Ever heard of bulletproof clothes.
Judy Eason (1 year ago)
Ok. About the dog? Ummm, my buddy has already proven he isn't friendly. You're welcome to try. lol
riggin and jiggin (1 year ago)
Judy Eason id let him take anything he could if he could get my crazy ass dog off of him i will leave my doors open truck running and phone im my truck while i go buy what i need and my dog is beautiful but shell eat anyone who trespasses and one thing people mess up on is teaching there got to sickem that rewires there mind to go after the people you see as a threat not the people they see as a threat my dogs has chosen more of my friends than anyone in my life and im sad to say it but dogs profile race clothes sent everything
Ladyshot Cue (1 year ago)
with my two crazy dogs who loved to bark, worst than my Alarm system. and 45 inside my night stand.. yeah please try and i would love to see you standing in front of me.
Grapppilixious Ilse (1 year ago)
Anna Ja no my dog bites strangers who attempts to touch them unless if im nearby
Mandy Wish (1 year ago)
Thanks now I'm prepared :)
Anna Ja (1 year ago)
Ladyshot Cue Maybe your dogs help the intruders. These men know it all & even pat or feed your dog.
GUMMYBEAYUH (1 year ago)
"Invest in a dog that doesn't like strangers", that's my excuse for having highly protective dogs. Some people just don't get it, but I don't believe that a dog has to be overly friendly to strangers.
Mr Randall (1 year ago)
GUMMYBEAYUH Dogs are friends not an AR-15
leonard sanchez (1 year ago)
Or just invest in a Glock 23 and an extended clip I already have 8 dogs but I'd much rather be able to protect myself rather then let my dog do the dirty work it's not hard to kill someone especially with a gun
Low key (1 year ago)
Its easy to just give the dogg a nice steak whit poison in it and do the rest .
Niflheim Silver (1 year ago)
No wonder my mom had my night light behind a window when we went on a vacation.

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