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Waray-Waray Cha Cha (Medley) on Yamaha Tyros 5

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Waray waray cha cha instrumental played on Yamaha Tyros 5 by artzkie. To all my fellow waraynons. Facebook: http://bit.ly/2EXW77L
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Text Comments (262)
nice rendition. keep it up.
orlando napalit (2 days ago)
aint no mess around listening along for the grooven feeling satisfied.
Micheal Abadiac (5 days ago)
ganda naman magkano ang ganyang organ....
Corazon Martinez (6 days ago)
Henry Perilla (6 days ago)
Esto si es musica hermosa . ya la estoy ensayando en mi teclado. gracias Dios te bendiga.
Minda Lipata (9 days ago)
ang ganda..sarap pakinggan....
jhon yutila (11 days ago)
Alyssa Asanez (12 days ago)
ng gling nya mag piano lov it
Elimpot Dineros'8 (20 days ago)
I Am Waraynon that's why i liked it! Thanks Tyros5 very well done👍👍👍♥♥♥
Catalina Geist (21 days ago)
Like ,like, like it.... Thank you...
May Menzon (23 days ago)
Good music! This makes my baby fall asleep. 😂
tuyet le (23 days ago)
Viola P (25 days ago)
I love cha cha dancing 💃 👏👏👏bravo 😊
Cip Patac (26 days ago)
Kuya nakikinig akong lagi.
Phuong Tran (27 days ago)
Become to fan of you
Andri Andromeda (20 days ago)
Geura dangukeun upami rek bobo
Phuong Tran (26 days ago)
Cip Patac are you artzkie? I wish I have a lover who can play like you
Cip Patac (26 days ago)
Phuong thanks for liking.
Phuong Tran (27 days ago)
artzkie I am a Vietnamese girl, I like to look at your hands on each key. I like listen cha cha cha music and so I see your video. I 'm so happy
artzkie (27 days ago)
Phuong Tran thank you
Arili Jaramiel (27 days ago)
My inspiration to listen instrumental music especially when I'm longing for my children apart from me..
mamay b.a. (29 days ago)
super love ko ini nga klase nga tugtog hin chacha. pag gising sa umaga ngan antis kumaturog ini it akon sound. thank you sa pianist.
Alex Marinchik (1 month ago)
Super! ✨
Cip Patac (1 month ago)
whoever's playing, U-R really good.
Jossie Ocbina (1 month ago)
Movie love story carton
renato renato (1 month ago)
nice tanggal pagod ko ah from ksa
Meliton Regir (1 month ago)
Waray waray cha cha in Bisaya The Tacloban
Michael Miravalles (1 month ago)
Nakakamiss n umuwi ng pinas at mkpg chacha.
Daisy (1 month ago)
ookheel mooi ik hoiu van de.muziek gezellig bedankt succes er mee ingrid akkermans
我很喜欢这个视频,感谢您的分享,并希望您也喜欢我的视频 2018最火的伤感歌曲-閉上眼聽,更動人 - 越聽越好聽.....這樣的歌怎麼這麼有感覺啦!! 超濃的感情跟惆悵阿 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEXcKjCl0eY
miernzcuteghurl laboc (1 month ago)
tara sayawan na this whahaha
melchora pablo (1 month ago)
You play very good cha cha music, Kabayan Hi from Australia.
Wanrong Huang (2 months ago)
what a nice song
Marilyn Gabion (2 months ago)
Fffdddddxzs a hub c f gf
Yvonnie Claus (2 months ago)
Bravo!!!!You did it very well👏
Carmen Fedellaga (2 months ago)
Love.ko Ang Yamaha Wonderful Music..lalo. Waray.waray..spanish And.lalo.na. and iroy natuna.car men phli.2 year. Iu
Alex M (2 months ago)
Thank you so much bro... Actually I have been playing keyboard professionally around 25 years too... I have TYROS 5 too but don't you think that recorded song file or styel or.... From Tyros 5 is a little FLAT ? I decided to buy SCARLETT 2i2 or 2i4 G2 just for keyboards and not for volal for now. First please watch my performance: https://youtu.be/oH8eE6y_dC0 So all in all, what is your suggestions? Getting a sound card OR editing tyros 5 recorded sound file ......for publishing?
Eduardo Florentino (2 months ago)
Alex M (2 months ago)
Very nice... Did you record the whole song as we all hear it only with internal wave recorder of the tyros 5 and transfer it to usb OR you have Audio interface like USB audio interface Scarlet Si2...or any other brand... Knowing this is so important to me. Thanks in Advance
Alex M (2 months ago)
Thank you so much bro I have been playing keyboard professionally around 25 years too... I have TYROS 5 too but don't you think that recorded song file or styel or.... From Tyros 5 is a little FLAT ? I decided to buy SCARLETT 2i2 or 2i4 G2 just for keyboards and not for volal for now. First please watch my performance: https://youtu.be/oH8eE6y_dC0 So all in all, what is your suggestions? Getting a sound card OR editing tyros 5 recorded sound file ......for publishing?
artzkie (2 months ago)
Alex M Hi, it was recorded directly on the built in recorder of the keyboard and just transfered it to usb for editing.
Richard Mitchell (2 months ago)
thanks for this beautiffull song. also you played it beautifully.
waray waray imo in samar leyte🇵🇭
Wow maupay nman 🇵🇭😗
Daniel Duran (2 months ago)
Wow gandang togtog naalala ko na naman hahaha but realy Love it
Viola P (2 months ago)
Kaupay man ini nga tukar  !!
Fernando Villamarzo (2 months ago)
Good hands
Amante Danjovi Bugarin (2 months ago)
Amy Recto (2 months ago)
I love this cha cha
Viola P (2 months ago)
Sarayaw kita para marisyu!! tana na sarayaw hin cha , cha , 😄👍
rey sanchez (3 months ago)
kahusay hindoro waraywaray............
cha cha love songs😞😞😞
ALNAJAR ISNAJI (3 months ago)
nice music with beautiful instrument
Elsie Evasco (3 months ago)
super sarap pakinggan kahit waray pero sulit sa pang alis pagod..hindi nakakasawang pakinggan..
Cip Patac (3 months ago)
belib ako
Cip Patac (3 months ago)
saan man ikaw naruru-on magaling pare.
Angela Nguyen (3 months ago)
Hay qua cam on
Helen Tift (3 months ago)
love it cha cha
Helen Tift (3 months ago)
wow lovely
HenryTo (3 months ago)
love papa song. Beautiful mix.
Piroska Merk (3 months ago)
Fantastic performance 👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗🌈💕❤️💙💖🤗
Manuela Nela (4 months ago)
adoro muitíssimo.
Marialuz Raga Pew (4 months ago)
Good Job ! nang galing mo. talagang magandang music ang Waray waray.. Madamo salamat kbyan ! God Bless..
George Yuan Laurente (4 months ago)
nindota motugtug ni kuya oy
Carmen Fedellaga (4 months ago)
I love all i love. Good. God bless. All . mabuhay. Catarman.
Cip Patac (4 months ago)
Wow I like it, whoever's playing, your good.
nesty olvero (4 months ago)
wow gstong gsto tlga ang sayaw na cha cha....jan ako ata pinglihi hehehehe.....ndi ko ipgpplit yan....nkkawla prblma pgsumayw nyan
Chona Magtuloy (4 months ago)
Ang mga paborito kung musika... cha-cha nandito na lahat every Sunday nakakawala ng pagod,,
Reyland Macion (4 months ago)
Geizon Igano (4 months ago)
Pilipino tradition chacha
Belle Olpos (5 months ago)
I really love to listen this, keep it up and more music to play on💜
Hee Hung Lo (5 months ago)
Love these cool cha cha jams!! Keep up the Great music!!!👍👍👍👍👍
murali mohan lingam (5 months ago)
'artzkie' ::Beautiful Melodious Heart Throbbing Music With Good Background. Your's 80's Cha Cha Melody & Others Gave Us Same Melody And Quality. Keep It Up. !!!!!!! Murali Mohan Gupta.INDIA.
Angeline Castro (5 months ago)
Badger State (5 months ago)
Vilma Alarcon (5 months ago)
Ang galing nia oh
artzkie (5 months ago)
thank you
nhel samson (5 months ago)
i love this cha cha song "bahal na tuba" so nice ,ur hands is so smooth playing piano...
SPI HRD (5 months ago)
Moon Light Nature (5 months ago)
ang galing naman mapapasayaw ka sa tugtog mo eh
ED GABANA (6 months ago)
what a great music tnx
Rose Sarraga (6 months ago)
Very nice song medley guitar man
Rose Sarraga (6 months ago)
Very nice song medley
Moon Light Nature (6 months ago)
wow it is so nice, fantastic fingers
Carmen Fedellaga (6 months ago)
Mabuhay. Ma. Buhay yamaha.buys escoter and plano. Ask god rein so clean albay okey r osarii God bleaa.
Carmen Fedellaga (6 months ago)
Since 1988 talent representive. Yamaha. Catarman n Samar.. Yakal maneger.ed Florade .
Margo Sibal (6 months ago)
Very nice I really love this my real music waray Cha cha
Milagros Serquina (6 months ago)
C c
Carmen Fedellaga (6 months ago)
Mabuhay ang yamaha. Bye escoter lozon visaya mnl Mindanao. Catarman also.piano.
Carmen Fedellaga (6 months ago)
He llo wow bye yamaha and piano yamaha love people bye wow ma buhay. Kahit saan .crf
Viola P (6 months ago)
Don,t worry just be happy !!!! keep dancing cha cha ;D...have a nice day every one !!!!!
ferdinand joven (6 months ago)
very nice Hindi nkkasawang pkingan
ferdinand joven (6 months ago)
npakagandang pyesa HND nkksawang pkinggan very nice
Diego Arias (6 months ago)
A soul southing sounds from the waraynon
Jomar Allan Solania (7 months ago)
Can I use this one for a film? I will make sure to have the proper credits. This song is just so perfect .
Jomar Allan Solania (6 months ago)
artzwork thank you!
artzkie (6 months ago)
sure no prob.
edwin lupena (7 months ago)
Marjieh Zarco (7 months ago)
Mr DJ,ano po title ng first song you play,i want to play it in guitar,gusto ko hnpin ang chords,thanks
isidro cloma (7 months ago)
So amusing nice instrumental music, very relaxing to hear during idle times.
Sarjeet Lal (7 months ago)
Amazing performance.(Malaysia).
philip morris (7 months ago)
yesss... nice sound , from philippines
lealyn boado (7 months ago)
nkakatanggal pagod...khit paulit-ulit hndi nkakasawang pakinggan...
Viola P (7 months ago)
Tana sarayaw na kita ngatanan para waray problema ha.ha.ha ..
Viola P (3 months ago)
Intoy kaupay man hini nga imo tug tug .damo gud hin salamat !pirmi gud ako ha imo mamati hit imo mga kanta !!God bless you ,and your family ...
lito llanera hobayan (7 months ago)
mabuhay an mga waraynon...cge pikahi la magsarayaw kita
Rachele Lillo (7 months ago)
Very very good from Italy

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