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Hollywood Undead - Pain [Lyrics Video]

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Artist : Hollywood Undead Song : Pain Album : Swan Songs / Swan Songs B-Sides Label : A&M/Octone Support the band by buying their music. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hollywood-undead/id285976572 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/DannyTEU ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join my Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/TheExtremeUndead ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Why don't you subscribe my channel? It's only few seconds, but it means a lot. Click to subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/user/theextremeundead?sub_confirmation=1 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This is made on non-profital basis and should stay that way. It is uploaded for entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (1264)
bunbun gaming (1 day ago)
0:33 when a small cut bleeds too much
That øne Nobody (11 days ago)
Anyone here December 2018 ;)
Xx GrimWinter xX (20 days ago)
I’m running an Undead Marathon and when I reached this song I started crying while singing the lyrics. (Keep in mind, I’ve listened to this a million times) but I’m on the bus singing and crying to this song.
Debra Vega (25 days ago)
no one will ever know no one cares only the ones that know the most controls Me
CJ Johnson (1 month ago)
Wish this was on Spotify....
someone (3 months ago)
2:30 *when you spill your drink*
Uederson Sousa (3 months ago)
Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove (4 months ago)
Hollywood Undead can make another album called: Aerials Tracklist: 1. The Girl 2. Speculum 3. Baptize Me 4. First To Say 5. Close Friends 6. Nutshell 7. David 8. Orders 9. Vision 10. Your World 11. Stand Up 12. Follow The Sun 13. Brother 14. Tired of You
Regina Mortem (4 months ago)
The clicking pisses me off omgggg
Carolyn French (4 months ago)
I love these guys. I feel like they really do see the pain I am in almost constantly. When I weep, I weep for them sometimes.
John Stewart (5 months ago)
I showed my Black friend Get Crunk by Brokencyde and he said it's like Lil Jon.
rex sheet (5 months ago)
this song is an messege
The Undead Alpha (5 months ago)
Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry. GOODBYE! *Throwing an empty can of beer*
The Undead Alpha (5 months ago)
That's what I meant. :P
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
The Undead Alpha I love finishing a beer lol. But I hate having a beer finished :D
The Undead Alpha (5 months ago)
I'm always in pain when I'm finishing a beer. XD
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
flyingd0onkey (5 months ago)
this song is emo but fine
Kyle J. Clevenger (5 months ago)
Still listening in 2018, and I feel like Da Kurlzz screams sound alot like if Deuce were to be screaming... Am I the only one who thinks that?
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
Yes, their screams are similar, especially in this song
Deuce has such a pretty voice ❤
xFutureTrunksx (2 months ago)
Same </3
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
I want back the old times :(
Vini Tyler Vernagallo (7 months ago)
cuz thes times r almost over
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
They are over :(
Brian Walters (7 months ago)
I feel like this talks about government corruption in today's world
danwassuchanemo (8 months ago)
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
And all the other hu songs :(
Mr Shadow (8 months ago)
Pripreme za BG
Kyarie (8 months ago)
I miss Deuce 😞
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
Kyarie ;(
Kitty Cat (9 months ago)
Why is this song not on spotify?
An'Alien's God (5 months ago)
They donf have many hu songs, theyre especially missing deuce era and new songs
Elizabeth W (9 months ago)
"Hey da kurlz , wanna come over and make this song with us? We just need you to say one word"
Crimson fox (10 months ago)
I listened to this when I attempted suicide...I just wanted to die happy. I'll see you soon Grandma.
Crimson fox (7 months ago)
Ban fun may it be cops are already on my tail for suicide and threats of murder
єℓιנαн (7 months ago)
Crimson fox I don't know u, but if u suffered u can shoot people in ur old school.
Crimson fox (7 months ago)
Give me your age and I might. If you're from my old school then I hope you go to hell you goat fucker
єℓιנαн (7 months ago)
Crimson fox Yes, do u know me?
Crimson fox (7 months ago)
wait, are you from curwensville?
Kurumi Miyuki (10 months ago)
Ahw da kurlzzk❤... im so sad because leave the band.. 😢
Zachary Butler (10 months ago)
THE-WHITE-LORD (11 months ago)
it will be sick if jdog was in it he is a god to sing in theres songs
jordan goku-sama (1 year ago)
It says this video is not available any 1 know why and help
jeremy ruffin (1 year ago)
I love how da kurlz is like screaming when he says "goodbye!" I also love the beginning where j3t is put all his hate in it.
Spoopy Parallax (1 year ago)
The amount of emotion that J3T shows at 0:27 Is crazy.. More specifically at 0:30
Juan Gomez (1 year ago)
"We cant stop now , were so close now , cause these times are almost over" Yeah , just kill me already
Casey Hinson (1 year ago)
The FBI jurks off to your pain flag of hate made to look like a beacon of hope
Erik Thiessen (1 year ago)
and body else thinking when deuce says "im naked im kneeling im shaking im reeeling my god i keep bleeding" think that maybe he was in prizon and kinda dropped the soap? any body else thinkin that???
xPanic attackx (1 year ago)
That J3T
Erik Thiessen (1 year ago)
any body else listening to this and misses deuce being in this amazing band.
The Joker (11 months ago)
Erik Thiessen Yeah Deuce is a lot better than Danny in my opinion.
Evan Lamping (1 year ago)
Why the fuck is this a B-Side
Casey Hinson (1 year ago)
United States Government is a joke. Terrorism Flourishing. Hippocrates.
Rangel Santana (1 year ago)
AnDrY DaY (1 year ago)
российские кушать??
OrganicMeckanik1987 (1 year ago)
Im not crying to this song,"crys so hard".
Red (1 year ago)
Anyone know why this song isn't on Spotify?
testicle strangler (1 year ago)
I swear these guys are lyrical geniuses
Masked Domino (1 year ago)
"I'm naked I'm kneeling" ..........Ryden.
coldfire (1 year ago)
the anker is grey
coldfire (3 months ago)
really really strange....
Jay Dog7886767 (1 year ago)
love this fuckin' song
Ian Harrison (1 year ago)
J3T is my man crush
Char (1 year ago)
pyrophaze (1 year ago)
I lost my self in this song
GameLovers Czech (1 year ago)
Rockcatman127 (1 year ago)
Nobody can't see the pain that i go through everyday. They might know if i actually tell them foreonce.
Madison Tolliver (1 year ago)
I love u guys ur songs have so many meaningful and beautiful messages
Jesse Bozarth (1 year ago)
Dominic Rowan (1 year ago)
whenever I'm depressed, I listen to depressing songs. people might think this is bad for you and that it will only make things worse but in my eyes that's not true. when I listen to songs like these I reflect on myself and why am I REALLY depressed. I try to find the root cause of my depression. I also try to find ways to get over it. but listening to this song makes me reflect on the human race itself. why are people so mean to to others? why do we put others down when some people don't even bother us? is it because we want power or what? like J3T said, we actually have a human disease.
Dominic Rowan (1 year ago)
in this song I realized that they are trying to say that even though they are a gang, (and people hate gangs because they are criminals and low lives) there are people in average society that are just as bad but those people just hide their real action inside themselves. so what HU is trying to say is that people that look down on others are usually hypocrites.
Thomas Vigil (1 year ago)
I really wish this was on Spotify
Volkan (1 year ago)
I miss Deuce at HU..
The Legend (1 year ago)
old school hu.
Insurrective (1 year ago)
I wish Deuce would sing a song like this in a moment of apology. I'd love to see Danny and Deuce on the chorus at the same time.
Audrianne Aguillon (1 year ago)
Where all my Black Butler fans at?
Zapy NoFam (1 year ago)
charlies verse is very compared to me because I lost a best friend that was my bff for 6 years! She ditched me for a friend she only knew for 1 year! And everyone who I look up to is really screwed up and make me screwed
Fallen Angel (1 year ago)
and the extreme undead deuce is the one screaming goodbye
Fallen Angel (1 year ago)
the way j3t pants after a short scream you know the pain is real XD no but it's awesome also jdog screams really nicely as well as deuce tho he's a prick
Ryan Grenstiner (1 year ago)
I fucking hate YouTube new law out on the phone
Elise the Lucian (1 year ago)
This is really powerful.
amp 864 (1 year ago)
that goodbye is deuce and da kurlzz if ya didnt know
INFIRES MAN (1 year ago)
favorite song forever, to good to be this short
Anonymous (1 year ago)
I wonder how many people didnt know Deuce was also called "The Producer"
Rezi (1 year ago)
so true
Matt Wood (1 year ago)
with these enforced disorders
Ali Chorney (1 year ago)
Mateusz Kujowinski (1 year ago)
Czemu nie moge odpalic na Telefonie :O xd
UMBRE0N (1 year ago)
Still probably my favorite HU song of all time, besides maybe Black Dahlia or Rain.
shadowscorpion Gaming (1 year ago)
Anyone else that can't wait for the new album
jessejess ice (1 year ago)
i cant find it on spotify ahhhhhhh
Dunkyboi.-. 01 (1 year ago)
MamaHammy (1 year ago)
this is my life ;-;
sKyrYu u (2 years ago)
sorry,i m HU s fan for more then 2 yrs now,i m listing to u BUT FORGETTED TO LIKE U R VIDEOS ,EXPT 1 OR 2,but i ll now
Demonic Angel (2 years ago)
Oh god this song just stabbed me right in the soul...I'm crying...
SpychoPath3000 (2 years ago)
My cat Princess died and we have had her for 5-6 years Princesses brother Shurry was bit bye possibly a dog on the cheek and it would mean alot if i got likes and talk to me with replies.
Echo (1 year ago)
May you be talking to me? As I don't like people who get likes for such stupid reasons, you can talk to people in real life and your family instead of random strangers.
SpychoPath3000 (1 year ago)
I really don't need sympathy I'm made this comment so I can know I'm not alone.
SpychoPath3000 (1 year ago)
Hey, know one there to guide you? Or just tp "cool" to show sympathy
Elise the Lucian (1 year ago)
I'm sorry 😢 ❤❤❤
Echo (1 year ago)
Fuck off.
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
I thought it said "enforced disorders" Eh, maybe I was wrong.
Fallen Angel (2 years ago)
also deuce is screaming
Fallen Angel (2 years ago)
enforced disorders yw
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
Fallen Angel I've already heard America, Bleed, Let's Get it Crackin', Nobody Likes Me, and more. I can tell the difference. Although, the first time I saw the lyric video, I thought it was Da Kurlzz.
Fallen Angel (2 years ago)
The Blacksmith look up America and you'll be able to tell the difference between kurlzz jeff and Deuce
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
Fallen Angel Yeah, I could tell after that one part. It was self harmony with editing, and then after a single voice from Deuce.
Fallen Angel (2 years ago)
The Blacksmith yea also deuce is screaming not Matt
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
Fallen Angel That's what I was thinking. Thought it was just me.
lordboombastic (2 years ago)
I cry so hard listening to this. 😂😂
Watcher #4536 (2 years ago)
I can relate to da kurrlz and deuce
P.J Bread (2 years ago)
TOO fucking short
hoe gang (2 years ago)
the good Hollywood undead
Vanitas (2 years ago)
orders? *disorders
MMOPaddy (2 years ago)
Simon Coats (2 years ago)
my girlfriend or ex idek i think broke up with me to hollywood undead songs what a great person i mean im laughing my ass off because most of them kinda said i was cheating when i wont even high five a girl but u know i mean either way she did it in style lmao
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
Simon Coats Well, I'd instantly not want to listen to that song if I were in your position. Maybe try Let Go from the Day of the Dead album.
Simon Coats (2 years ago)
yeah ik she sent me that one too
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
+Simon Coats That sucks, bro. At least you know there's a breakup song for you on the Swan Songs album. Black Dahlia is always of help.
Simon Coats (2 years ago)
yeah lmao
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
Simon Coats What does "broke up with me to Hollywood Undead" mean? Like, dump you with a song?
Joey Walden (2 years ago)
everyone you look up to is really as fucked up as up....that's when I gave up.
Yodeling Quickscoper (2 years ago)
This song is so true.
Noah Seiter (2 years ago)
This song really describes today's society.
FlamingAvalancheGaming (2 years ago)
these enforcers orders these enforced disorders* 1:24
The Blacksmith (2 years ago)
FlamingAvalancheGaming Welp, looks like multiple people agree that that's what it's supposed to be.
the insane gamer (2 years ago)
the insane gamer (2 years ago)
never mind I can't spell very good
providedsilver9 (2 years ago)
Koden X (2 years ago)
I just want to die
That Guy (2 years ago)
Koden X (2 years ago)
+That Guy sorry about that, I was depressed at that time
That Guy (2 years ago)
but then no more puppys and kittens! + life do get better when you get out of school because then you can just say FUCK YOU ALL! and never need to see them ever.
Jay Salinas 1v1s (2 years ago)
TheAlphaBetapr13 (2 years ago)
the songs with deuce are actually good
I cry so hard
Ashton Ellis (2 years ago)
Charlie's verse reminds me of fight music by D12 Charlie: "If I could take all this pain away, use the rage of our youth today" Eminem: "If I could capture the rage of today's youth and bottle it Crush the glass with my bare hands and swallow it" Pretty fucking cool
Matt Dugan (2 years ago)
Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Loooovvveeee this song so load it blows my zone cold

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