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ORACLE WORLD - Recovery of Dropped Tablespace using TSPITR without RMAN

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Hello friends in this video I'm going to explain you how to recover the dropped tablespace using point in time recovery in oracle 11gR2 without rman backups #RecoveryofDroppedTablespace #rmanrecovery #TSPITRwithoutRMAN Oracle database Unbeatable,Unbreakable Platform..
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Nasim Sheikh (1 year ago)
Hi Lalit, how to Recover a Dropped or Deleted Table Using RMAN Backup and flashback database in not enabled can you please share the link or vedio
Mahesh Kadtan (2 years ago)
after drop tablespace query i have done some transaction on db. for exampale create new tbs assign to a new user create table in that new user.... ok but when u fire recover database using backup controlfile until time xxxx .............. that dropped tablespace will recover But transaction perform after drop tablespace will be lost...... how to solved this problem please help...... thanks
Gaurav Nagayach (3 years ago)
sir ! I understand this recovery & backup but in which backup you took recovery . I want to know recovery from cold backup & hot back without rman .
mayank walvekar (3 years ago)
sir how to clone oracle db in Linux environment...
mayank walvekar (3 years ago)
sir please share some practice videos regarding how to upgrade oracle db 32 bit to 64 bit.
Bobby Jampani (3 years ago)
Then Why U taken Closed Backup..?
mayank monga (1 year ago)
Bobby Jampani bcoz he is chutiya
Ayoob manker (3 years ago)

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