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How to buy new tyres and avoid the scams | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

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Before we kick off on this: I’m in ‘Straya. We spell it with a ‘Y’, like, I dunno, everywhere on earth except Retardistan, which is also called ‘Merica. Knock yourself out in the comments feed, on this, Jethro. Say hi to Jim-Bob and Ellie-Mae. Enjoy the spit roast. And all the other hillbilly fun. There’s a whole world outside the USA. How long has that been the case. I’m John Cadogan, from AutoExpert.com.au - the place where Aussie new car buyers save thousands off their next new cars. Hit me up on the website for that. Welcome to another ‘What the FAQ’ - which oxygenates your more common questions and (I hope) equips you with the facts you need to jump these vexatious hurdles. There are about 12 million cars on Australian roads, which means - ballpark - 50 million tyres. And that means replacement tyres, even in a global backwater such as this, are big business. I get several recurring questions on this, which all boil down to: Which tyres should I buy? The basics are: They have to be the right size - and the right load rating. You can choose a tyre with a load rating greater than the minimum, but not less than that. That’s a detail the tyre retailer usually looks after. I’m kinda passionate about tyres because for five or six years I ran all the Wheels Magazine annual tyre tests. We conscripted the assistance of a lot of local tyre engineers to get the testing protocols right for those tests, and as a result, I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would about tyres. So the first thing you need to know is that the manufacturers of quality tyres all have a real problem: Tyres are all black and round, so the really good ones look exactly the same as the really shit ones. It’s a marketing challenge par excellence. If you’re a non-technical person, it can be quite hard to believe a good tyre that looks exactly the same as a shit tyre, but costs maybe $100 bucks more is actually that much better. But - trust me on this - it is. There are a great many urban myths on various tyre brands - like some are allegedly quieter. Some are allegedly better at grip in the wet - whatever. Having stood on the side of the track, set up the timing beams, briefed the race driver, consulted with the expert engineers, I can tell you those brand-based myths are bullshit. The number one thing to remember when you’re buying replacement tyres is that all the known, quality brands: Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Toyo, Michelin, Yokohama - et cetera - you know the ones I mean - all those quality brands perform about the same as each other, for a particular size and category of tyre. Obviously a Pirelli on a Porsche is very likely to out-perform a Yokohama on a Yaris. We’re talking apples-for-apples here. I’d include Hankook and Kumho on that ‘quality brands’ list, too - they are definitely up there, at least they are today. And I say this on the basis of trackside measurements - testing - that I actually conducted. There’s no doubt. And FYI - I have no commercial affiliation with any tyre manufacturer. The number two thing is: Don’t ask for brand-type advice at the retail coal face. Retailers are incentivised by different manufacturers - so there are different agendas at play. The retailer invariable recommends the tyre that’s right for him, commercially, not necessarily you. I’d get three different quotes on three different quality brands, over the phone, and go with the cheapest one. It really is that simple. But asking brand advice from a tyre retailer is like walking into a Mazda dealer and asking him if Toyota is any good. It’s not a place where unbiased advice is forthcoming.
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Edmund W. Chan (14 days ago)
Larry Ordine (24 days ago)
Even among hi end brands there are standard, touring, Grand touring, summer, winter, all season and now all weather tires... Even among those some are louder, or stickier, or better in light snow or last longer. I am always selecting tires for friends. ..tire rack and consumers reports helps....after I ask a few questions. How are you going to drive, where and what are your expectations?
Chris Fernando (25 days ago)
Watched, Liked and subscribed. Love your stuff mate!
menckencynic (27 days ago)
Watching a video I like! But apparently Americans can't watch, so...fuck you! Thumbs down.
AutoExpert TV (27 days ago)
This is me not caring about that, FYI. Knock yourself out.
xRoWx xLoWx (1 month ago)
were can i buy that shirt?
Ryan L (1 month ago)
Like your video very much, very interesting.
maso882 (1 month ago)
Kumho are shit
Arjun Nathan (2 months ago)
riplstrip (2 months ago)
Hi John, I am an Electronic Ginger Beer and thought you were full of it at the start of your Blogs. I understand now that you do know what you are talking about and apologise , my mistake. Keep up the great work. I am subscribed.
Matt Thomas (2 months ago)
I bought a couple of Diamond Back tyres from Kmart Tyre and Auto and so far so good.
ltchyba11s (2 months ago)
Scrubbing in tyres is not about getting rid of the coating the manufacturers put on them, that coating doesn't take long to wear off. It's about 'melding' the rubber to the steel belts. Scrubbing in a tyre is getting them to operating temperature SLOWLY by driving the car as it was being driven in the rain. After about 100 km when the tyres are nice and hot, GRADUALLY increase throttle, braking and steering inputs for another 100km. By the time the tyres reach this 200km mark, the car should be being pushed hard. Don't forget the spare needs to be done too. Obviously the best place to do this is on a winding road.
p a (3 months ago)
firemax tires is considered a shit brand yet worked out very well for 4 seasons. thanks for your advice though.
matthew mashl (3 months ago)
heck, I live in the U.S. and I spell it tyres. I also spell it colours
Clint Bubolz (3 months ago)
I bought a set of 20s for my suburban off of ebay some company that was so embarrassed there wasn't even a company name the cost 68.00 per unit they have held up really well just can't drive on wet pavement with out the 4 wheel engaged lol
ANTONIOS (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video. From uk
eclipseNF (3 months ago)
I just bought some Yokohamas pretty good price and quality. Edit lol you do some great comedy as well
Uhhh (3 months ago)
Genius stuff.
Michael Harrison (4 months ago)
I always ask for the best tyre to suit the car After all it’s the only connection with the road Just thrown a set of absolutely shit tyres off a friends Falcon and fitted a quality set of name brand tyres What a difference to the car
stratgibson (4 months ago)
Down under just where U belong
djstr0b3 (4 months ago)
What about wheel alignment and balancing? How important are those?
djstr0b3 (4 months ago)
Mate, I just saw a Peugeot car commercial during this video. Ad placement fail?
Rachael Warlond (4 months ago)
I definitely agree that cheap no name tyres should be avoided at all costs. If that's the value you put on you and your loved ones' lives, then go right ahead and buy them. The same applies to tyres that last a long time, but compromise grip. On the other hand, I don't agree that most of the major brands perform about the same. Some introduce/increase understeer in front wheel drive cars. Some are noisier on course bitumen and still other premium tyres reduce comfort levels. Here is first hand experience: The Hyundai i30 SR Premium comes standard with Hankook Ventus Prime 2. I got rid of them and put on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. The Michelins produced fabulous results when compared to the Hankook. Not that the Hankook tyres are necessarily bad, but the Michelin reduced the understeer (not that the i30 has a lot of it anyway), and are quieter on course bitumen. Comfort levels are similar between the two brands. So no, all tyres, not even the premium ones, are created equal.
fatjamma (4 months ago)
Most entertaining and informative review on “tyres” so far. You made me lough and learn, not like 65 yo Miss Strath in year 5. I subscribed!
Hercule Holmes (5 months ago)
5:50 Disagree. The bloke who is trying to get his Holden Commodore sorted on a tight budget can't really afford to be buying the most expensive tyres. They're expensive. He's asking a pretty sensible question: "What is the cheapest set of tyres for my old banger that will do the job?" You might say "oh but you can't put a price on safety", to which I would counter, why haven't *you* spent an extra $10,000 upgrading your braking system and suspension? How to make an old car with cheap tyres safer? Drive slower. My experience of drivers in Australia - or in NSW at least - is that they drive stupidly fast; with Australia having less than half the population of the UK I think Australians are in the habit of trusting to luck on the roads, assuming that there won't be a hazard round that next sharp bend. These days I can afford top-budget tyres, but for many years I drove old bangers and never had an accident because I drove within the limits of my car. Also, while I have never bought retreads, I sometimes bought part-worn tyes.
Tom Joseph (5 months ago)
When I was a youngster working a summer in the Goodyear store my dad managed, he showed me a list of DOT numbers. Compare the DOT number on a tire to the list and it would show you who made the tire. I started checking all the Goodyear tires on the shelf and found that they were made by virtually every name tire company you could think of. Kelly-Springfield, Uniroyal, Firestone, Cooper etc. They make each others tires on contract. When I lived in Fulda, Germany I found out that the Fulda Reifen Tire plant was also the German Goodyear plant and the only difference was that they changed the name plate in the mould.
alan nosworthy (5 months ago)
Onya John, keep on giving the seppos a rev. The decent ones can handle it and the others can get stuffed anyway.
Randy Cox (5 months ago)
I have found that many of the New Cars come with tires that do not rate good in wet, dry ,sound & mileage.
Randy Cox (5 months ago)
What do you think of tire rack they test the different tires and sometimes the cheaper tire performs better.
Randy Cox (5 months ago)
I appreciate your knowledge, sounds like you think all Americans are Hill Billies.
Tracey Meek (5 months ago)
Dude, Retardistan is in Murica, not Merica. 😁
David Viner (5 months ago)
That was a really good video John, many thanks
forzanerazzurri (5 months ago)
There's a whole world outside the USA like...Canadastan where they also spell it with an "i". Maybe this Aussie twat should take his own advice and get outside.
joey kennedy (5 months ago)
well aren't you a little bigot.
Victor V (5 months ago)
What exactly did Australia invent that the whole world benefits from? Lol
Peter Engles (5 months ago)
Sorry John. Some years ago when i had a Peugeot 504 and not much money, I had four Bearepairs retreads fitted which had a locally formulated tread compound and the Olympic 100 pattern. In terms of steering response (directional stability) they were excellent tyres and were really good (unlike some earlier European tyres like Michelin) in the wet. At the time in the early '90's, I paid about $45 each for them. I understand that this may not be the case today - Beaurepairs no longer make retreads, and retreads seem to be difficult to source now. But I also doubt that Beaurepairs wouldn't have sold retreads (which they did for years) if they were geniunely unsafe. I suspect that Beaurepairs stopped making them during the '90's recession because so many people were buying them as they had trouble affording new tyres.
Great White7 (5 months ago)
I bought "cheap" tyres for my car, drive it sensibly, and the fronts were done in about 7000kms. Hankooks I had on before lasted around 25,000 and only cost $50 more.
Joshua N (5 months ago)
Mud tyres vs all terrain tyres off road. Please.
trident3b (6 months ago)
I think the times are changing. There is nothing like personal emperical evidence. For years and years I spent tons of money on Pirellis, Dunlops, Continentals and tried some Bridgestones (that were SO loud (howling tread) I thought I was driving a military Land Rover). In Winter I used Pirelli Asymetricos winter tyres and couldn't get up some hills. I then tried some cheap Nankangs. I got up the hills with those where the Pirellis failed. I then decided to try Nankang summer tyres and proceeded in my normal way to hammer up and down the Autobahns at 150+ No difference. Grip, feeling braking all just as good... and quiet. Smae rate of wear. The Nankangs cost a third of the others. I now use them all the time.
don hezca (6 months ago)
So helpful video.
Fred Ralph (6 months ago)
This geezer is an A Class Cunt. Listen to him and take his advice and you’ll never buy anything in your life or leave the house.
John C (6 months ago)
rdennis (6 months ago)
i prefer Michelin all season with treadwear 840...great grip too...
Rob Watt (6 months ago)
Toyo open road are the best for Highlanders.
Local 223 (6 months ago)
Not sure why retreads are legal in your backwater country.
jjk087 (6 months ago)
i have an s2000 and for wear, cost and grip combo sumitumo treadwear 300 was great. goodyear eagle f1 great for grip, only lasted 5k and cost a lot. i think michelin and bridgestone are nice enough, felt heavy and let go at high performance level
Sakqia (6 months ago)
America says f*** you too love your videos though tires is spelled with a f****** "I"
Robert Smith (6 months ago)
If you use retreads do you think the insurance company would say " on you bike" if you had a nasty?
Bill Ski (6 months ago)
As a proud American I am forced to say, I am sexually attracted to dinosaurs!
rick holster (6 months ago)
Can't look at Hillary the same way again , Thanks John lol
Subaru Pro (6 months ago)
Bridgestone RE003 for my WRX Stick like shit on a fan all day long - wet or dry
Ryan Farmer (6 months ago)
All directional tyres should point down, no matter what side.
Bigbore400cc (6 months ago)
Retreads should be illegal. I was driving my dad's van and unknown to me on a retreaded front tire which exploded at 50km/h and nearly made the van flip in heavy traffic. The van also had no insurance. I could have been paying off the reoair bill for hitting a porche for the rest of my young years before I even understood the importance of insurance. Thanks mum and Dad.
Daniel Gibson (6 months ago)
Except when “reputable” brands are squeezed by the car manufacturers ala “mate I need some cheep tyres for my Navara” as original fitment.
All Noyz (6 months ago)
You are the matrix l(y)ing to me....
Keith Gray (6 months ago)
I would rather be from a country that kicked out the english, than a country that was created to kick out the criminals of england. all hail retardistan!
Tun Izmir (6 months ago)
We spell it in Malaysia 'tayar'...
Dana Henshaw (6 months ago)
Steven Foot (6 months ago)
What about speed rating mate? Does it need to match or exceed the tyre placard?
Derek A (6 months ago)
Thanks for the humor mate.
Boot Lick (6 months ago)
Yes we spell it ‘tires’ but we also have LOTS of guns. You shouldn’t have given yours up.
MrDaymee (6 months ago)
Just in case this helps anyone. I drive the compact Lexus SUV nx200. Tyres came with the car brand new (Bridgestones Dueler HT33). I simply do highway mileage (950km/wk). I got 90K out of the tyres. I just changed the tyres today to.a Pirelli Scorpion Verde
DAVID EVANS (6 months ago)
I buy part worn tyres . People change the set often when 2 tyres are bald , without need. Providing the date and tread is good ,balanced with the right pressure.
Kolin Stallman (6 months ago)
Once you go michelin pilot sport you never go back. Even though you would only use it once in a while, you should make a name for canada. We spell it "tire" too. My local shop wanted $430 per tire for the pilot sport 4s. Tire rack had it for $218. Dont buy the cheapest tire. Find the cheapest seller.
The Mongoose (6 months ago)
When i get asked 'which one should i get?' I say 'buy the absolute best you can afford'
Gerald Clay (6 months ago)
Tire is a ring or band of rubber, either solid or hollow and inflated, or of metal, placed over the rim of a wheel to provide traction, resistance to wear, or other desirable properties. BTW, do they make your shirt for men or is it just for pussies like you.
Jack Class (6 months ago)
7:57 chip your paint much?
Aussie Shane (6 months ago)
I'm running Falken Azenis Fk510 225 x 40 x 18" on my awd Forester Turbo... My Subaru Sticks too the Road, like shit too a Blanket.
Jason Kresock (6 months ago)
Fantastic Video Man! THANKS!
Shaun Sprouse (6 months ago)
cheers from ameryca
JNAS (6 months ago)
how many times did you say "sh!t" lol :D
Garth (6 months ago)
so much wasted time about spelling...who cares?
gjmob (5 months ago)
Hillbillies do.
Aussie Shane (6 months ago)
Bloody Hell. You forgot to put a "Capital Letter" at the beginning of the Sentence. And also after the 3 silly Full Stops. Just joking, I would not have clue. English and Grammar sux.
nantucketjeep (6 months ago)
Fuck you mate
Tyrandus (6 months ago)
This video was very helpful. We're about to buy new TIRES (lol) for our car. Have you done a video on which kind of winter TIRE to buy for a run of the mill sedan? Any advice from anyone?
Adubs (6 months ago)
Oh god that hillary picture. Cannot unsee.
Mark Valente (6 months ago)
Fuck this guy.
Aussie Shane (6 months ago)
Shit John, you beat me to it....
AutoExpert TV (6 months ago)
Yeah - fuck him. He's such a tool.
Mako Rayo (6 months ago)
Yeah we like everything big in america like your mom. Aussie kangaroo fucker
Patricio Abello (6 months ago)
Haha love yt mayn but you do realyze you're in an American vydeo platform ryght mate? Riiiite... But that was funny as, because you sound like a Leprechaun.
Shane Dykes (6 months ago)
U smart ass! Lol👍love man
gormdragan (7 months ago)
I am from the USA and I approve this message (I.e., Retardistan)
James Lim (7 months ago)
8:52 holy fuck, my eyes someone help
Spinner Tools (7 months ago)
Another great video mate! I'm American as well but I've been living in Brisbane for the past 17 years. In the age of Trump, your geopolitical comments are particularly true!
Mr. T. (7 months ago)
Yeah but the only part of the world that really matters is in the USA and most people know that
Steve S (7 months ago)
Wow, what a friggen DICK.
c5back9 (7 months ago)
A boringly long video of a pompous ass-wipe midget rambling on as if he’s an authority on something. How the fuck does his husband cope with such a wanker?
Sherab Namdhak (7 months ago)
Love your directness. Perhaps you should be in politics. Say it like it should be not how it is.
Steven Park (7 months ago)
Your right!, remember that time Australia won world wars, landed on the moon, invented things the entire world relies on? Yeah me either...
clockworkbike (7 months ago)
Careful John, here in the Commonwealth of Canada we spell it TIRE. Probably a result of influence from the south of us.
porkyo123 (7 months ago)
You forgot Cooper
10in65 (7 months ago)
Complex Mate
Louis Freris (7 months ago)
Very good info John, I've been driving for 40 years in Shitsville and didn't know many of the facts you mentioned. No more cheapies for me,
HereIgoAgain (7 months ago)
Mate, it's "Retardystan." Aussies never get it write. BTW, too bad Hilldog didn't hit the campaign trail in her glamsuit: she may have won the Billy Bob vote.
Salmon RushDie (7 months ago)
I thought Straya was the national anthem Boy do I feel domb
mycatumz (7 months ago)
what about Coopers? Are they as good.
Joe mariconadas (7 months ago)
Hey John, you forgot to mention that it's NORTH AMERICA that spells it with an I. USA and Canada in this case spell it TIRES. So, seeing this "from MERICA" it's weird to me to see it with a Y
Izzy So (7 months ago)
Hahaha you are a clown.eeeeeeeeeh putoooooo
Al13n1nV8D3R (7 months ago)
Well said!
Doug Vigano (7 months ago)
I'm betting that there are more Jim-Bob's and Ellie-Mae's in 'Straya than there are in the U.S. And lose the beard. It makes you look like a queer, bald Santa Claus.
AutoExpert TV (7 months ago)
Stop breathing and don't breed, for the sake of the gene pool
Doug Vigano (7 months ago)
Your attempt at french reference is pitiful. It might be your "shtick", but it doesn't work. Give it up.
AutoExpert TV (7 months ago)
Hey Doug - thanks for the feedback. Now, go fuck yourself, arsehole.
Dawid Ptak (7 months ago)
Love it
wtongtube (7 months ago)
I noticed that Hillary has lost her two spare tyres around her waist.

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