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Drunk Lesbians Watch "But I'm A Cheerleader" (Feat. Tania Safi)

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Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
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XXSPUFFYXX (1 year ago)
Simba (1 year ago)
my family is catholic (i think they are Homophobic too )and they tell me every lesbian is bad person and THEY did not know i am lesbian, I just wait few years i think they kick me out when i tell him about me.
awesome sft (1 year ago)
This is like my favourite film 💗
WarPoodle 2600 (1 year ago)
Girl Ship TV You should check out a movie called The Pirates of The Great Salt Lake. It's way better than it should be, has an awesome message and is hilarious... But I'm starting to think I'm the only one who's seen it lol.
Katelynn Mendoza (1 year ago)
I don’t know if you haven’t watched it but “room in Rome” was low key crazy
Audrey Violet (27 minutes ago)
if i lived with my dad i would be homeless, well if i didn't have my mom
Audrey Violet (28 minutes ago)
my father's kinda a jackass, he literally can't change. trust me, I've tried
lulu lemon (9 days ago)
Umm is noone going to talk about ru Paul
Truebornseeker (9 days ago)
Tan is my lesbian crush lol
Meg Mahoney (10 days ago)
I remember being 15 forever ago in 2004 and seeing this unexpectedly for the first time...whilst still in the closet... and in the living room with my parents....and on top of it, my name is Meghan. Always wished I had a picture of what my face looked like at that moment.
Broken Mcgay (17 days ago)
They never even mention how Andre (the fabulous gay guy) ships them hard af and 100% knows about them and straight up will whisper to them about the other like, “are you gone get yo gurl?” and it deserves more recognition
becca k (18 days ago)
I was a cheerleader and there were GOOD queers on the team lol. Including me 😂 Therefore I have refused to watch this movie because the name and premise is so stupid to me
Isabella Diaz (18 days ago)
I’m so turned on.
H (19 days ago)
lmao this movie is bad for me now I'm wondering if I should come out just so I can get sent to a conversion camp and find some other girls 👀👀
Estrella Casias (23 days ago)
Olivia Vonne (23 days ago)
The director wanted the girls to be nude in the love scene but Natasha and Clea didn't want to take their clothes off. Still one of my favorite love scenes. ❤
Olivia Vonne (23 days ago)
No cheerleaders in Australia? What the hell!
PietraSaskia (23 days ago)
Natasha lyonne 😍😍😍😍
duelbuster123 (24 days ago)
sorry my I am one of those who never fall for Graham but feminine girls :P
Jimi Hendrix (24 days ago)
I'd go to a conversion camp to meet more queer people. Also, natasha lyonne's raspy voice now is even sexier!
Kilian Rayleigh (29 days ago)
...Is that RuPaul?
Lou _ (1 month ago)
"Safi" as in "enough"?
Lynn Rich (1 month ago)
12:00 Actually though. A girl I like and I want to move to Seattle for our early 20s and stuff and then just move to the countryside and adopt a bunch of abandoned kids and animals. We want to name our dogs Oswald, Fredrick, and Lennard bc she made three easter eggs with pipe cleaner legs and mustaches named that. They're our sons.
Caro Rijkehaven (1 month ago)
Cheerleaders are an American thing. I lived in Puerto Rico and the Netherlands. No cheerleaders to be seen but in good 'ole 'Merica!!
Wren Freaflyeng (1 month ago)
But I'm A Cheerleader, will always be one of my favorite movies.
Kiki Johnson (1 month ago)
This movie helped me figure out my sexuality
Gabrielle Bertrand (1 month ago)
3:50 Zuko!?!?!?
daphny libby (1 month ago)
im always ready for booze and lesbians is going to be my senior quote
Mouse The Cat (1 month ago)
Absolutely love this movie
Mouse The Cat (1 month ago)
Kinda wanna go to one of these camps just to find another lesboon for me
Olivia Vonne (1 month ago)
I love this movie. It's funny, romantic, and makes the point that conversion therapy is idiotic without being heavy-handed or preachy.
Helena Chiaratti (1 month ago)
banananutmuffin (1 month ago)
tania is super attractive
Rice (2 months ago)
RuPaul is in like every queer american movie from the 90's give it a REST.
Omg tan. . . . . . oh . . my. . . god
Maria Polanco (2 months ago)
the first queer film i saw was blue is the warmest color and I was like I am soooooo gay out 10
Penninah Wanjiru (2 months ago)
3:47 all I hear is Zuko
MemeQueen6900 (2 months ago)
After that stupid as fuck manspreading video from buzzfeed i cant take tan seriously at all
Oh (3 months ago)
Just realized that Mike is rupaul ..oops
Sarah ann (3 months ago)
Recently found this channel and man the lesbian content I didn't know I needed lol love these! Also Amanda is cute af ♥️
Drew the cat (3 months ago)
„I like the part where the cheerleaders cheer“ me, honestly
Damn, young Dante Basco!
Hi Hi (3 months ago)
It bothered me so much when she snitched on the two guys im like wtf no that’s not how it should work
Isaia Pola (3 months ago)
Oh my god I totally forgot that Rupaul is staring in the movie! Omg my mind is blown
Keona 55 (3 months ago)
Why did the cheerleader look like Nicky from Orange is the new black to me?
Nicole Dyzel (3 months ago)
It's funny coz she plays a lesbian in orange is the new black
jaimee lee (3 months ago)
3:50 Zuko,,,, what are you doing here
Jeff Miller (3 months ago)
You do realize that Mink Stole who was in several old John Waters films played Megan’s mom. Mink was in Pink Flamingos as a lesbian. She was also in Desperate Living.
Unabashed Geekette (3 months ago)
If she's ever in the UK, I'll happily "hate-fuck" Tan! ❤️❤️❤️
Whitney Jacobs (3 months ago)
Lol my parents would accidentally buy these movies I awkwardly watched wild thing with my parents as long as this movie too! 😂I was 9! Omg I love the Australian accent! Ugh Natasha leonne!!!! All time fave movie one of my firsts as well
reesemalo (3 months ago)
That boy always shoving his tongue in her mouth is so gross
purplellama (3 months ago)
My parents were the kind that would probably have 'changed their minds' after finding out I was queer. I spent a couple of years trying to get them to understand how it would feel to be gay and treated the way they treated people, talked about the way they talked about them, without actually coming out. So when the time came where I was not only ready but felt like I needed to come out, I was angry and hurt but also no longer willing to take that shit. Even if they had accepted me, it wouldn't have been enough. The damage they did was indescribable (the queer thing was only part of that). I came out and told them I no longer wanted anything to do with them. I didn't give them a chance to accept me because it didn't matter anymore if they did. It would only show they were the kind of people that I hated the most. The same people who would never have fought for the right to have slaves or fought for women to not be allowed to vote. The kind of people that do bad things until it's no longer easy. It's been 2 years not and I have no regrets. If anyone reads this and knows a homophobe, please don't tell them that people will come around. Because it's not true. Sometimes, when you do shitty things for so long you can lose everything in a heartbeat and never, ever get it back.
Ali Vvv (4 months ago)
Ali Vvv (4 months ago)
you should totally watch adele’s life
Miranda Green (4 months ago)
Zuko from Avatar! 3:47
kay mountainalight (4 months ago)
im just curious about your fangs. looove
Rhiannon Haell (4 months ago)
Dante basco fuck yes
jesika draheim (4 months ago)
Is it just me or don’t you both look like the real life representations of the characters, not as much Tan though, it’s freaking me out and I keep thinking about it.
Kris Young (4 months ago)
Tan!!! 😁
lovinmytunes05 (4 months ago)
This movie obviously helped my ex girlfriend a lot, because she fucking stole my DVD.
Dave102693 (4 months ago)
3:48 Fire Lord Zuko
Quinton Blake (4 months ago)
This movie is pretty gay
Jay Cogswell (4 months ago)
Wait! I have the exact haircut that Graham has!
sotocorderoa18 (5 months ago)
Lol when i first Saw this movie i was like 11-12 and i thought it was like a bring it on and i was wrong xD 😂 it was my first lesbian movie jaja I'm not gay tho but i do enjoy the movie
Ink BlottedSoul (5 months ago)
Oh *of course* her name is Megan. (my name is Megan and oh Lord I needed this movie when I was younger😂)
It's Kayla (5 months ago)
That realization of “I’M A HOMOSEXUAL”
As a bisexual I totally love this
yuri 123 (5 months ago)
The first lesbian movie I watched was "blow her mouth"
Trina Shh (5 months ago)
My mom was definitely not happy when I came out. It's taken her six years to get to accepting me and being okay enough with the fact I have a girlfriend. I had pretty much given up on her acceptance, but she eventually did come around. A nice surprise.
Rae Menace (5 months ago)
I watched the movie cuz of Rupaul
Lemon Boy (5 months ago)
**when you realize how gay you are because....TANIA**
TrixM (5 months ago)
Sorry, in Australia, you have gay marriage, but you still don't have full equal rights in all the states. Depending on where you are, you can be discriminated against with housing and so on. Go to NZ if you want actual equal rights.
Flávia Piacentini (5 months ago)
Ok thanks to this channel to make me watch this movie clea duvall is now my biggest crush ever
A slender Bow tie (5 months ago)
You know rupaul was in this and was one of the coaches my wig was snatched
hdadkins1 (5 months ago)
I loved this soundtrack.
Alexandra Calzada (5 months ago)
This makes me cry everytime. I love this cheesy movie so much.
Jazzy Nixon (5 months ago)
But I’m a Cheerleader is such a dumb movie, but it’s hilarious so that’s why I like it.
Brianna sons (6 months ago)
Dam woman on the left yummy
autumn (6 months ago)
Lol this movie made me realize I was gay. I was “straight” when I first watched this and I was just like Natasha. I was like all girls look at each other and think dirty thoughts but no. I’m hella queer and I have this movie to thank for making me realize it
Hannah Rich (6 months ago)
3:48 Hey it's Dante Bosco! Also known as Rufio from Hook and Zuko from A:TLA!
RandomPants (6 months ago)
redsands1001 (6 months ago)
I forgot melanie lynskey was in this movie
InjectMorphineIntoMe (6 months ago)
People can change! I came out to my dad 11 years ago and five of those years- we lived apart (because I was kicked out) then he came around and it was a bit rocky until he met my girlfriend (now wife) three years ago. I swear, their relationship is so nice to see. He loves me and my wife so much- it took time. So don't give up anyone! Everyone needs time to come around. It took me 4 years to come to term that I am a gay woman and it took my dad 5 years to come to term that I am a gay woman. So have patience and love yourself!
Pidaanma (6 months ago)
DeeDee Skinner (6 months ago)
i have a crush— *on Jesus*
Chenoa Curtis (6 months ago)
Love this movie. Saw it yrs ago and just fell in ❤️
matchai (6 months ago)
i just love how this movie, even though it had a lot of homophobia, that wasn't the theme or idea, and the point was acceptance ♡
aoyukinana (6 months ago)
So all i can think about is that the guy form avatar and American dragon
the blah whats up (7 months ago)
My mom is cool she ok with gay people she even ship them on tv shows
Jill Hopper (7 months ago)
Super recommend you do "High Art".. An older film, or, "Disobedience" also very 'artsy'..... Super awesome!! Love your videos!!!... Can't wait to see your next video!!
Makarena Espinoza (7 months ago)
Jessica Eriksson (7 months ago)
At first i read congratulations Austria, and was like goddamned USA for ffs!
taylor lyn (7 months ago)
amanda looks just like the main character lol am i the only one who thinks so?
Ace Crazy (7 months ago)
This is what I do at 12:48 am 😂
A Blink In Time (7 months ago)
When are you guys gonna react to Orange Is The New Black!?
JustYourAverageWeirdo (7 months ago)
Wait... isn't that the chick from Orange Is The New Black?
bbc fam (7 months ago)
hoeney (7 months ago)
being a lesbian and a cheerleader can be tough lmao
Alyssa :3 :P (7 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Nicky in orange is the new black?😍😂
Alyssa :3 :P (6 months ago)
Lara Louise Medeiros Oh I knew it!
Lara Louise Medeiros (6 months ago)
she is Nicky from Orange is the New Black
lyric Innocent (7 months ago)
This was the first episode I saw of the series and now I'm doing a marithom so thank you for that
Xia Rose (7 months ago)
3:48 is that Zuko
Eztli Xochipilli (7 months ago)
I used to say God wanted to teach my mom a lesson bc out of her 8 children, all of her daughters are lgbt+. Two of my sisters are lesbians, one is bisexual and I'm a trans guy. She came around in the end but it takes time to understand that it's not a "lifestyle" it's something we are born as.
Lydia Kahssay (7 months ago)
did anyone notice Natasha Lyonne from Orange is the new black (nicky Nichols)?
Danny James (7 months ago)
watch HIGH ART pleaseeeeee.......
Alli Swatsenbarg (8 months ago)
My favorite movie!!!

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