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Are phones ONLY about Style now? - Oppo Find X Review

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Text Comments (3845)
Cafe Latte (1 day ago)
Very bad review
silvano wicki (1 day ago)
By the way: It has allways On Display It has Wake On Lift It has double Tab Wake Screen It has directly Face unlock without swipe It has the option to directly start the Camera on Screen Off whith the "Screen off gestures" ...but everything not by defult and its not that easy to find some of them and I really like the vibration motor, best i ever had in a Phone in my opineon
silvano wicki (1 day ago)
Solution for Background Data blocking (for Whatsapp in my Reason) : Do this, first need to ensure the app you want notifications from is open, then open the multi-tasking menu (the square next to the home button in other Oppo Devices). Scroll to the app (Whatsapp), and then swipe down on it. This will place a lock icon in the top left hand corner, and prevent battery management from shutting it down. You'll also want to double check battery management settings for the app: Open Settings Tap on Battery Tap on Energy Saver Tap on the app you're after Ensure that Background Freeze, Abnormal App Optimisation, and Doze are all switched to off Additional i did: Long Tab on App (whatsapp) Tab App info, Tab Power Saving klick Tab Allow Backbround Running and Allow Auto Startup Just dont kill the App manually in the Multi-tasking menu (Lock is gone) then it should work
Goodborn (2 days ago)
One of the most unprofessional reviews you have done my friend, too lazy to list all of the reasons, but just one heads up the phone is still in developmen. But I guess you guys have to watch Unbox Therapy
Toby Manuguid (2 days ago)
He just hates Chinese phone or budget phones in particular because his an apple whore,try watching unboxing therapy he'll do fair review all accross all phone from budget to premium but Linus will find a "fault" to budget phones because he hates those but when he review premium phones all you'll hear are good things especially apple because his an apple whore
EntertainAustralia (2 days ago)
I've had it now for over a month and I can tell you that 90 percent of what he is saying is a straight up lie. This is THE BEST smart phone I have ever owned. I'm so convinced that he is being paid to put this down, I've unsubscribed from the channel. After this, he can't be trusted.
Runvald Darkstone (3 days ago)
Or ... if you are on a budget try to get an S8 or S9 plus from Homtom.These are heavy but do the job perfectly.
Jason Scalzo (3 days ago)
I think it's ugly
Frederic Merle (3 days ago)
Keep up the amazing reviews Linus!
Muhammad Aamir (3 days ago)
reviews like this are the reason no one can beat Linus in tech reviews...
handheld gaming (3 days ago)
well. most of the issues he stated do not Actually Exist(atleast on my phone). netflix installs Normally from play store. it has Tap to wake(and sleep) . It has turn to wake or whtever. None of the apps I use are actually put to sleep eg. fb, ig, snapchat(not sure about hangouts). whenever it detects a fall, the camera retracts. It has a trade off for always on display(clock) and screen off gestures(which i miss on my s8) currently using The model available in india. review seems pretty baised if u ask me.
Yan Eric (4 days ago)
u want google apps work well on a chinese phone?! That is ridiculous! LOL.A kid which is 7 years old knows u can not use google in china.This phone designed for chinese!They can not make another system for u! And everyone in china knows oppo and vivo they r garbage. U can not take metro and buses in shanghai without nfc. This phone is just like a joke.
mike28723 (5 days ago)
I used 2 have a similar problem with my Nokia 7 What you need to do to fix the notifications is add exceptions for the concerned application in the battery optimization menu. It worked for my Nokia 7. Hope This Helps !!
Rj Morales (5 days ago)
Hahaha ... watching this on my note 9
Max Hideki (5 days ago)
i thing whit the same money for iphone you can buy beter phone that i phones.Lot of companis make realy good phones . Ogly i phone that i have buy is was iphone 4 whit 150e in my local super market but i sell it after 1 month to my dad for 50e becose i was thing that i don t need .Then i buy i phone 6 for secon hard shop whit 100e but i sell is after 1 month 100e in some radom guy .this days i use some old nokia .but i use for internet tablet lenovo joga .
Ziqka Malik (5 days ago)
always on display u can find on display and screen clock.. the clock is changing their position every minute.. to minimize the shadows effect.. because it amoled display
Cliente Promedio (6 days ago)
This review was so SAVAGE hahaha that I appreciate it. I'm a Samsung fan and fell in love for the Oppo design... guess I should stay with Samsung since Oppo and Pixel designs suck this year :(
karvaperse supercast (6 days ago)
Are phones ONLY about Hustle now?
Steve (6 days ago)
Linus sponsor ads comes out of nowhere
Vincenzo _ 2013 (7 days ago)
who uses hangouts even
D D (7 days ago)
Do an LG G7 review
ezar howard (7 days ago)
Cellphones /smartphones were always about style until recently now that most phones look the same. I'm glad the Chinese are pushing the boundaries and bringing back that feeling of wanting a phone because its simply not like any other.
gameflux (7 days ago)
No thank you !
Nicholas Jeremy (7 days ago)
I'm more interested in that headphones to the left, what is it HAHA
Gyengye Gabor (8 days ago)
WHAT STYLE ? They are all the same !
SPLDLTA Arco (8 days ago)
This thing is LITERALLY iOS and Android's misbehaved child. Oppo low-key could do this well (WELL) and change the smartphone industry, but they don't for whatever reason.
AfroMyrdal (8 days ago)
NOW you suddenly care about dual stereo speakers... "I don't watch movies on my phone so I don't care" while everyone has been screaming and shouting about this for years, that we want dual front facing stereo speakers.
gami ng (9 days ago)
You just said every single thing i wanted to say about oppo Love you bro😚
donnerboy1997 (9 days ago)
That camera is straight up ripped from samsung lol
zlerner716 (9 days ago)
Linus be savage with this review!
Twin Gemini (9 days ago)
You can turn off the haptic feedback by the language and keyboard and the navigation bar as well...
Anton Larchey (10 days ago)
That background app killing behavior is exactly why i nuked Miui off my Redmi Note 5. A Pie AOSP ROM is so much better.
Amogh Naganand (10 days ago)
803 people work at oppo 😂
Gus TV (10 days ago)
Please do videos like this about new phones more often, they’re great!!
rizzo905 (10 days ago)
as fast as iPhone X Face ID don't believe it
Francesco Carnevale (10 days ago)
@Linus Tech Tips So i guess you would love an Oppo find x with Samsung's software and OS and with dual speaker + headphone jack
Spedoilidoi (10 days ago)
Alister Duncan (10 days ago)
While honestly I quite like my oppo phone - ColorOS is shit. Especially on earlier models like the one i have
Lee Hobbs (10 days ago)
PLEASE everyone buy it. There needs to be a statement made from consumers about how we want our phones to look! Flooding to oppo find x might be enough to make the other manufactures get rid of those hideous notches!!!
connor grice (10 days ago)
Anyone else agree that it’s time for some people to move on about the headphone jack? Like at this point it’s only going to continue to die out and become obscure on phones and after living with an iPhone X for a year I have completely forgotten about it and wouldn’t care whether or not I had it. Living with AirPods makes every pair of wired earbuds obsolete for me
aishwarya kohli (10 days ago)
Oppo F9 Pro is the cheaper version of it but with a very little notch. The phone is sleek.
hmmm mmm (10 days ago)
*I like trains.*
蔡霏宇 (10 days ago)
This phone is cheaper in China,
Spitts (10 days ago)
You know what's not $1000, Noble Chairs our sponsor :https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DG7YLKY/ref=twister_B07D5HJB3D?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Spoiler alert, it's a $1000 chair.....
RyTrapp0 (10 days ago)
I've definitely never heard of ANYONE out in the real world actually complain about the 'quality of haptic feedback', let alone to the point of NEEDING to turn it off. This kind of bullshit is why product reviewers that just cycle through tens of, possibly even hundreds of products a year for reviews have very limited meaningful opinions about these products for REAL WORLD consumers. If I, a typical smart phone using consumer, were reviewing a new phone and actually felt compelled to even mention the 'quality of haptic feedback', it would have to be pretty fucking vomit inducing bad - otherwise, it simply wouldn't warrant mentioning at all, unless it was somehow of 'uniquely, exceptionally, spectacular quality'. While the major points of this review stand(albeit, with the understanding that there's a reason why some of these 'issues' are present in Chinese devices, given the added context of some comments below), probably 70% of the bullshit typically talked about in the standard mobile device review is just reaching to find 'differences' between what are a bunch of extremely similar products. No, I really don't care that you're so bothered by the haptic feedback of typical Android phones because it isn't identical to the haptic feedback in iPhones that you have to turn it off. Just give me the expected day-to-day typical user experience, the LEGITIMATE highlights, the LEGITIMATE problems, and, while you're at it, leave your own personal biases at the door, they certainly don't match my own. It's about like a mattress reviewer(which is something that people actually do) saying that a mattress is shitty because they sleep on their stomach and that mattress is great for every position but sleeping on your stomach(intentionally ridiculous example). Also, thanks for making it almost impossible to hold phones without a case while watching videos due to the curved edge glass, making phones ultra slippery(in which a case is now mandatory just to stop from dropping it all the time), the elimination of the 3.5mm jack, and so on - REVIEWERS are the ones that have put a focus on style and "visual innovations" over substance due to these reviews pushing for thinner and thinner devices, stupid "features" that don't actually add usability like curved glass, ALL phones needing to be made of glass bodies front & rear, etc. The general public sure as hell hasn't been pushing for this usability destroying bullshit...
This phone is probably going to be the darling of the custom rom scene.
super mario (11 days ago)
Blackview bv9000
Haoge Liu (11 days ago)
some trivial things do exist if u use it in China
unknownpawner1994 (11 days ago)
vivo NEX > Oppo Find X
marti 323 (11 days ago)
People have been complaining about each new iPhones price, which is really retarded I mean they are just upgrading their product as much as they can and that doesnt mean that you have to buy the latest model... they make progress little by little because smart phones are very advanced and instead of paying 2000 for a new model while having the one previously released wait a couple of new models to come out so that you pay for more new features compared to your older model thats how its supposed to be working and Im saying that right now because there are idiots making videos, not talking about Linus, which are getting millions of views and its getting ridiculous
Josh Eanes (11 days ago)
You can fix the hangout problem by searching to custom power saver settings and selecting hangouts and then "always allow background." fixed it for hangouts and what's app for me.
mardar (11 days ago)
so it's basically a shitty phone...
Christopher Parker (11 days ago)
i almost bought this garbage lol, bullet dodged
Tom Travers (11 days ago)
You can select which apps to sleep or ignore in power settings on Android.
Changxun Li (11 days ago)
Its oppo, not appo
evilemperordude (11 days ago)
I'd worry about the reliability of the camera mechanism over time.
Ricardo Estrella (11 days ago)
I love how heartbreaking your reviews are, I actually think that you cover the the most important things that people look in a phone, well done. Despite that awesome look, I think that this OPPO isn't as good as we thought. 😭
christian nassif (11 days ago)
I really hate ur channel. U just shit talk about everything
Ebony Brooke (11 days ago)
Hey with the Australia version off the oppo phone, you can add launchers :)
SPECH IN ONE (11 days ago)
Still better than the so called budget iPhone XR
Actually Vegeta (12 days ago)
Here's something Find X price in Us -999$ Find X price in India - 750$
Jacques B (12 days ago)
getting a note9 never apple
Andin Briwel (12 days ago)
Thank you for saving me 16,000p!!
rrralf (12 days ago)
I dig the RGB wall lighting. RGB everything!!
Matt Leung (12 days ago)
As a Chinese, Chinese phone's variation of Android is junk AF
Bonkiru (12 days ago)
says the one who thinks every smartphone is a copy of other smartphones
Athip Thirupathi (12 days ago)
Vivo NEX S > Oppo Find X
E. (12 days ago)
not match, it surpassed apple....
Michael w wolf (12 days ago)
Oppo find x
Vivek Gandharkar (12 days ago)
Are phones only about style now? Ans: No. Maybe consider trying sony xperia xz2 premium or xz3.
lubia zhu (12 days ago)
i am also a chinese and i want to say it is mainly due to the chinese government banned google and its services in China. Unlike US market or other countries, the google play service is not avaliable in China. Many Chinese manufacturers even don't built the google play service into their phones cause most of chinese users cannot use it unless using VPN connection. However, most of applications' notification is pushed by google play, which means people cannot receive any notification if google play is unavailiable. Therefore those applications stay in background for push notification. What's more, many applications are provided by some big company such as Baidu, Tencent, Ali...when u launch one of their app, they will wake up all of their other apps to push notification. You can image the battery consuming now.... FOR this reason, chinese manufacturers choose to using extremly strict rules to control the apps to optimize the user experience... therefore, the notification will be influenced. OPPO just do not develop there own push service I think. Xiaomi and HUAWEI has their own push service like MI Push... I guess linus just bought a Find X from mainland China which is not suitable for american users...
simunator (12 days ago)
blame apple sheeps for this. i always look at specs over asthetics when i go shopping for androids
Brave Mistismo (12 days ago)
Most Android systems in China sucks except one plus…so I choose pixel even that means I need VPN to use it in China
Overwatch Highlights (12 days ago)
@Linus Tech Tips REVIEW POCOPHONE plz!
cara mel (12 days ago)
you seem to be more heated about this phone not having some things (ie micro sd slot, headphone jack, always on display, etc) than you would any other phones. having to swipe up for the face id to unlock? characteristic of an iphone but were you this annoyed at the iPhones?
cara mel (12 days ago)
"it cuts a lot of little corners for the sake of being sexy" hmmm
JP 5311 (12 days ago)
Haha at the end of the review it was really funny bro. This phone is for show off.
jprfts (12 days ago)
yeah but who tf uses hangouts thats right: nobody
JP 5311 (12 days ago)
Oppo is a docco nothing else. Phone for noobs.
Oni13 (12 days ago)
0:34 To plug your sponser you asked "You know what's not a thousand dollars tho?" I know! A lot of things isn't!!
Gary Washington (12 days ago)
I think this is pretty good for a first edition phone. It has lots of potential. Let’s be honest people like a stylish product and one day a look such as this will catch the eye of an average consumer and devices like these will flood the market
Ted Shen (12 days ago)
Android phones in China really sucks without the support of google ecosystem. Every phone maker in china are trying to build their own. I switched to iphone as long as I can afford one.
Stefan Reich (12 days ago)
Seems like this is better than the iPhone in... every possible way
S Vijay (12 days ago)
Chinese phones are far better than American phones 🤔 if Americans have one.
Patrick Yan (12 days ago)
Man, it DOES have always-on-display and raise to wake, but you got to turn them on in a badly designed setting manu. And I have used this phone for months, the ugly UI disgusts me, but I can't turn to Nova Launcher! That's really a game breaker. Also, the OS thinks Messenger is hostile and may steal my personal information? How can it ignore these heavily-censored Chinese IM apps ?
Nick Tiamaros (12 days ago)
You wanted a 1000$ phone, here is your results: just a crap of OS issues and bugs. What's that? You now want a phone that costs only 200$ without buggy interface and being a reliable piece of hardware overall? Well, that is unfortunate, because aparently people dont want a cheap phone that is more reliable than an expensive one. Good job Companies, also good job communities who support this kind of "1000$ and above price" trend.
Chris Ayres (12 days ago)
Oppo Find X is a good design but the software is terrible even a cheap Huawei phone will outperform this crap.
Mathijs (12 days ago)
Oppo never learned fixing bugs. Ask owners of oppo phones.
Chaitanya Sahasrabudhe (12 days ago)
I totally agree Colour OS is GARBAGE!!!
UlTiMaTe 0 (12 days ago)
Well i hope we atleast see more Android phones that have Super Vooc that shit is fast af.
Skylark Lam (12 days ago)
Are Youtube channels ONLY about clickbait now? /s
salem khamis (12 days ago)
Some1 actualy uses hangouts 😲
Klaus Zipfel (12 days ago)
Todays "top"-phones follow a stupid trend: Get longer and it's all about the design now :/ They use shiny materials, which are pretty slippery. Therefore, I bought a very low-budget phone lately (Samsung A3 2017) which only is "slippery" but not "extra super duper long" (who want's this crap anyway?)
Kommentator (12 days ago)
root it. clean it. do it...... makes us harder. better. faster. stronger
mavric 101 (12 days ago)
Linis finally a real world problem bloody review good job man keep it up u should get a billion views and all the other pathetic YouTubers who are like every thing is perfect should learn from you braah .
mavric 101 (12 days ago)
Lol color os is a knock off iOS that's the one of the bloody pain in the ass.
ShadowVyrus (12 days ago)
I have the Australian version and I have no issue except my camera module having a lot of dust and stupid screen protectors that only cover 1/3 of it. Good review though
Jolly Kuo (12 days ago)
This phone is like a horrible nightmare of iPhone (all things of iPhone going wrong)
Zulqarnain Aidil (12 days ago)
It's not a great phone but if he's talking about sacrificing quality for fashion statements, Nokia made a series of phones that were so focused on looking like makeup that they never worked as a phone...
Abod Ibrahim265 (12 days ago)
I like the ending!😏7:24

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