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Rodney Mullen, "The Art of Good Practice" - Strata 2014

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http://strataconf.com/strata2014/public/schedule/detail/33736 Ever see a death-defying stunt and wonder, "How did he practice that without getting killed?" By peering into the layered nature of practice through the lens of what high-level pro skateboarders do, we'll investigate how the nuanced way in which they go about it can be the biggest determinant of success— especially at groundbreaking levels. Tuning the dynamic balance of the analytic methods by which we learn with the internal sense or feel for the whole of what we're learning is an art, specific to the individual as well as the task. The better we tune our practice, the more practice will make perfect. Don't miss an upload! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/szEauh Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - http://goo.gl/YZSWbO Follow O'Reilly Media: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia https://www.facebook.com/OReilly https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia
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Text Comments (146)
Gavin Wendland (28 days ago)
I remeber him always being my favorite skater, the first time I saw him and heard him talk I was shocked at how reserved and chill he seems. I thought he would be completely different 😂🙌
drakeistheeggman (29 days ago)
77uz Ph73gm (2 months ago)
i like Mullen take on perseverance...
Nominay (3 months ago)
I tire of how serious Mullen takes everything, and I'm not buying his spiel. It's just skateboarding, not frikkin' Taoism.
Bestimus Mucho (5 months ago)
Amazing as usual.
Rebecca Harmer (6 months ago)
Rodney Mullen dosent skateboard skateboard Rodney mullens
Matt Lane (7 months ago)
I watch these every morning. Helps a lot in life and skateboarding.
Lorenzo Bianco (8 months ago)
6:59 so, tell me that "nollie half cab" does not exist now !
SKITTLeLA (9 months ago)
Amazing skate mind, and incredibly dedicated to his craft. Probably the best Mullen speech I've seen yet.
a baker (9 months ago)
he might be one of my favorite people, pure of soul:)
TheAaron3dg (9 months ago)
HOLY COW the flipbook analogy is genius. Thank you for posting this!
Reddcoin Group (1 year ago)
its all luck and feel. You can tell when you are off. It isn't breaking anything down.  Physics is natural not a science with rules you must obey it is like a painting where you are free to explore/ Now if you paintling looks like shit when to the next person it may be worth billions of dollars/ beauty is in the eye.  He is rich kid always has been , Talented yes but bums sport/ It is for kids not grown adults who should move on in life/ That is a big problem I notice with adults who wont leave childhood behind so the kids can have fun.. Very selfish.
Jay M (1 year ago)
Not only a great skateboarder but highly intelligent and awesome speaker.
Ryan Hingorani (1 year ago)
Too bad i couldn't have watched this 15 years ago!
Cecil Evans (1 year ago)
"There are no greatest skaters." - Greatest skater ever
ferna2294 (1 year ago)
It´s almost like he doesn´t really understand how much of a legend he is. Can´t help but love him.
Slay Lords (2 years ago)
What a gifted human. Naturally intelligence or Acid.. Its hard to comprehend how he even came up with some of these tricks. Genius
David (2 months ago)
@markov ski Definitely on the spectrum, but ain’t we all....?
markov ski (10 months ago)
Shred Lord he may have some sort of autism
matthew ziranek (2 years ago)
Wow, who'd have thought, a ridiculously good skater AND a philosopher. You're amazing.
Brofessor _ (2 years ago)
legend in the skateboarding community and well respected. glad to see rodney is doing well.
zzinhoo (2 years ago)
Mito do Skate
Zach Duck Sauce (2 years ago)
Mullen is a very well educated and spoken man. Most skaters would be like "I learned this just by doing it a lot." Not Mullen he intellectualizes the process and then relates it to others in a way that doesn't condescend the process or make it sound contrived. Nyjah clearly slammed his man parts onto that rail twice but to hear Mullen talk about it makes it sounds almost noble in a way.
purpleAiPEy (2 years ago)
Rodney I have slowly been discovering the exact same conclusion you have come explain here. Thank you for showing me my thoughts are agreed upon elsewhere.
Tyler Gerein (3 years ago)
Very helpful, Rodney. Thanks. I'm just getting started and I think this will be quite helpful to me
The Elliot Equation (3 years ago)
I need a biopic of this guy. I'd love to see a good actor attempt a rodney mullen impersonation.
Alex Huong Tran (6 days ago)
The Elliot Equation i think the tricky part is to find the stunt double who can do his tricks
Schoolboy D (3 years ago)
guys got some cool hair swear be
Bob Morris (3 years ago)
rather listen to daewon
Matty Howse (3 years ago)
I would love to know rodneys i.q i know he is a genius [if i have spelt that right] and the way he talks at this show:]:]:] the master the legend Rodeny mullen!!!!
Matty Howse (3 years ago)
rodey laughing at njgha slamming is funny:]:]:]
Strange Foot (3 years ago)
I believe that the main reason of skateboarding is..... When you skate, your always reminded that you could die just rolling down the road. And when you survive a slam or a perfect landing ,your right there the closest to life and death all at once.. Your alive because of the risk of life, you advance after you are reborn from death..
Desterosso (3 years ago)
+ScottFree *Looks at my skateboard after reading this comment* Nah... *Walks away*
Marshall Rosenberg (3 years ago)
I was lucky enough to meet him at a demo that I was skating in back in 1984 ...what an amazingly genuine person even at such a young age...as he was mine........and unknowingly at the time his creativity and acrobatical genius became the foundation and precursor to just about every skateboard move ever executed (at the time and currently) and neither did he.... that's the beauty of Mullen and his craft.
Strange Foot (4 years ago)
Rod should make a series of video on how to do his tricks, like deep thick detail..
cappucino108 (5 months ago)
hes doing that right now
nate liebert (3 years ago)
I think he would prefer that you learn yourself and create the executive motor functions that he refers to because for each person the tags are unique essentially he may do it completely different than anyone else and the same to you even though it may look the same.
nate liebert (3 years ago)
I think he would prefer that you learn yourself and create the executive motor functions that he refers to because for each person the tags are unique essentially he may do it completely different than anyone else and the same to you even though it may look the same.
slickrock (4 years ago)
Rodney has always been one of my favorite skaters. I actually still remember when the exact second when my friend told me to check him out. That was 20 years ago.
Nilo River (3 years ago)
+Marshall Rosenberg What a amazing experience you had bro... it seems you were very in resonance with that kind of high frequency person at the time and now we are all connecting together. For me this videos are the best way to finally receive more of his way of perceiveing things since I was a kid shocked by watching his videos here in Brazil when started skateboarding inspired by his moves on the videogames. Tottaly amazing person and you are too for sure, thankyou for being a skateboarder, without you guys skateboard generation The Skateboard Culture would not become a global way of life as today. Thankyou and hope to meet him and you someday. Peace! Skatelife!
Marshall Rosenberg (3 years ago)
+slickrock I would love to meet him again now 31 years later. I wonder if he would remember me?....Im sure most likely not although just being able to say I was actually in a contest against him in Dover NJ in 1984...is something I will never forget...had no idea what it meant at the time.. I even have a copy of a video tape from the same year that my friend took of me practicing across the street from my house on my facebook page getting ready for the contest. If anyone wants to see it, just let me know and I will friend you...what a humble person he was at such a young age as I mentioned some of his attributes in my post above.
Avery Bielen (4 years ago)
Was it easy to get a hold of Rodney
briar patch (4 years ago)
i fucked Sam Sprocket's life
Nicholas Evans (4 years ago)
One of the greatest human beings! Its almost as if fame has had the opposite effect on him. Its made him more humble.
Marshall Rosenberg (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Evans Oh so VERY true!
Tonicwine999 (4 years ago)
I wish this was an hour long
Lorenzo Bianco (8 months ago)
i wish i could understand a lil more english ç_ç
Tonicwine999 (3 years ago)
Ah thats cool and thanks for the reply :) Will check it out
Marshall Rosenberg (3 years ago)
+Tonicwine999 He has a ton of them out there....probably 5-6 hours easily in total
mhks68 (4 years ago)
He is A Beautiful Mind of skating! Ladies and Gentlemen the great John Nash....I mean Rodney Mullen!!!!!!
mskatesnow (4 years ago)
god speeking !
Justin Armaly (4 years ago)
Such a brillant man! His laugh and excitment when he talks about a trick always makes me smile.
Robin Weber (4 years ago)
Did Rodney just say Nollie Half Cab??
David Campbell (4 years ago)
Haha! Rodney is not yet "stanceless" as evidenced by his current ongoing mission to BE stanceless. We should probably let Rodney speak for himself on this.
ninjalemurdude (4 years ago)
He calls them that because he is basically stanceless . A half cab is generally easier than a 180 and nollie 180s come to him so naturally now that they feel the same as a half cab to him.
David Campbell (4 years ago)
+Robbin Tha Hood I agree. He just called a nollie f/s 180 a nollie half Cab, and as much as I've tried to help maintain or promote coherence and consistency to trick description (in terms of historical precedent) I may half to sit down and leave it alone now that Rodney has called it that. Let Steve and Rodney discuss it I guess... I mean, would we be happier if he'd called it a switch half-Cab? Yeah, I know, there's no such thing. Shit. What do we do now? Who are we?
Robin Weber (4 years ago)
No I mean nollie half cabs dont exist, they can only be done fakie cause caballero invented it that way
Watch his stances closely when he is describing them.
hemmojito (4 years ago)
You're a cool man Rodney Mullen
Amazing stuff!
Mark Splender (4 years ago)
He should be President. Get the skaters in office~
Mark Splender (4 years ago)
His hair is like his skating..wild!
FlipMarty9 (4 years ago)
Mas Relroh (4 years ago)
"Basic kickflip-underflip"... -_- I wish...
Lorenzo Bianco (8 months ago)
semiflip is not a kickflip variation at all lol (and it's not called semiflip underflip)
mhks68 (4 years ago)
truer words never been spoken!!
Anthony Reynoso (4 years ago)
Rodney Mullen is by far my favorite skater and words just cant express how amazing this man is, much respect to this Living Legend.
Anthony Reynoso (4 years ago)
does Rodney have a star in Hollywood??
barley (4 years ago)
Man, you can just tell by the way he speaks that hes a true genius...
Jonathan Lucero (4 years ago)
Aun anda en skate?... Keep doing tricks??
Oscar Ramos (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Lucero si
Hert Bert (4 years ago)
pure genius ! great  speech on how the mind does its thing during the learning of each trick. Liked the backtrack part on where you learn the wrong way !!  and where you gotta go back to see what went wrong and continue from there to make any trick better or correct ! 
Yi Wang (4 years ago)
Wow, you can talk about tech without mentioning tech!
Max Dee (4 years ago)
what a nice guy
O'Reilly (4 years ago)
We couldn't agree more.
jsatodias (4 years ago)
catinthemachine (4 years ago)
You do all realize that these methods of which he is speaking apply to life, to personal goals, right? He is a philosopher of the greatest magnitude. What a mind!!
nathan schnaath (5 years ago)
Very well said Mr. Rodney Mullen SK8orDIE!!!
francisco gattaz (5 years ago)
Everything he say is all true man
Joao Afonso (5 years ago)
The best in the world.
Zimiless (5 years ago)
Man i love this guy. Hes such a big influence on me, even though i don't skateboard.
recovery beer (5 years ago)
His awkward laughs. 
Tactical Italian (5 years ago)
I don't even care what he's talking about i just wanna listen to him talk lol
dfcvda (5 years ago)
Aspergers being used positively.
JuHraj (3 months ago)
In one interview/documentary Rodney actually himself said he may have some kind of autism spectrum disorder. There's nothing wrong with that. It probably helped him throughout his life in various ways.
SlickRick4EVER (5 years ago)
+neil brown You're a fucking retarded person... "I wasnt even talking to you slick rick". WTF!?!? Can you inform this _moron_ (yea... I guess that's me) what was the premise on what comment that I said made you say that?  Either you must be on something or you must be brain damaged from trolling like a fucking retard.  Also, there *IS* such thing as an edit button to use to add any other additional comments instead of using another such as "or rhetoric for that matter" like a desperate moron trying to attempt to add other shit to try to _"hurt me"_.  If you want to bitch out on my rhetoric, then you are better wasting your time masturbating to guys (as that is your favorite past-time, I assume). Don't get me started on politics because I will gladly *skull-fuck* you until you concede and make me put a leash on you as well as get you a bowl of water for your pity ass. 
neil brown (5 years ago)
or rhetoric for that matter.
neil brown (5 years ago)
+SlickRick4EVER go away you silly little man. You do not even know what Aspergers is and I love your" I know people who have Aspergers", like thats the clincher, reminds me of conservative Republican Americans saying " I like black people, I know some" anyway I wasnt even talking to you slick rick.. hilarious.
SlickRick4EVER (5 years ago)
+dfcvda You were not being rhetorical. You are just being a douche-bag. Contain yourself and quit being envious and jealous of Americans. +stream fortyseven was slapping your European face some sense into you. For the record, I know people with Aspergers and Rodney does *not* have that. 
Chuck Spidell (5 years ago)
The master.
James Muller (5 years ago)
no one has endless hours of repetition to do this stuff. most ppl have to work for a living.
fcastle (2 years ago)
wow I didn't know that....if you study biomedical engineering then you have to take Partial Differential Equations during your first year or early 2nd year, and you have to take several math courses beyond that too...I know because I did a BS and MS in it. I had no idea he was such a good student. If he had anywhere near an "A" average in BME then he's a flat out genius and probably the smartest athlete ever.
Biltospill (2 years ago)
El Chingon you are way out of line. James is entitled to interpret the context of what the topic means to him (Practic) and measure it against his own will, and like Mullen said... 1:31 we all put something into the community and others draw from that. Jame's contribution may in fact be the smallest unit of measure however its a collective and you cannot mitigate anyone's contribution by calling them names and announcing they are quitters. Be kind to one another and have understanding.
jonnysz03 (4 years ago)
+James Muller +everready59  Have a read of Rodneys book Muller, maybe he can help you find your confidence.
everready59 (4 years ago)
Based on WHAT? Get your deck out and go somewhere with 'crete..and have some FUN for God"s sake. You can do better than this 'one man pity party' shit. Really.
James Muller (4 years ago)
+everready59 ppl suck.
Jim Carson (5 years ago)
This was an awesome presentation.  "Everyone from the community comes with their own backgrounds, something you don't have."
AfA (5 years ago)
I would have never thought I would find Rodney Mullen at Strata. He is surprisingly good in this environment. Rodney Mullen IS skateboarding.
Joseph McMurray (5 years ago)
This is hilarious, I was just playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 as Rodney lol

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