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Drunk Zane is my favourite thing ever 😂😂
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Kendyl Davis (1 minute ago)
I subscribed because of this
χЖX (34 minutes ago)
what about the neighbours?
Sylvia Castillo (2 hours ago)
I swear if I was part of his vlog squad I promise me and zande would fuck shit up being drunk
marysia domanska (3 hours ago)
why is zzane just like me when hes drunk like legit im mental and so is he when drunk
Din MMa (6 hours ago)
Yo that’s inZANE. Bet you haven’t heard that one before!
XoxoZaaraXoxo04 Lol (6 hours ago)
Is he muslim?
Jamaika Joujou (7 hours ago)
so Zayne is a muslim ?
Malik Tabua (8 hours ago)
What’s ur fighting name “inshagio” haha
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (10 hours ago)
I’ve not watch vlog since 2017 I miss those times
Phoebe Willesden-Cross (10 hours ago)
“Where are my glasses I feel like Velma”
Estelle Antonucci (13 hours ago)
2:00 is the best
KRUSTY THE CLOWN (17 hours ago)
We gotta get in the house Ok *grabbs piece of wood* Oh no! *breaks glass* OH NO dzzooone
KRUSTY THE CLOWN (17 hours ago)
I know it is not wood. If anyone asks. I know it isn't wood
ILOVECHILIS A lot (19 hours ago)
This is what I needed in my life
Noelle Spiess (19 hours ago)
Matt is such the mom of the group I love it
Jessica Eberbach (20 hours ago)
I couldn’t tell a difference if he was drunk or sober
Laura Dunaway (20 hours ago)
I am Matt at 100% of social gatherings
Yaseen (21 hours ago)
His Muslim parents must be proud lmfao
TeddyJade 06 (22 hours ago)
"u wont shoot a cilivian, u wont shoot a cilivian." "ITS A CIVILLIAN."
Wellsavage 101 (22 hours ago)
4:19 TF
Maddie Fraga (22 hours ago)
Omfg ummm he just stopped a fan and threw a chai- nvm I love him I won’t judge
Logan McAnally (22 hours ago)
3:48 is my favorite lmfao grey marriage
Lion KingPuppy2017 (23 hours ago)
I'm sorry but I died at 2:03 when they were singing Bohemian Rhapsody-
Kaitlyn Ballz (23 hours ago)
Only 7 minutes?
Morgie Worgie (23 hours ago)
Why was this the funniest 7 minutes of my day😂😂
Slushy119 (23 hours ago)
Zane should not own glass products
Preston Miller (1 day ago)
But it’s 7 minutes and 12 seconds
Jåķê Pãułeř (1 day ago)
Divids vlogs are the most interesting thing in the world
Delilah Chavez (1 day ago)
0:22 😂😂
Angelica Valdez (1 day ago)
drunk Zane is normal me.
Commit Die (1 day ago)
I'm literally zane when I'm drunk
Grace Kirkness (1 day ago)
Gray marriage is so colorless. 😂
7 minutes? Don’t you mean 70’000??
I wonder if Zane ever wakes up in the morning and is wondering how he got hurt and stuff
smurfiella x (1 day ago)
This video would be way to long if we got all of the moments him being drunk 😂
cerci the grear (1 day ago)
Zanes Jesus
meg robertson (1 day ago)
This is the kind of pure content I need in my life
Why Not? (1 day ago)
This is when drinking becomes a problem.
Kierston Smith (1 day ago)
*Inx Chang Yu*
Shelbi S (1 day ago)
0:55 why did david turn into mickey mouse for a second there🤔😂😂
Is it weird that I find Zane attractive
Cali_ Cheebs (1 day ago)
Hahahahahahaha best one
Book Worm (2 days ago)
drunk Zane is inZANE
em ma (2 days ago)
Matt yelling at Zane is so damn funny
Cassandra Speltz (2 days ago)
i wanna marry him
Shawntae Mayers (2 days ago)
i can’t believe i’ve been missing out these GEMS. i need to subscribe asap lmao
Shawntae Mayers (2 days ago)
Zane is how i’m trying to be on my 21st birthday
Cara Stanford (2 days ago)
3:13 says guys we are all trying to hold Zane down while he’s standing there with a camera
TinaTheBest _101 (2 days ago)
Only for 7 minutes
Talon Hartgraves (2 days ago)
make a compaltion of zane and heaths drunks moments
Talon Hartgraves (2 days ago)
when zane threw the chair at joe i fucking i died XDXD
Tatum Henderson (2 days ago)
I love this video...so much...omg...
The_savage_sweat (2 days ago)
He on X games mode “Heath”
MadiMadical 360 (2 days ago)
Matt is such a concerned mom
Simon cowell (2 days ago)
Zane is Fucken DADDDDDYYYY😫😫😫
DestanieDoes Stuff (2 days ago)
We love iconic squads.
rachele farrugia (2 days ago)
You cant shoot a cilivian
Alyssa playz (2 days ago)
2:06 (just look at Tod behind Zane)When Tod sees Dom having sex with corrina
RandomRevival27 (2 days ago)
This honestly makes me like Zane more. 😏😍☎️😉
RandomRevival27 (2 days ago)
0:59 Who was the girl that Matt was kissing?
Autumn Poxleitner (2 days ago)
first Zane walk’s on glass, the camera goes over to Heath yelling “OH HE ON X GAMES MODE” then he decided to walk on fire, again the camera is turned to Heath where he yells, exactly the same way, “OH HE ON X GAMES MODE” that gives me life 😂
Margeaux Chebat (2 days ago)
This should be longer than 7 minutes 😂
Hannah Webb (2 days ago)
Astrid Díaz (2 days ago)
Scarlett Trim (2 days ago)
Who else loves it when heath says “OH MAH GHAD HE ON X-GAMES MODE”
Fran Petkova (2 days ago)
Only 7 mins ? You sure try like 243795730 hours
Kerryn Frean (3 days ago)
Lizzie Chagas (3 days ago)
Julia Hall (3 days ago)
Zane will literally do anything when he’s drunk 😂
imogen mattel (3 days ago)
i wanna go on a night out with zane SO much
imogen mattel (3 days ago)
my spirit animal
Savanah Hallock (3 days ago)
4:20 Zane says that his favorite person in the group is Natalie and 5:05 she has both of her hands on him until David points the camera at them. ARE WE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS!!?? Honestly, I ship it! Lol
jake Brian (1 day ago)
not to mention at 5:00 she’s wearing his jacket
Deal with it (3 days ago)
Matt being the rational one
A Fan (3 days ago)
I feel like whenever Zane’s drunk he’s on X games mode
Dylan Griffis (3 days ago)
The best thing to do is to watch this video stoned just to see how it is when your drunk and try to compare it. Ps....... I’m stoned right now
Cole Lemay (3 days ago)
Me too
T mccloy (3 days ago)
Eddie Hotzel (3 days ago)
The title should be wholesome entertainment for 7 minutes
Miss Bri (3 days ago)
Is no one going to appreciate the fact that they were jamming to queen
Basic Katelynn (3 days ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much in years
Melanie Carballo (3 days ago)
What’s the song they started singing at 2:10???
Dilan (3 days ago)
The 75 that unliked must have been drunk too
Ella Deruiter (3 days ago)
themaddog81 (3 days ago)
My girlfriend sent me this. Never laughed harder
Gursimran Chhina (3 days ago)
Zane square up she called you pinky
Jackson Chew (3 days ago)
Super Nugget (3 days ago)
Drunk Zane + drunk Eliot + drunk health + drunk dyema + drunk dom + drunk Alex = RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!
Beastmode Vlogs (4 days ago)
This was me laughing for 7 minutes
MeefHere (4 days ago)
*_You mean a whole year._*
izabelle aguilar (4 days ago)
The amount of times heath said he on x games mode 😂
IzzySikes (4 days ago)
Zane and I are like twins while drunk what the fuck
Cylito MSP (4 days ago)
3:29 Tod: Ima whop him (Whips) (Zayn turns around) Zayn: You little... (Zayn follows him with fire) Tod: OH HELL NAWH
Mai _Buckley001 (4 days ago)
3:33 Todd's Dead...
Mai _Buckley001 (4 days ago)
1:36 OMG 😂😂😂
Mai _Buckley001 (4 days ago)
Álex P (4 days ago)
Who is the guy at 1:59 ?
matthew 2.0 (2 days ago)
I was gonna ask the same question
Imperfect Grace (4 days ago)
At 1:59 whats his @ ???
Natalija Kljajic (4 days ago)
deyna (4 days ago)
Vlog Squad babysitting Zane
deyna (4 days ago)
Matt dealing with Zane’s shit 💀💀
Which vlog was 2:34 ?

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