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Bedroom + Closet Tour | White & Minimalistic

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♡INSTAGRAM: @sarahs_day https://www.instagram.com/sarahs_day/ ♡BUSINESS CONTACT: [email protected] ♡SNAPCHAT: sarah.anne92 ........................................................................ IKEA Mirror: http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/20223523/ IKEA Sheer Curtains: http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/70232332/ Sheeps Rug: https://www.uggaustralia.com.au/shop/index/view/department/women/category/rugs/product/ugg-long-merino-wool-rug/colour/15 White Desk Chair: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/dining-chair---white/975324 Bedside Table: https://www.target.com.au/p/hudson-wire-frame-side-table/57509983 Queen Bed: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S29930097/ Bamboo Sheets: http://www.bedbathntable.com.au/caton-duck-egg-18854-split Quilt Cover: https://www.adairs.com.au/bedroom/quilt-covers-coverlets/home-republic/vintage-washed-white-white/ Marble Decorative Cross: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/marble-cross/745043
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Text Comments (253)
Megan Bremer (4 months ago)
Do you have a link to the comforter?
Tan (4 months ago)
Very cute room....surprised there is a Target and Kmart in Australia.
Tanya Brown (5 months ago)
Love your workout out playlist on spotify, love the background music in your vlogs even more, please make a playlist!
Sally Wade (6 months ago)
I wish I had enough cupboard space to have my room this minimal!
Stephanie Raybuck (10 months ago)
I am obsessed with your channel! You have impacted my life so much with your positivity and health advice. Thank you! I was wondering if you have an essential oil diffuser you would recommend?
prince_ depp (1 year ago)
I’d rather see some1 eat meat & give their body nutrients than murder & poison an innocent animal to make their room look nice. U see the difference? Honestly Sezzie, I’m so disappointed
Catherine Horn (1 year ago)
You look so cute in a dress 😊❤️
Hunter Robinson (1 year ago)
OMG so I literally watch your stuff all the time. I just noticed that we have the same blue candle that is in your closet. That's nuts cause like I live in the states.
Lise Ingeman Andersen (1 year ago)
Please do another vlog like this in your new apartment ! It's stunning.
Hannah Brandon (1 year ago)
Love how every single "up next" video on my side bar has already been watched. Sarah's Day for days. LOVE THE VID <3
Juice Fam Vlogs (1 year ago)
I feel like I can imagine how good your room smells! But really, very beautifully done!
pyeseas (1 year ago)
does anyone know where she buys her reed diffusers? i'm on the hunt. especially for cotton scented ones.
Rebecca Nicolaidis (1 year ago)
Where are you black aviators from please???
Elena Engelke (1 year ago)
where did you get your essential oil diffuser?
reggiesetgo (1 year ago)
What camera did you use for this video?! You introduced so many scents it was like I could smell your room over the internet hahaha loved this video!
Talia Alvarez (1 year ago)
Such a beautiful and relaxing room!
Jaclyn Howe (1 year ago)
Holy F that wood floor is to die for!
Windy S (1 year ago)
your room is beautiful I love it! the curtains are so perfect
Lauren Crawford (1 year ago)
Just started watching your blogs and love them! Especially love your style and organisation. So inspiring :)
bea h (1 year ago)
where do you get most of your sports bras from?? love them😍
Lily crockett (1 year ago)
Beatrice H. She really liked lulu lemon sports bras! Not sure if that's where they're all from, just letting you know :)
cokahhh (1 year ago)
I want the minimalist look, but I have a lot of stuff. And it seems that no matter how many times I I try to get rid of things, I still have so much random crap that I cant part with.....Any advice???? P.s. I have the same bed frame! I love it <3
Ritza Francois (1 year ago)
i think she has alot of stuff just that the storage in the room is SUPER nice at concealing it and making it organizing. She could probably get rid of half her spray bottles and jeans easily. When she moved out of that room she had to have giant sale to get rid of all her stuff she never knew she even had. Storage can be a blessing but also a easy way of escaping from reality of excess.
ilona ecott (1 year ago)
omg sezzy we wear the same perfume!!
Abby Beckman (1 year ago)
Where did you get your planner from??
Lea Marye (1 year ago)
I love your closet. Mine is a walk in but it's long and narrow. Love your videos!
mikha005 (1 year ago)
this is amazing. At the other end of the world is a girl who has the same health problems. Similarly food. You likes the same clothes, cosmetics and perfumes(realy I got the same!). The same is organized. We would be good friends. :*:*:* :)
JASMIN ELIZA (1 year ago)
love this room decor! I'm going home from uni soon and I can't wait to redecorate my own!
Georgia Fish (1 year ago)
geez talk about closet goals 0.0 <3
Lisa S From Ohio (1 year ago)
Good job. I like how you decorated your room.
Mighty Micaela (1 year ago)
where do you get your sport bras/crop tops?
martina cruz (1 year ago)
What color is your floor , is it red cherry? Is nice😀
Lami Akindele (1 year ago)
this is major inspo for my room interior design project!
Heather Matthews (1 year ago)
omg, some white curtain lights would be SO PRETTY behind your curtains in the window for night time!
Lisey Forshew (1 year ago)
activewear try on please!
Shauna Mahon (1 year ago)
Where did you get your janoski???
Insun Lee (1 year ago)
Love your channel:)
Abbygail Satura (1 year ago)
I loove your closet and the lay out
Josee Beaudoin (1 year ago)
Wow, beautiful !
EvanneOfficial (1 year ago)
Room goals <3
Kimberly Ordaz (1 year ago)
hi love! where is your aroma egg from?
Kimberly Ordaz (1 year ago)
J Cullen thank you!
J Cullen (1 year ago)
Kimberly Ordaz she promoted it in a recent vlog! It's from http://vpwow.com and her 50% discount code is saraharoma ☺️
Katy Murdoch (1 year ago)
Hey Saz. Thanks - nice colour scheme. x
Roxane Hemard (1 year ago)
Where your MacBook marble cover from?????
Wasteful Hussy (1 year ago)
You should do a closet clear out!! You have so much clothes and old shoes!! Plus I live for decluttering videos 😉
Nikkole Macdonald (1 year ago)
Love your room it's my kinda of taste too white with greenery :) I also love love love CK perfume it's one of my faves that cheap as chips to buy for everyday wear xx
Neve Robinson (1 year ago)
Can you pretty please do an active wear collection?! Thank youuuuu xx
Jennely P. (1 year ago)
How is your bed "oriental"? It doesn't look like it relates to East Asia at all.
Jennely P. That material, light wood/ bamboo like.
miss rella (1 year ago)
Sarah have done an active wear haul yet? Can you link it please?
Kristina Brahm (1 year ago)
What's the Calvin Klein perfume called:)
Amber Nicole (1 year ago)
What is your favorite perfume?
Ama Harker (1 year ago)
Im in LOVE with your room and closet!!! great vid*
johanna ruth (2 years ago)
whats the bed spray called?
im sad... its a real sheep :(
Lanelle Sykes (2 years ago)
Do you know the name of the mirror? x
Sylvie-Rose (2 years ago)
Her laptop case looks like blue cheese 😂
Barrett Caton (2 years ago)
holy crap your whole entire room is perfect and i'm 100% obsessed with your channel!!
LadyAlien (2 years ago)
That's one soothing room you got there! No wonder you can't do uni work in it
rick (2 years ago)
What is the intro song called?
Allie Nicole (2 years ago)
Where is your dress from? You look stunning🌷
Sea Of Green (1 year ago)
I want to know as well!
Lenchenlein (2 years ago)
Omg, this is so beautiful!
Allison Spence (2 years ago)
Can you do gym clothing necessities?
OneMoreMileForSteven (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what the plant next to her desk is called?
Kate Skinner (2 years ago)
literally been watching all your videos and thinking to myself DANG this chick is so cool and real!!
Sarah Sugoi (2 years ago)
Anyone with a cat: those lily plants are poisonous to cats! I moved to a house with one and my cat ended up spending a few nights at the vets with kidney problems after eating/licking the leaves.
meg currie (2 years ago)
where did you get your aroma diffuser from? xx
Sophie Leatherbarrow (2 years ago)
Anyone else just screenshot everything on Sarah's Chanel? Haha my hole camera roll is workouts, supplements and recipes!
Carolinemlm (2 years ago)
Hi Sarah, I loooove your videos..you inspire me so much..I was wondering where your mistifier (if that is the right word) is from, I've been looking for one for a while :)
Claudia Worland (2 years ago)
Where is the diffuser from
Syeda Hussaini (2 years ago)
Sometimes I forget you're not vegan... That Sheeps rug tho
Megan Phillips (2 years ago)
Just wondering what camera you use for your videos?The image is so clear and the body is so small <3 loving your videos
Maya l'Abeille (2 years ago)
It's dangerous to sleep with plants in the room because of CO2! :( love your videos and you which is why I'm commenting this <3
night_owl7 (1 year ago)
That doesn't make any sense. Plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen. They're literally healthy.
Shannon Beer (2 years ago)
That's my ideal room right there!
Yara Buker (2 years ago)
Those are literally my fav colours 😍
caitiscreative (2 years ago)
Gorgeous room! Thanks for the tour!
taylormariesmakeup (2 years ago)
You honestly deserve 1m subs i love your channel so much
Shaye Thiessen (2 years ago)
Where is the bin from??
Devleena Kole (2 years ago)
Where's the diffuser on the bedside table from?
Remi Rosbury (2 years ago)
Where did you get your computer case from ?
missVmilne (2 years ago)
Top room work girl - you nailed it ! Thanks for sharing. Please keep posting : )
Roos (2 years ago)
wow you did so well
Jenslyfe (2 years ago)
I miss my CK perfume Ahhhh memories
Mina Hitashiko (2 years ago)
ok what are those tights that were draped over the bar, closest to the crops?? I need to know. I need them on my butt right now.
Lalu Li (2 years ago)
I need that closet in my life
TheSoccerrox8 (2 years ago)
Where is the necklace you're wearing from? I love it!!! Btw love your room!!!!!
fullofswag (2 years ago)
girl your room is so nice!!! also you gotta do some hauls or something!! your wardrobe is AMAZING
Christina Marie (2 years ago)
It's so weird that you have so many vegan recipes but have a lambs wool carpet...I promise I'm not hating because I love your channel, but I found you by googling vegan recipes.
Emily vH (7 months ago)
moreover,​ many sheep are harmed or even die in the process of shearing
Elise Angelucci (1 year ago)
And how do you know for sure it wasn't harmed? Were you there? You have no clue what people do for profit Michaela Cowley
Michaela Cowley (1 year ago)
shes not vegan and the sheep wasn't harmed to get it's wool.
whatever. (1 year ago)
shes not vegan. but most non vegan things she cant eat. i think. and she just like the taste and that its healthier
whatever. (1 year ago)
but dont sheep needed to be sheered?
Ebony Griffin (2 years ago)
Stunning! Well done
Harry Potter (2 years ago)
Yay! I have been waiting for this ever since you announced that you were gonna move into a new room. 💕💕
Linda Holm (2 years ago)
Your room looks so tranquil, a perfect sanctuary for you Sarah, great designing! Btw your teeth look so great too, I'd love to know if you do you use any at home or professional whitening treatments and if yes which one?
MsMelania78 (2 years ago)
Finally! It looks very nice!!! :)
Madison (2 years ago)
your so organised omg!!!
Shanine Sarah (2 years ago)
Could you do a gym wear haul of your faves, I need to know where those workout leggings are from 😻
Sarahs Day (2 years ago)
Yep!! I have a favourites haul coming up, but I also want to do a dedicated active wear haul too!! xx
Shannen Hayes (2 years ago)
I love that you love Kmart, hahaha. I feel this.
Sarahs Day (2 years ago)
hahah its soooo good though!
Laura Barth (2 years ago)
Your room looks so calming and clean, I love it!
Faith Queen (2 years ago)
if only I could get you to come to South Africa just to do my room, I would. I love your taste love, and also you as well :)
Georgia Johns (2 years ago)
great video sarah!! inspired me to get more fitness clothing to modivate me and just cute furniture all together
N. Traveler (2 years ago)
Recently moved into a different room as well with the same exact theme as you have. You gave me so much ideas! I was kind off discouraged by how I was going to redecorate my room but you made me so excited! Great tips too, like rolling up your clothing and the set up of your make up. Also your bed looks so cosy. Also I´m gonna buy a aroma diffuser. Your so right, your room needs to smell nice xx
Sarahs Day (2 years ago)
Yayy!!!! That's so lovely to hear thank you! The aroma diffuser is actually amazing!!
Deeba Fallahzadeh (2 years ago)
that before and after was crazy!
Deborah Chung (2 years ago)
sarah i love ur videos! u are so genuine and your vibe is so positive! one question, where did u get ur pink and white workout leggings (hanging in ur cabinet; the one you touched) in this video?
Taylin Byerly (2 years ago)
Where do you get your workout tights?! They're all so beautiful.
Jayne Dixon (2 years ago)
Your room is so beautiful 😍 I love your bed
Kimi Coleman (2 years ago)
Please tell us about your nails!!!! They always look so good

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