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Misinterpreted Songs (funny songs with lyrics)

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Some songs that sound a little weird when playing them.
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Danny Maness (7 years ago)
Good misinterpretations!
God Blessed Video 2 (7 years ago)
lol Did I shit myself up again?
bia n (7 years ago)
Madonna has a lyric in which she said: "I think they're OK", and I understood "I think they're all gay!"
Thearl (7 years ago)
Thanks for the post.
Boxxy x Pocky (8 years ago)
PUFFYlover5 (8 years ago)
Carameldansen is one I know oh and this song called "Po-Pi-Po"
Makai Sherbo (8 years ago)
lol.....i thought that was amazing!!!
Valerie Rice (8 years ago)
Great stuff! Sure I can think of some songs that have mis-heard lyrics- there have been many over the years. Just can't come up with anything at the moment!
ihatespide (8 years ago)
lolz i rember when i use to watch pufy ami yumi show
Warren Peace (8 years ago)
The song slipknot by slipknot. The real words are "pentext sucks. Pentext sucks The burn the life force of my tribe. pentext sucks. bonegnawers suck bonegnawers suck." But it sounds like "being dead sucks. being dead sucks. the drain the life force of my tribe. being dead sucks. boners suck. boners suck.
John Rambo (9 years ago)
He's out shitting watching a pizza slice <-- AHAHAHHAWHWHAHAWAWHAWH !!!!!!! LMFAO XDDD Make more dude xD
loveanianimeme (9 years ago)
They're called "Puffy Ami Yumi " from the series "Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi"
Jgirlox24 (9 years ago)
what band is that on 1:07
loveanianimeme (9 years ago)
Thanks =) Hard at work at #4
Elluna Hellen (9 years ago)
usernamenum124578 (9 years ago)
funny funny
crazyscoosh1 (9 years ago)
its not meant to be topless you retard its misinterperted songs not the real lyrics
basketboy8991 (9 years ago)
The Power Puffs is the best one
Mat Kirk (9 years ago)
lol great shit
loveanianimeme (9 years ago)
it says in the end what all the songs are called.
Mark Shupadum (9 years ago)
Jen Dupee (9 years ago)
Glhf (9 years ago)
Emily Brown (9 years ago)
lol! she is a topless fighter!
loveanianimeme (10 years ago)
Electric Light Orchestra "ELO" - Do Ya Want My Love
loveanianimeme (10 years ago)
thanks!! check out Misinterpreted Songs #2 (funny songs with lyrics)
loveanianimeme (10 years ago)
Well send me a video response on your vid!!
loveanianimeme (10 years ago)
And it's suppose to be a children's show. p.s. thanks for commenting!
Bassa (10 years ago)
I'm a toppless fighter

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