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Jensen Ackles Drunk In Rome? Misha Collins Loses It! . Jibcon8

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Text Comments (477)
Wayward Winchester (2 months ago)
Hey guys thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/60o63j SUBSCRIBE To My New Channel: https://bit.ly/2H2GgYh SUPPORT me on Patreon: https://goo.gl/D6Gbn5' Click the notification bell next to the subscribe button under the video to get notified of my new videos! :)
Wayward Winchester (1 year ago)
Thanks dear <3
Kat (1 year ago)
I just found this account and i believe i'm in love with it.
J Moore (1 year ago)
Wayward Winchester this is my new favorite account.
emall333 (2 years ago)
Don't drink and Jibcon. Wow, that a side and front of Jensen Ackles I have never seen before.
Gamer Unicorn (2 years ago)
Wayward Winchester I did
sarann1979 (14 days ago)
I love how the tables have turned on Misha
Isabelle Constantine (18 days ago)
"You can't look at me like that anymore because of what you did" I love how Misha say that to Jensen, admonishting him. And then the look of Jensen, like 'True enough' .
Makinley Carter (1 month ago)
Lol. You can tell he is drunk. 🍺🍷🥂
Hi (1 month ago)
I started laughing so hard at 8:55
Kim Cornell (2 months ago)
I would so love to drink with Jensen!!
jenmish edits (2 months ago)
14:27 dean being gay
I AM BURRITO (3 months ago)
He’s a funny drunk
tofof Alftlawy (3 months ago)
I think the drunk jensen is the cutest thing ever ..I can never be mad at anything he said or do .. even misha was just enjoying staring at him 😍
Jennifer (4 months ago)
Replayed 10:23 a few times, ngl.
Who is laughing their ass off like me 😂😂😂😂
Shadow Knight (5 months ago)
Misha: Jensen Walk Away...That's Angry Jensen Correction: Oh dear God, Dean's about to come out...RUN
Darkmoon 331 (5 months ago)
They were in Rome???!??!?!? I want to fckin cry. Vi prego uccidetemi
Alisha Ali (6 months ago)
7:28 Replay button for the ‘You can’t unsee that’ ‘No I cant...’ ‘Rawr ‘ -laughter- ‘GrrrRrr’
Isabelle Constantine (18 days ago)
Yeah. I think he's trying no to picture that right now. Like 'please get out of my head'. 😂 And Jensen totally knows it 😂
Alex Cooper (6 months ago)
Drunk Jensen is literally a two year old mixed with a flirty teen.Mish is the dad.... so stinking cute... Love them. Drunk or sober....they are funny.❤😊😊
Jaz O'Conner (7 months ago)
I don't care what happened it was awesome!
Uxma Jed (7 months ago)
How does jensen look hot even when he's (trying to be) goofy 🤣🤣🤣 ... it's a skill!!! And his aussie was wayyyy offf 😂😂😂 sounded more irish than aussie!!! 😂😂😂😂
Kimbles kimbella Holmes (7 months ago)
I got say when Jensen showed Misha his underwear you can clearly read Jensen lips he was wearing woodpecker underwear
Sam Albert (8 months ago)
Wait was he really drunk? 😂
Isabelle Constantine (18 days ago)
I want to know too. He seems like it, but I don't know.
Precious Gurrola (8 months ago)
I love the parts where he sexually stares at Misha and my inner gay self is like "DESTIEL! " Lol and the parts where he is sexual, all of them.
Ashton Jordan (9 months ago)
If he is drunk, is it a big deal? Probably not as long as it’s not a regular thing (and it really doesn’t seem to be so). Is it unprofessional? Well, yes. But who hasn’t had moments or slipped up or had too much without intending to? Plenty of people make mistakes. Jensen seems like a dude who is otherwise pretty shy so maybe it was a bad day or whatever. It’s really no different than getting drunk at the work picnic. It happens, you laugh it off, you regret it the next day 🤷🏼‍♀️
Gabriel B (9 months ago)
I think we’ve seen Nesnej - Jensen’s alternate drunk ego 😂😂
Isabelle Constantine (18 days ago)
Yeah, according to Jared, he's fun 😂😂
Jodee Rebecca Davey (9 months ago)
I Love Drunk Jensen,He’s so Silly
Jodee Rebecca Davey (9 months ago)
Maybe if Misha,Jared,&,The Rest of The Destiel Shippers Who Work on The Show Get Jensen Just Drunk Enough,Jensen Will be Willing to at Least Have a in Canon Kissing Scene With Misha
Adria (10 months ago)
Hey look it's nesnej lol😂😂😂😂
Red Red (10 months ago)
All I see are these “please stopping claiming Jensen to be a unhealthy alcoholic!” When I don’t see any of those comments.
Red Red (10 months ago)
Isobel31Swan (10 months ago)
I think Jensen aka Nesnej is an honorary Brit.
Amanda Kohler (10 months ago)
Poor Mischa lol, he has that look on his face like he's trying to deal with a 4 year old.
Isabelle Constantine (18 days ago)
Or dealing with a drunk and embarrassing friend 😂. Been there done that.
Em 15 (10 months ago)
8:06-8:08 I think he said “are u drunk?” just my opinion
Tyler Ross (10 months ago)
I love his dancing at 9:20
a. (11 months ago)
“Rawr” 😂
Tori Ann (11 months ago)
14:37 LMAO! Freak man!
Tori Ann (11 months ago)
14:00 random af. Lol
Tereza Holišová (11 months ago)
It is like What happnes in Rome, stays in Rome... :D
Mandissa Bermudez (11 months ago)
Oh my word dean
Mandissa Bermudez (11 months ago)
Oh had to get drunk in order to see the ghost lady
Mandissa Bermudez (11 months ago)
And the crowd goes wild
Mandissa Bermudez (11 months ago)
Get! get !get ! Wwooooooooo yea
Mandissa Bermudez (11 months ago)
Wow halarious 🤣🤣😝
Nina Myers (11 months ago)
I dont like drunk Jensen.
Kittykoala6 (11 months ago)
I love when he says let’s how deep it goes and then I’m like ok 😉😉 I love this video and these guys I lost it when he said rawr 😘😍❤️
Amanda H (11 months ago)
I would have given anything to be Misha! Jensen had me rolling! Rawr!
Kittykoala6 (11 months ago)
Who cares if he was drunk or not on stage and I know there was probably kids there but still they are letting there fans have an awesome time being his goofy self and that’s a lot of money to go to those I would definitely spend my money to see them act like that on stage 😘😍❤️ People have no respect for Jensen Ackles at all
Imogen Gould (11 months ago)
10:38 - Mishas growl
Badges of Shame (1 year ago)
I love in the first second... "Wah."
_Lolz_its_me _ (1 year ago)
Ornella Barbaro (1 year ago)
Love Jensen. He is a funny drunk which is fun to be around with a bunch of friends and family. But he went to far here. I sorry funny but absolutely not professional. Rude at some points. I'm sure he got into hot hot water for this. Just wondering, if he was having a bad day or maybe something happened? He didn't go stage tipsy on purpose. All these year's always so professional. Yeah, somethings not right. But I still adore him.
Angel Sky (1 year ago)
When Jensen pulled his pants down and misha looked at him all I could think was nothing misha hasn’t seen before
Angel Sky (1 year ago)
Jensen, Jared, and misha’s smiles make my life worth living
Ashley Morales (1 year ago)
Everyone is saying Jensen was acting, but he was at least tipsy XD Look at his eyes. He was awkwardly hilarious though. He probably woke up the next day and was like "What the fuck did I do all that for? FML"
betsy hughes (1 year ago)
I don't get it, I assume lots of work, really long day, heaps of traveling to get there, not enough food, not enough water? & maybe one drink over the top, slightly buzzed. Not perfect but not a major issue surely, considering the guys chat & take pics with fans all the time no matter when or where, I haven't heard anything negative feedback from anyone. Didn't read all the comments but didn't seem to be any from folks who where there. I thought it was pretty funny and harmless & I probably should know seeing I am an alcoholic for real. So drunken behavior is something I don't tolerate, anyone who thinks that was it has never been there. Moving on......like the site by the way😎
Isabelle smith (1 year ago)
Jensen needs help
Heslen (1 year ago)
JJ will see this one day😂
Neko Animu (1 year ago)
Awhaw poor Misha 😹😹😻😻
Sophie Springer (1 year ago)
I think its sad that he is drunk on such an event..
Its Only Megs (1 year ago)
That is literally my favorite saying in the entire series. "I found a liquor store." "And?" "And I drank it."
Tammy Wright (1 year ago)
I've never missed an episode my favorite show of all time keep up the good work boys
Iliana (1 year ago)
I appreciate Jensen
Stephie2007 (1 year ago)
this certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "When in Rome..." Doesn't it 🤣
deadlykevin7 (1 year ago)
That was amazing
Dark Phoenix Rising (1 year ago)
Leave Nesnej alone, people. He was enjoying himself. XD Looking forward again to this year.
Emily Lama (1 year ago)
God, Americans trying Australian accents. 🤦‍♀️😂
Marta Peterson Womack (1 year ago)
This was one of the best panels Jensen has ever done! So hilarious!! But, I just can't let this go: To the whiney, far too sensitive critics claiming he must be an alcoholic, or he wasn't appropriate and blah, blah, etc., just remember, the guy is a family man when he goes home. He has 3 kids and a wife he doesn't see for long stretches of time. He works his butt off, working many more hours a day than most any of us do and he's professional about it or he wouldn't have a job for the past 13-14 years and he does it because the fans love him and the show so much. This is what matters! If you don't like him to let loose and have fun with the fans once in a very great while, then what the hell are you doing here? He was partying with us! So: Go away, back to your sheltered, judgemental little world! Not nice, not accurate, not cool.
Kaylee Frankfurth (1 year ago)
He is definitely drunk XD
Okashi TLPS (1 year ago)
Please take out the supernatural scenes
hin chan (1 year ago)
Misha:I can't let Jensen gets drunk next time
cyanide jack (1 year ago)
I found all of the cuts annoying
Falesha Taylor (1 year ago)
Lol I’m drunk right now and I just wanted to be drunk with Jensen atm.. lol ok that’s make me alil crazy but oh well I love the guy and I also order a sample of the cologne he uses just now on eBay..I hAve got to see what he smells like if anyone knows please tell me..I’m not a weirdo mostly I just get more bold when I’ve had a few.. all of us love him so why not help me out, I’ll probably never meet him in real person bc I don’t hAve a lot of money but, I can live vicariously through you guys 😏 please
kristina davis (1 year ago)
alison coelho (1 year ago)
3:25-4:05 Misha broke Jensen,
justanother fangirl (1 year ago)
he's definitely drunk and Misha is so done with that. buuut Jensen still is professional, so who cares if he's drunk? it's actually very funny
Summie (1 year ago)
Did he legit flash misha? Lmao
F (1 year ago)
Kitsune Demon Queen (1 year ago)
elisheva rosenfeld (1 year ago)
so messed up!!!!
Ashley Vanessa power (1 year ago)
Jensen is 100% feeling that apple juice lmao 😂. God love him lol and Misha is like “I can’t take you nowhere” 😂❤️
Unknown to Misfit (1 year ago)
8:06 Misha: are you drunk right now? Jensen: *shrugs*
Héloïse Rigaud (1 year ago)
Is that really what Americans call "drunk"? We French have a slightly different definition x)
Haley Wood (1 year ago)
destiel 100%
Maggie Dimond (1 year ago)
Where can I see this whole video
m (1 year ago)
THE 'wubleg' IN THE SUBS
JAMS's Nana (1 year ago)
He took a gift from a fan and threw it? Drunk Dean is not cute.
My Beloved (1 year ago)
JAMS's Nana It wasn't a fan, it was from the Con organiser. (And it wasn't really a gift)
Wish I didn't have to keep skipping past the show clips - so annoying
alexia k (1 year ago)
6:03 why does misha keep holding up his pinky finger ?
peachjuis (1 year ago)
You can see Misha regretting his life choices at various different points in this.
Luna S. (1 year ago)
Bwahahaha this is funny
erin (1 year ago)
I feel so bad for Misha😂😂he's 100000000000% done with Jensen😂😂
JJ M. (6 months ago)
erriiinnn nah he’s having so much fun too lol
Blue Sky (1 year ago)
Holy CRAP he was fucked up lmaooo
Mr.M (1 year ago)
He is sooo wasted and Misha 1000% done
Krysma Bousquet (1 year ago)
Misha is just done
vanilla_. 5000 (1 year ago)
He a bad drunk
Isabelle Bowling (1 year ago)
i can't... i just can't I'm literally dying lol
Mandy Neuhaus (1 year ago)
What episode at 7:00 ?
Kaylee Frankfurth (1 year ago)
MISHA is so done with Jensen lol
Kaylee Frankfurth (1 year ago)
Fav scene of moose when he’s drunk and calls dean bossy XD
Full-Metal-Girl (1 year ago)
Oh my hell I love him even more! lol
Heather Doute (1 year ago)
Is Jensen an alcoholic, probably not. That said was he drunk, maybe not all the way and these guys are known to drink pretty hard at conventions, and not just the Supernatural guys but all of them. Quite a few members of the Buffy cast had severe problems with alcohol and I saw that first hand working as an assistant at a con in Detroit. It's there time to let off steam, be friendly with fans and have a good time. The only reason J2 keep doing it is because they have fun and can let off steam.
lilypop12343 (1 year ago)
Straight out of a fanfic. Like really? Jensen gets drunk af and shows Misha his underwear before proceeding to offend someone’s accent and sing a terrible rendition of Firework I feel so happy lmao 😆
Ally Kordei (1 year ago)
Was this in Rome???

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