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Woman saves cop during traffic stop

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Dayton police officer John Seiter was struggling to fight off a man who he said attacked him during a traffic stop Saturday night until Angela Pierce came along.
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Michael Felty (26 days ago)
Love this ,amazing woman!!
Missy Womack (2 months ago)
God bless this lady we need more people in our communities like her...
Tailynn (3 months ago)
Awh I wanna hug her ❤️ and get the Popo’s digits he’s cute 😍😭😏
Kia Mull (3 months ago)
Gd blss U Both..
salty dog (3 months ago)
Never help the cops. They will just turn around and charge you for interfering.
Dan Conner (5 months ago)
Hats off. This LADY proved that RACE should not be a factor when it comes to protecting and helping your fellow man. She has set an example for others to follow
Terry Perry (5 months ago)
What an awesome woman!
redchevy4 (6 months ago)
What a lovely lady; compassionate and caring.
I Am NLJD #NoMore (9 months ago)
Shiloh Wall (9 months ago)
I would love to be saved by an righteous woman who is mentally and physically strong and athletic, feminine and beautiful, just as She would want to be saved by an righteous man who is mentally and physically strong and athletic masculine and handsome Like myself!
Shiloh Wall (9 months ago)
She must if been very athletic to do what She did!
Shiloh Wall (9 months ago)
Women can be strong, lets stop all of the "weak woman" stereotypes!
Shiloh Wall (9 months ago)
This is my kind of women!
Rabeth Cooper (9 months ago)
Yea Lady! You're a courageous woman and an inspiration to all of us to do the right thing, even in the face of danger. God bless you.
Maishley (1 year ago)
She was amazing! No doubt that cop was fighting for his life.....I am glad she got involved.
Redbug 3 (1 year ago)
Oh my God- thank you lady.
Robin Ellison (1 year ago)
God bless you Angela Pierce. This man needs to spend some time in jail for assaulting police officers.
Jim Weaver (1 year ago)
You go girl, good for you
patatakap (1 year ago)
A woman with a heart of gold. 💛
R&T M (2 years ago)
you go girl
earthminus10 (2 years ago)
women are awsome
Red Carded (2 years ago)
that lady is a a great example of bravery and upright citizenry well done mam
One Cute Peanut (2 years ago)
I adore Ms. Angela Pierce! This SHE-RO deserves all the recognition she is given. I hope Officer John Seiter will always & forever remember her AND Thank Her continuously for, literally, saving his life.
No More PC (2 years ago)
That woman is a true hero. Same thing happened to Corporal Amy just recently. These woman are national hero!!!!
tom schloesser (2 years ago)
Holy crap! The suspect looks like Redd Foxx!
Emily Ann (2 years ago)
You go girl!!
Anna (2 years ago)
perhaps those police officers who discriminate against black people should learn a lesson from this. A black woman helping a white male... love it! #killemwithkindness .... #orafewpunches <3 ^_^
Emily Ann (2 years ago)
Anna Heck yeah! We're all human beings aren't we? DUH!!
Tina Walke (2 years ago)
just wanted to say thank you for helping and MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU
Half eaten iPod (2 years ago)
please. she didn't do shit. look at her uselessly flailing her arms at the guy. I think after the incident the officer realised they would congratulate her and just let her have her minute of glory but in reality, its the officer thats the hero. He (and the backup officer) did all the work.
FERNY714 SURCALIFAS (2 years ago)
dats da most beautiful thing their is..."humans" helping "humans"
Mike Fu (2 years ago)
Enex (2 years ago)
My right ear is so lonely.
Mal Mack (2 years ago)
pause... you mean to tell me that this virile young officer couldn't get control of an elderly man? and then needed a woman to rescue him?? methinks he needs another job...
Mal Mack (2 years ago)
+TrueInnovator159 true dat lol
TrueInnovator159 (2 years ago)
+Mallorie Macklin Lol, my bad. Well, I can totally understand and see the humor is the situation, but just from personal experience, people will really surprise you by what they can do. Including older people, lol.
Mal Mack (2 years ago)
+TrueInnovator159 I can't understand why people see the name Mallorie and think I'm a dude... it just baffles me... anywho, I just found it hilarious... A guy getting beat up by the elderly needs a woman to come rescue him... sounds like the punchline to a bad joke lol
TrueInnovator159 (2 years ago)
Lol, having been in the service, I've seen older guys who were 146 lbs stand at 5 feet 2 inches throwing dudes , younger than them that stood around 5 feet 10 inches all the way to 6 feet 3 inches and that weighed around 160-200 lbs around like they're their bitch. So yes, even sprite, older men who've been tough guys all their lives can beat younger guys too dude. Especially if they are under the influence of some sort of substance, whether it be alcohol, heroin, crack, PSP, etc. Alcohol numbs your body, so you don't feel much pain at all and it warps your senses and sense of mental cognizance. That is why, majority of times, drunk drives will survive car crashes with little to no injuries while most times the victims of whom they crashed into end up dead or severely wounded with life changing injuries. Don't believe me, then do some basic research online and go to your local library. And also, you forget whether or not if the officer had already engaged in a high speed pursuit or in some other chase of a suspect earlier before this incident. It is unlikely such activity occurred before this incident mate, but don't discount it. You and I weren't there dude, so we don't know what else had occurred prior to this incident. Anyways, I'll shut up now.
rhoads' girl (2 years ago)
Way to go Angela !! You're awesome !!
moore moore (2 years ago)
thats crazy.... but who would refuse to get chance to kick other guys ass .... that guy is luck the officer decided not to shoot him ... or got to that point...
S Anderson (2 years ago)
that,s your good upbringing, girl! you,re still brave!
You go girl! 👍👍
W Harris (3 years ago)
More women like her that know what to do,yea I'll take some more like her
princeali1786 (3 years ago)
That was a sweet thing she did . God bless her !!
Shana Garrett (3 years ago)
After watching about 10,000 videos of cops arresting people (whether the video is labeled as just or unjust in the opinion of the youtuber), it is fairly easy to see when people are truly resisting and when the cops are CYAing. Good job to this cop and the super citizen.
temoc76 (3 years ago)
I am SOOOOOOO Jealous! Why can't I get her skin tone?! Ugh, I hate looking my way and she has great dark skin... I am too pale an have no excuse 'cuz I'm Mexican. Good job for her actions! I love my sisters!
tornadosirenlover100 (3 years ago)
My left ear got too much attention.
Mr Robins (3 years ago)
she should become a cop
Mavis Williams (3 years ago)
Brave young lady.
V (3 years ago)
that old ass man
Jack Griffin (3 years ago)
We need more women like her
Emily Ann (2 years ago)
Jack Griffin Amen to that
Darrell Ickt (3 years ago)
+Jack Griffin We need more men like her, too!
Blurred (3 years ago)
+Jack Griffin srsly, we do.
notagrd (3 years ago)
So many times its the Women who step Up....i watch 1st 48 and its countless times!.......saddening.
lovestory952 (3 years ago)
great lady
holio (3 years ago)
Multiple assaults of cops? Their computer system must really suck to not have picked that up and sent backup.
holio (3 years ago)
Cool for her!
damm fuck that guy lol that guy who was hiting that cop needs a ass kicking of a lifetime and I want to do it I know this is going to start shit but he needs it just like everyone else even me at times
Trenesa Rhodes (3 years ago)
What was he doing out of jail? Multiple assaults on police officers and he's out, able to hurt or kill someone's family member who joined the force in order to protect others. That's right. Believe it or not there are way more good cops out there than bad and those officers deserve better treatment than having a potential cop killer on the loose.
WNY Trash Trucks (3 years ago)
okay whose faces are the blocking out then ?
Abhishek Bisoi (3 years ago)
lol a white man got saved by a Black Woman !!... dats like 2wice the minority ....
Bubby (3 years ago)
emorby09 (3 years ago)
Black women are feisty. Love it.
GBraidi78 (3 years ago)
+emorby09 This black lady is awesome!
ragnar lothbrok (3 years ago)
lol the 2nd cop that arrived judo threw both the drunk guy and the other cop xD
Eric Casarez (3 years ago)
In Texas we have a "Good Samaritan" law. If you see an officer in distress or in eminent danger you are allowed to use force or even deadly force to help or save the officer and possibly his/her life. It is also meant for two regular citizens to help each other. Another aspect is if you help someone in a wreck and that person gets hurt worse or even dies "you" the volunteer helper can not be sued by protection of the State of Texas. Good job lady...
CheetahFoxx (3 years ago)
You just don't mess with big black women. They can be tough as nails.
ragnar lothbrok (3 years ago)
lol i didnt say dont mess with them, they overpower people easy cos of their weight +CheetahFoxx 
CheetahFoxx (3 years ago)
+ragnar lothbrok I watched a video of a guy trying to rob a KFC with a bunch of them as employees. He tried to use a golf club. They not only wrestled the club from him and start beating him with it, but one of even threw a vat of *hot frying oil* all over his back!
ragnar lothbrok (3 years ago)
+CheetahFoxx xDD so true xD i saw her wobble into view on the dashcam and i wondered how she helped, then on her interview i could easily see how she could help fight some1 off
Colton Marion (3 years ago)
U got beat by a old drunk guy wow lol. Can't see can't fight back can't breath can't fight back 2 tips to help u out .
jjcp292 (3 years ago)
Good job, Angela! Thank goodness she was at the right place at the right time. The fool coulld have grabbed the gun and shot the trooper dead. It has happened before.
Blurred (3 years ago)
+jjcp292 Could*************
I Will Not Comply (3 years ago)
There is a Black lady folks. Not a hoodrat, not a thug. She is a Woman among woman. To all walks of life, here is the example. Good job Angela Pierce. Hope she lives in my families neighborhood.
lisa kendall (3 years ago)
You go girl.....
Moore Decatur (3 years ago)
You go girl
Quin the isis slayer (4 years ago)
okay now shes one badass mofo she should get a nice gift .
Abaco Bandit (4 years ago)
Plenty of class in this young lady.
maineman527 (4 years ago)
Thank you for helping that officer
Giorgos Apoel (4 years ago)
Wow what a kiss-ass
Ryan (4 years ago)
What a horrible woman, She should have let that man take a criminal off the street!
Great women..
Phil Whipple (4 years ago)
Good for you, Bless You 
sam mich (4 years ago)
good for you honey.Great job.
A man with one hand (4 years ago)
What an amazing woman. Most people forget cops are just human beings like the rest of us with families to take care of. Good on her for stepping in when no one else was there to help.
Jack DaRapper (4 years ago)
If I was there could I be charged with a crime for egging the guy on? Telling him what to do like sweep his leg or punch that cop in the face? Seriously I would have just took the cop gun to make sure it was a fair fight. I can't be charge with a crime seeing to men going 1 on 1.
kevinw1972 (4 years ago)
what did he say at 1:47? Its not an everyday occurrence that the poison helps. I had to of heard that wrong that is terrible to say.
Matt Brooks (4 years ago)
that the police need help. is what he said.
Allen (4 years ago)
I never thought I see someone save a cop. Let alone a black female. As some not like cops. And a female.Think I see a man before a female. Goes to show. Never exspect to have the norm of ones thought to be true result.
Krittie Mack (4 years ago)
Did she pull something out of her pocket right before she started hitting him? Lmao😂😂😂 Nonetheless I'm glad she was there to help this officer & didn't stand there!!💜
Fabiola Gonzalez (4 years ago)
OMG my name is Angela jaja lol
TheMinecraftGamer//TMG (4 years ago)
on 0:32 they cover the women's face but on 0:41 it shows her face! 
A man with one hand (4 years ago)
I believe at 0:32 it was the original news footage that was shown on tv and stuff. The other time was an interview where she gave her consent to sit down and talk about the situation and show her face and what not.
theitgurublog (4 years ago)
Want him showing up 2nd string at a robbery in progress? I certainly wouldn't
robert (4 years ago)
Real hero enough said
John Law (4 years ago)
You go, Sis
Beth M (4 years ago)
From the spouse of a police officer... thank you for brave act:) I can only hope that if my other half ever needs help someone like you would be there to help him:)  
Dan Blather (4 years ago)
good job.
Diane Jackson (4 years ago)
you did a great thing young lady you are a blessing 
Allen Walker (5 years ago)
She was sent by a guardian angel . that must have been a responsible officer. Saved by the wooly haired black female no racisim involved. Just humanity.
The Grammar Police (2 years ago)
+Allen Walker Go back to grade school.
Allen Walker (2 years ago)
+politicsequalsgarbag Satanic worshipping can do that to people who have sold their soul.. There is nothing left for you to have saved..
Allen Walker (4 years ago)
I fail to see the humor.
GBXS (4 years ago)
Ethan L (5 years ago)
jesus christ dude if you cant wrestle off an 80 year old dude, you shouldnt be a cop
Brian Booth (1 year ago)
Totally true, if I was there, I would have taken my hockey stick and broken it over that guys head, your bitch ass would have run away. Also, you're the idiot you fucking coward.
Its Steven (4 years ago)
The guy was drunk and u don't know how strong he is
Allen Walker (4 years ago)
Three words Judo Gene LeBell
Ryan (4 years ago)
+Vet eran You should know how to do it by now, geeze
Shellby Barajas (4 years ago)
+Brian Booth agreed my son was able to hurt an adult as a 6 year old when you are drunk and pissed anything is possible and not only that cops have to carry a lot of shit on there belts and a bullet proof vest on top of it.
Matt Terrill (5 years ago)
We need more people like her.
Sandra Lewis (5 years ago)
That was heroic, awesome, and brave!
Adrian Martinez (5 years ago)
blacks helping whites .. times have changes xD
Rabeth Cooper (9 months ago)
Brings tears to my eyes.
Mohamad Sarsour (2 years ago)
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez (5 years ago)
+TheSnakemonkey11 Really good answer :D
Elizabeth Preciado (5 years ago)
Fuck the cops,Let him get his ass whooped
Brian Booth (4 years ago)
She can call the Ghostbusters and then see how that works out for her. Haha
Vinnie Veneziano (4 years ago)
Right on Brian who will she call when someone is trying to break into her house or steal her car or hurt one of her children????? 1 guess!
Brian Booth (4 years ago)
I bet you wont be saying that when you ass is getting kicked and you need help.
KarasAunty (5 years ago)
What a woman!
A (5 years ago)
what a brave woman. more people should get involved when help is needed.  she should get a free parking permit for anywhere in the city. lol.
Hamish Ortonville (5 years ago)
great lady awesome news
Connor Holgate (5 years ago)
Helpin with a right hook. That a girl.
That's a brave lady.
Topp Catt (5 years ago)
that will be the day when I help a pig.
Mitch S (5 years ago)
I'm always glad to see there are awesome people like this woman still in the world
Kenyy Allford (2 years ago)
+Barb Monkman i agree i would of done the same thing
Barb Monkman (4 years ago)
GOD bless her for standing up for what is right, putting herself in danger as well.  Many blessings love.
Trampadoo (5 years ago)
+pjamesize You obviously have no idea who difficult it is to subdue an intoxicated crazy psycho while taking care he doesn't get your gun or taser in his hands. If one party is ready to seriously injure or kill the other it's hard to protect yourself without doing the same. But rest assured that if the officer had seriously injured the guy or shot him in self-defense you would have attacked him for that as well.
Trampadoo (4 years ago)
+Nathan Green No worries, I am aware that even in the US the majority of cops are good people and police departements do a good job. I absolutely agree the media focuses on the bad stories and probably portrays some stories unfairly. We have that issue that when cops arrest immigrants, doesn't matter if that person committed a crime, attacked the cops etc., the media, left-extremists, politicians of that kind will call them racist and the arrestees often make use of that to try and get away with what they have done. Considering what a crappy job being a cop has become I am happy about every man and woman willing to serve and protect.
Nate Green (4 years ago)
+Trampadoo  The same thing happens here in the united States the better Police department have the same requirements you have in Germany it just our media only talks about the bad cop stories . Checkout the Fairfax County Police Department In Fairfax Va one of the best in the United States  as a example. 
Trampadoo (4 years ago)
+Nathan Green Yes, he seems to be in good shape. But like I said and like you said, it's very difficult to subdue a crazy, drugged or mentally ill person willing to hurt or even kill you. Cops in Germany don't use tasers and are generally very cautious about using the baton when they arrest someone so sometimes we have four or five fit young cops struggling to arrest one guy, simply because it can be so difficult.
Nate Green (4 years ago)
+Trampadoo The cop looked like he was in good shape to me Also the suspect could have been on drugs as well as alcohol 
Trampadoo (5 years ago)
+PlagueRunner Not really the same situation. Please use your head for a moment. If even a young police officer who fears for his life can't quickly subdue that psycho it is save to assume it wasn't that easy. In Germany you rarely even see a cop who is overweight, they have tough fitness tests at least once a year, they do a lot of matial arts, they rely almost exclusively on psysical force and rarely pull the gun etc., but even those guys sometimes need two or three cops to arrest one intoxicated, aggressive person. 
Trampadoo (5 years ago)
+fyjkf This is only a tiny part of the video. The whole struggle lasted for almost five minutes and the psycho did have the officer pinned down on the car several times and tried to grap his gun and taser. Do a little search, a longer version of the video is on youtube.

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