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Lung Surgery, Onion Man, Rejected Deep Dive Topics + More

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Text Comments (1506)
Lauren (2 days ago)
That's not a dog, that's one of the cushions off the sofa! Just kidding, that's a cute doggo
Reid Rousseau (2 days ago)
I was under the impression that you didn't have legs at all.
Gamer From Popstar (3 days ago)
"Well here I am, a dumb**s" MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
Tom Palmer (5 days ago)
Hunger is the best spice. … Roman aphorism
Hey Teya 💜
Mooney (5 days ago)
Scrawny limb gang
NutellaJar (6 days ago)
f l u f f y d o g
Awesome friends (8 days ago)
do you like tardigrades?
Ohmi Dios (9 days ago)
He’s fabulous
Charlie Stokes (10 days ago)
does anyone know who her tattoo is by?
Tom Keiffer (10 days ago)
I'm trying to get all of his bullshit to be under the umbrella term Oniongate.
Shadow H (11 days ago)
i thought the pillow behind you was your dog for like half of the video...
A Thomas (11 days ago)
“We Stan brooklyn and yvie and I guess vanjie can tag along too” omg I love you
Alyssa Irwin (11 days ago)
Teya is literally the most aesthetically pleasing human I have ever seen
M. Ivy Luna (11 days ago)
I think dating in the closet is basically always a bad idea. Now of course two adults in a country where its illegal is a different issue all together- IM NOT TAKING ABOUT THAT But most dating in the closet is done by kids who need another year or two to get on their feet, into college, or out of a toxic home life You cant hide it You might think you can but you will be found out and it will be horrible for you and your family- worse then if you came out then started Just dont, its not worth the risk and the strain of the lies will result in a bad relationship that will probably end with Drama. At 15, 2-3 years seems like it will be forever but that relationship will not be as good as it would be if you both waited tell you could both be honest Relationships dont work without honesty- and those lies will destroy the relationship I say this coming from a religious community in southern usa. My mom and dad were always having to smooth over some gay kid getting caught and then kicked out of the house. It would be dramatic and upsetting for everyone involved. If your not sexually active most parents wont kick a kid out. But they will of they find out by catching you. So if you feel you cant come out wait before you date. Because it cant work.
Rosemarch (11 days ago)
2:10 Yay, at least I'm not alone in that! My family still calls me chicken legs since my legs are especially skinny, big oof.
CosmicSpaceGoat (11 days ago)
On your birb tattoo bit, people always referred to me as a goat when I was a kid/teen because my voice is kinda shaky all the time (due to being a constant anxious/nervous wreck) and it's easy to scare me.. lol So yeah, I went with it as you can see from my username/icon. lol
ShainaSings (11 days ago)
Went through some emotional dating bs so I'm just healing myself by watching some wholesome content
lilxElfmo (11 days ago)
Asks about the *spice* of life, this pleb drops oregano 🙄
Allie B. (12 days ago)
oh wow im from mississauga too ugh our minds
Cael Noyce (13 days ago)
Aaaaa, you’re so pretty!!
Awesome TheDog (13 days ago)
nobody: Teya's lungs: DON'T STOP MAKE IT POP
Nova Bean (13 days ago)
Wired_Lain (14 days ago)
You like snails? instantly my favorite youtuber. Me and my 12 slime children say hi
Hyperion (10 days ago)
But does she like giant African land snails?
Kris Cynical (14 days ago)
I'm new to your channel so I'm glad to hear you did a positive video on furries even though you aren't one yourself because I'm in the same boat. I've never been a furry, I've never thought about what my fursona would be, but for some reason when I was in art school for my illustration degree literally ALL of my IL major friends were furries and I don't know why! I was over at one of their apartments one night and we were all sitting around the kitchen table drawing in our sketchbooks (as you do in art school) and they were talking about their fursonas. They asked me about mine and I said, "Oh, I don't have one." and I swear to Christ a record scratched somewhere in the distance and I suddenly had six pairs of eyes owl blinking at me, followed by a chorus of "You don't have a fursona?/You've never thought about what animal you would be?/ Are you serious??" They ended up jointly creating a fursona for me of a little floppy eared dog (I'm deathly allergic to cats so that was out) so they could include me in their artwork about their every day lives. Furries get a bad rep because of the kinky or obsessive in their masses and it's really unwarranted. All of those friends I had in college were some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life, and none of them were into the weird side of being a furry that people assume encompasses the entire genre. They made a killing in the furry art commission market, though, godDAMN. Furries will pay out the nose for professional art of their fursonas!!
Also not in the furry community, and also had furry art buddies in school. We came up with a spotted hyena as my fursona 😂
Doing the Homework (14 days ago)
That's a dog behind her right? Like that's not a pillow that's a dog? It has to be.
darkwriterxx94 (15 days ago)
I always says tumblr is the place that we no longer want to be in but don’t know how to leave. I think your description is better and will use that from now on. 😂😂
Cear Rose (15 days ago)
I just love my lesbian mom
Dennis Yaww (15 days ago)
The reason Tumblr was shut down was the same reason other social media of the same gamma where shut down, child porn was becoming a very common thing given the average age of users and the sexual nature of the platform, I like Strange Aeons a lot and just recently subscribed, but we have to understand that subjecting easily influenced children to a platform that glorifies nudity and sex will AGAIN create vast amounts of underaged created content, and no Pornhub or Elon Musk shit can save that. (I don't usually ask for likes but if more people get to see this and understand why Tumblr died, I'll go ahead and ask (like this shit))
Panic (16 days ago)
A video of yours came up on my recommended feed where you'd slate Onision's book. I had no idea who he was at that point. He's clearly mentally ill and not a great guy. But since then every video of yours that youtube has recommended to me has involved you talking about him, his other books, his music career, his videos. At what point do you feel the line between criticism ends and bullying begins? Because it kind of seems like you overstepped it long ago.
Chaney McInnis (17 days ago)
Strange Eons, you can pepper spray me anyday. You are awesome and seeing your face makes me happy in a deep primal emotional way. I am Pépé Le Peu and you are the cat squirming out of my romance drunk hugs and kisses. I dont care you're a lesbian or make fun of lesbians, even though you yourself are. You remind me of a living Daria crossed Winnona Ryder. I would sooo risk a swift kick in the balls for a chance to love you. 😍😍😗😚😗 Id claim Lesbian for a chance to be your lover. I am that Riley person. I am a house broken wolf boy that would gladly hunt at the whim of your witchcraft. Ah!! *explodes with starstruck*
Finn McCarthy (18 days ago)
Ay 2312, good book
Chazlee Seastrand (18 days ago)
I havr a big fat LESBIAN crush on you
Ted Studt (19 days ago)
"If you're looking to fight God himself I'd suggest you pop your collar" Apparently I'm a demon then
shanz (19 days ago)
Sue (19 days ago)
Teya, do you have Marfan Syndrome? Being “lanky” is very associated with it, you seem to have the long fingers and thick knuckles associated with it as well. Lungs collapsing is associated with it too. I know some people who have it and their lungs also collapsed a couple times before. There are other things associated with the syndrome, I’m telling you because I think you’re a wonderful person and I’ve been watching you for a while. Hopefully it’ll help you in some way. I wish there was more visibility to Marfan Syndrome and other connective tissue disorders (I have Ehler-Danlos myself, which is sort of a sibling syndrome to Marfan’s).
TheLindenFool (19 days ago)
HEY FANGIRLS!! Assign an instrument to this beautiful, tall bird girl?
angharad. (20 days ago)
All the lesbians be watching gentleman jack but it’s not on anything I have
Jeremy Pickett (20 days ago)
I snorted when you said, "roll your sleeves up". My dry cleaners have stopped un rolling my sleeves. :D. Glad to hear you are okay.
Jason Lindley (20 days ago)
It's crazy that you have collapsing lung. I met a guy who had it last year at Afropunk and it blew my mind that this was even a condition!!!
Kavewolf1989 (20 days ago)
ur dog is the same consistency as those pillows. i thought it was ur dog sleeping for a while
MinusNegativeZer0 (20 days ago)
12:33 I’m still concerned knowing Pornhub’s policies, if brought to Tumblr, would essentially make all content created like art owned by PH, and not the creator
Tia fox (21 days ago)
Velmas not gay she dated shaggy?
Elizabeth Stuart (21 days ago)
I also had a stupid lung that kept collapsing. They took out my upper left lobe of my lung so I truly feel your pain.
Alpha Film Productions (21 days ago)
never ceases to amaze me how some of my favorite youtubers live so close to me! I'm from Orangeville which is a small town about a 40 minute drive from Mississauga.
Come on dude (21 days ago)
Omfg ur already such an amazing gay dead lunged bish but *YOU WATCH DRAG RACE?!* You have officially become the best utuber to exist we stan
Simone Miller (21 days ago)
omfg your tattoo is beautiful!!!
Big Gay (21 days ago)
me and teya clearly have a huge rivalry...........
Hellomrmoonlight (21 days ago)
I think the reason people may have thought that you were a TERF was because a popular terf included you in like her "top favorite terf youtube icons" or something like that. I got pretty freaked when I saw it and then I went and looked through your channel to find evidence and only found the video you made making fun of terfs so like... Idk how she came to the conclusion that you were one.
Elizabeth Ridgway (21 days ago)
"What are you, straight?"
pjnk (21 days ago)
You “guess Vangie can come along?” Oh no, Vanjie invited herself.
Ooziemaki Nin (22 days ago)
Still doing the lord's work like a queen
thebusguy (22 days ago)
How to dress gay at a catholic school: Idk an ascot maybe
ANIMAUL (22 days ago)
WOooaaaahhHHh, those eyes!
greatdevourer36 (22 days ago)
Your hair is grody.
Julia Pratt (23 days ago)
Your lungs are shittier than onion boy’s writing, personality and music combined.
G D A T (23 days ago)
I know this information about you is probably out there, but I'm lazy. How the HELL did you collapse your lungs repeatedly. Do you have some sort of medical issue? As a shooty shooty harmicist, I've only seen this from impact trauma or velocity wounds.. Pneumothorax?
Eva Maree Art (23 days ago)
Please come to London. Please.
seems like flextape inside your ribcage would be the way to go at this point
Emma K (24 days ago)
idk if this has already been said but if pornhub were to buy tumblr, all the content on the site and anything else users uploads would belong to them. which obviously is very bad
Pwnisification (24 days ago)
art hoes need to be shot
Leeanna Litwack (24 days ago)
The rabies server is a trip
Tom J. (25 days ago)
CommonApathy (25 days ago)
mixmmick (25 days ago)
"The person who's going to cum with me is not 100% guaranteed"...Yeah, I have that problem too 😆
Bambii (25 days ago)
Dang when you can’t roll up your sleeves cuz you wear blazers aswell, can’t get a lesbian haircut cuz your mum won’t let you get shorter hair and you can’t pierce your ears because of medical reasons, this is homophobia
Olilily Draws (25 days ago)
*wearing a Jean jacket and put down a flannel this morning* "layer them what are you straight?" *crying* n-no
Kage Sennen (25 days ago)
It's so weird having Onision be referred to as the onion, onion man or king. Because there is the onion man from dark souls 3 and he is a sweetheart and awesome. Nothing like Onision
Asaptaco (25 days ago)
Teya: **reads Onion Boy’s book** Teya’s Lungs: _guess I’ll die now_
Karuna Satori ASMR (25 days ago)
I have the most ridiculous crush on you Your voice alone is PRESH
Angelo The Wizard (26 days ago)
What is that ending music, because it sounds so New Retro Wave and even if it isn't it is totally my jam and I need to know more. Anyone know? Please?
Qwerty 1117 (26 days ago)
is this a lesbian outfit?: -t shirt -plaid hoodie black baggy(ish) sweatpants sneakers
absolutely. i’d see you on the street and think ‘l. lesbian? a lesbian?? you like girls??????’
rattiqq (26 days ago)
who did your tattoo?
Nosidda501 (26 days ago)
10:39 Finally!!! I am not the only one! I finally found someone else that thinks like this also!!! I do have to say, superhero movies do not interest me in general and I think they are overrated.
Beth Lowery (26 days ago)
The Price Of Salt is one of the few 50s/60s lesbian books that doesn't end in complete tragedy. It's . . . okay.
Samuel Roberts (26 days ago)
I just wanna share that this last term my roommate wrote a paper on 1. Furries and misconceptions 2. Sex Dolls And she shared everything on our dnd group it was a blast listening to her talk about the different terms going on in the furry community
Windows95se (26 days ago)
"I guess Vanjie can tag along" *and i OOP-*
Percè Plant (26 days ago)
I think you should call your tattoo “Onion Bird”
26babil26 (26 days ago)
tumblr was always a porn site and still is. just as you said we have nothing to lose XD
What surgery did you have?
IronManhood (27 days ago)
You sound like you've inhaled sulfur hexafluoride.
M M (27 days ago)
holy sheldon. what dimension did I crack?
M M (27 days ago)
i knew i was a brain parasite : D hahahahahahahahhahahhah whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
M M (27 days ago)
phew! miss me boyos!?!?!?!
M M (27 days ago)
i am not an onion! jerk!
AMHK (27 days ago)
You gotta read The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown 😍
Ton berry (27 days ago)
What a cute little friend
Walter Brooks (27 days ago)
Me: Other people: Last time I saw legs like those they were hanging out of a nest.
voigto (27 days ago)
Hate to say it but I think the spice of life was in your teeth :(
Rainbow Bows (27 days ago)
you brought up your favorite lesbian so I’m gonna uselessly insert that my favorite lesbian/ bi girl is Anne Frank. She said in her diary she liked the idea of kissing girls.
ed sdfg (27 days ago)
Teya: *coughs* Lung: I'm up out...
чσu'rє thє rєαѕσn Dαrth Nαnєєr íѕ nσ lσngєr a fєmíníѕt, mѕzzlє tσv. juѕt prσmíѕє mє чσu'll uѕє чσur pσwєrѕ fσr "gσσd"...
tumвlr? єαѕч, ѕσn σf tumвlr, σr tumвlє II σr whαtєvєr...
Munashiimaru (27 days ago)
Have you been checked for Marfan syndrome? Between tall and lanky and sudden lung collapses/pneumothorax I would think it's worth thinking about.
Edgie Wedgie (27 days ago)
My family compares me to a bird too, everyone calls me bird 😂😂😂
Melissa HJ (27 days ago)
Girl I've collapsed both of my lungs once each and now I feel so close to you. Uhg ♡
A D (27 days ago)
I love you, girl and I hope you recover quickly 💜🐔
What In Tarnation (27 days ago)
Please tell Thursday I say hello.
Jay Reno (28 days ago)
Why you have an adams apple
Jack Crowley (28 days ago)
Tbh "When Brooklyn was Queer" is excellent

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