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The Six Professionals in the Construction Value Chain

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This animation video gives you a quick overview of how the roles and responsibilities of each of the six main professionals in the construction value chain interact and come together to construct a building from blue-print to reality. The main tasks of each of these professionals will be explained in a simple yet comprehensive manner. The six professionals are: Architect, Civil and Structural Engineer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor and Facility Manager.
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Text Comments (119)
Nguyễn Thế Anh (1 month ago)
Excellent. Thank you. Khóa học Kỹ sư QS GXD bồi dưỡng nghiệp vụ cho Quantity Surveyor mời đăng ký trên http://gxd.edu.vn hoặc Ms Thu An 0985 099 938.
Olagonin Chancer (2 months ago)
Who the fuck would want to live in the shithole dictatorship that is Singapore?
Daniel Burgess (3 months ago)
What shes?
Mr. Blueberry (4 months ago)
What about the consultant ?
Rono Lobak (4 months ago)
Seriuslih???? Broe???
B Douglas (4 months ago)
The team members above are very important, but let me assure you the field team is what makes it all happen- the project superintendent who often works from 6am to 6pm or later m-f and most Saturdays, must manage 40 or more different trades (subcontractors) on a daily basis - create and update 3 week look ahead schedules, constantly solving issues that affect the critical path, budgets and success of the project, site trailer, security, pre-construction meetings, also interacts with building inspectors, vendors, OSHA, SWPPP and building codes, Architects, Engineers and the home owners, associations -change orders, redlining plans, as builts, quality assurance, risk management, RFI's and submittals, conflict resolution, daily reports, weekly safety/production and monthly owner's meetings and assistant superintendents, the field engineers, and all of the subcontractors. These hard working people work very hard as a team to deliver a quality product on time and on budget! Rarely are they mentioned in the company websites or recognized for their efforts. I want to say Thank you field teams!!
Matt Seiber (4 months ago)
Completely agree with you. I'm a project engineer (basically assistant PM) and the superintendent has a tremendously hard job. They deserve all the pay they get.
XNYX (6 months ago)
wonder who gets paid most to least
j cannon (3 months ago)
Onnyyxx The guy who owns the company building the building who hired all these people
Piyush Sharma (9 months ago)
I have completed bachelor in Computer Application Can I opt for contruction and building
Ronald Meason St Charles (10 months ago)
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BUILD 1x (1 year ago)
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bigcartoonyIIV (1 year ago)
Perfect video. Some people don't know the difference
mojo jojo (1 year ago)
Where is the contractor??? All contractors may not be civil engineers but they are very important as they have feild experience and arrange for workers and invest in the project to get the job done
Salar Mizere (9 months ago)
mojo jojo can architectural engineers also be contractors for small projects(houses)?
Costas Sachpazis (1 year ago)
What about the Geotechnical Engineer???
kayla dh (1 year ago)
22 Savage
Santosh Kumar (1 year ago)
Superior work
cosh row (1 year ago)
what job can i get with a building services engineering qualification ?
urfa (1 year ago)
you forgot geotechnical eng. without him the building can collapse
KANYISA NKQAYI (1 year ago)
i think its another branch of civil engineering
SalmonberryXXB (1 year ago)
What about city planners?
Loppy2345 (1 year ago)
This video is rascist
TIYUNIBA MAHAMA (1 year ago)
In my sincere opinion, they are suppose to seven. The financier.
Finlarion (2 years ago)
hi everyone
Luca Then (1 year ago)
hey dude
Antonio Anaban (2 years ago)
Oppps, I can't believe they actual forgot the SURVEY ENGINEER who does the layout, orientation, and manage overall surveying of the project. Without it the dream project will not be implemented as they want it to be... how sad.
Rajendra Salunke (2 years ago)
Please allow me to show this to my student in workshop, it is very good video for engineering students
Dewi Amara (2 years ago)
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Dewi Amara (2 years ago)
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Joel .Taylor (2 years ago)
putting your cell number on youtube is a bad idea XD
Leo messi (2 years ago)
Who earns the most $? Lol
saikoloji (2 months ago)
+Empirical Thinking the CONTRACTOR project manager earns the most in this chain. Not the consultant.
j cannon (3 months ago)
The guy who owns the company lol
Empirical Thinking (2 years ago)
The project manager, but just by a little bit and is usual more stress
Sai Sandeep Uppala (2 years ago)
Simply extraordinary!!!!!
Shrikant Nair (2 years ago)
Nice 👌. Job... But i have a doubt.... I am studying civil engnr and can i become an architect
Shrikant Nair (2 years ago)
Nice 👌. Job
Goyo Alvarez (2 years ago)
water installations professional misses, although, good video.
So Southern (3 years ago)
The Architect is useless. Its the Engineers, Project managers, and the actual workers that get it done. Anybody can have a vision and draft it. Engineers basicly edit their work so much that its not even their idea anymore.
マリー Mari B (1 year ago)
So Southern lol. Everyone is important
Yusnaidi Yusoff (1 year ago)
hahahaha....take it or leave it...
So Southern (2 years ago)
The Grasshopper But you know me so well Mr Grasshopper. Actually I am an idiot. I dont deny that. I dont even rememebr writing this lol. Im a little prejudice on this subject.
Mark Medrano (2 years ago)
+So Southern You sir, are an idiot.
Drake drake (2 years ago)
+Eloisa Javier shut up you both....Both engineer and architect are useful....
meowmeow (3 years ago)
They forgot the seventh Professional......the underpaid disposable migrant laborer.
Prranjal Shrivaastav (2 years ago)
+meowmeow44444 They mentioned those as unsung (disposable) heroes
Free eagle (3 years ago)
how sad :(
Carter Hoa (3 years ago)
very fun and informative!
Yusnaidi Yusoff (3 years ago)
very compact informative, very good animation too...for my kid to identify their career...tq.
BLABBERTALK (3 years ago)
The most important people in building projects are the Engineers and Construction Workers. The Architect, Quantity Surveyor and Facility Manager are basically costly useless middlemen why most budgets go over balance! To come under budget the owner can learn to do the Architects job himself as long as his work gets approved by the Engineers and  Construction Foremen as well do the managers and surveyors long as he gets approved by the banks.
KANYISA NKQAYI (1 year ago)
safety parameters considered than beauty
E George (1 year ago)
Engineers are the most dullest, social awkward people on Earth, look at old soviet block and their buildings, mostly designed by Engineers....
Ricky Abril (1 year ago)
That's so stupid!
Suji Mao (3 years ago)
as someone who is in structural engineering I am flattered even though what you are saying makes no sense at all. when a design build Contract is awarded an A/E firm will come up with the design many of the architects at this firm will have a structural degree. the main difference is that the as an architect you are thinking about different codes such as NFPA 101 where as on the structures side you refer more to ACI or AISC. so ideally since both the of these 2 have a structural background but are focusing on 2 different sets of requirements you will have a functional and stable building
Ghost Nathan (3 years ago)
You are some butthurt dude.
dennis chowogna (3 years ago)
No sanitary engineers for sanitation?
BUBBA DECBEF (3 years ago)
I wanna be a civil/structural engineer
hussain (3 months ago)
I am a civil engineer and i want to be an architect, as he is the main visuanary, the true creator
Zachbrne322 (6 months ago)
How’s that going?
safhad khan (8 months ago)
don't do any kind of engineering u will after it. no jobs in any country
Viraj Takale (2 years ago)
You will enjoy!
Yen Yen (3 years ago)
That red car.  :)
Minh Phuc Hoang (4 years ago)
Good job!
Adam Pollock (4 years ago)
this video is insane - this is shown to adults?
Smart plug (2 years ago)
Novin Ghandi (4 years ago)
Nicely showed good described well done like it so
Elias Atallah (4 years ago)
i was just wondering isnt the project manager a civil engineer
Tedarion Johnson (2 years ago)
project managers can be civil engineers but majorily if not a CE architect they are people holding a BS construction science, construction management, project management it's self, ( can be someone without out a degree but has a whole lot of experience ) but it's been moving more to industries wanting someone with a BS in one of the fields i mentioned. that isn't the only ones who can take roll as the PM but they are the most known to do that roll.
David C (3 years ago)
+Elias Atallah Project managers are usually from the construction side of works, they would usually be an skilled forman with high management skills.
The Alaskan Carpenter (4 years ago)
think about it.... who actually builds the building. yees the builders!!!!! thanks to all the builders.
BLABBERTALK (3 years ago)
+Sam Timm Who makes sure it doesn't fall down and go boom, that's right the freaking Engineers!!!!!
The Alaskan Carpenter (4 years ago)
 engineers get payed way to much and get all of the credit. bunch of money scam artists instead of hard workers.
Nafiul Islam (3 years ago)
BLABBERTALK (3 years ago)
+Sam Timm You're thinking of Architects all they do is make the building look fancy they have to pass their plans onto the engineers for approval so that it won't collapse or burn down from a Electrical fire! The engineer is in charge of making the building safe to enter!!!!
The Alaskan Carpenter (4 years ago)
But the building would never come off of the paper plans that where prepared by the engineers if it wasn't for the skilled builders in construction industries and the mills that make the materials to create the structure. it seems like the actual people that make it 99% possible to make a building never get any accreditation for there endless labor and hard work that is put out to make  all possible. I bet there are some engineers out there that have never experienced the the hard work it takes to be a skilled builder. but yet they get all of the accreditation. silly. 
BLABBERTALK (3 years ago)
+Sam Timm Lot of Engineers started off as Construction Workers just like some CEO'S of corporations started off as Bag Boys!!!!
Dragan Stanković (4 years ago)
forgeting the land surveyor? :(
Sunny T (4 years ago)
I'm going to believe that the facility manager is meant to be the building surveyor
Strettger (4 years ago)
I think the terminology changes place to place, this was for Singapore.
Youtube Networking (4 years ago)
I really love this video, Architecture is hard to thing the idea to make a Building in concept. But, still can make alot of money :)
BoDHunt3r (5 years ago)
Lol none of these actions can be put into practise without a BUILDING SURVEYOR fucking morons
Gary O'Driscoll (1 year ago)
That would be the civil engineers... thanks for playing
Zack Tam (5 years ago)
k1dude (5 years ago)
missing general contractor, subcontractors, and suppliers
KoalKottentail (5 years ago)
I have a question although you posted this a month ago. Can the PM and CM be one person depending on the size of the company, industry or development being built? If not which between the two on average has a greater salary and more efforts to put into a development job.
Tedarion Johnson (2 years ago)
yes there's a lot of CM who act as project manager. you can't discount the value of being able to place PE ( professional engineer ) after your name as well, which might still be possible from the right construction management program. you can definitely grow as a CM depending on the experience and certifications you have. big bonus if you become a licensed PE on top of it all
Aaron Seh (5 years ago)
4 women? that's alot , unless you're gay
Deborah J (5 years ago)
No. The CM is typically on-site. The PM may or may not be on-site, and in fact, may never even see the site.
Tedarion Johnson (2 years ago)
the CM can be the PM. a lot of PM are CM. ( not all but a lot are ). depends on your experience and company really.
Eric Goetz (5 years ago)
Indeed! Good Luck to all aspiring engineers and architects!
tax deduction (5 years ago)
louis alcalde (5 years ago)
but some civil and structural engineer want to take the scope of work of the architect even they dont have a proper training and the discipline in architecture.
fred castro (6 years ago)
good luck! :-)
fred castro (6 years ago)
Bosstraxx (6 years ago)
Yes that is correct, glad to see others interested in this career.
247troller (6 years ago)
In small construction yes, however in larger scale projects the CM deals with the management of construction only whereas the PM, is the manager from start to finish.
Bosstraxx (6 years ago)
That is true, Im in college right now and I hope to get my degree in construction management, from your concern I can infer that your doing the same thing?
r3dko (6 years ago)
Not quite. Depending on the industry/company, these two are traditionally different. In some companies, the CM presides over a group of PM's. In others, a Project Manager is assigned multiple construction managers, who in turn may work with other CM's and PM's to complete the project.
Bosstraxx (6 years ago)
Project Manager/Construction manager. Its the same thing
Tedarion Johnson (2 years ago)
yes and no depending on your company
siseko bonelwa (6 years ago)
awesome video..but what about the construction manager??
Tedarion Johnson (2 years ago)
they're usually the PM in some cases but if not they are the ones who get involved around pre-construction time period ( not very beginning ) and on throughout.
MSIA MAN (6 years ago)
Nice video
French Manners (6 years ago)
What an amazing video! This was simple, informative, and very interesting :) Thank you!!
hmjs13 (6 years ago)
what about architectural engineering?
Yelli and Lo (11 months ago)
hmjs13,= E & M
Non-Stop Learning101 (6 years ago)
Duros Padgett (6 years ago)
owner design on his financial, u cannot built a structure using your monetary bill bro
Rowee Santos-Delgado (7 years ago)
Great concept, great script! There's one character missing here. The Owner. He/she also has to know the options and limitations - by being involved especially in the preliminary stages. He must also be prepared to entrust (and not encroach on) responsibilities to each of the 6 professionals.
Rex Perlado (7 years ago)
Wow! This is really cool!
younube2 (7 years ago)
great video !

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